There are currently 3 members of this household that love Thomas  The Tank Engine – hubby, myself and now Little Miss. No doubt MissMostyn will also love Thomas when she’s older. So when I found out that Thomas was  at Llangollen Railway last weekend we knew we had to go! (In all honesty, having Little Miss is just a fab excuse to do these things!).

It was a miserable morning and I managed to capture just how blrak it was whilst passing through the Ogwen Valley. However by the authorised of Betws Y Coed the rain had eased off and the trees looked stunning! The colours of Autumn were well and truly in their glory. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to capture the amazing colours!

After getting to Llangollen we parked up and headed to the station. I had pre-booked tickets to be collected at the station – no bother there! We went on to the platform and saw Thomas and Diesel. It looked like they were racing up and down the platform (it’s a long platform).


We crossed over and took a ride on Thomas. It was funny – the children were booing Diesel and shouting “quick quick!” to Thomas!


After racing with Thomas we crossed back over the bridge and went to see what the craft activities were. In the upstairs room they had tables with crayons and colouring sheets, a stall making balloons (which we avoided because hubby can’t stand the noise of balloons) and some face painting. Little Miss had a Thomas painted on her cheek.

Me, Thomas facepainting and toys

We had a sport of lunch at the Station cafe – sausage, chips and beans for Little Miss although I believe we ate more of it than she did! She was too excited to eat! After lunch we went on the long train ride to Carrog Station. I had misunderstood and thought the train taking us was Goliath but it wasn’t until the ride home that I heard it was actually Douglas – made so much sense! At Carrog station Little Miss had a strop – she needed to sleep!


After getting the train back to Llangollen Station we decided to sop at the shop to buy some couple of toys. We couldn’t get the pram in the shop so I let the hubby loose in the shop! Thankfully he only bought 2 Take N Play toys for £6.49 each and a flag for £1.50 – phew didn’t break the bank! And whilst he was shopping we had a piece of cake from the Fat Controller. Little Miss was dancing away to the Thomas theme tune whilst eating her cake. So cute bless her! 🙂

The Fat Controller

Afterwards we had to head back to the car as the carpark ticket had run out. We headed to Wrexham where we had Pizza Hut for tea. All in all a pretty good day out!

Have you ever been to a day out with Thomas? Would you like to?

A Cornish Mum


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You may (or may not) know that I’m a wannabe skier. I have been lucky enough to go skiing a couple of times – Italy (twice) and Canada. I’ve also skied in France but only for a day. I’ve not been skiing since having the girls and I don’t know when I’ll be able to go again.

I can envisage that my days will not be the same as they were before. I think Crystal Ski would see me as an “Unstoppable”…. and here’s how I imagine our day would go.

I’ll spend most of my time chasing after the kiddiwinks – making sure they have their skis, hat, gloves, and helmet (*) before sending them off to ski-school.

(Whilst it is law that children under a certain age have to wear a helmet I think it’s a good practice to instill in them the importance of head protection – especially after what happened to Michael Schumacher – STILL can’t believe it!)

Once they’ve gone with their instructors I would hit the slopes myself and get a couple of decent runs in – or alternatively would have to join hubby on a smaller run since he’s not an experienced skier (never skied in his life!). I should point out that I’m not an experienced skier but at least I know how to put on a pair of skis!

Ski snow

(Image courtesy of franky242 at

After the kiddiwinks and hubby have finished their lessons we’d grab a spot of lunch before doing some small runs on our own – practice makes perfect! When everyone has had enough (skiing is very tiring!) we’d pack away those skis and try to catch some of the other fun activities such as bum-boarding. I’ve done this before and it was FAB! I know the girls would love it!

We’d then go back to the village and catch some supper. No doubt the kiddiwinks will be tired so afterwards it’d be back to our nice cosy chalet to catchup on some sleep. Hubby & I would stay up a bit after they’ve gone to bed – can just imagine us having a chill in a nice jacuzzi – perfect for aching muscles. Afterwards we’d need some sleep because all this would be repeated the day after! Make the most of it eh!?!


(Image courtesy of phaendin at

I should point out that all of this is what I assume would happen since at the moment my girls are just a tad too young to go on a ski holiday!But as soon as they’re old enough to put on a pair of skis I’ll be taking them for sure!

How about you? Are you a skier/snowboarder? What would your #skiexplorer days be like?



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You should know by now that I can’t manage a Coffee Date on a Friday! I’m also quite sad that this is the last Coffee Date that Jenna hosting! So what’s been happening?


Since our last coffee date I’ve finished my maternity leave and am now back at work. I’ve had a tougher time settling back in this time around and I think it’s mainly because I think I’m going back too early. But I’m now 4 weeks back in and think I’m back on track!

Grand Designs/The House

Went to Grand Designs and spoke to a lot of windows people. Hubby has since been to the house and measured up. We’ve had one quote for about £3000 which isn’t bad. But I now need to contact the companies we spoke to at Grand Designs to see if anyone could beat it.


I’ve not been very well this week – had a very painful UTI which meant I had a day off work to curl up on the sofa – thankfully kiddies were in childcare that day!



The week ended a bit better though because yesterday we took the girls to a Day Out With Thomas at Llangollen railway. I won’t give away too much info yet as il have a blog post about it soon.

What would you share over coffee this month?

Mami 2 Five

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Stevie shared this amazing video of an easy pin wheel pizza on her Facebook page couple of months and it inspired me to try it! Last Saturday I finally gave it a go. Now I had thought about making a simple ham and pineapple version but we’d finished the ham off on sandwiches at lunch! DOH! Thankfully there was some spare chicken slices in the fridge…. anyhow moving on! Here’s my attempt at the easy Pin Wheel Pizza

Easy Pin Wheel Pizza ingredients


  • 1 roll of ready rolled puff pastry
  • some cooked chicken slices
  • sliced mushrooms
  • 1/2 a jar of Tomato and Basil meatball sauce (or any other sort of sauce)
  • cheese


Pizza pin wheel steps

1) Roll out your pastry
2) Plaster your pastry with as much sauce as you want
3) Put as much cheese as you want
4) Place the chicken slices all over
5) Scatter sliced mushrooms all over
6) Roll your pastry back up – try to keep it tidy!
7) Cut your roll up into nice even slices
8) Place on a baking tray and add some extra cheese on top
9) Put in a pre-heated oven at 170C for approx 25minutes
10) Serve with a bowl of chips and ketchup and enjoy!

Pinwheel pizza

Hubby really enjoyed these but next time I’m making ham and pineapple ones. Oh and if you notice that there’s peppers in the ingredients photo – I was going to add them in but after taking the photo I noticed they’d gone off! Ugh!

(I take no credit for this recipe – was found on Buzzfeed Food)

Do you fancy trying these?

A Cornish Mum

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