We don’t buy any newspapers at home so one of the main disadvantages of not being at work is the fact that I don’t read the newspapers. I can get any of the national newspapers here but I never read them. Most of them are rather trashy anyway. I miss my local paper though! I live 20 miles from where I work so there’s a different local paper there than there is at home. Also there’s another local paper in my hometown which I no longer get to see.

However my mam has been picking up the local papers for me (she buys them for herself then passes them to me when she’s done). Here’s some tidbits I found interesting!

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A Day in the Life: A Linkup by Break the Sky

Yesterday started as normal with Little Miss wanting a feed at 2am. Not that I mind being awake at 2am but the process of changing feeding, burping and settling her back down takes almost an hour. I was thirsty so I took her downstairs with me whilst I raided th fridge. As it turns out I didn’t have any bottled water in the fridge (I’m not posh I just don’t like the tap water here) so it had to be a can of lemonade. I’ve actually been craving lemonade the past few days – must be the sugar!

Little Miss slept until about 7am which was good. We got up and whilst hubby had a shower I fed and dressed her. After his shower he took care of Little Miss whilst I had a shower. Someone posted on Facebook recently, and I agree with them, but why does a bottle of conditioner not last as long as a bottle of shampoo. I use the same sized dollop of conditioner as I do shampoo but it runs out quicker! Doesn’t make sense to me! And the shampoo I use is not cheap! With the exception of this year I don’t spend much on my hair so expensive shampoo is my treat!

The health visitor came to see us again. She’s nice – I like her! Especially now that I found out she’s into the F1 and is a Webber fan! Little Miss was weighed and she now weighs 9lbs 11oz and is gaining weight perfectly. Everything was recorded on the charts in the little red book – remind me of the This Is Your Life book!

Whilst the health visitor was here I got a text message from the local travel company reminding me about their open day. My mother in law was coming over in the afternoon so I texted her to see if she wanted to go.

Mother in law came over and we had a spot of lunch before heading down to the open day. I’ve travelled with the company before (to the Belgian GP) and I’m looking to go with the to a Silverstone this year. I’ve been to one of their open days before and got some money off so I was hoping for something similar again! I managed to wangle £15 off each which isn’t much but every penny helps! I didn’t book the trip yet as I needed to speak to the hubby.

On the way out I saw this hanging above the bar which I thought was interesting!


Little Miss was awake for a while after we got home so I put her down on her playmat. She’s too small to do much at the moment but the elephant in the middle plays some “plinky plonky” music which she seems to like. The playmat was a gift from my Dad.


Hubby came home from work and proceeded to make gammon, chips and beans for supper. Whilst he was making food and whilst Little Miss was quiet I played with Megs and Gemma for a bit. As you can see from the photo Megs was very excited! Gemma was being a “pwdu-chop” in her basket. I think she was just too comfy on her new orange blanket.


The rest of the evening was spent watching today’s television – Neighbours, Pointless and Homes Under The Hammer. We went to bed around 9.30pm and after settling Little Miss down to sleep I started reading the book The Baby Whisperer because when I google problems with Little Miss a lot of advice seems to come from this book. The book was given to us as a Christmas present from hubby’s aunt. I haven’t read much of it yet but hopefully I’ll pick up some tricks on how to settle Little Miss.


That was pretty much it for yesterday – my days are filled with feeding, changing and settling Little Miss! I know she’ll grow up soon enough and I’ll be looking back thinking where have these days gone but I am looking forward to when she’s older and she can tell me what’s wrong!


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Well we didn’t have a good night last night. Little Miss started stirring at 4am so I got up to change her. Hubby woke up and was wide awake so I asked him to prepare a bottle. He decided to feed her since he was awake. It takes a while to feed her because she needs a pit stop because of the wind. I went back to sleep for a bit but she wouldn’t settle so I didn’t sleep for long. I asked hubby if he wanted me to take her so he could go back to sleep. He was stubborn and decided that he would take her to the nursery and sleep with her in there.

Needless to say that didn’t work and he got annoyed. I can’t remember what time her came back through but I ended up in the nursery with her. It took a while but after I changed her (again!) she fell asleep in my arms. I put her back in the Moses basket at which point she started stirring again. The bed in the nursery is higher than our main bed so I could lie in bed and be able to hold her hand – or more to the point she could grasp my finger with her hand. She seemed to calm down and eventually settled. I know it was past 6am because I heard the bin men outside. Also my diary entry is timed at 6.13am.

I stayed in the nursery with her and we both slept. Hubby came in at 8am to say he was leaving for work. Little Miss and I stayed in bed for another hour or so until my Mam got up. Mam took Little Miss whilst I had a shower. So I was feeling refreshed and managed to settle Little Miss down. I even managed to eat lunch in peace!

Whilst she was sleeping I went to the kitchen to start on food. I put the baby monitor on the counter and switched the radio on. I loved listening to Real Radio on the way home from work. Jason Harrold does the home time slot and I love him! He always reads out my text messages! Since being off I haven’t been able to tune in so it was nice to listen this evening. I texted in to say I was listening again and he read it out and said it was nice to have me back! Hubby heard it in the car on the way home as well!

And this was the food hubby was treated to – home made bacon and veg risotto. It had broccoli, courgettes, onion, mushroom and bacon in it. Served with poppadoms!



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