Kelly posted her burrito bowl recipe the other day and I mentioned this knock up meal that I do. I said I would post the recipe so here it is!

Vegetable Risotto


– broccoli (1/4)
– mangetout (approx 100g)
– water chestnuts (approx 100g)
– 1/2 an onion
– 2 celery sticks
– small slice of ginger
– 6 mushrooms
– 140g risotto rice
– veg stock (16 fl.oz)
– butter (22g)
– soy sauce


1) Chop all veg as thinly as possible
2) Cook onions in butter until golden
3) Add rice and heat for 5 minutes
4) Add all the veg and just a bit of oil
5) Add stock a ladle at a time
6) Cook for around 15 minutes gradually turning the heat down (don’t want to fry the veg)
7) Add some soy sauce and simmer for 5 minutes or until water has been absorbed
8) Serve with poppadoms!


This is the recipe as I originally wrote it but by now I tend to add all the veg stock in one go.

By now I’ve substituted the celery for courgettes. You can any sort of veg you want really.. it’s completely up to you!

Although the recipe is for veg risotto I add in some chopped up crispy bacon at the end.


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The last couple of days have been a bit tough on Little Miss and us. She was 6 weeks old on Friday and she’s been cranky since around Thursday. I’ve been discussing this with girls on Facebook and apparently it’s quite normal for babies to get cranky around now as they normally experience a growth spurt at around 6 weeks. It should last a couple of days so here’s hoping!

To be fair though she has had a tiring couple of days.

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