Ever since having MissMostyn I’ve been wanting to get new jeans. Now if truth be told I hate having to find new jeans because I’m the sort of person who finds a pair of jeans and will wear it until there’s holes in it!

So when George At Asda challenged me to 48 Hours in Denim (#OffDutyDenim) I thought “Right! Time to get new jeans!” Here are the items I chose:

George #OffDutyDenim

(click on the image to see it in more detail)

Wonderfit Bootcut Jeans
– £20
Stripe Top – £12.00 (now on sale at £6.00!)
Embellished Thin Knit Black Jumper – £14.00
Embellished Bootcut Jeans – £10.00
Straight Leg Distressed Jeans – £14.40 (similar ones here)
Minnie & Mickey t-shirt –  £8.00

I had planned on doing this challenge last weekend but I forgot to take the bag with me! So one week later here’s how I fared at the challenge!

Day 1

My day in denim started off quite late because we got up later than normal. But by 11am I’d dressed and showered and was ready to get started…


Tah-dah!!! Day 1 of #OffDutyDenim with @georgeatasda

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We went to Nain & Taid’s for lunch and to watch the Sheffield Wednesday match on their Sky Sports. Here we are on our way…

More #OffDutyDenim in action @georgeatasda A photo posted by Rebecca (@becsterdotcom) on


Spent a nice enough afternoon at Nain & Taid’s and had a nice lunch. Whilst everyone was watching football – and Little Miss playing with Thomas – I managed to get some blogging done…. although I did cheer as Sheffield Wednesday scored. Shame that Hull eventually equalised and that it ended up as a draw.

Afterwards we headed home so we could watch the rugby – Wales v Australia quarter final. I changed into my 2011 World Cup shirt and got MissMostyn changed and fed ready for the game.


Ready for the rugby in my #OffDutyDenim and 2011 #rwc shirt! #rsavwal @georgeatasda

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Thanks to the result – Wales lost and so were out of the World Cup (boo!) we couldn’t be bothere d to go out for food which we had planned. As a result I didn’t get to wear the silky top I’d bought to pair off with either the Wonderfit jeans or the Embellished jeans.

Black silky top

Draped Top – £12.00

Day 2 After another lie in on Sunday morning we eventually got up. After a shower and dressing the girls we all had breakfast – no day can start off well without a panad in my opinion! Oh and every morning starts off with trying to fend off the dogs! They are greedy pups! Panad & Megs Whilst hubby hoovered the stairs I had some cuddles with my girlies.. who were also taking part in the denim challenge. Little Miss was wearing a black pair of George jeans with her Minnie Mouse hoodie – a look I love! Miss Mostyn was sporting a pair of pink jeans (which may or may not have been George – not actually sure where these came from). Girly jeansCuddles After we finished tidying up we headed out to do some shopping. I decided to give the Wonderfit jeans a go so teamed them up with the stripey top. Oh my word they are so comfy! They fit so wonderfully which is clearly why they’re called Wonderfit!   We Tesco for some groceries and The Range to get some crafts stuff for Little Miss. Also mother in law wanted us to have a look for some mirrors which inspired the following selfie.

Out and about in my #wonderfit jeans #OffDutyDenim #latergram A photo posted by Rebecca (@becsterdotcom) on



So as you can see, you can style the jeans any which way you want – casual with a tee and trainers or smart with a nice top and heels. Pretty much these George jeans would go with anything. All 3 pairs were comfy but the Wonderfit pair were super comfy and I would definitely buy another pair of them.

I should point out that as a mother you’re never Off Duty but even so I enjoyed the challenge… here’s another photo to prove I’m never off duty!

(This post was a collaborative post with George. All opinions are my own)


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Blog dice(Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net)

I was tagged by Charlotte at Black & White Sheep for The Blogger Interview tag!

1. How did you get into blogging?

Here’s an example of a trading card

Years ago (and by that I mean over a decade ago!) there was a craze of online trading card games where you would play games to earn cards, then trade these cards with other players to collect sets. It was a strangely addictive thing which is how I first came across blogging.

2. What advice would you give bloggers starting out?

Do it if you enjoy it. When the fun stops, you’ll lose your motivation and it will become a chore. It happens to everyone and when it happens – take a break. Also, join in Twitter chats – best thing I ever did!

3. What would be your dream campaign?

Oh anything Formula 1 related! Well actually I’d love it if a team sent me to a race to cover the activities that goes on during a race weekend. If one of the F1 teams fancy jetting me to the Australian GP to cover their race weekend then I’ll do it! Hell I’d even do Silverstone GP! *hint hint*

4. Do you have a plan for your blog?

Yes and no – I have a routine of sorts in that I try to post every other day but occasionally I fail! As for a long term goal, I will keep doing it as long as I enjoy it! 🙂

A short and sweet post for you today! Oh and I’m tagging Bev of Confuzzledom, Anca of Anca’s Lifestyle in the UK and Sian of Cakey Dreamer… also anyone else who fancies doing it!


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Now don’t as me why but for some reason hubby and I have been going to the Grand Designs show every year for the last 6 years – except for last year because we were on holiday in Malta. I think it started because we were in Birmingham 6 years ago for Dimension Jump (when we got engaged!) and after leaving early we spotted the show was on and went in to have a nosey. Probably we thought it was a good idea since we’d just exchanged on our very first house.

This year, since Travelodge kindly offered me to stay at one of their hotels, we decided we go for two day weekend. This would mean we could see stuff on Saturday and have a night to think it over before committing to anything. Eve done it in the past where we’ve bought products on a whim and regretted it – I still have tubs of Revive that we bought years back that remain unopened at the back of the cupboard (funnily enough the bloke is still there selling them!).

So on Saturday (after a great cooked breakfast at Travelodge) we headed out to the show and here are the highlights….


Airflow extractor fans – this was the first stand we stumbled upon and actually just the thing we were looking for. We have serious mould/condensation problem in our ensuite because we don’t have a window that opens in there. So after much discussion with the lovely people at the Airflow stand (and a night to mull it over) we ended up buying a new
extractor fan for 50% discount. Just need to find someone to install it now!

Lexus  – not entirely sure why Lexus were there since it’s not exactly a home improvement branf but they were there. Some very posh cars which hubby loved! He’s booked himself to have a test drive. They also had an origami car which was remarkable.

LexusOrigami Lexus

Berghoff pots & pans – we bought a set of pots and pans fro this stand about 4 years ago. They have a specialised coating on them which make them VERY easy to clean – nothing sticks to them that a little water and fairy liquid can’t get off! So when we saw the stand this year we had another browse to see if they had a smaller saucepan – and they did! Now you’re going to go “How much?!!!” but the small saucepan cost us £38 (at a discount) and you know, it’s going to last for years and will be so easy to clean that it’s worth every penny of that £38! I also had my eye on a flat frying pan (to make crepes) but that was £45 and I can buy a crepe maker in Argos for £20.

Hydrapool gazebo – oh and carrying on with the theme of expensive taste, we stumbled over the hydrapool stand where they were selling the jacuzzi hot tubs. This one particular model was £9880 (after a £2800 discount)! Very nice though!

Hubby eyeing up the Hydrapool gazebo #granddesignslive2015

A photo posted by Rebecca (@becsterdotcom) on

TheDIYSchool – we stumbled upon the Interiors Stage when The DIY School were doing a demonstration on how to replace silicone around a bath. Was super interesting. They do a variety of different courses and we quite fancy giving plastering a go! Would have been so useful for the house.   DIY School Smeg – being a Red Dwarf fan you know I love the word “Smeg”! But actually they have some really nice looking products as well. How fab is this fridge?!

A Mondrian inspired Smeg fridge at #granddesignslive2015 #smeg #fridge A photo posted by Rebecca (@becsterdotcom) on

Will Writing Service – I found this stall to be bit of an odd one at a home improvement show but after thinking about it I can see the logic – potentially people with expensive houses or people with second houses. Anyway, we put our names down for a callback as we don’t have wills… I KNOW we should have but we’ve never got around to doing it!

Wall Murals – we’re going to start work on redecorating Little Miss’ big girl room between now and Christmas. We’ve been debating what to do – go for a Finding Nemo themed room or just keep it cream and jazz it up with canvas prints. After coming accross a stand selling murals, we decided to make one wall a mural wall and the other 3 then being a neutral colour. They didn’t have any Finding Nemo murals but they did have a Frozen one. After much deliberation, we went for a non themed farm mural instead. This way we can have fun teaching her names of farm animals and it would match her stuffed toys.

 So that was it for Saturday – I have a lot more to talk about but I’ll save that for another post so as not to overwhelm you with info!
A Cornish Mum


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Last weekend we were at Grand Designs Live at the NEC, Birmingham (more to follow because I have way too many things to share). Since we hadn’t been last year we decided we would go for two days this year. When Travelodge offered for me to stay at one of their Birmingham hotels – I snapped at the chance to stay at the Travelodge Birmingham Airport hotel since it’s right around the corner from the NEC.

Travelodge Birmingham Airport

Travelodge Birmingham Airport

The hotel is next door to the Airport – in fact you can see a control tower and airplanes from the back of the hotel. Our room was at the front of the hotel and we could see the A45 from our window. Despite the fact that there was a lot of traffic, the soundproofing was great and whilst yes you could hear traffic it wasn’t loud when the windows were closed. It certainly didn’t stop us sleeping that’s for sure! And I didn’t hear any of the planes either.

Fooood! #wagamama

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On Friday night we decided to head out to Solihull so didn’t stay at the hotel for an evening meal because we wanted to go to the cinema. Caught a bus from the end of the road which took us into middle of Solihull which was very handy. We walked through the shopping centre where we did some window shopping (all the shops were closed). Hubby wasn’t very hungry so I dragged him to Wagamamas where I had some chicken teriyaki with rice. Was very yum! We then went to see The Martian and it was great. I would definitely recommend it – a must see!


Saturday morning we had breakfast at the hotel before heading out to Grand Designs Live. There was a selection of cereals, cooked breakfast, toast, croissants and yogurts so plenty of choice. I opted for the cooked breakfast! There is nothing better than a cooked breakfast when someone else is cooking (and washing up!).

A photo posted by Rebecca (@becsterdotcom) on

We also had breakfast on Sunday morning and it was good but the poor woman who was topping up the food couldn’t keep up with demand!

Saturday Evening – “Chillax” and Food

Saturday evening we came back to the hotel to watch the AUSvWAL rugby match on the telly in our room. Whilst hubby watched the rugby I settled myself by the desk with a cup of tea, chocolate and my MacBook to do some blogging. Hey no kids this weekend so I’m capitalising on the time!

Panad and some free wi-fi whilst #AusVWal on telly #rwc2015 #bloggerlodge A photo posted by Rebecca (@becsterdotcom) on

The rugby match finished around 7pm and because we couldn’t be bothered to head out again (hubby wasn’t in the best mood after Wales lost!) we opted to have food in the hotel. And it was at this point that we remembered that it was 6 years to the day (and date) since we got engaged.

6 years ago this happened! And we’re back in Birmingham to celebrate! 😀 #bloggerlodge #engagement A photo posted by Rebecca (@becsterdotcom) on

We went for the 2 course meal deal – 2 courses and a drink for £12.75 each. I had the chicken, mushroom and blue cheese risotto with a glass of Schweppes Lemonade. Hubby had the chicken tikka masala with rice and naan bread with a bottle of Stella. For pudding I opted for apple crumble pie with custard and hubby went for the sticky toffee pudding. All I can say is that the food was delicious! I really really enjoyed the risotto and even though I didn’t quite manage to finish eating the crumble, it was lovely!

Travelodge Food


A Good Night’s Sleep

I had a decent night’s sleep on both evenings. The bed was very firm which was ok with me but hubby found it a tad uncomfortable (he’s used to a memory foam mattress though and is way more fussy than I am!). The only thing I didn’t find too comfortable were the pillows. They were a bit too firm for my liking but that’s just a personal preference.

Also I should say I was mildly disappointed that there was no bath in our room but to be fair I didn’t actually ask for one. The shower was great though! It was at just the right heat and pressure setting for me and I had a great shower in the mornings.

Travelodge Bathroom

So would I recommend this hotel? Yes I would – it is right next door to the airport, has bus connections (public transport) to Solihull, Birmingham and the airport and the NEC, is 15 minute drive from the NEC and very easy to get to. The food was very nice and the staff very friendly. The only thing that doesn’t get full marks from me is pillows! I will most definitely keep this hotel in mind if we ever decide to go to the NEC again.

(I was given the opportunity to stay at one of Travelodge’s hotels courtesy of Travelodge. The opinions are my own honest opinions and not influenced by Travelodge).


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I was tagged to do this ages ago and whilst I did draft most of the post pretty quick, it was actually very difficult to list 50 things!

Thank you to Ruth at DogOddity for tagging me – go show her some love!

These are in no particular order…

1) Hearing Little Miss laugh
2) Cuddles with Little Miss
3) Cuddles with MissMostyn
4) My gorgeous husband
5) My pups – when they behave at leastIMG_0038.JPG
6) Memories of my childhood with Taid
7) Work – I love my job!
8) Watching Nashville – series 3 now on in the UK! #TeamDeacon
9) Seeing my family
10)  This view – it will always be home

Tanygrisiau, Blaenau Ffestiniog
11) Checking in on Little Miss to see her fast asleep – so beautiful!
12) Milkybar chocolate – mmmm!
13) Rain
14) Slate – I’m from a slate mining town and seeing slate just makes me happy!
15) Cross-stitching – haven’t done a project since beginning of the year when I made a wedding sampler for Kelly.

16) Chinese takeaway
17) Although chinese restaurants are good as well!
18) Calla lilies
19) Biscuits – current favourites are chocolate digestives
20)  Watching Thomas the Tank in bed with the girls – no CGI version here please!

Processed with Moldiv

Processed with Moldiv

21) Going to the cinema which is something we don’t get to do often now
22) Guardians of the Galaxy – Chris Pratt and a talking racoon – enough said!
23) Thinking back to the first time I met Mark Webber
24) And the second time I met him (and the third time!)
25) And then of course that time we met Tom Hanks

26) Sleep! Something I’m not getting enough of at the moment!
27) Stationery – I really love beautiful pen and paper stuffs!
28) Receiving letters in the post- wish I had stayed in contact with some of my old penpals as all I get are bills!
29) Red Dwarf – a lot of the happy things have come as a result of this show
30) Thinking back to our wedding day


31) Playing Sims 3 – I been a Sims player since the very beginning. Not liking Sims 4 much though
32) Boyzone – my favourite pop group growing up.
33) Watching the dogs chase each other around the garden
34) Snow – we don’t get enough of it!!
35) Skiing – need to go to Chill Factore again since a trip abroad is out of the question.

36) Having my hair done – so why don’t I go to the hairdresser more often?
37) When a plan comes together
38) Having a tidy house. It doesn’t happen often!
39) Clean bedsheets
40) Visiting Vivian Quarry in Llanberis. If I had the money and connections I would love to build a house overlooking this place.

Vivian Quarry Llanberis

A photo posted by Rebecca (@becsterdotcom) on

41) Blogging because it’s a great community to be a part of
42) Yellow roses because they remind me of Taid
43) Home redecorating and when it’s done for example the downstairs loo
44) Planning the next redecorating project – Little Miss’ big girl room
45) Our annual pilgrimage to the Grand Designs show!
46) Purple tulips
47) Good wash days
48) The smile and excitement on Littls Miss’ face when she comes home from childcare.
49) The smiles and gurgles I get from MissMostyn.
50) Looking through old photos because occasionally you find a gem like this one!

Phew I did it! It was actually very difficult to list 50 things! I’m supposed to tag people to do this but instead I’m leaving it open – if you want to join in then please feel free to do so!

What makes you happy?


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