You probably all know about this Ice Bucket Challenge that’s been sweeping Facebook etc. Well I thought I should mention it since I’ve been nominated.

I can categorically tell you that I will not be pouring a bucket of ice water over my head for anyone!! I HATE water in my eyes and face and I can’t think if anything worse than ice water! I will donate to the MND charity (the UK version of ALS Association).

I will admit that I did enjoy watching some of the videos of my friends and some celebrities doing it and fair play to them!

But I think that the best one has to be this little toddler!

Did any of you do it?


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Following on from my last “The Story Of Us” post (How We Met), the next thing we did was go on a holiday to Tenerife! The next “big thing” in our story is the exams and deciding to move in together.

In August 2009 we were both awaiting the results of our final exams. I remember how important this was… more so for hubby. He had left his job and was about to start a new one and the exam results were such a huge thing for him! I vividly remember where we were when we received the results. The ICAEW would text and post your results on the website at 5pm ish on a Friday evening. We were at Taid’s house sitting in front of the computer in my bedroom. The website was slow updating! The mobile phone reception was not the best there so we were waving our phones in the air trying desperately to get reception! So as you can imagine we were a bit nervous!

My text message came through quite early after 5pm – I passed! Hubby had to wait another 10mins for his text message. Those 10mins were the longest of his life I’m sure! He managed to convince himself that because his text was late that he’d failed! There was nothing I could do to calm him down! Anyway his text came through – PASS!!! It was such an emotional moment! The past 3 years of shit at work suddenly was worth it! He could put that chapter behind him and move on!

Since he now had a job closer to me we decided to move in together. We had to move to somewhere which was halfway between his work and halfway between mine. Unfortunately this meant leaving Taid. We found a little village ideally placed and went and bought a cute two up two down house. A little old lady lived in it previously so it needed some modernising.






I think we did quite well! We really loved that house! And we did some work ourselves like the painting and decorating. It was such a colourful house! I miss it so much. When had fantastic (and quiet) neighbours on both sides! Next chapter…. getting engaged!


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This was the first holiday I went on with my future hubby. We had met a few months earlier and we decided to go away just the two of us to the sunny isle of Tenerife. He had been there before so knew his way around and where to stay. I just wanted to go away with him really!

We went for a week in November – in fact we were flying out on his 25th birthday – so it wasn’t too scorching in Tenerife. This was good as I don’t cope very well with heat and of course i didn’t want to be a miserable cow with him on our first hols!

We stayed at the Barcelo Hotel in Puerto Santiago. It was a really nice hotel and we had aa balcony with a view of the coastline. There was a pool at the hotel, a bar, restaurant and entertainment. We had booked an all inclusive holiday so all our meals at the hotel were in luded. This was a good move as Puerto Santiago was some distance from the main tourist trap of Tenerife so our dining options were a bit limited. Luckily the food at the hotel was lovely! They had all sorts of food with a different theme every evening. The only evening that was not to my taste was seafood as I don’t like seafood. I managed to find what I thought were onion rings but they turned out to be squid rings? Eeewwww!
I think we spent around 2 days just lounging around at the hotel pool – he loves swimming whilst I was sat in the shade with a book! I did join him n the pool at one point but he almost drowned me so that didn’t go down very well! Another day was spent on a catamaran cruise to see the dolphins. That was a good day out! Another day we travelled to Playas Las Americas to visit Siam Park which was a brilliant waterpark they had there. We thoroughly enjoyed that despite the fact that I couldn’t see because I had to take my glasses off! The only unfortunate event of this day was the fact that he lost his wallet with over €80 in it! We’re still unsure if it was lost I’d stole but we never saw it again!20140124-092636.jpg
We also visited Loro Parque which is like a zoo. It took us ages to get there as it’s on the other side of the island but it was a good day out nonetheless. It was the first time I’d been to this sort of park – so my first experience of watching whales do stunts and tricks. It’s just amazing how they get them to do it!

It was a fantastic holiday and I wouldn’t mind going back! What was your first holiday with your significant other?


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