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    What’s New In Our Toy Box?

    Toy Box August 2017

    The girls have been given many gifts over the last couple of weeks what with a birthday, holiday and some freebies in the post. So let me give you a run down of the latest things in our toy box.

    My Little Pony Racers

    MLP Racers

    This is a gift given to Miss Mostyn for her birthday. I believe it was from my Dad but I can’t be sure. Anyhow, it goes great with the other mini My Little Ponies she was given for Christmas. Both the girls love watching the racing cars. And I must admit, I do as well!

    Itty Bittys

    Itty Bittys

    I saw these at BlogOn back in May and thought they were so cute! I was given a Lion Itty Bitty on the day and since then I’ve been sent this awesome set of superhero Itty Bittys. Little Miss LOVES them! She’s been carrying them around in her backpack ever since she’s received them. She even took them for a trip to the Eisteddfod last week. She’s now learnt who they all are so maybe it’s time I introduce her to some superhero films?

    Minions 3D Puzzle

    3D Minions Puzzle

    This is an item received in the BlogOn goodie bag which I came across last week whilst tidying up. It states on the box that it’s for ages 7 upwards and yes most definitely not suitable for my two girls. I’m not sure if I’ve even  understood how to do it! To be fair, Little Miss did manage to do it with the help of my friend. They did a good job!

    Peppa Pig

    Danny Dog

    Our toy box is full of Peppa Pig stuff but now we have a few more! Well we couldn’t go to Peppa Pig World and not buy a new toy right? So we bought this little Danny Dog figurine.

    Water Painting Doodle Mat

    Water Painting Mat

    This is another freebie from the BlogOn goodie bag. Girls got hold of it over the weekend and managed to have a full blown argument over who got to colour the pink bit! So now I need to buy another one! But a lot of fun was had (in between the rowing at least).

    I might turn this into a series if people enjoy it! Please let me know down below.

    What’s new in your toy box?

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    August Bucket List

    August Bucket List

    Ok I’m a bit late to get started with an August Bucket List but better late than never eh? I don’t think I ever compiled a July Bucket List but the only thing I had on the list was having a great holiday with the girls! JOB DONE! So what’s on the August Bucket List?

    August Bucket List

    At the time of writing this, some of these have already been done. But here’s the list!

    – New sofa delivery
    – Paint the front room
    – Put up a mirror above the fireplace (yes still not done it)
    – Sort out the toys
    – Meet up with my two best friends who both have their birthdays in August (on same day!)
    – Fully utilise my Bullet Journal
    – Publish at least 3 blog posts a week
    – Comment on 5 blog posts every 2 days
    – Finish the Easy Does It programme
    – Take my tablets & inhalers properly
    – Cut out (most) unhealthy snacks

    Health Focus

    My main focus this month is my health really. I’m seriously fed up of feeling frumpy and having clothes not really fit. So I’m taking action! The last three points on this list is to try and get my health back on track. I’ve been lax on the tablets and inhalers but I’m now trying make sure I’m taking them as prescribed. I’ve found that my asthma has improved and I hardly use the Ventolin now that I’m taking the steroids properly. The thyroxine tablets I’m hoping will make a difference over the coming months but I need to go back for another checkup to make sure I’m on the correct dosage.

    I’ve also started keeping a food diary to note down what I eat. I know what my problem is but now that I’m actually writing down what I eat I see a pattern. I pretty much need to feed every 2 hours! So I’m trying to stop the ice buns (doing well actually!) and substitute the chocolate for fruit. I’ll let you know next month how it’s going.

    What do you have on your August Bucket List?


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    Do You Really Have The Time For A Pet Dog?

    Do You Really Have Time for a Pet Dog

    Today I bring you a guest post by the lovely Craig. It’s all about whether you have time for a pet dog because they are a commitment I can tell you! Anyhow, take it away Craig….

    Do You Really Have Time For A Pet Dog?


    Big dogs, small dogs, black ones, and white ones too, dogs really do make great companions. The thing that every dog owner knows is that they are so much more than pets. Dogs, no matter what breed, become part of the family. We treat them almost as if they were our own kids, and rightfully so.

    Dogs deserve the very best in care and support, especially because they can’t really take care of themselves. That does beg the question of whether or not you actually have time for a pet dog. Yes, they do require a fair amount of care and attention, so do you really have time for it? After all, you don’t want to get yourself a new Rottweiler or Golden Retriever just to realise that you don’t have the time or resources to properly care for it.

    How Much Time Do I Really Need For A Pet Dog?


    While dogs are undoubtedly some of the best pets out there, they are going to require some looking after. Time is something that you will definitely need if you have your own dog. You need to spend at least 1 hour per day walking it no matter what. Yes, this does differ in terms of the dog breed. Some smaller dogs like Pugs only need something like two twenty minute walks per day, once in the morning and once at night.

    However, larger dogs like Huskies, ones built for action, need anywhere from one to two hours of walking per day, at the very least. These animals are built for movement so you need to find the time to provide them with a way to release their energy. Moreover, you will need time to feed your dogs at least twice per day, albeit not that much time is needed for that. There is still more than that, because dogs are man’s best friend, or in other words, they can be a little clingy and attention seeking.

    If you have your own dog, expect to spend at least 30 minutes per day playing with it. Then there is also the issue of giving your dog baths, grooming its coat, clipping nails, and cleaning ears. Plus you need to factor in the time for visits to the vet as well. All in all, dogs do require a substantial amount of time taken out of your daily routine for proper care. Of course it does depend on the breed and size of the dog. A larger and more active dog needs a lot more walking, attention, and will take longer to groom than a smaller and more relaxed dog.

    Now, this is all very true for adult dogs, but puppies are another story all together. If you get a puppy, you will need even more time. Simply speaking, puppies need to be taken outside to do their business at least once per hour, and almost like a baby, you will need to get up several times per night to let them out as well. Puppies don’t have the biggest bladders so they urinate a lot, so if you don’t want your carpets ruined, taking them outside very regularly and very often is a complete must. Puppies need more attention in general, so just keep that in mind before you get one.

    Do I Have Room For The Dog?

    Dogs - Megs & Gemma

    Besides time, you will also need lots of room for your dog. Once again, this does depend on the size of the dog more than anything else. This is a two pronged issue, because you need enough space in your home to comfortably house the dog and you need enough garden space so they can go outside, play, do their business, and just be outside, which is something that dogs definitely like to do.

    This is where the problem of having a house or apartment comes into play. If you have your own house, chances are you have enough room for a dog. Even a 3 person family in a 1 story home can fit a dog no problem. Also, since you have a house, it is also safe to assume that you have a little bit of a front or back garden as well (there are also some hidden dangers in the garden that you really need to be aware of). So, this is a matter of judgment, and it is not like we can see your specific house, so you need to judge if your house is big enough for a dog.

    The same can be said for the garden, because after all, a 5 by 5 foot patch of grass is hardly going to be enough. Of course, this is a problem that can be solved simply by living near a park, forest, or any other kind of wilderness. However, if you live in an apartment building, this may be a problem. Apartments are usually smaller than your average house, so space is going to be tight for the most part. There is also the fact that most apartment buildings in larger cities, and even smaller cities, don’t have a garden, lawn, or some kind of communal place for dog walking. Smaller dogs need less room and vice versa.

    The point of all this is that you need to take all of these considerations into mind when deciding whether or not you have the appropriate amount of space for your new pet. This is all going to depend on the size of dog of course, as well as how active they are.

    For instance, a little Pug that barely moves is going to be fine in a two bedroom apartment with 2 or even 3 people, but the same can surely not be said for a large Rottweiler or any other larger and more active dog. The bottom line is that you need to have enough space in your home to not trip over the dog with every step you take, and enough grass, or at least access to grass, for your dog to run around and do its business.

    How Does The Family Feel About Getting A Dog?

    Jimmy Jones at Cwmorthin

    Something else to keep in mind before you purchase or get a dog is whether or not everybody in the family is on board. Now, one thing that needs to be said is that it is important for the family to meet the dog before buying it. This is at least true if you are getting a dog that is already fully grown. You want to make sure that it has a good temperament, is friendly, not too boisterous, and will fit well with the family. If somebody has a problem with the specific dog, you may want to keep looking for another one.

    Now, this is harder if you get a puppy, because you can’t really judge a dog’s character until it starts to mature, but if you want a puppy, that is just the risk you will have to take. The point is that everybody should ideally be on board when you are getting a family pet. Now, if you have several kids, say three, and one of them doesn’t really want a dog, you can probably make a compromise. Hey, you can’t make everybody happy, plain and simple. The point of whether kids like the dog or not is minute compared to if they feel safe with it.

    Dogs are generally the responsibility of adults, so it is the adult’s decision at the end of the day. As long as your kids feel safe and comfortable with the dog, or if you can at least get it to the point where they feel safe, then all should be just fine. Put it this way, if your kids, for one reason or another, don’t want a dog, but you do, well, to be honest, don’t let that stop you! Kids will quickly learn to like and love the dog. Let’s be realistic though, there is not a child in the world that does not instantly fall in love with a puppy!

    It’s never ever the kids that have a problem with getting a dog. It’s usually the adults anyway! At the end of the day, as long as everybody feels comfortable and safe, you have nothing to worry about.

    Can I Actually Afford To Look After A Dog?


    The other matter when it comes to dogs is that they can be quite expensive to maintain. First off, if you buy a dog instead of rescuing one, if you get a pure bred or other popular breed, you can except to spend anywhere from hundreds to thousands for it, so there is that to keep in mind.

    Next, you need to account for toys, beds, blankets, dog houses, leashes, doggy bags, and all of that other fun stuff too, which generally speaking you can expect to cost you a few hundred at minimum. Dogs eat a lot, so there is that as well. For instance, a 100 pound dog is going to eat around £100 worth of food per month easily, at least if you get quality food.

    Basic maintenance for a dog, especially a larger one, is going to be fairly costly. You also need to take into account grooming tools or trips to a groomer. There is also the fact that dogs, especially puppies, like to destroy things. Chewing is something that dogs love to do and boy do they do it well! Just take into account that a puppy might chew apart pillows, sofas, wooden objects, shoes, drywall, and anything in between. If you are ready to wake up in the morning to find your Air Jordan shoes in shreds, then you are definitely ready for a dog.

    Oh, and of course we can’t forget to mention those guys called veterinarians. If you did not already know, while they are great at their jobs, vets do tend to gouge customers for every penny they can squeeze out. The trick here is to find a good vet that won’t take advantage of the fact that you are just looking out for your dog.

    Dogs and especially puppies, need various shots and immunisations, which can easily cost a few hundred. Plus, you need to remember that dogs get sick just like we do and when something happens those trips to the vet can add up pretty quickly. People aren’t kidding when they say that dogs are almost like kids because they need lots of time and can be pretty costly too.

    Should I Get A Rescue Dog?

    Megs and Gemma

    Absolutely! If you can, you should definitely get a rescue dog. Dogs deserve good homes, but unfortunately every year tens of thousands of these poor creatures get abused and left homeless. Pet shelters are great places that do their best to house these animals, but the often run out of room, time, money, and man power to do a really good job of it. These shelters are in place to let kind souls like you adopt the dogs in need.

    When you adopt a rescue dog you are giving an innocent creature a good home and you are taking a burden off of the shelter. There is also the fact that rescue dogs are free, so you won’t need to pay a small fortune from a breeder. There is the small issue that many rescue dogs may be scared or nervous at first, and some may have abuse related issues, but those problems generally go away when you care for them, are nice to them, and provide them with love and support.

    After Reading This I Don’t Think We Have The Time Yet, What Are My Other Pet Options?

    Alternative Pets

    It is of course perfectly understandable if you don’t have the time required to really keep a dog happy and healthy. After all, it is a very big commitment and responsibility, which is true in more ways than once. If you don’t have the time for a dog, there are some other pet options which are not quite as money or time consuming.

    Betta Fish

    A fish, especially if you only get one or two, is a great way to go if you don’t have that much time to spare. Betta fish are very playful, they look beautiful, don’t require much room, and are very easy to take care of. All you really need is a 2 or 3 gallon Betta fish tank (this site has covered some cool betta fish tanks) , some plants and substrate, a light, and some food.

    The tanks don’t take up much space, Betta’s can breathe air from the surface, so you don’t need an air pump, and they are very resilient in general. As long as you have a good filter you don’t even need to do all that many water changes. Besides regular feeding and cleaning of the tank, they don’t take up much time at all.


    A cat is another good option to consider. The real reason why they don’t need so much time is because they are much more independent than dogs. Cats clean themselves, they don’t need to be walked, and they don’t even like human attention all that much. Sure, they love to play at times, but they don’t need nearly as much attention as a dog. Yes, cats do also need to be fed and they need visits to the vet too, but when compared to a dog, the work involved in taking care of a cat is minimal.


    Turtles are also another neat option to go with. They are much cheaper than dogs, both to buy and maintain. You need a tank, some substrate, plants and rocks, a heating lamp and UV lamp, a filter (turtles need a powerful filter) and that is about it. Sure, you can buy more stuff to pimp out the turtle tank, but the above things are the basic necessities.

    While setting up a turtle tank can be slightly costly, in the long run they are much cheaper than the supplies requires to keep a dog. Just like Betta fish, your turtles need to be fed and their tank needs to be cleaned. That is about it. There is really not much more work involved here. Your turtle certainly does not need to be walked!


    Megs & Gemma

    At the end of the day, just consider these four things. Do you have the time to look after a dog? Do you have the money to support your dog’s needs? Does everyone in your family feel safe and happy about getting a dog? Do you have the space for a dog? If you answered yes to all of those questions, stop wasting time and go get an awesome new pet dog!

    Do you have a pet dog? Has Craig convinced you to get one?


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    Attingham Park

    Attingham Park

    One of our stop overs on the way down to Centre Parcs was at Attingham Park near Shrewsbury. We stopped to have a spot of lunch and a bit of a play in the play area before the second part of our journey. We didn’t get a chance to explore much but I did notice that there was a tour guide. We’ll have to go back for another visit – especially now that we have National Trust cards.

    Food at the Stables Cafe

    Attingham Park

    The food here was amazing! And the setting was pretty great too. The cafe is located in the converted stables and looks out over the forecourt. For food I had the gnochi and it was delicious! Unfortunately I didn’t get a photo of the courtyard but it was really lovely!

    Attingham Park

    After food we went for a stroll around the grounds. We stopped by the vegetable garden and we had a browse at the greenhouse. I saw some cucumbers being grown – never knew they grew from trees! Or maybe they weren’t cucumbers? I’m not a gardener – clearly!

    Children’s Play Area

    Attingham Park

    The main reason we stopped off here on the way is because there was a children’s play area. As Nain cleverly noted, the girls could run around a bit before continuing on with the rest of the journey. There were swings, slides, a roundabout and a climbing mound. There was plenty of space and enough room for a few older lads (and Dads) to have a bit of a kick about. Even though it was a busy day at Attingham Park, the children’s play area wasn’t at all bad. The girls had a great time on the swings. Oh and most importantly there was a food van in the field which served ice cream!

    Archery Tournament

    Archery at Attingham Park

    On the day we were there there was an archery tournament going on. We watched it for a bit. Some people have some skill! I got chatting to someone on Instagram who said that they had a bit of excitement when a Beagle ran onto the field! It wasn’t ours I must add!

    Have you ever been to Attingham Park?


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    Kiddiwinks Rollerblading Wishlist

    Kiddiwinks Rollerblading Wishlist

    I can’t wait for my girls to be old enough to be able to go rollerblading with me! Admittedly I need to start rollerblading again seeing as I haven’t been for a while now. Anyhow! When the kiddies are old enough, I’m going to try and get them into skating/rollerblading. I can’t help but look at the kiddies rollerblading section! So here’s my kiddiwinks rollerblading wishlist (via Love The Sales)!



    First things first… they’re going to need rollerblades! Starting out, balance is going to be an issue but I came across some trike-style rollerblades. And bonus points for them being Paw Patrol rollerblades! And when Little Miss gains her balance, these skates can be converted into proper inline skates. How cool are these though?



    Of course, a helmet is a must! There are bound to be falls so head protection must be worn to protect those delicate heads of theirs. Miss Mostyn would love a Thomas the Tank helmet but Little Miss would love this Rainbow Dash helmet. She loves her My Little Ponies! Plus it’s cool AF! I wonder if it comes in an adult size. Would be so much better than my current helmet! In addition to the helmet, they would need shin pads, knee pads and elbow pads.

    Ramps and Obstacles


    Personally, I’m not brave enough for the ramps and obstacles – much too old for it! But if the girls start young enough then they can master the tricks from the get-go! So a ramp is also a much needed  wanted accessory. I think we’d just stock to the ramp for now though… we’ll wait a few years for the rails!

    So serious question…is 2 and 3.5 years too young to start rollerblading?

    (Post via LoveTheSales)


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    Awesome Ways to Spend Time with Your Children

    Awesome Ways To Spend Time With Your Children

    Do you want to make wonderful memories with your children for you treasure for years to come? If so, you need to look beyond unforgettable trips to the movies or family meals that blend into one. To ensure your kids have plenty to smile about in the future, we are offering alternative ways to spend time with your children.

    A Daily Selfie

    Awesome Ways To Spend Time With Your Children

    Give your child the gift of memories by taking photos together every day. Not only will it ensure you and your children set aside time for each other to have a little fun each day, but it will also allow you to watch them grow. You can then create a photo book, and who knows, the photos may come in handy down the line – for birthdays, family events, weddings, etc.

    Go Skating

    Go Skating

    Why walk or drive to the park when you can skate? It’s a fun activity that will allow your child to enjoy a little exercise in the great outdoors. From a cool pair of Heelys to a classic pair of inline roller skates, there are many ways you and children can navigate your way from A to B, and have fun once you’ve arrived at your destination. If skating doesn’t sound ideal, consider ice skating or even a balance board. View various skates online for inspiration.

    Take a Class or Lesson

    Music Lessons

    Strengthen a bond with a child by taking a lesson together. For instance, you could both learn to play the guitar, enjoy an art class or take ice skating lessons. Lead by example and show your child that it’s important to keep learning, no matter a person’s age. It will also aid their confidence and skill set, as they can watch the many challenges you may face and how you overcome them.

    Throw a Dance Party

    Dance Party

    Gather the whole family together, or make it a one-on-one event with your child. Turn up the music and have a dance party. Show your children the popular moves of your childhood and ask them to show you what is ‘in’ or ‘current’ nowadays. They’re bound to laugh out loud as they watch you dance, even if they do want to hide behind a cushion.

    Family Game Night

    Games Night

    Instead of sitting in silence watching a movie, host a family game night to connect with your kids. From Operation to Monopoly, there are many different games to enjoy that will allow you to create memories, whilst putting your kids’ knowledge and skills to the test. Be competitive when playing Jenga or showcase your cunning with a fun game of Cluedo. You could even download some family-friendly app games, such as Heads Up, which will ensure you and your children are crying with laughter all day long.

    Scootering on Lon Eifion

    From donning a pair of skates together to hosting a family game night, look for an opportunity to do something different with your children. Don’t stick to a boring, old routine and aim to mix things up once in a while, which will ensure your kids’ have an unforgettable childhood they will remember fondly in adulthood. Some of my most happiest memories are playing Monopoly in the caravan with my Dad and Nain.

    Do you have any other awesome ways to spend time with your children?

    (This is a collaborative post)


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    July – Liked and Loved

    Liked and Loved July 2017

    Oh wow July is done and dusted! But before I drag myself into August, let’s take a look back at July with another edition of liked and loved.

    Miss Mostyn’s Birthday

    Happy Birthday Miss Mostyn

    I can’t believe our little baby girl is now a two year old! We had a lovely party at home with out friends and family. Lots of great food and it was a sunny day (as opposed to last year!).


    Centre Parcs Longleat

    We had an epic holiday at Centre Parcs! It was such an amazing place! I’ve blogged about my survival guide but I still need to blog about the place because it was AMAZING!

    Peppa Pig

    Peppa Pig

    We also met Peppa Pig whilst on holiday. We took the girls to Peppa Pig World because the littlest loves Peppa so much! It was a great day out – the girls got go on all but one of the kiddi-rides. We spent a fortune in the Peppa Pig shop but at least we have new books to read to Miss Mostyn now! We got to meet Peppa and George as well.

    Disco with The Fat Controller

    The Fat Controller

    Well ok not necessarily that but it was a catchy title! As part of the holiday we went to visit Drayton Manor and got to see Thomas The Tank and have breakfast with The Fat Controller. Due to unforeseen circumstances we had to stay an extra night and so had a disco with the Fat Controller! Or rather, with the actor – he also ran the kids club! I’ll be posting more about that soon.


    There’s a new Primark opened in Llandudno and we finally got the chance to visit. I grabbed a few new t-shirts including two Disney ones. Love them! I’m so pleased that there’s now a local Primark.

    Goodbye Fireguard


    We finally got rid of the monstrosity that was the fire guard. Our living room feels much more open now without that guarding the fireplace. We never actually use the fire so the girls are in no danger. The only reason the fireguard was there is because Little Miss tried eating the fake coal from it!

    What have you liked and loved this July?

    (Linking up with A Cornish Mum!)

    A Cornish Mum

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    Mini Mosaics by Brainstorm Toys

    Mini Mosaics by Brainstorm

    I like to think that we’re a pretty crafty loving family! We certainly love crayons and doodling. So when we were sent these fab Mini Mosaics from Brainstorm Toys we couldn’t wait to try them out!

    Craft Time Mini Mosaics by Brainstorm Toys

    Mini Mosaics by Brainstorm

    To give you an overview, they are a mosaic kit which gives your little ones an introduction into creating mosaic masterpieces. Each kit contains

    • 200 glittery square pieces
    • 1 design board (various design available but we had a pony and dolphin)

    So the idea is simple – stick a coloured square as denoted by the design board. They are designed for children over 3 years of age (due to the small parts – glittery squares!) but shh don’t tell anyone, we gave one to our 2 year old! She didn’t eat the squares and whilst too young, she did understand the concept. Actually she did really well at sticking the correct colours on the correct boxes – definitely helping her with colour recognition. Also she’s a stickler for getting the sticker correctly on the box – tuning those fine motor skills.

    Lots of Fun

    Mini Mosaics by Brainstorm

    We had great fun with these kits! I found it to be quite addictive (I had to “help” my littlest). Husband also thought they were fab! They are so compact and ideal for travel – would’ve been perfect for our Centre Parcs trip! If truth be told, these would’ve made a great family evening for us whilst we were there.

    Mosaic Masterpieces

    Mini Mosaics by Brainstorm

    The girls were super pleased with their mini masterpieces! I am going to go find a little frame so we can put them up in their bedrooms! As you can see, littlest hadn’t quite finished hers when I took this picture – I may have finished it off myself afterwards…. like I said, addictive!

    If you fancy trying these for yourself then you can find them on Amazon*! I know I’ll be buying some of these in future.

    Have you tried these?

    (* Affiliate link. Also please note that I was sent two of the Craft Time Mini Mosaic kits in return for a review. All opinions are my own.)



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    Simple Tips to Boost Your Blog This Summer

    Simple Tips to Boost Your Blog this Summer

    Summer is already in full swing — and as a blogger, it can be an inspiring season. With lots of potential for creative content, there’s no reason why your blog shouldn’t get a big boost during the hottest season of the year. To make sure it happens, the following tips — from website hosting changes to seasonal posts — will be a huge help.

    For avid bloggers and blog readers, summertime is a goldmine of how-to’s, travel guides and fashion posts. With so much potential throughout the season, it would be a shame not to make the most of it for your own blog. To give your blog a boost, it’s fairly straightforward and won’t require any in-depth marketing or technical knowledge.

    So, let’s take a look at a few simple tips to give your blog a boost this summer.

    Seasonal Content

    If you want your blog to reach a wider audience and gain more of a following, you’ll not only have to write about topics that people will relate to, but are also relevant at the time. This is why seasonal content is a must for bloggers and summertime has more topics than you can shake a stick at. Going on a summer holiday? Great; write about it. Starting a new diet to get a beach body? Awesome; update your readers with posts about your progress.

    Seasonal content is also a great way to expand into other niches with topics that you wouldn’t usually write about. Writing posts with a similar theme can cause a lack of inspiration but you’ll also run the risk of boring your loyal readership. The summer is an ideal time to experiment with a variety of content and maybe find a new niche you’re passionate about.

    Improve Your Knowledge of SEO

    There’s no doubt you will have heard of SEO (search engine optimisation) by now and are probably aware that it relates to your website’s ranking on search engines. But, what you may not know is that every blog post you write should be optimised for SEO. There are a few different ways to achieve this.

    Utilising relevant keywords throughout your posts will give you a greater chance of your content being found on search engines. Relevant keywords are specific words and phrases that people will enter when they use search engines. Another SEO technique is the use of backlinks in posts. Linking to high-authority websites that relate to the current topic will tell search engines that your post is relevant and the source material is from reputable sites.

    Is Your Web Hosting Service Letting You Down?

    When you first created your blog, you will have purchased website hosting services. This grants you the web space and bandwidth to host a website and provide the world with your wonderful blog posts. To begin with, you will have been on a tight budget and naturally will have chosen the cheapest web hosting option you could find.

    While this does save you some money, a bad web hosting service can be a hindrance to your site’s performance, along with its potential to maintain a large audience. For example, slow loading times will instantly put off visitors to your website, as well as make it a nightmare to navigate. A speedy website is the sign of a professional blogger and a more capable web host will give your site the boost it needs from this summer onwards.

    A Mid-Year Rebrand

    If your blog has had the same design for a long time and you’ve meant to switch things up, what better way to do so than a summer rebrand? Many different variables can be altered to create a unique blog and establish yourself as a brand. Everything from the colour pallet to the type of font you choose will affect the perception of your blog, so it’s vital to make sure the changes made are beneficial ones.

    Turning a blog into a brand isn’t something that will happen overnight, but that’s the beauty of it in many ways. The branding process will improve your knowledge of blogs, websites and SEO, give you the opportunity to work with companies and other bloggers, and allow you to write some awesome content in the process.

    Have you got any other tips you would add?

    (This is a collaborative post)


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    Still Dreaming of a Loft Conversion

    Still Dreaming

    I don’t know why but I’m really itching to get some work done on this house! I really want a dramatic change and a loft conversion would be top of that list. Yes I have mentioned it before and yes we can’t afford it but leaving that to one side, we can still do some “research” right?

    Yeah ok I didn’t do much proper research… more some mooching! But I now have a clear vision of what I want the loft conversion to look like. My main problem is the stairs….


    Still Dreaming

    If we’re doing a loft conversion then obviously we would need stairs to get up there. Space is a bit of a problem for us but I would love stairs with a “turn” in them. I’d want them to be a bit modern but still classic. So wooden railings but with glass panels. And whilst I’m at it I should get a replacement handrail for our main stairs as well.

    Compact En Suites

    We would need an ensuite up there otherwise we’d be going up and down the stairs all the time! Space would be at a premium up there so I think a compact en suite should do the trick. There are some nice ones around.

    Hidden Storage Solutions


    We’ve completely fallen in love with those fancy schamncy eaves storage solution. Really want to do this to keep all out DVDs in! But in the loft conversion they would be used to keep all our clothes and nick nacks!

    Anything else I need to be thinking of?

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