Recently I mentioned that we want to start planting flowers and the like in our garden. I mentioned how I would like some foxgloves and delphiniums – lovely flowers! However, I’ve now found out that they’re dangerous for dogs! As our dogs eat EVERYTHING then I’m going to really have to rethink what we plant out.

Hydrangeas - who knew they were toxic to cats & dogs?

Hydrangeas – who knew they were toxic to cats & dogs?


More Th>n recently teamed up with to Ian Drummond to create the World’s most dangerous garden for cats and dogs to raise awareness of how dangerous common garden plants can be.

Some Statistics

According to research:

  • 78% of British gardens contain plants that are toxic to cats and dogs.
  • One in three pet owners (31%) admit they have no idea if the plants and flowers in their gardens are toxic to pets.
  • 4/5 household gardens contain toxic plants
  • 10% of cats and dogs have ingested poisonous plants or flowers with 43% of those needing urgent veterinary care with 15% sadly passing away.
  • Most dangerous gardens are found in London & South East  (83%), Wales (80%), South West (79%), East Anglia (78%) and the West Midlands (77%)
  • 71% of pet owners cannot identify any symptoms of poisoning in their pets

(above statistics have been taken from More Th>n’s press release)

MORE TH<N’s Pet Safe Campaign

The following has also been taken from More Th>n’s press release


The findings come as MORE TH>N launches a new Pet Safe campaign to raise awareness of the issue of cats and dogs being poisoned by common household plants and flowers – particularly timely given that pets are likely to spend more time outdoors over the next few months due to improving weather.


To kick start the campaign, MORE TH>N has commission RHS Gold medal winner, Ian Drummond to create the world’s most dangerous garden to cats and dogs.   Launched at the Horniman Museum and Gardens in London at the beginning of June, the garden will be taken to different locations throughout the capital by the charity Core Landscapes.


Far from being rare and exotic botanical specimens, all of the plants and flowers can be found in any home garden, public park or horticultural centre in Britain. A few of the plants on show include: Begonia, Buxus Pyramiden, Chrysanthemum, Clematis, Cordyline, Daisy, Dahlia, Elderberry, Foxglove, Grape plant, Hydrangea, Hedera Ivy, Lilies (variety), Cherry Laurel, Marigold, Nerium Oleander, Paeonia mix, Papaver Poppy, Tomato plant and Wisteria.


According to vet and consultant on the garden, Robert White-Adams, “As a nation of animal lovers we’ll do anything to not put our pets at harm. What this campaign reveals is the hidden dangers many of us wouldn’t even be aware of. Each plant has been chosen to show just how many common varieties can make our pets ill, or worse still, die if not treated immediately by a vet.”


In addition to raising general awareness of this issue, MORE TH>N is directly campaigning for plant producers, manufacturers of garden products and retailers to provide clearer labelling to help pet owners easily identify if items are safe or harmful to cats and dogs – something that 86% of cat and dog owners would like to see. For more information on the campaign petition please visit


John Ellenger, Head of Pet Insurance at MORE TH>N, commented: “The MORE TH>N Pet Safe Campaign allows us to raise awareness of the dangers of plants that are poisonous to cats and dogs in an imaginative and memorable way. However, our new campaign is also about taking direct and immediate action – by both urging suppliers and retailers of garden plants and flowers to provide clear ‘pet safe’ labelling, while also better educating pet owners on the issue.


“Through this campaign we’ll be arming pet owners with the practical advice and information they need to identify safe and dangerous plants, to recognise the symptoms of poisoning – and what to do in that eventuality – and above all to reduce the likelihood of their beloved pets becoming ill in the first place.”

Pet owners can also win free pet friendly flower seeds via MORE TH>N’s social channels; and

So what common plants are toxic?


I actually have a purple version of this ready to be planted!


What I found most interesting is the list of common toxic plants – some of which we were planning on planting such as lillies, foxgloves, daffodils, and delphiniums. Common Toxic Plants include:

apple seeds, asparagus, begonias, bluebells, crocus, delphinium, foxgloves, hydrangea, ivy, lillies, lupins, oak (acorns), primrose, potatoe (sprous/vines), rhodedendron, snowdrops, tomato plants, wisteria

If you want a more detailed list then please download this little pdf document.


Tomato plants – toxic to cats and dogs


Symptoms of Poisoning

So how do you spot if your pet has been poisoned? Here are some symptoms to look out for. If you see any of these symptoms in your pet then contact your vet immediately as it could be a matter of life or death for your beloved pet. If possible take a sample of what your pet has eaten as that might help the vet to diagnose and treat your pet.

  • Oral or skin irritation
  • Upset stomach / Vomiting / Diarrhoea
  • Weakness
  • Rapid breathing
  • Fever
  • Drooling
  • Coma
  • Heart failure
  • Excitability or lethargy
  • Tremors / Seizures / Fitting
  • Increased Thirst
  • Dilated Pupils
  • Dizziness / Loss of Balance
  • Disorientation

Hopefully this post was useful – I know I found this information useful and like I say, means I now have to have a rethink of what to do with the garden.

(This post was a sponsored post with all information received from More Th<n’s press release)


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What’s this? Another F1 Wednesday post? Yes people I have found my F1 blogging mojo!

Last weekend it was the Hungarian GP which takes place in Budapest. It’s somewhere I’d love to visit – lovely looking city and a water park right next to he track! And if this years race is anything to go by then it’s also a pretty impressive race!

Prior to the race there was a minute’s silence to remember Jules Bianchi. All the drivers gathered in a circle at the front of the grid and in the middle of the circle they placed all their helmets with Jules’ helmet in the middle. The solidarity of the sport was clear for all to see.

The race itself was also a good one. If you know me then you’ll know how much it pains me to say that we were actually cheering Vettel on into the first corner! He managed to jump the Mercedes and headed off into the distance in his prancing horse (Ferrari). Raikkonen also jumped the Mercs on the start and so it was looking as a Ferrari 1-2. Unfortunately things didn’t pan out for Raikkonen who had to retire the car in the end.

Things were good for Vettel as he led from start to finish*. And fair play to him he dedicated his win to Jules Bianchi:

Merci, Jules. Cette victoire est pour toi.You will always be in our hearts. We know sooner or later you would have been in this team.

*something he was used to doing during his 4 world championships with Red Bull – something I hated!!

Hamilton made an unusual error on the first lap and went wide which saw him go from pole to I believe 10th place. He ended up coming back through the pack and finished the race in 6th. Rosberg was also looking to finish high up however an overtaking move from Ricciardo saw both cars collide which resulted in Rosberg getting a puncture. Unfortunately for Rosberg this saw him slide down the pack and end up in 8th place.

McLaren clearly listened to my plea two weeks ago as both cars finished in the points – yay Alonso finally has some points on the board! A 5th place finish for him is pretty impressive given McLaren’s current poor form.

Another impressive finish was Verstappen’s 4th place finish in the Torro Rosso.

The Red Bulls saw some good pace and managed to finish on the podium – Kvyat’s first podium (2nd place) and Ricciardo took 3rd place). I’m so glad to see the Red Bulls doing well again. I noticed that Adrian Newey was back on the team wall and his title (per Sky) was “Chief Technical Officer” which to me seems to suggest he’s back in his old job. So I’m hoping this signals the start of a recovery for Red Bull.

I know this was not the best synopsis of the race so if you’re looking for further reading then I found the following articles to be good reads:



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If you’re a reader of my blog or follow me on Twitter then you should by now know that I am a bit obsessed with the Australian soap opera Neighbours! So as it’s a Monday here’s some Neighbours facts/info/tidbits/moments for you!

1) Hunky Men

There is no doubt that the men in Neighbours are hunky! This may be part of the reason I watch it and as I’ve previously said, I have a thing for Aussie actors (and Aussie F1 drivers if truth be told!!). These are just some of the hunks who have been in Neighbours over the years I’ve watched it!

2) 30 Years

Neighbours is almost as old as I am! It celebrated it’s 30th anniversary this year and there was a huge birthday bash for the cast (past and present) in Melbourne. If you follow their Instagram account then you would’ve seen all the photos from the party. Looked like so much fun!

3) Great Characters

Neighbours has always had great characters. My current favourite characters Naomi Canning. She’s feisty!  However one of my all time favourites has to Harold Bishop! He’s no longer in the show as a regular but he makes an appearance every so often. He was back in Neighbours recently to celebrate 30 Years!

4) Ridiculous Storylines

As much as I love Neighbours  there have been some ridiculous storylines in its time! One them was Harold being swept out to sea and everyone thinking he’d died. He returned years later to Ramsey Street suffering from amnesia!

5) Great Storylines

There have also been some great storylines. One of my favourites has to be the whole Brennan going into witness protection and whether his girlfriend Kate would join him.

Another good one was Who Pushed Paul Robinson? Paul is the villan in Neighbours and he was pushed off the roof of a restaurant. There were a whole heap of suspects so it was very interesting to try to work out who’s done it.

6) Affairs

Like any good soap there’s been countless affairs in Neighbours! For some reason most of the affairs seen to involve Karl Kennedy! The classic clip of his wife finding out is just awesome! She proper whallops him!

7) Paul Robinson

Now I mentioned great characters earlier and Paul is the greatest and has to be mentioned separately. He’s an institution! Played by the fantastic Stefan Dennis – he’s the only original actor to still be in the show.

Paul is the scheming business owner who owns the Lassiters complex. He’s been involved in all sorts of schemes including the Lassiters fire.

8) Toadie

Another favourite character of mine is Jarrod “Toadie” Rebechi. I remember him back in the day as a mischievous school kid and best friend of Billy Kennedy! Who’d have though he’d grow up to become the handsome lawyer and family man.

9) Karl Kennedy

Karl has always been one of my favourite characters! I have no idea why he’s been involved in so many of the street’s affairs but he does make it interesting! It also helps that I received a birthday card from Alan Fletcher this year! 😉


10) Neighbours Tour

I’ve heard that they have a Neighbours tour in Melbourne where you get to visit the set and meet some of the actors. This sounds so awesome and is another reason why I’d love to visit Australia!

Are you a Neighbours fan? Or do you prefer another soap?

A Cornish Mum

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As Baby No 2 has finally arrived I’m a bit busy looking after her and Little Miss. So I asked if anyone was interested in guest posting and thankfully the lovely Bethany at In The Clouds kindly offered (huge thank you!) Bethany blogs about life, cakes, books, films and more so go show her some love! But first, please enjoy her guest post which is all about places to visit in England.


When you think of England most people will probably think of wet weather, afternoon tea and the Queen. However, having lived in England all my life, I know there is so much more to this country than that. Yes, we may all apologies more often than we should and yes, the kettle is almost always boiling away, but English people know how to have a good time and the best places to go to make those times happen. So say hello to my little English travel guide should you ever venture over here or perhaps you are a fellow Englander looking for somewhere new to travel. In that case shall we begin?

Becky Falls, Devon: One of my favourite places to visit is the iconic Becky Falls, voted as The Top Beauty Spot In Devon. You can spend the day walking through the stunning forest that has not changed since it was first open to the public in 1903, climb to the very top of the beautiful waterfall after completing the bolder clamber and finish your visit with a well earned trip to the cafe. It truly is a magical place and well worth the visit.


North Yorkshire Moors, Yorkshire: I spent much of childhood running across these very moors, where nature has taken over and transformed the landscape into a place of outstanding natural beauty. Shaped over generations, the moors are peaceful, rich with history and welcoming to all who visit.

Alum Bay, Isle Of Wight: This is a popular destination for visitors to the Isle Of Wight and is a small bay covered in stones, flanked by multi-coloured sweeping sand cliffs. After taking a dip in the water, you can even sit and enjoy the view of the famous Needles rock formation that the Isle is so well known for. Very picturesque and peaceful, indeed.


Stonehenge, Wiltshire: This strange prehistoric monument and one of the wonders of the world, has been standing in the middle of no where for millions and millions of years. Even today people are still unsure about it’s purpose but the fact remains that it is truly a place of mystery and magic so no wonder people will come from miles around just to see the amazing architecture and walk in the footsteps of our Neolithic ancestors. Great for any history buff or adventurer!


Brownsea Island, Dorset: This beautiful island can only be accessed by boat and is the largest of the islands surrounded Poole Harbour in Dorset. It is owned by the National Trust so as you can imagine Brownsea has some wonderful natural habitats that create a haven for all kinds of widlife like the very rare red squirrel, kingfishers and lots of peacocks. The perfect trip for all the family to enjoy.

Tower of London, London: This fortress is found within the heart of London and allows visitors to discover over 1000 years of British history. From enjoying the spectacular display of the Crown Jewels and some of the most priceless pieces of jewelry in the world to seeing replicas of terrifying torture instruments, the Scaffold Site where the great names of history died and learning about the beasts who were imprisoned at the Royal Menagerie. Why you are at you can take a look around the famous city of London at the same time!

As you can see England is a wonderful country full of some places of outstanding natural beauty, history and wildlife that you won’t see anywhere else. This is just a guide to a few places to visit but there are so many more places just like the ones listed waiting to be visited. So come on over and see what you will discover here!

Thank you to Becster for allowing me to guest post and remember you can find me here:

Blog / Twitter  / Instagram

Love Beth xx

I hope you enjoyed Bethany’s post as much as I did. I always like reading about places to visit and travel. And I can honestly say that there are some fabulous places to visit in the UK.

A Cornish Mum

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I hadn’t planned on another F1 Wednesday quite so soon but over the weekend the news came that sadly Jules Bianchi had passed away after his horrific crash in last years Japanese GP.

Jules Bianchi at Canadian GP 2013

He had the makings of a true champion and the only driver to score points for the Marussia (now Manor F1) team by finishing 10th at last year’s Monaco GP!

We met him briefly when we went to the Canadian GP in 2013. The above photo was taken as he was leaving the autograph area. I believe we for his signature as well!

He was a lovely young man – something that was apparent from watching any interview with him.

Rest In Peace Jules – know that you will never be forgotten.  #ripjules #forzajules


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