(I should note that the British flag is the Union Jack but since the Welsh flag is so much nicer I combined the two for the above image!)

I was reading John’s blog recently and he did this British Tag post which I just loved and had to take part in!

Question 1: How many cups of tea do you have a day and how many sugars in your tea?
Oh wow I don’t know – too many probably! I’ll have one when I get up. I’ll have another when I get to work, probably 4 or 5 during the day and maybe one in the evening. So a total of about 8 maybe? No sugar and only a little milk.

Question 2: Favourite part of your roast?
Roast potatoes! And gravy! I LOVE gravy! Nothing beats Mam’s chicken dinner mind,

Question 3: Favourite dunking biscuit?
I don’t tend to dunk biccies in my tea because they tend to break and I don’t want soggy biccies in my tea! Although I will occasionally dunk a rich tea! Current favourite biscuits are Custard Creams though!



Question 4: Favourite quintessentially British past time?
Hmm… queueing?! Or drinking tea!

Question 5: Favourite word?
Moppins – this is a very local word for me, it’s Welsh and it means snowballs in my home town.

Question 6: Cockney rhyming slang?
I’m no good at this! but “Dog & Bone” = phone

Question 7: Favourite sweet?
Ooooo I’m currently into pear drops and wine gums! Mmmm mmmm!

Question 8: What would your pub be called?
Now there’s an interesting question! I actually cannot come up with a single name! Hubby suggested “The Ugly Duckling” because of Disney’s Tangled.

Question 9: No 1 British person?
Alan Rickman! 🙂 I don’t know why but that’s the first person that came to mind!

Question 10: Favourite shop/restaurant?
My favourite shop is a little local shop in Pwllheli called “Siop Eluned“. It’s an adorable little shop selling all sorts of cute little nick-nacks. They also do wedding flowers and stuff. The owners are lovely and I could spend all day in there! But mostly they sell old sweet shop favourites (like the pear drops) and I tend to go in there everyday to get some sweeties!

Question 11: What British song pops into your head?
Rule The World by Take That.

Question 12: Marmite – love it or hate it?
Ych! Hate it!

Have you done this tag yet? If yes let me know! 🙂


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I’m not a regular poster on Instagram – I go through phases where I have a lot of inspiration and then other times have no inspiration whatsoever! But May 3rd saw me celebrating a year of Instagram! So with that in mind here is my favourite photo from each month in the past year.

(To view the images in more detail please click on the photos and also descriptions are from top left to bottom right)



1 – 03/04/2014 – This is a photo of Vivian Quarry at Llanberis. I absolutely love this place and if I could I would so build a house overlooking this place.
2 – 19/06/2014 – This is a photo I took of Menai Bridge being one of two bridges crossing the Menai Straits. If I remember correctly I crossed both bridges that day but without a doubt Menai Bridge is the most impressive of the two – it’s a Thomas Telford bridge.
3 – 19/07/2014 – My gorgeous Little Miss. Love those chubby little hands so much!
4 – 18/08/2014 – Our Gemma-pants!


5 – 06/09/2014 – Collecting blackberries
6 – 20/10/2014 – The view at Anchor Bay, Malta
7 – 21/11/2014 – A tealight holder made by Siop Eluned from of Little Miss’ empty food jars.
8 – 17/12/2014 – Yellow roses on the 2 year anniversary of Taid’s death.


9 – 29/01/2015 – A signed card from Alan Fletcher (aka Neighbours’ Karl Kennedy) for my birthday!
10 – 06/02/2015 – A view of the snow covered Cnicht and Moelwyn’s whilst travelling at high speed with my boss!
11 – 06/03/2015 – Yummy pancakes at Scoops!
12 – 12/04/2015 – Our afternoon out at the Conwy Valley Railway Museum.

Now these are just some of the highlights but if you want to see some more photos then head on over to my Instagram page!

Running in Lavender

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Taking part in another month of “Currently” Link Up with Jenna at Gold and Bloom and Anne at Anne In Residence.

Designing: not much to be honest although I’m thinking of a redesign for my blog header.

Enjoying: well I’ve been off work for the past 3 days due to a sickness bug hitting our house. Little Miss caught it first and passed it on to me & hubby. No I’ve not enjoyed the bug but I have enjoyed catching up on some sleep.

Ordering: more building work! The builder is going over to the house tomorrow to do some more work for us which means I need to make a list of what needs doing.

Celebrating: not sure if this counts as celebrating but I’m counting down the days until I start my maternity leave! I finish end of May which is in about 4 weeks! actually 3 weeks on Friday!

Tasting: a pack of fruit salad flavoured Chewits which are just yum!!

Sorry it’s a pretty boring post this month! It’s been a crap couple of days if truth be told and it’s not looking like it’s picking up anytime soon! However I am looking forward to next week as I have a date night planned with hubby – we’re off to see Pitch Perfect 2! LOVE the first film!


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On Saturday hubby was at a Warhammer tournament in Windermere so we dropped him off and carried on down to Bowness-On-Windermere.

We were there a tad too early though! I was parking by the lake at 9am and then realised that nothing opens before 10am! So if ever you visit don’t bother going too early!


I pushed Little Miss all the way to the top of the village and then started our way back down hoping to catch a couple of open shops.


We went into one gift shop and there were lots of great stuff in there. Of course we found some Mr Bwns and rather than buy a different coloured bunny we opted for a Jellycat kitty instead.


Also in the shop we saw some of these fabulous Disney figurines. Thankfully they were in glass cabinets otherwise Little Miss would’ve no doubt dropped one!


I also saw these bath bombs which looked lovely but I decided against buying some as I’m currently avoiding any sort of bubble bath stuff for now.


One of the best things I saw in the shop was these Colour Me Wellies! What a fantastic idea! They didn’t have any in Little Miss’ size but when she’s older I will try to get her some of these.


We stopped at the Beatrix Potter Nursery shop because they had some gorgeous kiddie clothing in the window. I didn’t buy anything because hubby and us were going to visit the Beatrix Potter Experience on Monday (post coming soon).


From there we carried on back down towards the lake. I stopped by another toy shop on the way because I saw these plush My Little Ponies in the window. It was too dark and eater unwelcoming in the shop so I didn’t buy anything. Even managed to resist the Care Bears!


Back at the lake I put the pram in the car and put the rains on Little Miss thinking about taking her for a walk. We ended up standing on the shore for a bit watching the ducks and swans. Little Miss then decided to pickup some bird poo so I spent the next 15mins washing her hands! All fun and games these toddlers!!


So all in all wasn’t too bad a morning it’s just a shame that nothing opened before 10am!

(Linking up with AmandaBonnie, Caity, Marcella, and Michelle for Travel Tuesday.)


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