Well this week has officially been my first week (ish) off work on maternity leave. I did work on Monday so I could accumulate some hours ready for next month. So here’s some images of the week!

Baby Clothes

I sorted through Little Miss’ old clothes to see what we had available for next bubba. Turns out we have plenty of clothes! But not sure if they’re the wrong season – Little Miss was a January baby so her 0-3 months are winter gear. But the bodysuits and vests should still be fine.

Thankfully the weather on Tuesday was fantastic so I managed to get all the washing done and dried in the sun. As you can see, I ran out of room on the washing line so had to put some out on the table and chairs to dry.


Being at home has meant that I couldn’t just pop out for a sandwich at lunchtime. So instead I’ve been making different lunches.


I had a lovely omelette mid week. I even had some cream tea (scone, jam and clotted cream – mmmm!).


I’ve been trying to get some blog posts done ready for the upcoming weeks. I’ve been jotting down ideas in a little notebooks and I’ve had someone helping me during the week.



On Friday we shipped Little Miss to Nain & Taid’s for a sleepover and we went to the cinema to see Jurassic World. When they first announced this film I thought “no! First one cannot be beaten” but the trailers made this film look awesome – and of course having Chris Pratt play the lead male was genius! He’s so hot after Guardians!

The film didn’t disappoint! It was awesome! Oh and when the theme music started it really gave me chills. JP theme tune is the best film theme tune of all time. I won’t give away any details in case you’re going to see it but it was fantastic!

Trafford Centre

Then to finish off the week we had a day out to the Trafford Centre yesterday. Hubby needed new work shirts so we thought we’d make a day of it.


We ended up in Zizzi for lunch (would definitely recommend), took Little Miss around the Legoland attraction (she was a bit  young for it really), had a Cadwaladers ice cream (where I was so pleased to see bilingual signs) and bought a new pair of Skechers (for Mam so she stops stealing mine)!

All in all a pretty busy week and I haven’t even mentioned the consultant appointment!

How was your week?

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(For a change this is a post about a room in our house and not Taid’s house!)

When we bought our house (4 years ago!!) the downstairs had all been painted magnolia which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. However it was kind of boring (especially in comparison to our previous house) so we thought we’d brighten the place up. First up was the downstairs loo since it was the smallest room we had!

Now unfortunately I didn’t take a “before” photo but pretty much it was boring magnolia with no decor whatsoever. Anyway here are the “after” photos:






(I may have gone overboard with my new sparkly app!)

What do you think to my home decor?! 

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I saw this Disney Tag on Sian’s blog and thought it’d be a fun thing to do!

Favourite Disney character
Oh so many! But I guess it would have to be Robin Hood. Oh he is so handsome “just like in his reward poster”. And then of course Maid Marian is just a perfect match!

Favourite Disney movie

Robin Hood!! Most definitely my favourite Disney movie whilst growing up. Currently my favourite Disney movie is either Tangled or Enchanted.

Favourite Disney scene
I’m struggling with this one! I really like the scene where Rapunzel and Flynn are in the boat and singing “I See The Light”. Beautiful imagery and of course the love! 🙂

Favourite Disney memory
Waking up on Christmas morning and getting Beauty and the Beast on video and watching it all day long!

Favourite Disney song
There are so many fab Disney songs but I think “Be Our Guest” from Beauty and the Beast has to be a favourite! I could probably sing that word for word. Or actually “Friend Like Me” from Aladdin! That one I could sing word for word!

What is your go to Disney movie?
We watch the Monsters movies often! I think Little Miss loves them so we tend to watch them at least once a week. But thankfully I do enjoy them. My go to movie would be Beauty and the Beast.

First trip to a Disney park
I can’t remember the year but the first Disney park trip was Eurodisney (as it was known back in the day!) with my Nain & Taid K. I dragged him on Space Mountain with me!

Favourite Disney park and ride
I’ve been to Disneyland Paris (see above) but most recently we went to Walt Disney World in Florida for our honeymoon. We did most of Walt Disney World expect we didn’t get to Epcot. We really enjoyed Hollywood Studios and we met a lot of the characters there. We also enjoyed Animal Kingdom.The best ride we went on there was the Aerosmith ride! Although we also enjoyed the Toy Story ride which were both at Hollywood Studios.


Most emotional Disney moment
Everyone seems to cry at Bambi’s mother dying but I can’t choose that scene because I’ve not actually seen the film! So for me the most emotional Disney moment has to be the scene in The Fox and The Hound where Tod is told he and Copper can’t be friends anymore.

If you could pick any Disney character to be your best friend, who would it be?
Hmmm… I think I’d get on great with Timon and Pumba!

How about you? Are you into the Disney magic? If you want to do this tag then feel free to do so and let me know so I can see your answers!


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I’m linking up with Twinderelmo for the first time this year. Here’s my June Bucket List.
  • 1) Pack a hospital bag – this is something I have to get done! Baby is due in less than 5 weeks which pretty much means it could arrive at anytime!
  • 2) Sort through Little Miss’ clothes – I need to go through Little Miss’ old clothes to see what we have for Baby 2! I’m not going to buy new clothes just yet as we should be able to dress her in the same clothes.
  • 3) Meet up with a Facebook friend again – I’ve met her before but I want to meet her again before baby arrives. She has a little boy that’s the same age as Little Miss. We’re actually meeting up on Saturday the 6th June!
  • 4) Take doggies walkies – in all honesty, and it pains me to say it, I don’t actually remember when I last took them for a walk!
  • 5) Get some blog posts drafted and scheduled – well I’m not sure how much time I’ll have to blog after baby arrives so I need to get some stuff scheduled. I have a ton of posts in draft but they need perfecting!
  • 6) Sort out the office room/spare room – considering we’re accountants we are rubbish at filing our own paperwork! The office room is a tip! I have started but plan was thwarted when I couldn’t find the hole punch!
  • 7) Prepare our accounts and tax returns – yeah as accountants we’re pretty crap at taking our own advice! We are the type of clients we hate! Big box of random receipts in no order whatsoever!
  • 8) Change my prescription – I need to get my medicines!!!

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Taking part in another month of “Currently” Link Up with Jenna at Gold and Bloom and Anne at Anne In Residence.

Playing: catch up! I’m catching up on blogs, emails, comments etc over the next couple of days.


Going: nowhere special! I don’t even have to go to work now since I’m on maternity leave! Yay! This afternoon I’m popping out to the shop to get some groceries. And tomorrow me and Little Miss are going up to see my Nain.

Wearing: comfy clothes…. truth be told, my tatty maternity jeans and by tatty I mean tatty. It has a hole in the most inconvenient place (yup in the crotch area!) I have bought a new pair but they’re so uncomfortable that I wear them when we go out. Otherwise it’s tatty jeans all the way!

Sipping: decaff tea! Things don’t change much in this house! Hubby did ask me if I was going to carry on with the decaff after baby is born. If I succeed at breastfeeding then I will but otherwise I’m going back to the caffeine! Not because I’m craving caffeine but simply because the decaff is double the price of normal tea!


Reading: I’m actually not reading a book at the moment. I’m a bit embarrassed to admit it but I’ve not read a book from start to end in well over a year! I read a lot during 2013 when I travelled to work by bus – good times! I have a couple of books I want to read but I keep getting distracted by this blog!

What are you up to at the moment?


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