Recently we had a long weekend in the Lake District. On Friday we decided to go to Ambleside and visited Hayes Garden Centre. It’s a lovely little place. And since we are still planning on getting our garden done it was the perfect place for some inspiration.


Just before going into the garden centre there’s this fabulous dolphin fountain outside. Isnt it fantastic! Little Miss was fascinated by it.

The garden centre is a typical garden centre selling all sorts of house plants, outside plants, gifts, toys, pet stuff, clothing, garden furniture etc. We perused the toys section at length but ended up not buying Little Miss anything. She was very interested in the John Deere toy tractors though.


We had a look around the outdoor plants for some inspiration for our garden. We found a weeping cherry blossom and some climbing roses which of course will have to be yellow ones. There was some awesome water displays and gazebos as well. In fact we quite fancy the corner bench gazebo which I think would look lovely underneath some of the cherry blossoms.

Further on we found some outdoor/lawn ornaments which included some slate sheep! And also these awesome Easter Island heads! “You got gum gum, dum dum?”



We then ended up at the cafe and had sausage, mash and mushy peas followed by a scone with jam and clotted cream! Mmmm it was lush!

Afterwards I bought a simple blue canvas print saying “Home” for £2.50 – it’s to put in the downstairs loo… I think I’m now done with the redecorating of that room. I was tempted by the glassworks but they were a bit more expensive for around £75 each! I also saw this mini garden furniture set for Little Miss… how cool is it? Oh and also loved the little digging dog!


We then went for a quick walk around Ambleside where there was an abundance of cherry blossom trees. I think it might be a sign for me to plant some in our garden. I may have missed this year’s flowering but I can wait until next year!IMG_4829.JPG

We walked down to the lake and saw some ducks and swans. The weather was overcast but still a very pretty view.


So that was Day 1 of our Lake District weekend. The rest of the weekend is coming up soon!


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(This post is quite image heavy and please click on the photos for a larger image)

A couple of weeks ago we took Little Miss to visit the Welsh Mountain Zoo at Colwyn Bay. I hadn’t been since I was in secondary school so partly the visit was for me! After paying £23.70 to get in (off peak tickets for hubby and I and a visitor book. No ticket needed for Little Miss as she was able to get in for free since she’s under 3).

We parked up and started walking around. Whilst it was a relatively nice day for end of March it was very windy and rather cold – as you can gather from the name the zoo is situated on a hilltop above Colwyn Bay which is very open to the elements. Thankfully we were well aware of this so we had all wrapped up warm!

After parking the first place we visited was the camels as they were directly opposite the car park. . From there we wandered around and ended up by the monkeys. Little Miss did spot them swinging in the trees but not sure if she was bothered!


Aww monkey cuddles

From there we went to see the meerkats. I’m pretty sure there were no meerkats there the last time I visited. I loved watching them play around in their warren. I love meerkats! And not because of the Compare The Market adverts! I’ve loved meerkats since watching Meerkat Manor years ago.


Aren’t they cute?


We then walked around to the kiddie farm where young children can go pet the smaller animals such as ducks, bunnies, gerbils etc. There didn’t seem to be anyone around and no animals out which was disappointing because Little Miss would’ve loved to pet some bunnies. She got so excited when looking in on them through the windows. Of course that would make sense since he toy is Mr Bwns after all! She loved running from one window to the next to look in on them.


Baby flamingo (who knew they were grey?!) / baby Bwns / baby Emus


Next to this area is the crocodile and reptile houses. Oh wow the crocodiles or alligators I should say, were impressive! They were huge!! There were a lot of little turtles/tortoises all piled on top of each other in the reptile house. Also the snakes were huge! But I will spare you the photos of the snakes since some people are frightened of them.


Huge things! But very still.


Tortoise pile on!

From here we walked towards the bear enclosure and got to see the big bear, some wallabies, an American eagle and more monkeys. I forget what type these were.


Due to the zoom function these images are rather blurry

As it was lunch we stopped at Safari Cafe which has big open windows along the back with an amazing view of Colwyn Bay and the coast. There is also a balcony which looks down at the tiger enclosure. Unfortunately this is the only good thing I can say about the cafe. The food was rather terrible for the price. Not enough choice and too much like a greasy spoon cafe. Such a shame as it could be so much more. We stayed here long enough for Little Miss to have lunch. I was told afterwards that the Flagstaff Cafe which over looks the penguin enclosure was better.


Penguins – never fail to make me smile!


We walked down to the tiger enclosure but couldn’t see any tigers out. We had a look through it’s hut window and saw it was sleeping. I don’t really blame him! We also went to see the snow leopard which was also having a snooze.


Snoozing kitties


We walked onwards to see the penguins which are always fun to watch! And also visited the lemurs which looks like a relatively new attraction.


It’s King Julien!


Later on we saw the penguins walk along the grassy area for feeding and a display show. I love how the waddle! Sorry that the video is not best quality nor very long but aren’t they cute? And look at those seagulls after the fish!

Just after this display was the Californian Sealion display. For me this is the best bit of any zoo. I just love watching the tricks they do! It’s fantastic how they can train them. They may be stinky but they are gorgeous things! And Little Miss seemed to enjoy watching them swim and jump around in the water.




After that we decided to leave because we had gotten quite cold and the weather wasn’t sure what it was up to. It had started raining whilst we were waiting for the sealions. Little Miss was very snug under her rain cover but we got wet!

It was a good day out despite the cold and I would recommend it if you’re visiting the area. Also if you have children then the adventure playground is a must! Little Miss isn’t old enough to go on it yet but we will be back to visit it soon enough! Visit

Find the Welsh Mountain Zoo over at their website / Facebook / Twitter

(This is not a sponsored post – just wanted to share our day out with you!)


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Since I’m currently suffering from a bit of writer’s block I thought I would participate  in Kiki’s The Circle link up – a reverse bucket list. As you know, a Bucket List is things you want to do before you die. Well the Reverse Bucket List is things you’ve already done! So here’s some of my weird and wonderful achievements to date (in no specific order!),

1) Met the man of my dreams and got married.

2) Have a beautiful baby girl who is growing up too fast!

3) Landed a pretty perfect job.

4) Got my qualifications through work (a CTA and an ACA)

5) Met Mark Webber (twice!)

6) Got to see Mark Webber win at Silverstone – 2012 I was there baby!!

7) Been to 3 Grand Prix races (Belgium 2011 / Silverstone 2012 / Canada 2013)

8) Been ski-ing a couple of times – I really want to go again!!

9) Own two dogs – Megs and Gemma

10) Finally bought Taid’s house

So that’s it… nothing too quirky there really!

How about you? What do you consider to be some of your greatest achievements to date?

(If you want to participate then click the linky button up above)



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I haven’t done one of these posts in a while but if you remember my previous ones, you will recall that one of the reasons my hubby asked me out is because I liked Red Dwarf. In fact we were both huge fans of the show! So in October 2009 we went to Dimension Jump – the Red Dwarf convention!

It was a weekender in Birmingham so we travelled down on Friday evening and stayed in a Travelodge. I hate Travelodge but that was the closest hotel available as the Holiday Inn was fully booked – the convention was at the Holiday Inn.

After checking in we headed over to the Holiday Inn to see what was going on and register and pick up our documents. In the main hall they were showing random Red Dwarf episodes one a big screen. Such a small thing but it was great watching them randomly! There were people in costumes and it was just a great atmosphere!  

   On Saturday you had Q&A sessions with cast members including Hattie Hayridge (female Holly), Robert Llewellyn (Kryten) and Chris Barrie (Rimmer). Basically everyone was sat in the hall whilst they were on stage answering questions. During Chris Barrie’s session I noticed that hubby was very fidgety and had what I thought was a bored look on his face. I got so worried because going to the convention was my idea!

After the Q&A session he rushed me outside to the hotel’s balcony and popped the question! Looking back it was all such a blur! I’m not even sure he managed to actually ask the question before I said yes!

Afterwards we went back in to queue up for the autograph sessions. Whilst queueing up we saw Danny John-Jules and got a photo. We got autographs from Hattie, Robert, Chris and Robert O’Callaghan (he played the Creator in Red Dwarf 10). Hubby (or fiance as he was back then!) explained that he’d just proposed and they all signed their congratulations to us! I also asked Robert to do his “extraordinary!” line on camera which he obliged! Unfortunately I can’t find the video anymore though!  

 On the Sunday, Danny John-Jules and Craig Charles were scheduled to talk. Chloe Annette also made an appearance in Craig Charles Q&A session. We were one of the first to queue for the autograph sessions so straight after Craig’s Q&A we went to queue! Hubby explained about the engagement again and we had a very frosty response from Danny John-Jules. I think his reaction was “Yeah, so?”. Honestly, what a knob! To this day that reaction has destroyed my liking for the Cat character.  

Craig Charles on the other hand was great! He asked us “are you going to have a quickie wedding or a long engagement and have lots of lots of sex?” <- only Craig Charles! They all signed congratulations (even Danny John-Jules did begrudgingly). We kept them all and for our wedding hubby had them framed and put up at the reception hall! 🙂

(There were a couple of other things that were memorable from the weekend – my first ever and worst ever leg cramp! And the fact that Stephen Gately died…. can’t believe that he died the very same day I got engaged!)


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