This week I’m participating in both the Coffee Date (hosted by Jenna at DearestLove) and Find Beauty Friday (hosted by Aimee Lynn Photography) Link Ups.

Finding Beauty


This week I’ve found beauty in my little girl. She’s such a jolly little thing that I can’t help but fall in love with her everytime she smiles at me. I wish I could show you her smile but I won’t share her photo on here.

The above photo was taken at around 6.45am on Thursday. Little Miss was awake and whinging at 5.20am so I brought her into our bed for cuddles. An hour later when my alarm went off she wouldn’t move and just settled herself in the middle of the bed holding her Mr Bwns.


I’ve been told that when you’re pregnant that you can have more vivid dreams. This week I’ve had two weird ones! In the first one I was a gangster’s moll in my hometown. And my gangster was Eric Roberts! Told you it was weird!! I had looked him up on for some reason so I’m not sure why that stuck in my mind!

In the second one I was at work and my boss was trying to order tickets for Cineworld for one of my colleagues who was retiring. Firstly, I can’t imagine this boss ordering tickets to Cineworld and secondly the colleague retiring is not a cinema goer! Oh and the tickets were costing the firm £818! I KNOW! I helped out by doing the Orange Wednesdays deal – which is now finishing! I think that’s why Cineworld came into it – I’d had an email from EE to say the deal was finishing this week.

Very very odd stuff!!





I’ve noticed a lot of snowdrops around the place recently – in fact I had thought about making this my Find Beauty subject but alas I couldn’t get a photo since they’re always along the side of busy roads.

Anyway, it got me thinking that we ought to start planting things in our garden. Last summer we got the garden re-done and seperated the doggy area from the main grassed area. We’ve got raised borders around the grassed area and we want to plant some flowers, shrubs and trees.

I’ve decided that I want some snowdrops! It’s too late for this year so I’ll have to look into it for next year. I’ve also decided that I would like some cherry blossoms especially after seeing this gorgeous photo on Pinterest! I’ve done a very brief doodle of our garden and what I would like ot plant. I might ask one of my colleague (the one that was retiring in my dream!) for tips as she’s an avid gardener and if I remember correctly was awarded a best garden prize recently.


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Dog Tales Megs Jack Russell Terrier

I’ve previously posted about Gemma (yes June 2014) and I can’t believe it’s taken me until now to write about Megs. When hubby & I moved in together we couldn’t decide on a dog breed – he wanted a Beagle and I wanted a Jack Russell Terrier… so we decided to get one of each! Our thought process was “they would keep each other company during the day whilst we were at work”. In reality it turned out that they’d be double the trouble!

Anyway, here’s all about Megs!

We didn’t get Megs froma breeder. We reviewed the Pets4Homes website and found someone in Prestatyn selling JRT pups and they would be ready around the same time as Gemma. So we went to visit them and they had 3 little JRT pups. One had already been sold so there was a choice between a boy and a girl pup. The boy was a cutie – very mischevious look to him but we had no intention of cross-breeding a Beagle and a JRT (although it’d be cool since they’re called Jacobies – aww!) we decided to go for the girl pup. Here’s a photo of me and Megs for the first time. As you can see I was smitten! 25691_10150155671730447_4394000_n

When Megs was 8 weeks old we went to pick her up. She sat on my lap all the way back to our house and didn’t even look back at her old owners. I think it was mostly to do with the kids – they had a 4 year old girl who kept pestering Megs!

She’s a lovely little dog but there are a few things that annoy me – she is constantly licking EVERYTHING! Not sure where this has come from but it’s an attention seeking thing. But she is very loving and will always be trying to sit on you.


She keeps having trouble with her nails though. The above photo is a result of her catching her nail on the doorstop and ripping it off. That was an emergency call to the vets! Thankfully we only live around the corner. So now she’s very sensitive about her nails and won’t let me cut them.

Here’s some more recent photos of her. I can’t believe that she’s 5 years old now! 558006_10153122143570447_1238266985_n


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{It’s A Girl Image}

We had our 20 week scan on Wednesday. The lady doing the scan confirmed my suspicions that we are expecting another girl! Hubby was a bit disappointed as he would’ve liked one of each but I’m actually quite happy! I already know how to look after a girl!

Everything is hunky dory – no problems so far. I’m having the same sort of symptoms as I was with Little Miss – can’t be in the same room as raw chicken but otherwise I’m fine!

Hope you’re all well!


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We’re not doing much today since we’ve already done Santes Dwynwen two weeks ago. I had bought him a card and a bag of marshmallows but they’re still in my desk at work – I had a day off yesterday thanks to Little Miss being ill again. It’s all fun and games in our house I tell you!

Here’s the card I bought him. It’s a Clare Giles design and it says “Happy Valentine’s Day to my Husband”.


Anyway I hope everyone had a good one! Oh and I’m linking up with Helene again!


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