I hate people who smoke. Actually no, I don’t hate people who smoke, I hate inconsiderate smokers. Those people who will stand next to you and smoke and won’t even try to blow the fumes the other way.

I find smoking to be such a dirty habit. Especially so in women. I’m not sure why these young girls think it’s cool to smoke. It’s bad for your health and bad for your bank balance.

What I find worst though is those parents who smoke in front of their young children. Do they not realise the damage it does to developing lungs? And it doesn’t set a good example for them growing up.

Having said that, both my parents smoked whilst I was growing up. Maybe it did give me a good example as I have never smoked. I am however an asthmatic so it probably did damage my lungs.

I should note that both mam and dad have given up smoking due to different reasons. Mam gave up years ago when she realised it was making a hell of a dent to her cash. Dad gave up more recently after his new wife became pregnant with my baby brother.

I think maybe that’s why I’m more annoyed with smokers at the moment – I don’t want to breathe in their poisonous gases in case it effects my baby!

I do sympathise in part with smokers though. I realise it’s an addiction and some have tried to quit without success. I also don’t agree fully with the smoking ban. Here in Wales they’ve banned people from smoking in public buildings. What this has done is pushed smokers out to the street. I feel that they should’ve brought back the smoking room. At least then those who smoke could stay inside rather than crowd around the nearest exit.

I apologise if I have offended any of you smokers. I don’t mean to be offensive I’m just rambling.


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The mission for today is to sort out the clutter we have in our house! It’s a massive job but first step is to get some boxes to pack things away in. So we took a trip to Staples! I love going to the shop because I love stationery! We were standing in the middle of the shop and my hubby turned to me and said “is it weird but I love stationery”! Hehe this is why I love him! We’re so alike!

There were so many boxes to choose from though! We ended up going with the Really Useful Boxes ones. They’re a bit more expensive but they’re more sturdy and will take some weight. I’ve bought some smaller cheaper ones and you can tell the difference.



We then got a bit distracted by the pens and USB sticks!



Oh and then the hubby spotted some Hello Kitty stuff but I pointed out its a bit too early to be buying school stuff for the kiddiwink!


We’re back home now and I’ve started to put away some items. I’ve packed away the remaining cuddly toys (Carebears!) and started on the clothes. I’ve decided to pack away the clothes that currently don’t fit me (due to the bump). I’ve bought some vacuum pack bags for this purpose. I’m going to pack my wedding dress away as well. I can’t bring myself to get rid of it but it’s taking up way too much room in the wardrobe. I’m also going to pack away our summer/holiday clothes. I’ll leave them on the shelf in the wardrobe rather than on hangers. They’ll take up less room on the shelf.



Oh and this is just the beginning! May need to buy some more boxes.


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This week at work we’ve been participating in the McMillan coffee morning. Each day this week someone has baked some cakes and brought them in to share. Each cake has cost between 50p to £1 and whoever wants a cake has had to donate into the fund. It’s been organised by one of the girls in the office and I said I’d donate but probably wouldn’t do any baking – mainly because I’m currently not allowed to eat the cake mix! But she emailed this morning wanting volunteers to bake for tomorrow. My good sided nature gave in and I volunteered the hubby to bake some cakes! He loves baking and has been wanting to make cakes for a while. I’ve agreed to help with the cake decorating which means trying to make some nice butter icing!

Here’s the result!


We’re going to cut it up into 16 slices and charge 50p per slice. That should make £8 so not bad!

{edit} The cake went down a treat! My workmates complimented the chef (the hubby)! I did have 1/4 of the cake coming home but I think that was because everyone was too stuffed with cake from the rest of the week! {/edit}


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I picked up the latest Tesco magazine whilst doing the shopping earlier this week. I found it to be extremely interesting. This issue had a whole section on family life and how to have a happy family life. Most things mentioned seemed to be common sense to me to be completely honest but I couldn’t help but enjoy the articles nonetheless. Here’s the bits I found most interesting:





My particular favourite is “eating together”. Currently the hubby and I will eat our food sat in front of the telly box (normally watching Neighbours) but we’ve already discussed eating habits post baby. At the beginning it will probably be a “eat when you can” arrangement but as soon as it’s old enough to sit by a dinner table then we’ll be sitting down around a table to eat as a family. So we can have a conversation. iPads and iPhones will be banned from sitting with is. I may tolerate a book on occasions but tech stuff is banned from the dinner table! That goes for me and the hubby as well as the kids!


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I’ve mentioned in a previous post that depending on which bus I catch, it can be full of school kids. To be fair to them they’re not always little shits. I’m fact some of them have the “aww factor”. The new school year has just started and for the past two weeks you’ve been able to tell which kids are in their first year of secondary school. They stand out a mile away with their eager faces and polished shoes! They are just about starting to blend in but even so on occasions there is still the one little one amongst them.

For example, this evening there was one kid who is clearly in his first year, got off the bus at the halfway village. He was so small that he didn’t even reach the bus’ window! This is what I mean about the “aww factor”! They’re so small that you can’t believe they’re in secondary school!

Of course I’m now viewing this from the parent-to-be perspective which is why maybe I’m a bit more gushy! Mine’s not even born yet and already I’m thinking about its first day of school. I know that the hubby can’t wait to take her to school. I hope that she will have the same good experience that we did. Although I don’t remember it, apparently I liked school so much that on coming home on the first day I was already wanting to go back after tea!


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