It was my 30th birthday yesterday. I got up around 7.30am when hubby was going to work. He gave me my birthday card in which he’d written a lovely paragraph about how much he loved me. He also gave me a card from Little Miss – my first card as a mummy!
I didn’t have any plans – difficult to plan anything at the moment. If I could drive I would’ve gone out for lunch with Little Miss. As it turned out that idea was a no-goer anyway as Little Miss was unsettled all morning. Tuesday/Wednesday night she just wouldn’t burp after a feed and when she has wind she starts crying. So I didn’t get much sleep and when I’m tired I get emotional and cry a lot! Ultimately this meant that my birthday morning was spent trying to settle Little Miss and crying! I couldn’t even go for a wash because she wouldn’t settle long enough!

By lunchtime I was feeling so crap that I phoned the hubby to tell him to cancel our birthday plans as I was not feeling sociable. I told him that when he got home I wanted to go for a bath and go to bed. After lunch I managed to get Little Miss to settle and even managed to have a bit of a nap so was feeling much better!

At around 4pm I woke up and was lying on the sofa when I heard the doorbell ring. I wasn’t expecting any visitors so I decided not to bother with the door just in case it was my grandmother. She lives locally but I don’t really get on with her – I’m polite enough but she’s hard work. The way I was feeling yesterday I just wasn’t up to dealing with her! Anyway, my mobile started ringing and it was my Dad – he was the one at the door! I didn’t expect to see him! He was going to the hospital to see the consultant (he’s had the all clear now – not quite sure what was wrong exactly but whatever it was it’s sorted!). It was nice to see him on my birthday! His wife and my half brother was with him. My Baby Bro (he’ll be 4 in May) wanted to see her with her eyes open but there was no way I was waking her up after her finally settling!!

Hubby phoned on the way home and I said we’d go ahead with our birthday plans. It wasn’t much but his parents were coming over with Chinese takeaway for us. They also brought a Lightning McQueen cake for me! They also bought me the Rush blu ray. I’ve only seen the film once but it was fantastic! I can’t wait to watch it again!

We went to bed early last night – was 9.30 when we went up bit after 10pm when we had fed, changed and settled her. She slept through until 2am and then from 3am to around 6.30am. Needless to say I was feeling much more human today!

{edit} I forgot to mention. Hubby’s birthday present to me is that he’s arranged for my best friend to take me out for lunch on Saturday and then they’ve booked me in to have my hair done afterwards! {/edit}


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It’s currently 3.11am and I’m sat in bed holding a drowsy baby. Little Miss has had a small feed and a nappy change. Unfortunately she suffers from a lot of wind and hiccups because she gulps down her food. Due to this I have to keep her upright for 15-20mins after a feed. She’s currently dropping off so I’ll put her down in a minute.

Well the past two weeks have flown by! Hubby’s paternity leave is now finished and he’s back at work tomorrow. He’s currently sleeping next to me but he’ll be getting up in 4 hours. Tomorrow is going to be the real test for me – trying to survive a day on my one with her. Actually I tell a lie, mam’s got a day off tomorrow so she’ll be here to help out. The hubby has been so fantastic over the past two weeks though – I honestly don’t know what I’d have done without him. Tell you one thing, I have new found respect for single parents!

This weekend we didn’t go out of the house as we had people visiting. On Saturday hubby’s best friend came over. He brought a pressie for Little Miss – a cute fluffy bodysuit with a hood and ears! He stayed for most of the day – we had bacon sandwiches for lunch then hubby and his friend went to the garage (aka the games room) to play some Warhammer. Hubby had a nice time which was good.

Later on one of work friends came over with a card from my colleagues. They had done an office whip round and I received £43 from them. This will either go against something for Little Miss or be banked in her savings account. People have been so generous with gifts – she’s received some teddies, clothes and money. She’s received almost £400 which we’ll put into her savings account – she has more money than me!!

At about 9pm on Saturday I decided to make some gluten free cakes for my friend and her mother who were due to visit on Sunday. I made the mix with some gluten free plain flour and then the recipe said to add some baking soda. I thought I had some but after ransacking the cupboard I found that apparently no I didn’t have any. So I sent hubby down to Tesco to get me some. Recipe said to cook for 15 – 18mins so I put them in. After 15mins the cakes were still bubbling so I left them in for the remaining 3 mins. Unfortunately at this point Little Miss has a fit of projectile vomiting which sent hubby into panic and I had to rush to the front room to take care of her. She was fine – just had eaten too much but needless to say, my cakes were a bit crisp shall we say. They weren’t too bad just a little crispy around the edges. I made them all to be butterfly cakes. I think they turned out quite well considering it’s the first time trying gluten free baking!

We went to bed at around midnight as hubby was watching the end of a Narnia film. Little Miss slept through until 3.30am when I got up to feed and change her. She then slept until 7.30am and we got up. The morning was spent doing some tidying and hubby watching some football programme. Midwife came at around 1pm and said that everything was ok. In fact we have now been discharged from midwife care. If we have any concerns then we can still ring them up until Little Miss is 28days old but otherwise we won’t see the midwife again until we have the next one or if we bump into her locally. Shame really as I really liked my midwife – she was lovely!

Well in the end my friend and her mam didn’t turn up. My friend is currently expecting her third baby and she wasn’t feeling very well. She also lost her phone so couldn’t get in touch to let me know she wasn’t coming over. Shame as I was really looking forward to seeing her as I haven’t seen her in over a month! And also I now have a dozen cakes that need eating! (That is not a problem:) )

I’m hoping that now most of our friends and family have been to see her there will be less visitors which means I can hopefully have a few naps during the day. I know that there’s still some people who haven’t been to see her for example my two best friends, and two of my bosses have also said they will come over next month. In fact one of my bosses said that she’ll come over and do some washing for me!! I doubt she will and even if she offered I really don’t want my boss to be doing my washing!!

Ok time to try and put Little Miss back in bed for a bit.


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I stumbled over the A Day In The Life Of Link Up. Thought it was a good idea…. It’ll also put my life in perspective – make me realise how different my days are now that Little Miss is here. My days used to be full of work – worrying about people’s tax problems! Anyway, technically I should have done this on January 15th but I didn’t see it until two days ago….. So here was yesterday!

An empty Moses basket – Little Miss was awake for her first feed of the night. She took 80ml which was a decent amount but really I would’ve liked it if she’d take a bit more at this feed so she’d sleep a bit longer.

Little Miss woke up for her second feed and for a nappy change. Fun and games in partial darkness I must admit! But I try to change/feed her with only dimmed light so that hubby can sleep. Although he normally wakes to go to the loo when I’m in the middle of feeding her.

It took almost an hour for me to feed and change Little Miss and settle her back down. By this point both hubby and I had some heartburn so we cracked open a packet of LoveHearts – best relief for heartburn ever!

Third feed of the night. I have no idea if I get any sleep in between the feeds!

This is our feeding station. On the left we have the Tommee Tippee sterilisation machine and on the right we have the Tommee Tippee Perfect Preparation machine. This cost us £70 but it was worth every penny! Health professionals advise that you should make each feed from fresh I.e. Not to pre-make bottles and reheat. To make a fresh bottle you need to boil a kettle of water, leave it to cool for 20mins, add the water to the formula and then cool the bottle down under a tap before feeding – this took over 30mins to do and when Little Miss wants food she wants it NOW! But with this machine a bottle can be prepared in under 2mins!

After this we got up and went downstairs. I gave the doggies food and we had breakfast whilst watching Homes Under The Hammer – a fantastic daytime programme where people buy houses at auction, renovate them and the sell/rent them afterwards.

I wasn’t feeling too great – might have a urine infection (oh joy!) so I left hubby in charge of Little Miss whilst I went for a bath. I put on an episode of Ugly Betty and had a nice soak.

Almost an hour later I emerged and went downstairs. Lucky I got out when I did as we had a visitor – one of my mam’s friends came over with a prezzie for Little Miss. She stayed for over an hour – which was typical as we had planned on going out today!

We decided to go out for lunch. So I got Little Miss ready – fed, changed and put on some nice clothes to go out in. Hubby got the pram together and into the car – I’m not allowed to do this at the moment as it’s too heavy for me to lift.

We went down to town and went to Table Table for lunch – I had chicken, ham and leek pie and then a brownie and honeycomb sundae for pudding! Very nice! Little Miss didn’t make a sound for the whole time we were there! There’s a nice view over the marina and towards the castle walls (although you can’t really see them in this photo).20140122-230226.jpg20140123-093559.jpg

It was after 4pm when we finally left Table Table. To get back to the car we had to walk past a block of flats/townhouses on the marina. When we were looking for our first house we went to have a look at the townhouses – not that we could afford them but we had a nosey! They were beautiful! And they have a wonderful view over the Straits.20140122-231734.jpg

After getting home we didn’t do much just watch a bit nof telly – we watched Monsters Inc. Little Miss can’t see well enough to see the telly but she seemed to be interested in the sound though. At around 7pm I brought the dogs through for a bit whilst Little Miss was asleep in her Moses basket. The dogs aren’t coming through as often as they used to but we’re taking baby steps and getting them used to Little Miss. They seem ok now… A bit curious when she starts making noises but on the whole they’re good fair play.
We continued to watch telly until after 10pm. We record three programmes everyday – Neighbours, Pointless and Homes Under The Hammer (although we watched Homes live today). We watched these – Neighbours is good at the moment with the Gem storyline. We’re finally getting rid of her this week I think! Yay! After we caught up with these we turned to the movie channels and Pitch Perfect was on! It’s currently my favourite film and the hubby is quite partial to it as well – he loves the music!

We watched the end of Pitch Perfect then went to bed. Little Miss was a bit fussy and refused to settle. Hubby fed her, changed her and cuddled her but she just wasn’t settling. In the end we managed to settle her but it wasn’t until past midnight!


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Well baby arrived on January 10th after a horrendous labour! I didn’t get the miracle homebirth I had planned but ended up in hospital.

Because Little Miss was determined she didn’t want to leave her comfy home of 9months, I had to go into hospital and had to be induced on Thursday morning (9th). I was lucky that my next door neighbour was on shift on Thursday evening as she took me through to the labour ward earlier than I should have. Also I was lucky that I was the only one in giving birth that evening! They phoned my husband to come in at 3am and he was with me until the end.

I had every sort of pain killer on offer – gas & air, diamorphine, an epidural and the spinal injection. My husband said that I was high as a kite after the diamorphine and the anaesthetist explained why – apparently it’s a small shot of heroin! I’m not saying yay to drugs but oh my god it was wonderful to take the pain away! By 4pm on Friday there hadn’t been much progress so the doctor talked to us and said we could either try for another 2 hours or go for a Caesarian section now. Considering it had taken me over 24hours to dilate to about 4cm (needed to get to 10) then what difference would another 2 hours make? So to theatre we went. By this point the epidural had worn off and the top ups weren’t working. They had to give me the spinal injection in the end so to make sure I didn’t feel anything. I was awake during the operation but couldn’t feel a thing – I also couldn’t see what they were doing as there was a screen between me and belly. My husband was in theatre with me so when they pulled Little Miss out we both got to see her together. It was very emotional!

I was transferred to the recovery ward with my newborn and hubby was sent home. Both baby and I were still drugged up from all the painkillers that I don’t remember much. I remember that I was the only one in recovery that first night and I couldn’t move my legs. I think I must have slept except for when baby needed feeding.

It got busier over the weekend with other women giving birth. I was breastfeeding whilst in hospital but Little Miss was refusing to latch on. Then she would get annoyed and have a tantrum, refuse to calm down and so would not latch on again! She did on occasions but mostly I had to express and then feed it via syringe to her. After the horrendous night I had on Sunday I decided on Monday morning to switch to formula and boy was it so much easier on both of us. She would get the feed without getting upset which meant I didn’t get upset – there is nothing worse than seeing your baby screaming with no way of calming her down.

Because I had a c-section I had to stay in for at least 48hours and they wouldn’t let me go home unless they knew I could feed her properly. Which is is also another reason I opted for the bottle. They keep preaching about the benefits of breastfeeding at these antenatal classes and in all the booklets but they don’t say how difficult it is! I had always said I would try but if it didn’t work then I wouldn’t feel guilty if I went to formula. I don’t regret the decision.

On Monday evening I was finally discharged and got to go home with my baby girl. It was so much better to be home because I could finally get some sleep! I left hubby in charge of baby for a while so I could get some rest. He’s brilliant with her!


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Midwife came over yesterday to do a checkup. No change since last week! Baby definitely doesn’t want to come out! The midwife gave me a second sweep which should kick start labour – so far nothing has happened and something tells me that nothing will! I’ve now been booked in for an induction on Friday morning. If that’s the case then the baby will be born in hospital – as soon as they’ve started the induction process I’m going to have to stay in. I’m not keen on that idea – well to be honest, I don’t mind having to go in to hospital so long as my hubby can stay with me. I’m petrified of having to stay there on my own!

Anyway, my mam has been staying with us for a while. Yesterday we made cottage pie and the day before we made lasagne. We made enough so I have leftovers in the freezer. I was quite impressed! I even made homemade cheese sauce for the lasagne! 20140108-083646.jpg20140108-083653.jpg
So our freezer is now full of microwaveable meals which we can heat up quickly because once baby arrives we won’t have time to eat! This is of course assuming baby ever gets here! :/


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