At the risk of turning this blog into a “Mummy Blog” I do want to post about the whole breastfeeding v bottle feeding debate. I was inspired to write about my experience after reading this post.

Pressure to Breastfeed

The pressure to breastfeed is ridiculous! I am fully aware that “breast is best” and whilst I don’t doubt that there’s medical research to support it, it isn’t always best for mother and baby. My belief is that when mother and baby are happy then that’s best for everyone.

Admittedly, prior to giving birth to my girl, I had fully intended on breastfeeding. In fact I couldn’t understand why women wouldn’t choose to breastfeed. However, soon after Little Miss’ arrival I finally understood why. Here’s my story…

Breastfeeding – My Story

I gave birth to my girl via c-section after 36 hours of non progressive labour. It was the worst thing ever! She did not want to come out! So when she did arrive, she (and me) were all drugged up! I couldn’t move due to the operation so I couldn’t even get out of bed to lift my baby to feed. Unfortunately I had to rely on nurses to attend to me. Luckily on the first night that I was the only one in recovery so we had full attention of the nurses on duty.

When I did try to breastfeed my girl wouldn’t latch on. She was too spaced out. The fact that the bed was uncomfortable didn’t help either. On the first night the nurses took her away to feed her some milk I’d expressed. Now that was painful! Not only were my boobs manhandled to get some expressed milk but I then couldn’t even watch her drink my milk. It was heartbreaking!

Trying My Best But Apparently That Wasn’t Good Enough

On the second day the drugs were wearing off and she was screaming. She wanted milk. But because she couldn’t latch on she wasn’t getting any. I had a nice midwife who did try to help me but I just felt awful that I couldn’t do it.

When she left for the day I then had a horrible bitch of a midwife who didn’t seem to want to be helpful and just made me feel awful. When I said I was having difficulty she actually said to me “you stupid girl”. Even thinking back now it makes me cry. I kept trying and kept trying but the second night was just all screaming from my girl and crying for me, neither of us slept and neither of us ate. The woman in the bed opposite had the opposite problem, whilst my baby wouldn’t feed, her baby fed all night long. None of us got any sleep!

Decision to Bottlefeed

After that night I was exhausted. I just wanted to go home. The nurses were charting the feeding and I overheard them say that I wouldn’t be allowed to go home until they were sure I could feed my girl. Can you imagine hearing that? It was at this point I phoned the hubby to discuss switching to formula feed. The girl in the bed next to me hadn’t even tried breastfeeding and it seemed as if she and her baby we’re doing great. So I made the decision to switch over to formula feed. The change in Little Miss was instantaneous! She downed a whole bottle and was calm and content. I was happier because I knew she was feeding well. And it was a huge relief.

But the point is this, why was it so difficult for me to make the change? I felt like a failure because I couldn’t breastfeed. I shouldn’t have felt like a failure. At the end of the day I did what was best for me and my baby.

To reiterate, I am not against the “breast is best” campaign. All I would ask is that the medical profession and breastfeeding experts please acknowledge the emotional and physical trauma that is being caused to mothers who cannot breastfeed.

A Word of Caution to New Mothers

So a word of caution to those expecting their first baby, be prepared to accept that you might not be able to breastfeed and if you can’t, you are not a failure! And one final piece of advice I’ll give to any new mother or any new parent for that matter, always do what is right for you and your baby. 


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Yesterday was Mother’s Day here in the UK. Here was my day with my girl!

At around 5am we woke up and went downstairs to watch the Australian GP. Yes you read that right 5am! Little Miss was still asleep and we had breakfast whilst watching the race. I won’t go. Into detail about the race now – I’ll save that for my midweek report!

We had fallen asleep during the race but by 6.30ish Little Miss woke up so she came down and watched the end of the race with us. Then we got her changed, had a shower and gave her breakfast.

After breakfast we took the pups for a walk since it was quite a nice day. Nice but cold! I noticed that some of the daffodils have bloomed in th sun whilst the ones in shade are still hiding.

After we got home Little Miss went for a nap so I did some cross stitch and finished watching Star Trek Insurrection with hubby. My stitching is getting there slowly! Not much has changed since the beginning of the week really! And sorry for the crap quality photo – crappy iPhone 4 camera!



Afterwards we went out for lunch to The Bull, Pentraeth with hubby’s parents and brother. They do a mean Sunday carvery! In fact they do a carvery all week but Sunday is the busiest day. Luckily we had booked a table for 1.30pm and got our food during the lull!

The rest of the day was a lazy day. Little Miss played with stickers so now the house is covered in them – we’ve found them in the bathroom and under out slippers! But at least she had fun! We also started to watch Beauty and the Beast but didn’t get very far into it before she fell asleep!


Later on we had supper and I was given these new slippers from Little Miss and a crad she’d made at the nursery. That’s a keeper! Afterwards it was time for bath and bed. I carried on with some cross stitch. It is slowly getting there so hopefully I’ll get this one finished in time!

Here’s hoping everyone had a great Mother’s Day yesterday whether you’re a Mama or not!

How was your day?


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It’s another Friday and today I’m linking up with Aimee Lynn Photography for Find Beauty Friday. This week I was tripping over all the shoes that are left in our hallway… from our work shoes, to trainers, to slippers and then of course Little Miss’ shoes. I lined them all up and just saw this photo op! I love her teeny tiny shoes in comparison to mine and hubby’s!

Have you found beauty this week?


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Today I’m linking up with Stevie of A Cornish Mum for 10 Things Linky! I’ve previously posted a similar post but here are 10 random facts about me! Some of them you may already know if you’ve been reading for a while.

1) I’m a long time Neighbours fan! I’ve been watching it on and off for years but I’ve been watching it daily for the last 4 years. I even got a birthday card from Alan Fletcher aka Doctor Karl Kennedy!


2) I have a 14 month old little girl and 5 months pregnant with our second – another girl!

3) I would love to own a BMW Z4. I think it’s such a beautiful car!! And it’s the only convertiable that I can ever see me being able to afford! What I would really love is a Bugatti Veyron.


4) I hate dancing! Really really do! Our first wedding dance was painful!

5) I’m tee-total and always have been. Nothing to do with religion it’s purely a personal choice thing.

6) I’m a cross stitcher! I’ve only ever completed 4 projects in my whole life! And even of those I’ve only had 2 framed. I’m currently working on another wedding sampler though.


7) I didn’t go to university. I had more than enough of studying after my A Levels and ended up getting a job instead. I did more studying at work than if I’d gone to uni! Got three qualifications through work!

8) I own two dogs – Megs and Gemma! They’re cutie pies but recently they’ve been getting on my nerves so much!



9) I’m currently into Nashville! I love the music, I love the story, I love it all! I just wish series 3 was on in the UK!

10) I’ve met a few celebrities… The League of Gentlemen, Robert Lindsay, Stephen Gately and Tom Hanks.


If you fancy joining in with the 10 Things Linky then head on over to A Cornish Mum’s blog!




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Meh I know I’m being a link up tart at the moment but I’m participating in the “Currently” Link Up hosted by Anne and Jenna.

Dreaming of a nice new house such as these. Oh they were beautiful!

Planning to make a scrapbook of Little Miss’ first holiday abroad.

Making a wedding sampler cross stitch. It’s getting there… slowly!! I’ve been working with DMC Light Effect threads which are a bitch to work with! I will not be using them again that’s for sure! Also this project has a lot of beads involved which has been fun!


Baking nothing at the moment but I did make a sausage casserole last week – details will soon be revealed in an upcoming blog post.

Watching Other than Neighbours I’m actually not watching much at the moment. Hubby is still catching up on The Flash. Oh we have been watching Great British Bake Off Does Comic Relief. Love watching these baking shows!

If you want to participate in the link up then head on over to Anne and Jenna’s blogs!


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