It’s another Friday and another Coffee Date linkup with Jenna at DearestLove and this month’s cohost – Britney of The Quiet Place! So if we were having coffee (or decaf tea in my case), this week is be telling you:

That having a midwife appointment is a pain in the bum.

On Tuesday I had a checkup – everything was fine so no worries about the baby. But my midwife – who is lovely by the way – is always late! And when you walk in to the surgery and see a notice saying yet again…

Due to GP shortages, surgeries are running late

…your heart sinks. I ended up waiting for 20 minutes which was not bad at all. Although it could be worse, there was a lady sat next to me with a small girl with an earache and they’d been waiting since 8.40am (I was seen at 10.50am and they were still waiting). Thankfully I had already done some work from home so I didn’t have to lose too much time at work.

Everything is OK with the baby – heartbeat sounded strong, my blood pressure is doing well and bloods were taken to test my thyroid levels again. I have to go back in 3 weeks for another checkup and then arrange to see a consultant as my last baby was delivered via emergency c-section.

Car Troubles


It has been an expensive week for our cars! Firstly, we’ve swapped my beautiful blue Fiesta (above) for a newer one. Unfortunately the only colour they had was black which is so boring in comparison!

Secondly I had to borrow hubby’s car for two days a week so I could drop Little Miss off at the nursery – the car seat is fixed into his car. It’s a Ford Focus (yup we are a Ford family!) and because it was that much bigger than the Fiesta, I can’t quite see over the bonnet! So when I was parking last week I managed to hit a kerb with the front passenger wheel (oops!) and – I cannot be blamed for this one – managed to pickup a screw in the back tyre. This meant that we had to have 2 new tyres fitted!! Also his car was due for a service this week so all in all we’ve spent almost £400 on his car in one week!

Week Off!

In other news both hubby & I have a week off next week. We are not going away but instead going to try to get some work done on the house we bought last year. Even though there is now a kitchen and a bathroom, there is still a lot of work to be done. So we plan to get the tiling in the kitchen done, tidying up, painting and wallpapering if possible. Due to the fact that I am now 25 weeks pregnant I can’t do too much heavy duty stuff but I will do what I can! I will no doubt post a bit of an update with regards to the house at the end of next week!

Whilst we’re at the house Little Miss will still be going to nursery and to Nain’s because there’s too much mess for her to be with us at the moment. She’s also a bit too young to help! She still hasn’t quite grasped the concept of not eating things that aren’t food! So I really can’t trust her with a paintbrush yet!



And my final thought of the week is that I was so excited to publish my first sponsored post yesterday! If you didn’t see it then check it out – Wellies by Joules

How was your week so far?


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I’ve not been a wellies girl for a while but recently I did think that getting some would be handy since we’re hopefully going to be sorting the garden out this summer (see my previous post). So when Joules contacted me to review a pair of theirs I thought “fantastic”!


I was sent a pair of these short wellies – I can’t wear long wellies thanks to my fat calves! So the short wellies were a superb choice. This pair – whilst given for free for the review – would have cost me £36.95. They are of fantastic quality and are absolutely gorgeous! In fact when my aunt saw the parcel she instantly said that Joules were a great company.


Thankfully Saturday was a gorgeous day, so in the afternoon we went for a walk so I could test the wellies in the countryside. We took a walk down to the local farm with the dogs and Little Miss.


They were lovely to look at and comfy underfoot. However it pains me to say it (because they are beautiful!) they did cause me blisters on the back of feet! I’m not sure if this was due to me not having worn flat shoes for a while or not. I’ve read other reviews online and no-one else seems to have had the same problem. So I’m putting that down to my oddly shaped feet!



As you can see I tested them in mud – well that’s what Wellies are for! They were completely waterproof and so my socks stayed dry. It was great squelching around in mud – like being a kid again! As someone pointed out in the reviews you do need to make sure you don’t jump into deep puddles since these were short length wellies (longer lengths are available).



I washed the wellies down following the instructions that came with them and they were very easy to clean. (Clearly the above photo is pre-cleaning!)wellies8

So there you have it. My review of Wellies from – they have lots to choose from so if you’re looking for a pair of wellies be sure to give them a go.

(They also have a big range of other clothing – womens, mens and kids. Some lovely stuff in the baby section!)

Find Joules over at website / blog / Twitter / Instagram / Facebook / Pinterest/ Google+

(This was a sponsored post but all opinions are my own honest opinions)


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You read that right… That is a NOT. Gemma is seriously doing my head in recently and I kn ow it’s partly my fault because she doesn’t get as much attention as she used to but these reasons are things that Beagles do regardless of how much attention you give them!

1. They are always hungry
No matter how much food our Gemma eats, she is always scrounging for more. It is quite annoying to be truthful. She will sit by the kitchen table and whine until she gets something. And nothing is safe. You leave an apple pie on the kitchen counter where you think it’s safe – it isn’t! She will have managed to move a chair to the counter to get to the pie. I have seen it done!

Hungry Beagle
(poor quality photo as it’s a very old one taken with my old phone!)

2. They eat EVERYTHING
And I mean everything! To be completely disgusting, our Gemma eats poo. Having done research, Gemma is not an isolated case. It is quite a normal thing for Beagles to do. I don’t understand it either!

3. They shed a huge amount of hair
It amazes me she has any hair left! And it sticks to everything! We’ve bought so many different brushes to try and groom her and the latest one seems to be the best.


4. They need a lot of exercise and will not walk in a straight line
Because they eat so much they also need so much exercise otherwise they will get fat! And when you do exercise them they will not walk in a straight line! Beagles are ruled by their noses so when walkies comes along it’s nose to the ground and drag your owner wherever your nose takes you!

5. They always look miserable
I think the only dog that can looks more miserable than a Beagle is a Bassett Hound. When a Beagle smiles, they look freaky!

Various faces of Gemma

But despite all of this, I still love our beauty so much! She’s a snuggly thing but I wish we could curb the above traits!

Beagle owners – do you agree with me?!


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I’ve not done a Pinterest post before as it’s an app I’m relatively new to. But recently I’ve been getting into it a lot more! Today I’m sharing one of my newest boards with you which is all about my favourite colour – purple!


I wholeheartedly agree with the above statement! But here’s some of my other favourites recently:


  1. This black and purple dress is just gorgeous! I wish I had been brave enough to wear this for my wedding!
  2. White and purple calla lilies – beautiful bouquet!
  3. Mini wedding cakes – with bride and groom’s initials. This was my wedding cake.


  1. Note sure if this purple woodland scene is real or fake but oh wow it’s lovely!
  2. Purple and silver winter wreath – beautiful!
  3. Purple butterfly canvas – I need one of these in my home!

What is your favourite colour? What have you been pinning on Pinterest lately?



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Recipes: Sausage and Leek Casserole a la Slow Cooker

I recently bought a slow cooker thinking it would be an easy way to have food on the table when I get home. I bought it for £14 from Asda and on Sunday I decided to give it a go! Here’s the result!

Sausage and Leek Casserole


Processed with Moldiv

– 6 sausages (pork)
– 1 onion
– 4 leeks (approx 230g)
– handful of mushrooms
– new potatoes (however many you want)
– vegetable stock cube (500ml)


1) Chop up the onion, mushrooms and leeks.
2) Cut up the sausages into mini bit size chunks
3) Brown your sausages in a frying pan and some sunflower oil. Put to one side but keep the oil in the pan
4) In the oil, soften the onions until they are golden brown – be careful not to fry!

Processed with Moldiv
5) Measure up 500ml of boiling water and add in your stock cube
6) Add everything in to the slow cooker and put on a high heat* for 3 hours

Processed with Moldiv
7) Peel your potatoes and chop ready for cooking
8) When the slow cooker has been on for 2.5 hours start on your potatoes. Boil them until soft and then either mash them or serve as they are.

Serve up and enjoy!!

Processed with Moldiv


* Our slow cooker heats at two setting – low which is about °C and at high which is about °C

You can add any other vegetables if you wish but unfortunately we didn’t have anything else! A sprig of brocoli would have been nice.

I also didn’t chop my mushrooms but depending on their size, might be worth halving them

This was enough for me, hubby and Little Miss – so 2.5 portions.



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