World Skills This is not the post I had planned on doing today but yesterday I was watching the BBC Breakfast show and they had a segment about the World Skills Competition. I had never heard of such a thing and I found it fascinating!

Basically it’s like the Olympics for tradespeople/skilled people such as bricklayers, gardeners, robotic engineers, bakers etc. Around 1200 young people compete to win Gold, Silver & Bronze in their category and become famous for their trade/skills.

The BBC were discussing if the UK supported vocational training as good as other countries. For example in Korea, the winners were treated like celebrities. They were rewarded with all sorts of stuff like cash and money. What did the UK finalists get? A letter from David Cameron – woop woop! If they were Olympians then they’d have their faces on stamps and have contracts with Santander (these are just examples)!* I mean I couldn’t even name any of the UK Skills Champions.

* please don’t think I’m belittling the achievement of Olympians or any other sports star. 

The only way is university?

Now this is just my opinion and things might be better these days but certainly when I was at school, vocational training was not promoted. According to them, university was the only way to go!

I clearly remember my A Level results day. I got good enough grades – 2 A and 2 C (which was bloody great considering I did zero work for the last year). My French teacher was congratulating me and asking which university I was going to. I told her I wasn’t going to Uni and I’d had been offered a job. She go so stroppy saying I was wasting my knowledge and education.

Almost 13 years on I am still working at that same firm having done all my qualifications with them. They paid for my AAT, ICAEW and CIOT courses so by now I have 3 sets of initials after my name. I don’t have student debt because I didn’t go to university. I have 13 years worth of experience and absolutely love my job. Also it’s a pretty decent wage so I can’t complain. (Oh yeah and also I met my husband because of the vocational training….)

As you can imagine, I am all for vocational training. It is such a fab way to do what you want to do and to gain experience. I’m not poo-pooing Uni, I’m just saying that it isn’t for everyone – and that’s ok! So no, it’s not uni or bust!!

And to all those people who thought I was never going to make it without university, who’s laughing now?

(I really have to thank my bosses who took the chance on me all those years ago and to a neighbour who advised me not to bother with uni and go straight to work – best piece of advice ever!)



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This award is for blogs that are inspiring, creative or funny and I was nominated (months ago!) by Bevchen. Thank you for the nomination and so sorry it took so long for me to get back.

Here are the rules:
1. Thank the person who gave you the award.
2. Complete the challenge they set you.
3. Select a blog or blogs that you want to give the award to.
4. Tell them about it and set them a challenge.
(Please include the rules in your post).

Th challenge that was set by Bevchen is to describe your dream dinner party, including the guests (dead or alive), the decorations, any background music etc.

Oooo dream dinner party! Now there’s an idea!


Mark Webber David Croft Johnny Herbert Martin Brundle

Some guests – Mark Webber, David Croft, Johnny Herbert & Martin Brundle (please excuse the fuzzyness of Crofty’s photo – hubby not a good photographer!

Of course hubby would be invited but I think we’d send Little Miss & MissMostyn to Nain & Taid’s for the evening. Guests would be:

Mark Webber [ex F1 driver and current Porsche WEC driver] – so we can catch up on his Porsche WEC experience
Martin Brundle [Sky F1 Commentator] – for some F1 chatting
David Croft [Sky F1 Commentator – for even more F1 chat and also because he is a top bloke!
Johnny Herbert [ex F1 driver and Sky F1 pundit] – because he is hilarious! Such a laugh!
Emma Thompson [actress] – because she seems like such a laugh!
Charles Esten [actor] – because he’s gorgeous and starring in Mashville
Hayden Panettiere [actress] – also in Nashville and hubby likes her since she was in Heroes
The Tenderloins [comedy troupe] – i.e. those guys from Impractical Jokers because they are downright hilarious!


If I was catering for the above then I doubt very much I’d do it myself! So assuming money was no object, I would contract outside caterers:

– First Course – choice of garlic mushrooms (for me because they are yum!), a soup of some sort for hubby (maybe a cream watercress soup) and some pate and toast (again because it’s yum!)

– Main meal – steak! Without a doubt it would be a sirloin steak, served with creamy peppercorn sauce (optional as not everyone likes sauce on their steak), and a choice between chunky chips with fried or sautéed mushrooms and onions OR the usual vegetable selection of baby new potatoes, carrots, runner beans and broccoli. Oh and some creamy cauliflower cheese!

– Pudding – this is always a difficult one to think of. No doubt there would be sticky toffee pudding with custard (for the hubby) and maybe I’d opt for an Eton Mess or a raspberry pavalova.

I don’t think the food needs to be too fancypants so long as it’s tasty!


I think the conversation would be enough entertainment but I guess if still need background music.

Currently I’m very much into the Nashville soundtrack and I would request a duet from Charles Esten and Hayden Panettirre. Not that I’m making guests sing for their supper or anything. I’m totally loving their Undermine duet but I’m sure they could mix it up with some Johnny (Cash) and June. Yeah I like country music!

How about you? What would your dream dinner party be like?

(You have to forgive me for not tagging anyone again! Please feel free to participate!)


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Can you believe it? My blog celebrates it’s 2 year anniversary this month! Technically the first post was on 29th August 2013 (which was posted on a free website). The first post on was on 7th September 2013. You’re more than welcome to go back to view those posts but I promise you, my blog posts have come a long way since then!

So to celebrate my blogiversary I’m hosting a Giveaway to win this little goodie hamper! I’m all for supporting local business so with that in mind this hamper includes goodies from some awesome local suppliers!

Chocolate and Fudge giveaway
The hamper includes:

  • Eboni ac Eifori – Vanilla Fudge  made with Welsh Cream and Butter with Tahitian Vanilla.
  • Eboni ac Eifori – Chocolate Fudge made with real Belgian chocolate
  • Tŷ Siocled – Tsili Tywyll which is chilli chocolate – be warned it’s really hot!)
  • Tŷ Siocled – Cofi Crunch which is a honeycomb and fudge milk chocolate

Giveaway rules and information:

  • Giveaway is open to anyone
  • Rafflecopter will be used for entries
  • Giveaway is open until 12am on September 8th (so quick get entering!)
  • I will contact the winner by email (and if possible via Twitter) within a few days of the 8th.
  • In the event of the winner not responding within 10days of me contacting then I will select another winner

Disclaimer: All these products were bought by me (none were given for free) and as such this is not a sponsored post. I do however recommend all of these products as they are top quality! (The only product I have not tried myself is the chilli chocolate as I’m too much of a wuss!)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

(Whilst I can’t force you to like my Facebook page I would be so grateful if you would!)


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The mind is a devious thing as it made me forget all the bad things about caring for a newborn.

1) Constant Feeding

First couple of nights it was feeding every two hours so by the time you’d done feed one and resettled her you barely had time to settle yourself before next feed was due.

Overnight feeding seems to have settled a bit but during the day I feel like she constantly has a bottle in her mouth. Thank his I’m not breastfeeding otherwise I’d permanently be on show!

2) Winding/Burping

Oh god I now remember the trouble we had with Little Miss! So far, and fingers crossed, MissMostyn hasn’t been as bad but is suffering.

3) Sleep Deprivation

Well between the feeding and burping it’s pretty much an all night job! It’s relentless! Thankfully hubby has been helping a lot which has taken the edge off!

sleep deprived mami

looking rather worse for wear thanks to no sleep and a clingy baby

4) Clinginess

MissMostyn is still at the stage where she permanently wants to be attached to me. Which means I can hardly put her down. Hence the very tired look of me in the above photo!

5) Constipation

Oh we’ve had a few episodes of constipation with MissMostyn. I remember we had them with Little Miss as well. It is just awful to see them in pain and there’s not much you can do to help. I just hope it passes soon!

If truth be told I hate the newborn stage. Does that make me a bad mam? 



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I’d like to thank Leanne of A Slice of My Life Wales for nominating me for this tag! I’ll tell you if was a difficult one to do – who’d have thought listing 10things was hardwork!
The rules

You must share a total of twenty things; ten things you love & ten things you hate and then nominate another ten people to complete the tag.


1) My family unit – my hubby bunch, two beautiful girls and two mucky pups!
2) Formula 1 – although not so much this year
3) Purple – my favourite colour!
4) Neighbours – I have to have my family dose of the Aussies
5) When people comment on my blog – the little things in life eh?
6) My job!
7) Snowdonia – why would you want to live anywhere else?
8) Mark Webber – I even have a hoodie stating that (hubby hates the hoodie of course!)
9) Having a lie in – and I miss those!
10) Impractical Jokers – I think this is my fave thing on TV at the moment!


1) Spiders – urgh no!
2) Inconsiderate smokers – especially those who stand under “This is a no-smoking zone” at the hospital!
3) When my babies cry and I can’t settle them
4) Snoring – hubby currently snores so much that it really irritates me!
5) Soggy biscuits – nothing worse than going into a biscuit tin and pulling out a soggy biscuit!
6) Horror movies – never been into horror movies!
7) Cutting Little Miss’ toenails – she won’t let me cut her nails and it’s getting to be a problem!
8) The WordPress app for the iPad – absolutely useless and if keeps crashing!
9) People who abuse the parent and child parking spaces at supermarkets
10) Bad driving – specifically bad parking in carparks. If you can’t get your car into a designated spot I.e between the lines then don’t drive!

Now I’m supposed to nominate 10 bloggers to participate but I keep tagging the same people (and a lot have already done this tag) and I’m pretty sure you’re all fed up of me by now! So instead I’m going to leave this one open to everyone! If you participate please leave a link and I’ll have a read!

A Cornish Mum

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