Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

I don’t remember when I first saw this film but all I can say is I remember that I loved it! It’s so flamboyant it’s great! I loved it so much I have the DVD twice!

If you’ve never heard of the film then I’ll give you the basic plot:

Two gay transvestites and a transsexual travel from Sydney to Alice Springs in a bus called Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. Along the way you get to hear their backgrounds and they get into trouble when they stop at some outback bars. At the casino in Alice Springs it is revealed that Tick has a son and is nervous about meeting him.

The film stars Hugo a Weaving as Tick/Mitzi Del Bra, Guy Pearce as Adam/Felicia and Terence Stamp as Bernadette. The film is so colourful and the costumes are just fabulous! The music is also great – lots of disco classics!

So naturally when the movie was made into a musical I just had to go see it! The musical is even more flamboyant than the film! The original run in London had Jason Donovan (from Neighbours!) in it but when I saw it in 2010 he wasn’t doing the show. So when I saw it an actor called Ben Edwards (of Footballers Wives fame) was in it. He was fantastic! Now when I go to shows I wait at the stage door for autographs… Sad I know but I’ve done it for years and met some great stars! So I got to meet Ben Edwards and the actor who acted Bob – can’t remember his name! >



On Saturday (29/3) we went to see the show when it was showing at Venue Cymru. Jason Donovan is doing the tour so yay I got to see him on stage! During one scene the characters are discussing Kylie and how she was brilliant in Neighbours. There’s one line in the scene that no one else can pull off but him – “I always fancied Scott myself”. Now unless you’re a Neighbours fan you wouldn’t get the significance – Jason Donovan played Scott Robinson in Neighbours! Well it made me laugh and clap anyway!


Unfortunately we didn’t do the stage door on Saturday so I didn’t get to meet Jason Donovan. My mam was babysitting Little Miss for us and we decided we should get home so we left without going to the stage door. By now I regret not doing it but Little Miss is a priority.

Ok so I’m not sure if this fully qualifies as a “Media Monday” post since I’ve rambled on about theatre more than the film! Ahh but who cares, it’s my blog and I’ll blog about what I like! 😉

How about you? Seen any good shows recently?


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It’s Mother’s Day in the UK today and of course it’s my first Mother’s Day as a Mami! Hubby had bought me a card and prezzie from Little Miss and had traced around her hand inside the card because obviously she couldn’t sign it herself (she’s not that clever!).


We went out with hubby’s parents for a carvery lunch and it was lovely! I always enjoy going there. After food hubby was going to visit his grandma with Little Miss. I didn’t go because I wanted to go help my mam at the house. By the time I arrived it was almost 3pm and because she’d been there since 9am she was knackered! She left me to go home for a bath so I stayed there and took down some old wallpaper. I had three black bin bags of wallpaper leaving the place. It’s already brightening up by doing that. Trouble is that behind the wallpaper the walls are a bit damaged so we may need to put new plaster boards up! Oh and before we do that we’ll have to replace the electrics throughout! If this hadn’t been Taid’s house and my home then I would never have bought it! Mam had taken a lot of rubbish to the tip but Taid’s coats are still hanging behind the door – so sad!



I went up to Nain’s after finishing at the house and gave her some flowers for Mothers Day because I knew it’d cheer her up.

Then I came home, had a bath and cuddles with Little Miss who had been such a good little girl for Dadi! Oh and because “The Diet” officially starts tomorrow we had our last Chinese takeaway!


(Oh my god! It’s an F1 weekend and I didn’t even mention it! Because it was boring! Ricciardo didn’t even finish the race!)

How was your weekend? Did you do anything special for Mothers Day?


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Ugh it’s 12.42am and I’m still wide awake! And Little Miss isn’t even to blame! No she and hubby are fast asleep (and snoring I might add!) in the bedroom whilst I’m in the bath! I have an infection which has meant I’ve been up for the past hour and a half drinking water and running backwards and forwards to the bathroom! I’ve now decided to have a bath to see if that helps!

The trouble is that it’s unlikely that I’ll get to sleep anytime soon and I won’t be able to catch up on sleep tomorrow as hubby is out all day looking for a new car! And to top it all, we’re going out to the theatre tomorrow evening so it’s going to be a late one! I’m going to feel like (and probably look like) a zombie by Monday!!

But I am looking forward to the theatre – we’re going to see Priscilla, Queen of the Desert! I’ve seen it once before when it was in London and thoroughly enjoyed it! I will update next week with more details but now I’m going to have a long soak in the bath!

(P.s. Sorry for the “too much info” post!)


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Over the past couple of days I’ve been eating like a pig! It’s been a week of takeaways and crap food! The takeaways have had to do this week as I’ve been busy with mam and the house which meant I forgot to order the shopping! Oops!

Hubby is complaining that he’s put weight on – we both have – and that trousers no longer fit him. This is mostly due to the takeaways I’d say! I’ve eaten so many egg custard tarts that I think I may have just kicked my addiction!

So with effect from next week we are going on a diet! I’m not going to keep track of calories and that sort of stuff. Neither am I going to start weighing myself. I plan on eating healthier meals and eat less sweets. I’m not going to go cold turkey either – I don’t believe in depriving myself of things I like because it’ll make me crave it even more! I am going to cut the takeaway out though – maybe just once a month for now.

It’s difficult to know what to eat though. Last night we had peppered steak with potatoes, cabbage, carrots and garlic sautéed mushrooms, onions and red peppers. It was very nice but the amount of butter I put in with the mushrooms was not healthy!



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Had a bit of a busy weekend! Last weekend we had someone come over to cut the remainder of the trees but due to lack of time we couldn’t clear them. So Saturday was spent clearing them and taking them to the recycling place. I couldn’t help because I was left holding the baby! I did watch from the window though!




Because of hubby’s hardwork I went to get us a Chinese takeaway (again!) and opposite the takeaway there’s a wedding dress shop. I got my dress from this shop and even though I won’t wear a wedding dress again I always have a look in the window. This dress is currently on display and I reckon it’s beautiful! I actually can’t find a photo of my wedding dress on the iPad to compare!


On Sunday, I went up to the house to get started on the work. By the time I got there Mam had already taken the tiles down in the bathroom and the wallpaper off the walls in Taid’s bedroom! >


Hubby had taken Little Miss to see his parents and when I got back on Sunday evening they were still out. So I spent the time in the garden playing with Megs and her ball. Gemma wasn’t interested and just ate grass instead!


Hope you had a good weekend!


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