Reports came through last night that Michael Schumacher was in hospital after a skiing accident and that his injuries were not life threatening. By today however his condition has deteriorated and his condition is now “critical” and that he is fighting for his life.

Poor Michael!! To imagine that he’s been doing one of the most dangerous sports (Formula 1) and for him to be injured doing something like this is amazing. I mean I ski for god’s sake! According to his doctor if he hadn’t been wearing a helmet then he wouldn’t have made it this far. Makes you wonder if helmets should be compulsory for all skiers (currently┬áI believe that only kids under 10 have to wear helmets on European slopes). I will definitely be considering a helmet next time I hit the slopes.

Anyway, I hope he recovers soon and my thoughts are with his family. Get well soon MSC!!!


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Christmas 2013 is now done and dusted! I hope everyone had a good one! We stayed at home mainly because I didn’t want to go anywhere with the impending arrival. My Mam was here for lunch and the hubby cooked our Christmas lunch. It was lovely! He’s a good cook!

After lunch. The hubby went for a lie down whilst Mam and I tidied up. After that Mam left to go see some friends and I joined the hubby for a lie down. I wasn’t feeling too good after eating so much for lunch!

After our siesta, we got up and tidied up after the dogs before hubby’s parents and brother came over for tea. We had cooked a piece of ham and we had some of that with salad. Then we watched some Christmas telly before they went home. Then we had some cuddles with our gorgeous doggies.

Be warned – lots of photos!

The lovely Christmas lunch the hubby cooked!!

Megs did not look impressed with being banished to the garden whilst we had lunch!

Our dinky Christmas tree!

Christmas prezzies from hubby – Mark Webber t-shirt, DVDs, CDs, an xBox One controller (so we can play games together!!) and some coconut bath products.

Gemma with her Christmas presents.

Megs with her squeaky toy!

Snoozy Gemma

Snoozy Megs


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For some reason I’m not feeling Christmassy this year. I’m not the only one I’ve heard others complain the same. I think the reason it doesn’t feel Christmassy for me is because a) I’m not at work and missing out on the work festivities and b) not much Christmas decorations in our house due to the home birth plan.

But today I did make the effort and made some mince pies! They’re such weird things – I actually don’t like the mince meat to eat but I love the taste of the mincemeat on the pastry. I’ve never made or cooked pastry before but for a first attempt they’re not too bad! The recipe said to cook for 20mins on 200 but I think that might’ve been too much in our cooker. I’ll know next time!




Whilst I was waiting for them to cook I found this article about Christmas. I found it to be quite interesting.

So now I’m sat on the sofa with my two pups watching Titanic. I’ve always been fascinated by Titanic (not the film bug the real life event). I have a very vague memory of watching a documentary about the Titanic with Dad when I was a kiddiwink and I think that’s what sparked the interest. I’ve watched a few documentaries and I found one in particular to be fascinating – it seemed to blame the disaster on faulty nuts and bolts that were holding the steel together. There was an exhibition in London showing artefacts recovered from the wreckage. I regret not going as I’m sure it would have been brilliant!


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I’ve now finished work – since Friday the 13th which means I’ve had one week off. Been feeling pretty bored as all I’ve known is work. I’ve spent the week being such a lazy arse though! I’ve slept a lot which is good as I don’t think I had realised how tired I was. Other than that I’ve watched a lot of movies – all of which I’ve seen before.

Baby is due a week on Monday. Midwife came over last Sunday and said everything was looking good and on target for a timely baby. We discussed what would happen if baby was overdue and basically she’ll be here by 12th Jan at the very latest. My midwife isn’t working until Boxing Day now so I don’t want baby to come before then!!


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