I’ve been listening a lot to Boyzone recently – more specifically their “BZ20” album which was the album released in 2013 to celebrate their 20th anniversary!

In my teens I was a huge Boyzone fan. I can remember when I fell in love. It was after Smash Hits (there’s a blast from the past!) gave you a free songs tape. This tape just so happened to have Boyzone’s “Isn’t It A Wonder” track on it.

Anyway I needless to say I’ve been a fan for years! After one of the members (Stephen Gately – my favourite!) died in 2009 their music has never been the same. He was the second vocalist and had a higher voice than Ronan Keating and they complimented each other perfectly (in my humble opinion). The album released after his death – entitled “Brother” in his honour – was not the same. It was definitely missing something. Clearly Steo’s death had really affected them – evidenced by the “Gave It All Away” video. It always makes me cry! And the most poignant thing for me is that the very first line in the song is “I will learn to live before I die…” and poor Steo died before the song was released.

Like I said, the album wasn’t bad but it didn’t feel right to me. And that’s when I thought that was the end of them. But – thankfully – I was wrong! They released “BZ20” in 2013 and it was brilliant! It didn’t have a trace of Steo no but at least the new Boyz had found their sound.

The standard version of the album has 11 songs on it and can be purchased from any good retailer. You can preview the album on Amazon or iTunes. Tracks on the album are as follows – I have included my star rating although you are free to make your own opinions!

  1. Love Will Save The Day – *****
  2. Who We Are – *****
  3. Everything I Own – ****
  4. Centre of Gravity – ****
  5. Heaven Is – ***
  6. If We Try – ****
  7. Nobody Knows – ***
  8. Best Night of Our Lives – *****
  9. Light Up The Night – *****
  10. Rise – ***
  11. The Hour Before Christmas – **

(The only reason I give some a 2 star or 3 star rating is because they’re slower songs which currently I’m not into – the others are more upbeat!).

Some specific tracks I wanted to mention were “Light Up The Night” and “Who We Are”. These are songs you can crank up the volume and sing your heart out in the car! That’s what I’ve been doing all week! “Who We Are” has a “we’re going to battle” vibe to it! Great great song.

But in all honesty “Light Up The Night” is my absolute favourite song. It has some great lyrics such as “Before you, I was a song without a lighter held up in the air” and “We light up the night, burn forever young, you know that two stars shine brighter than one”… ahh I’ll just leave you with the music video so you can judge for yourself!

P.S. Boyzone have a new album out now called “Dublin to Detroit” and features cover of some classic Motown tracks.


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This photo has been doing the rounds on Instagram!!


Today was Diwrnod Santes Dwynwen here in Wales. That’s the Welsh equivalent of St Valentine’s Day. I will admit that it sucks that it’s on January 25th because we don’t do much to celebrate since we I’m always working! (Yes I was working again today but it was worth it. Got so much done it was great! Oh and overtime now up by another 7 hours!)


I did remember to get him a card and some marshmallows though! As you can see he thoroughly enjoyed them! He got me a Valentine’s Day card because he couldn’t find any Welsh ones! But I thought it was a great card!


For more information about Diwrnod Santes Dwynwen then this is a good read:

* (From this list my favourite is number 9 – Llyn Cregennen, I have a painting of that very lake on the wall in our back room). Although I can think of some nicer places to visit that have not been included on this list!)

Well that’s it for now…. I have a post scheduled for tomorrow but probably I’ll be quiet until next weekend after that! See you on the other side! ūüėČ


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I feel like I’ve been neglecting my blog recently. It’s not intentional believe me… it’s because I’ve been super busy. You should know that I’m a Chartered Accountant and Chartered Tax Adviser (hey I worked hard for those exams so I will refer to myself by those privileged titles!). In the UK the end of the tax year may be 5th April however the filing deadline is 31st January… which means January is usually a horrendously busy month trying to finish everything off.


Last year I was off on maternity leave from 13th December so I missed January! Perfect timing! However it did make quite a dent in my time at work (I was back 30th June) which of course meant I had a lot of catching up to do. January this year has to be the busiest I’ve seen in years!

On top of my work I’ve been helping one of work my colleagues who had a family bereavement and has been off work all week. He did some of my work whilst I was on maternity so I felt like I ought to help him by taking some pressure off. This means I’ve been doing more overtime than I normally do.

So far this month I have done 27 hours overtime… and that’s not including today. Our working week is 35 hours so before next¬†Friday I will have worked over a week in overtime this month alone. The only silver lining is that it means I get a nice “bonus” on payday.


(love this photo! I feel like this on occasions! –¬†source)

Before I met my husband I used to work every weekend in December and January. I cut back a bit when I met him because of the distance between us so weekends were spent going to visit him. After¬†we moved in together I started to work more on weekends but not half as much as I did before. Now that we have Little Miss I really don’t want to be doing lots of overtime because it means I don’t get to see her. Today I was sat at work and was looking through my office window – this was the view.


It’s a bit of a crap view but look at that sky! (Oh and yeah the windows need cleaning!!) It was at this point that I decided I was going home! It may be pissing it down tomorrow and¬†I wanted to take Little Miss on her bike since it was a nice day. After I got home she was having her nap so hubby & I had a nap on the sofa. When she got up we all had a cuppa and a biscuit (she had her formula) before we went out for a walk. Little Miss was on her trike (I was pushing) and hubby took¬†the dogs.

I’m off to work again tomorrow after doing another 1.5 hours at home this evening. But hey only a week to go! Normal service will resume February 1st!

(PS Linking up with Kerry for Coffee Date Friday – I’m a little late to the party but check it out!!)


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Well in case you missed it being mentioned in a previous post… yes I’m pregnant again. Baby number 2 is due to be here by 8th July! I’ve pretty much told everyone now – family and friends and a select few at work knew before Christmas but now we’ve had the scan and it’s confirmed everyone knows!

I had a midwife appointment today. She confirmed that I’m 16 weeks pregnant and that everything is “champion”. She had a listen to my belly and found the heartbeat which was beating strong. Next midwide appointment is in 8 weeks! Next scan is on the 17th Feb and this is when we’ll find out if it’s a boy or girl. Yes we will ask!

So far I’ve not been ill. No morning sickness whatsoever! I’m counting my blessings as I know some women have a real rough time of it – Colleen for example suffered for the first 25 weeks!! The only thing I’m “suffering” is that I’ve got the sniffles constantly which is partly due to pregnancy and partly due to it being winter (and bloody cold!). Also as with Little Miss, I can’t be in the same room as raw chicken – which is a great excuse to get the hubby to cook! (He did most of the cooking anyway to be fair!)

Nope life has pretty much carried on as it did before. There will come a point where I’ll be too big to lift Little Miss but that’ll only be a short period in the end. I’m more worried that she’ll become too heavy for me to lift since I’m not supposed to do any heavy lifting!

So that’s the latest with that news…. now back to work… argh January and tax deadlines!!!!


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1) Lavender

It may be my age but I’ve recently developed a liking to the smell of lavender. I always thought it to be “old lady” smell but it’s actually quite nice.

2) “You were only killing time and it’ll kill you right back”

Was recently listening to Meatloaf’s “Out Of The Frying Pan” and heard this line. I’ve always loved it! It is so true yet somehow I cannot live by it! I seem to waste a lot of time… and I don’t even know how or why!

3) Snow

Seemed like everywhere in the country has had snow except for here! I love snow! And I really want Little Miss to experience it since she loved the fake stuff they had t the Coke Truck.

(This was never meant to be a “blog-worthy” post but I don’t care! These were just random stuff that popped into my head today)


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