Little Miss suffers from nappy rash on occasions and I will admit that we use Sudocrem Healing Cream to combat it when it flares up.

Recently I was given this – Sudocrem Care & Protect – to try out. This cream is to be used at every nappy change and is designed to prevent nappy rash from occuring.

The cream itself is quite light and very easy to apply (unlike some other brands I’ve used where the cream has been thick and sticky to apply).

Having used it all week I can say that Little Miss’ bottom has been free of nappy rash! So it must work! I would definitely recommend it and I’ll be using it again for sure!

It comes in this handy little sized tube (as opposed to the little tub) so it’s very easy to carry around as it doesn’t take up much room in the changing bag.

Sudocrem Care & Protect can be purchased at pharmacies and supermarkets and comes in various different sizes – a 30G pack, 40G pack, 50G pack or a 100G pack. Prices will vary depending where you buy it from but as an example a 30G pack from Asda is £4.00 and a 100G from Tesco is £9.99.

Find Sudocrem over at website / Twitter / Instagram / Facebook / YouTube

(I was given a free sample of the product by the company in exchange for a review. My opinions are my own honest opinions)


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(I’m warning you now – LOTS of photos!!!!)

If you’ve been reading my “The Story Of Us” series then you’d know hubby and I met at Caer Rhun Hall whilst studying for our accountancy qualification. What I may not have mentioned is that the hall is also a wedding venue. So where better for us to get married than at the very place we met.

On the big day my friend (and bridesmaid*) and I travelled from my house to Caer Rhun where we started getting ready. The photographer arrived and took photos of the dresses and of us getting ready and that sort of stuff.

* I was supposed to have two bridesmaids but one of them was pregnant and due that week. In fact she had the baby on the Monday before the wedding and still came to our wedding! Having had a baby myself I now know how incredible it was that she made it! Baby came to the wedding as well by the way!


The hairdresser came to do our hair and helped to get me into the dress – it was one of those threaded corset type ones which required pulling tight! So between my friend and her they managed to get me in it!


Now the most important thing about thedress – it was a Maggie Sottero “Coco” dress. It was bought from Wedding Belles in LlainfairPG. The bridesmaid dress was from the Ebony Rose collection (I forget which one exactly) also bought from Wedding Belles.


(Photos of me and Taid – wasn’t he looking handsome?!)

We were getting married at 12pm and the Registrar was meeting us at the bottom of the stairs at 12pm. When I walked downstairs he said that we were waiting on some missing guests. Now I’m not a patient person at the best of times and my wedding day was no exception – I just wanted to get it done! As it turned out, two of hubby’s friends had decided to take their dog for a walk 10mins before the ceremony and the best man had ran off to find them. If the best man had been around then we could have carried on but unfortunately he had the rings!!

Anyway we got going at 12.10pm and the ceremony went smoothly! My Dad walked me down the aisle to Cannon in D. We had decided to do the vows in English rather than Welsh because a) we had a lot of non Welsh speaking guests (pretty much all of hubby’s friends) and b) the formal Welsh used in the vows would’ve tripped hubby up and we opted to make it as easy as possible for everyone! The introductions and welcomes were all in Welsh though. After the vows were done we both felt so much more relaxed and we did a high five!


After signing the registry etc we then walked back up the aisle as a married couple. We had decided that our song of choice was the theme tune to Red Dwarf but to make it classy we had the harpist play it on her harp. It was AMAZING! Hence the proper cheesy grins on our faces! A lot of our guests got the reference but some didn’t they just thought it was a nice tune! Haha!

Drinks were served outside in the beautiful sunshine. We had photos taken with guests and then whilst we had our photos taken around the grounds the guests went off to do whatever it is they did!


(A photo of us where we first met – the carpark behind the classrooms! / A classier photo of us with the Hall in the background)

I don’t remember exactly but I think we all sat down for the meal at 2pm. The meal consisted of a choice of (everyone had to pre-book food):

Starter: cream of watercress soup / prawn cocktail / chiken pate
Main: turkey dinner with all the trimmings / salmon option with veg
Pudding: vanilla cheesecake served with raspberries in a butterscotch next / icecream / cheese platter



(The cake and setting)

Before the meal was served we got the speeches out of the way. Well we didn’t want those with a speech to be worrying whilst eating and not enjoying the food. Hubby, my Dad, hubby’s Dad, and the Best Man all had a speech. Dad couldn’t manage to read his so his wife did. But he did mention some stories about me as a child for example the time we went camping on top of a mountain and I took a Pot Noodle with me! At which point he gave me a tower of Pot Noodles!


(I’m not crying – I’m laughing too much!)

Everyone seemed to enjoy food and afterwards everyone went off their separate ways for a while. I know my Mam popped home to let our dogs out.

We had an evening do as well – also at Caer Rhun Hall. We had booked a hog roast and hubby’s mother did a fab spread of food such as cakes, sausage rolls etc.


We had a fabulous photographer – Martin Vaughan – who stayed longer than expected because hubby’s friends doing cheesy dancing were fantastic to take photos of. I would share but I’d have to ask their permission first. We also snuck into our old classroom and had some photos of us taken there. And luckily someone had left some accountancy books in there so we had this fab shot…. sad as it may seem, this is one of my fave shots of the day!


I had booked a DJ to do a disco – a friend from work actually. Our first dance was to Boyzone’s Everyday I Love You and it was the most excruciating thing in my life. I don’t dance EVER but had to on this occasion. After the first dance was done the DJ put on Red Dwarf theme for us again! He knows me well! 😉


Hubby and his friends loved the disco and danced the night away. I stayed in the other room with family but also where I could catch people going out for air. I didn’t venture into the disco area because everyone wanted me to dance which like I say I DO NOT DO!



(I love this photo so much!)

I think everyone enjoyed themselves and we sure did! There are a couple of things I’d change if I were to do it over but on the whole, it was a fantastic day! And we had the best weather! Especially when thinking that the following day it was really pissing it down. Honestly, it was all flooded the following day so we were so lucky!

IMG_0007.JPG(Some evening photos – the obligatory arse grab photo!)

Well I hope you enjoyed our wedding day story! And I’m sorry to overload you with photos – this is nothing! I have over 600 photos in total!

Oh and it was reported recently that Caer Rhun Hall is closing at the end of the year. I am gutted! We had planned on renewing our wedding vows there!

A Cornish Mum

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F1 Wednesday

Today’s post is about McLaren F1 team……

So McLaren F1 team have been around since forever! They’ve won 8 World Championship and have had some legends drive for them including Emerson Fittipaldi, Niki Lauda, Alain Prost and of course Lewis Hamilton. Their current driver line up includes 2 ex World Champions – Jensen Button (2009 champ!) and Fernando Alonso (2006 + 2007 champ!).

Now imagine how disappointing it was last year to see them only have 2 podiums! In fact it was worse than that, they actually only had 1 podium when Magnussen finished 3rd in Australia. It was only after Ricciardo’s Red Bull was disqualified that Jenson Button had a 3rd place (so he wasn’t technically on the podium).

You’d think it couldn’t get worse right? WRONG! 2015 season has been dismal to say the least! So far there’s been 9 races (or 18 when you count two cars) of which they didn’t finish 13 races! And of the races they’ve finished they’ve only finished in the points twice – TWICE!! So 2015 is looking like their worst season ever.

The last Grand Prix was the British GP which was a fantastic race – for everyone else! On the first lap, the Lotus cars collided and Alonso had to brake to avoid crashing into them. Unfortunately by doing this he instead skidded and went straight into Jenson! So poor Jenson didn’t even finish his home GP! Whilst of course this things happen and the team cannot be blamed for racing incidents like Jensen said

Being this far back there is more chance of these things happening.

Which leads me to this statement McLaren should not be that far back and it is such a shame to see a legend of a team doing so crappy!! Sort it out McLaren… PLEASE I BEG YOU!!


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Well I had not expected to be typing a birth announcement today! But yes baby number 2 – who we will refer to as MissMostyn – made an appearance yesterday – 11th July 2015.

She was born via emergency c-section and weighed in at 8lb 3oz and measured 54cm long. Pretty much the same as her older sister! 

That’s it for today! I will share the birth story at a later date because right now I want some cuddles with my MissMostyn!

The Dad Network

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Recipes: Chargrilled Chicken with Mushroom Wild Rice

Since I was diagnosed with low iron someone told me that wild rice is supposed to be good for you. So I thought this was a simple enough meal to cook.


– 4 chargrilled chicken breasts
– 1 onion
– approx 6 or 7 decent sized mushrooms
– approx 140g of wild rice


1) Pre-heat the oven and put your chicken in to start cooking
2) Put the rice on to boil (follow the instructions per the pack as I imagine they can vary)
3) Chop the onion up into nice smallish bits
4) Slice the mushrooms
5) Add mushrooms and onion into a frying pan. Add a knob of butter* and cook until golden brown.
*I use a knob of Kerry’s garlic butter to add some flavour to the rice

6) Once rice has cooked add it to the mushrooms and onions and continue to cook for approximately 5 minutes. Add in some soy sauce as well to give it that lovely brown look.
7) Dish up the rice and add your chicken breasts on top. Add some freshly chopped parsley for presentation.


I would never win Masterchef because I did cheat with the chicken by using Birdseye’s readymade chicken breasts. This is mainly because it saves so much on time. Plus they are really nice! I will make it from scratch one day but for now, Birdseye will do me fine!

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