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    #F1Monday – Azerbaijan GP 2017

    Azerbaijan GP 2017

    (Before you get excited, we weren’t there – these are photos from when we went to Canada)

    I enjoyed the Azerbaijan GP so much that I couldn’t wait for Wednesday to post so we’re having an #F1Monday instead! WHAT A RACE!! Where do I begin? Some fierce battles out on track, collisions, safety cars and a red flag. I’m not discussing things in order that they happened….

    Vettel v Hamilton

    So this is THE controversy of the day! After one of the (many) safety car restarts, Hamilton [leading] “brake checks” and Vettel drives into the back of him. Damaged front wing in tow, Vettel pulls up alongside Hamilton on the strait and  after some hand gesturing, runs into the side of him! During the race, Vettel is given a 10 second stop and go penalty. Post race he’s been given three penalty points.

    However, Hamilton doesn’t think that’s enough and Vettel doesn’t consider he’s done anything wrong! This rivalry has just taken a nasty turn!

    Oh and my two pennies worth is that I’m not convinced Vettel did it deliberately, to me it looks like Vettel was so busy doing hand gestures that he lets the car drift into Hamilton. My opinion that’s all!

    Perez v Ocon

    The two Force Indias managed to bump into each other on lap 20 of the race. Not entirely sure how that happened but by lap 21 both cars were in the pits. Perez doesn’t manage to get back out and Ocon carries on. Well that is until the red flags. Perez manages to rejoin the race. Something I was glad of as he was on a 37 race finish streak – only 4 away from beating Nick Heidfeld’s record. Alas on lap 42 he retires thus ending his race finish streak.

    Ocon carries on and was running in 3rd place on lap 38 but he doesn’t manage a podium finish thanks to some overtaking moves from Vettel and Hamilton. He finishes P8.

    Lance Stroll

    Now this is the story of the day! Lance Stroll of Williams Martini Racing need the day on the podium! After all the chaos that happened he was running in P2 with around 10 laps left. Unfortunately Bottas was catching him fast and talk about a photo finish or what?!

    I don’t think Stroll was too bothered if he was P2 or P3 he was happy as larry! The youngest rookie to get a podium place. I’m so happy for Williams as well. So glad to see them getting podiums again! They were on to a double points finish with Massa in 4th but unfortunately he had to retire.

    Danny Ric’s Shoey!

    In an epic recovery, Daniel Ricciardo fought through the field from P17 to P1! Once he got into the lead he ran away with it! Seriously, that man has the biggest smile that you can see it radiating from under that helmet! Of course, a win for him means another shoey for him, and Lance Stroll! I’m sure that didn’t taste too fresh!

    Other Honrourable Mentions

    ALONSO FINISHED A RACE –  IN THE POINTS!! First points for the McLarens this year.

    Well that was my views of the Azerbaijan GP. I must admit, we loved the look of the place and quite fancy the Azerbaijan GP for next year!  Knowing our luck, it’ll be boring!!

    Did you watch the race? What did you think? Best one of 2017?


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    How Do You Sell A Haunted House?

    How Do You Sell A Haunted House?

    As you know, we have a buy to let property. Tenants are in and more or less happy. I say more or less because they think the house is haunted. A haunted house really? They think there’s ghost in the house and that the ghost is being tricksy! (I think it’s Taid having a laugh!).

    How Do You Sell A Haunted House?

    It got me thinking though, how would you go about selling a haunted house? Who would buy a haunted house? Is it something that’s disclose when you use an online estate agent?

    I can’t quite imagine a disclosure conversation going something along the lines of:

    • are there any known boundary issues?
    • are there any structural defects?
    • is there any Japanese knotweed on the property?
    • are there any ghosts in the house?

    Say what?! But in all honesty, if I was buying a house I would want to know if it was haunted or not. In the case of our buy-to-let the haunting is mild – tickling of feet sort of stuff and the smell of tobacco (like I said, Taid having a laugh!). But what if the house was proper haunted like the case of that Scottish couple who can’t find a nanny?

    Experiences of Haunted Houses

    Ghost in a coffee mug

    I’m a believer in the paranormal. I don’t see ghosts or anything but I’ve had experiences in the past of feeling something. Examples:

    • at a friends’ house in London, I was lying in bed and I had a sensation that something was strangling me. I had felt a banshee rush up the corridor and pinned me down. When I got up I thought it was a dream but after mentioning it, I learned that others had experienced the same.
    • another friend’s house was well known for ghosts – it was rumoured that an elderly couple had killed themselves in the house hundreds of years ago and that their spirits were still there to this day. I once walked through from the front room to the kitchen and could have sworn I walked straight through someone. I remember hairs standing on end and apparently I was white as a sheet!

    So if I was buying a house I think I would like to know if it was haunted!

    Would you buy a haunted house? Do you believe in ghosts?

    (This is a collaborative post)


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    Spare Room Makeover

    Spare Room Makeover
    We are in the middle of the spare room makeover. The decision to turn it into a little play room for the girls/spare bedroom for when (if we ever!) have guests..


    Red Room Makeover
    Currently the room is being used as our dumping ground. It’s the first room you get to as you walk in and naturally, we just dump bags, coats and shoes in there.

    Oh and also tucked away in the corner is our desktop computer which we hardly ever use. Everytime I do try to use it there’s inevitably yet another Windows update which means I have to wait hours for my computer to turn on. By which time I’ve found something else to do!

    Also in there, is our DVD/Blu Ray collection…. tightly packed into 4 Billy bookcases. (Yes we have that many!).

    Big Plans

    Our big plans for the room include:

    • New sofa – or to be honest, a sofa bed!
    • Bookcases – clear down the rest of the rubbish and leave some books there
    • Computer – shift the computer out to our upstairs office room
    • Floor covering – unfortunately we can’t replace the carpet just yet so instead we will just buy a rug instead.
    • Pop Display Cabinet – as previously mentioned, we’re addicted to Pop Vinyls! I need somewhere to display our ever expanding collection.

    I have visions of cosy cushions, nice rug (like this grey rug from Cox and Cox), toybox, craft area and television for them. Something like the following I found on Pinterest, but with red carpet/cream walls instead.


    As mentioned, we are going to put a sofa bed in there so when we have guests who are going to stay, they can sleep on the bed. So I can’t make the room too cluttered otherwise how can we use the sofa bed? Argh I’m not good at decisions!

    Have you got any tips on how I can create this cosy living space for my girls?

    (This is a collaborative post and includes some Amazon affiliate links)


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    Father’s Day Gift Ideas

    Father's Day Gift Ideas

    Oh no! It’s Father’s Day this coming weekend and I haven’t thought about what to get the husband from the girls. Men are notoriously difficult to buy for and my husband fits in well with the stereotype.

    I feel like he already has everything he needs so I have to look at things he wants. Trouble is he has specialist hobbies and I don’t know where to start. But here’s my thoughts so far….

    DVDs/Blu Ray

    Father's Day Gift Guide - Games Of Thrones

    My fallback is always some sort of DVDs. He’s into action or superhero genre so something along the lines of Marvel would be a good choice. Unfortunately I think we have everything that’s come out so far – if only Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 was out!

    Instead I might have to go for TV box sets instead. I’m thinking maybe Game of Thrones box set? I’m not sure what series he’s up to by now but I’m almost certain he hasn’t got any of them on DVD.


    He’s very much into branded clothing and for Christmas I gave him some Superdry hoodies. I don’t think he needs any new ones. Instead I possibly could get him some t-shirts. There are some awesome superhero themed shirts out there – including this one! I think I might have already bought this for him last year.

    Cutesy Stuff

    Father's Day Gift Ideas

    Of course I’m buying him things on behalf of the girls but at the moment they’re slightly too young to buy something for themselves. I could however drag the eldest around the shops looking for more cutesy things to include.

    Siop Eluned in Pwllheli has some lovely things including coasters, signs etc all saying “Dad Gorau Yn Y Byd” (Best Dad in the World). I’m thinking of buying the “Cwrw Taid” (Grandad’s Beer) sign for my Dad from them.

    Games Workshop Stuff

    This is the specialist hobby I was talking about – bloomin Games Workshop toy soldiers! There is really no point me getting him any sort of model because he’ll only trade it in. So I’m thinking a gift card instead. This is the most unimaginative thing ever I know but at least he’ll use it!!

    So tell me, what are you getting your Dad? Or Dad’s what would you love for Father’s Day?

    (This is a collaborative post and contains some Amazon affiliate links)


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    June Bucket List

    June Bucket List

    It’s time for another monthly bucket list! Before I get into June Bucket List, let’s take a look at what I did for May.

    May Bucket List Recap

    – Take dogs for a walk at once a week
    – Sort out the cutlery drawer
    – Sort out the rubbish on the DVD cabinets
    – Tidy up the cables around the computer
    – Sort out the veggie patch
    – Catch up with the mountain of penpal letters!
    – Carry on with posting at least 3 blog posts per week!
    – Finish categorising all the uncategorised blog posts (394 left to do!)
    – Find someone to work on our eaves storage solution
    – Get tickets for the new The Tenderloins tour!!  *

    Yes May was a complete failure when it comes to the bucket list! So I’m reassessing and forgetting some of the things I had on last month’s bucket list. This is what I’ve decided to put on the June bucket list

    June Bucket List

    – Keep up with the penpal letters!
    – Clear out the red room of all those DVDs (which are in boxes at least!)
    – Participate in the Boho Berry Challenge
    – Film a few vlogs including a Bullet Journal flip through.
    – Post 3 blog posts a week

    Yes I know that’s not much but in reassessing I’m trying to keep it simple. If I overload my list then I won’t get anything done!

    What have you got on your June Bucket List?


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    Ride & Seek with Arriva Buses

    Ride & Seek with Arriva Buses

    You may remember that I used to travel to work on the bus and always found it fun! So when I was offered a chance to take part in Arriva Buses’s Ride & Seek campaign I jumped at the chance! And so on Saturday we had a great day out on the buses!

    We had planned on making it a family day on the buses but husband pointed out that the littlest suffers from travel sickness. I really did not fancy cleaning up her throw up so it was just me and the eldest. It was her first time on the buses and it was such an adventure for her!

    The Bus

    Arriva Buses

    The plan was to visit Conwy Castle and as it happens there’s a direct bus from Caernarfon to Llandudno (which goes through Conwy). We caught the 9am number 5 bus from Caernarfon. The timetable said to get the number X5 bus from  Bangor so I thought we had to change… we didn’t! Our 5 bus became the X5! How handy is that?

    Arriva now have a mobile app which you can use to buy tickets (search for Arriva M-Ticket) which I had fully intended to use. Unfortunately due to my crappy wi-fi and no 3G I couldn’t use it. I did however spot a number of passengers come on the bus using their e-tickets though. No instead I bought the ticket on the bus – £5.50 return from Caernarfon to Llandudno.

    The bus itself was really clean and the chairs were comfy. Not those horrid plastic seats that I remember from my school bus days! Oh and the bus has free wi-fi! YASS!

    The Journey 

    Arriva Buses

    It was a lovely journey! The views along the North Wales Coast are AMAZING! The main reasons I like travelling by bus is that I get to nosey! If I’m driving, I obviously can’t look around. Also, the bus takes you through all these wonderful little villages which I wouldn’t normally visit if travelling by car. On the journey to Conwy the bus takes you into Abergwyngregyn – a little tiny village which you zoom past on the A55. I had seen someone mention Aber Falls and hadn’t realised it was in Abergwyngregyn. Now I know!

    Husband needed to get into Llandudno to get something from Acme Games so we ended up taking the bus all the way to the end of the line.

    Conwy Castle

    Arriva Buses

    I’ve been to Conwy Castle relatively recently but it’s such a good day that it’s always great to go back. It was such a sunny day and the views over Conwy Marina and Conwy Estuary was just spectacular! Honestly, why do you even need to think about going abroad when you have this on your doorstep.

    The girls loved running around the castle but I was in full on panic mode when they got close to the edges of those walls! As you can see from the above photo…. quite a drop down! On the grass in the main area there were some smaller walls which they loved to play on. My littlest is such a little daredevil! Nothing stops her. Eldest is a bit more wary though. Not sure if it’s just an age thing or a personality thing!

    Eating Out

    Lunch at Watson's Bistro

    We had lunch at Watson’s Bistro which is a little bistro situated in one of the back roads in Conwy. I wouldn’t have known about it expect my husband had been before and said that the food was amazing. He wasn’t wrong! I went for a vegetarian option – wild mushroom cousous with veg and crips. Oh my word! SO yummy! Hubby had his usual choice – a burger but this one was posher than a Big Mac! Girls had pizza and chicken nuggets because it’s the only thing they seem to eat without fuss.

    Ice Cream in Conwy

    We decided not to have pudding at the bistro and instead had ice cream by the castle. They didn’t have any mint (my fave) so instead I opted for a raspberry one. It was so nice!!

    I caught the 15.07 bus back from Conwy. I went on my own as the girls had fallen asleep and hubby put them straight in the car. I had planned on doing some vlogging on the way home but the idiot that is me forgot the portable charger for my phone. Never mind! It was a relaxing journey on the way back… just taking in the views of the North Wales coast.

    All in all it was a fab day out! It’s reconfirmed to me that I do enjoy travelling by bus! For more inspiration of fab days out on the buses take a peek at Arriva’s Ride & Seek website. I must admit, the North Wales Postcard Fair in Llandudno looks interesting! (That’s the stationery geek in me for sure!)

    Are you a fan of public transport? Do you use the buses often? And how about those views eh?

    (Arriva Buses kindly paid for my day out however all opinions are my own)


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    Liked and Loved – May 2017

    Liked and Loved - May 2017

    Oh I’m sorry for not posting for a week or so. It’s been a bloody awful week in the UK hasn’t it? But I’m not allowing myself to think about all the fucked up-ness that’s happening. Instead I’m focusing on the positives. And with that in mind, let’s take a look at all the good things that happened in May!

    Blog On MSI

    Stuffing my face with @swizzels_sweets Drumsticks during #blogonmsi

    A post shared by Rebecca (@becsterdotcom) on

    Without a doubt the best thing about May was attending Blog On MSI. Not only was it an informative conference but I also got to meet some wonderful people – David, Luke, Nigel & Anca.

    Ticketing Success

    I’ve had a bit of success with tickets during May. I have managed to nab tickets to see The Tenderloins (Impractical Jokers) and I’ve also won tickets to go to next year’s Ski Fi weekend! Also I’ve managed to “win” or be selected to receive tickets to go to the Williams F1 British GP Preview this coming Friday.

    Retro Gaming

    A post shared by Rebecca (@becsterdotcom) on

    Hubby and I are big fans of the show Dara O’Brien’s Go 8 Bit. It’s a show about retro gaming. Well last week the Oliver Twins were on the show. Who? I hear you ask….. well they are the mastermind geniuses behind the famous heroic egg Dizzy. Brings back so many memories! My favourite Dizzy game is still Fantastic Dizzy. I never managed to complete it but I have found out that I can play it online! That’s my productivity shot!

    Family Fun

    We took the girls swimming for the first time in ages! They both seemed to enjoy it which is good since we’re off to Center Parcs in July and determined to get them in the pool.

    Also we went rollerblading/scootering and was having a good time until the pram broke! Also there was a birthday in the family so we had a lovely buffet at Nain and Taid’s house with the girls’ Uncle.

    New Phone

    I got a new phone! #iphone7 #rediphone #bloggerlife

    A post shared by Rebecca (@becsterdotcom) on

    Oh at last I have a new phone! I tried a Samsung back in April but couldn’t get on with it. End of May, I dropped my current iPhone and went into Carphone Warehouse and walked out the proud owner of a new iPhone 7 red edition!

    Public Speaking

    I’m not one for public speaking. But I was asked to present an award at the Gala Evening of Gwynedd Business Week. I was so nervous – which you would’ve seen if you follow my Instagram stories! It went ok…. will do better next time!

    Guardians of the Galaxy

    My completed weekly Yondu inspired page! #bulletjournal #yondu #guardiansofthegalaxy

    A post shared by Rebecca (@becsterdotcom) on

    We convinced Mam to look after the girls and went to the pictures to see Guardian of the Galaxy 2 for the second time. And to honour that I made May’s bullet journal theme!

    How was your May?


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    Blog On MSI 2017

    Blog On MSI 2017

    Blog On MSI 2017! What can I say other than, well done Laura and the team for another fab conference! I must admit, I was looking forward to this one so I could meet some amazing people!


    Blog On MSI 2017 - Sessions

    There was a great lineup of sessions. Admittedly I hadn’t looked in too much detail what was going on as the only thing I had decided on was to attend Luke’s YouTube session – Blended Parent Network solidarity!

    In the morning I attended Tim’s session which was pretty much Facebook and Twitter advertising. The Facebook advertising bit was great.. some top tips from Tim! Twitter information was good too but I don’t see me doing much with it to be honest.

    In the afternoon I attended Sian’s YouTube editing session. She didn’t go into much detail of how to use different editing programmes (I mean there’s too many programmes isn’t there?). Instead, she focused on how to edit a vlog with different transitions, different camera angles etc. She did mention two new-to-me editing software that I’m interested in trying though.

    Then of course I attended Luke’s YouTube session. It was fab! He threw in enough swear words to make it relaxed. Luke certainly tells it how it is which is refreshing. Always love hearing it as it is. This fella knows his stuff! One of his top tips was to upload your video to Facebook as well as YouTube and my Facebook video is getting more views for sure! Oh and the video…..

    I had intended on hitting the Accounting for Bloggers session but found sanctuary in the games room with David and Luke. It was incredibly hot at the museum and the games room had air conditioning! Also some fab games!


    Blog On MSI 2017 - Brands

    Oh there were so many brands in attendance that I’m really sorry if I don’t name al of them. I got chatting to a few including Stag Bakeries who had some delicious snacks on offer. The seaweed crackers/oatcakes were surprisingly good!

    Blog On MSI 2017 - Food

    Of course no BlogOn conference is complete without a cake and this year’s cake was a big massive Drumstick shaped cake to celebrate Swizzles Matlow‘s Drumstick reaching 60 years old! Who’d have thought that the simple lollipop was so old?! The cake even tasted like the lollipop! There was also plenty of free Drumsticks as well… might have eaten too many!


    Blog On MSI 2017 - #BPNSquad

    (Thanks to Nige for the photo on the right)

    The absolute best part of Blog On MSI 2017 was finally getting to meet some fellow Blended Parent Network folk… or the #BPNSquad as I call us! It was so great to meet David (DadVWorld), Luke (The Woodhouse Life) and Nigel (DIY Daddy).

    Blog On MSI 2017 - Photo Booth fun

    Also it was great to see Anca again! We had lots of fun with the EventsBooth photo booth. We seem to like large sunglasses and pink wigs! 😀

    Goody Bags

    Blog On MSI 2017 - Goody bag

    Not one, not two but THREE goody bags were given out at this year’s conference. I’ve not had a chance to look through it in detail yet so will be posting about that again.

    And I made a little video….

    Did you go to Blog On MSI 2017? Are you going to the next one?


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    HELP! I Need a New Coat

    Help! I Need a New Coat

    Ok, ok the title might be a bit over-dramatic but honestly, I need HELP! I desperately need a new coat and I can’t find one. I’m looking for two different coats/jackets – I think. I’m thinking, I need a winter coat and a summer jacket. I recently posted about my experience of going clothes shopping and I still haven’t managed to go out again since that experience. Yes I still feel frumpy and no I’ve not stopped eating chocolate. Anyway I digress…

    Winter Coat

    Winter Coat

    It’s a bit late for me to be looking for a winter coat now considering we are well and truly into Spring. So I may not be looking for a full blown winter coat but something that will keep me dry should the heavens open. I suppose I don’t want anything too heavy but yet I would like something long so it covers my trousers. There is nothing worse than getting to work in damp trousers! I’m thinking maybe a trench coat like the ones over at Aquascutum would be a good fit. They’re pretty stylish! (Men’s trench coats are also available at Aquascutum so maybe I ought to get one for the husbands…. a his and hers sort of deal?!)

    Summer Jacket

    Summer Coat

    Summer is on the way and I’m thinking a trench coat might not be the best thing to wear during those hot days so I’m also looking for a lightweight summer jacket as well. But I’m stumped. I honestly don’t know where to look and really, don’t know what style I’m looking for either. I think a Summer jacket also needs to be waterproof because inevitably it will rain here in Snowdonia.

    As I said in that previous post, I do struggle a bit with body positivity so finding outerwear that is comfortable and stylish has always been a problem for me. Which is probably why I’ve been wearing my Mam’s oversized fleece for so long! It hides all the bumps and lumps!

    So if anyone has any tips for me of how to find a coat to suit me, please share below.

    (This post is a collaborative post)


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    Scooter-ing With Kiddiwinks


    So as you know, I have taken up rollerblading this year in the hope it will get me active. My girls have watched me go but I’m not ready for them to try rollerblading yet! They lack the co-ordination and I fear they would break their little legs!


    Instead we’ve compromised and bought the eldest a scooter. It’s somewhat similar to the scooters found at Skate Hut but not quite as fancy! She LOVES it! She absolutely loves going scootering! I can’t wait to get my littlest a scooter but I think we have to wait a few months still. Although she does like trying out her sister’s scooter around the house.

    Safety First

    Scooter Safety

    (This is Little Miss trying on all my safety gear – please ignore the mess in the background!)

    Being a toddler she’s a bit of a handful so she needs her the safety equipment. She has a little flowery purple helmet. Unfortunately she’s not too keen on it but that is mostly to do with the fact that Dadi managed to pinch her little chin on the straps! Idiot! So she’s now a bit scared of putting the helmet on. However, we are telling her that it is a must if she’s going scootering. I also wear a helmet which I bought from Skate Hut and would recommend. They sell specialist gear for skaters and scooter-ers alike!

    The good news is that she’s seen me wear the protective padding as well and really wants to wear some. She was fascinated with the wrist/hand pads that I had.

    It’s so cute to watch her go… and her balance is actually pretty good for a 3 year old. Here’s a recent clip of her… the video should start at her going for it but if not, then skip forward to around 13 seconds in.

    Scooter-ing Routes

    Scootering on Lon Eifion

    We’re lucky enough to live close to some cycle paths which means we can go scooter-ing in safety. Our most recent trek was along Lôn Las Menai (see the above video) which went well up until the point Little Miss decided she’d had enough of scooter-ing! I’m hoping to have a go along Lôn Las Ogwen soon.

    Have you ever been scooter-ing?

    (This is a collaborative post)


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