Well I did it! I managed to Blog EveryDay in November! It was a challenge but I’m so pleased I did it. I didn’t necessarily follow the topics set for the day (in fact I probably didn’t follow any of the topics) but I found that ideas just kept coming.

Looking back, I think my favourite posts have been:

Dog Tales – Jimmy Jones
Photo Days – Beaumaris
Media Monday – Red Dwarf
Travel Tales – Gozo

There’s now a #Blogmas challenge which is to post everyday up to Christmas. I’ve decided not to participate in that one because it’s going to be a busy month and I don’t want to put pressure on myself to blog everyday. I will be blogging every other day though so keep reading for more fun & games with me!

Did you participate in #BEDN? How did you find it?



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It’s now time for me to get my arse in gear and get those Christmas prezzies sorted! So with that in mind and the fact that This Material Culture currently have a blogger competition going I thought I’d share some of their funky jewellery with you

I can’t exactly remember how I came across them but you should know they handmade their own unique jewellery in Liverpool. And the gorgeous items are really reasonably priced… so you can look fab without breaking the bank! I love how some of their items are just so quirky! Here’s my top 5 items and who I think they’d suit for Christmas:

This Material Culture

1) Bunny Necklace – my Little Miss loves her Mr Bwns which by now is called Bwni, She’s also started to play with my necklace so I think this would be perfect as her first * second piece of jewellery.

* her first was a silver bracelet from my Mam

2) Jurassic Bangle – for hubby’s best friend (and best man at our wedding). Last time I saw him he was wearing some beaded bangles and I think this could possibly go well with his collection. And weirdly enough the last film we watched together was Jurassic World so maybe that’s where the idea came from?!

3) Green Button Necklace – for on of my best friends. I don’t know why but when I was browsing she instantly came to mind!

4) Live Your Dream Necklace – for my other best friend. Again, I don’t know why but she instantly came to mind when I saw it. Although I was also thinking that the “Live, Laugh, Love” was also a good one for her.

5) Princess Bangle – for my friend’s girl. She’s pretty girly and likes all things pink! Pretty sure she’ll love it and it’d go perfectly with her lovely pink party dress!

Of course this is just a small selection of what they sell so go checkout their online store. I’m currently eyeing up the Dinosaur* Necklace for myself!

* Does anyone else just hear “Grrr, dinosaur” whenever you see that word? It’s a sign you’re a parent to a toddler that’s for sure! And for those of you who don’t get the reference it’s a Peppa Pig thing!

Have you had a browse and what item did you like most?



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It’s less than 4  weeks until Christmas but shh don’t say to out loud because everyone might not know yet and we don’t want to scare anyone. With this in mind I’ve compiled a list of 10 Things I would like for Christmas!

1) Crepe Maker

Breville Crepe Maker

I love my crepes and I wish I could make some. This Breville one popped up on my emails yesterday

2) Nashville Series 3 Soundtrack

Yup still loving the tunes from this show and would love the next lot of CDs to listen to in the car.

3) Stella & Dot Rings

Stella & Dot rings

I love sparkly things but if I’m honest I only wear my wedding ring and engagement ring. However Tiffany showed us this beautiful set of three stackable stirling silver rings. I fell in love but when I went to order one from the website I got so distracted but so many pretty things that my head exploded! So tempted with the Rebel Ring as well!

(I caved and bought the stackable during Black Friday even though it wasn’t on offer!!)

4) Smash & The Birdcage Blu Rays

These two Blu Rays have been sitting in my Amazon basket for quite some time! I think it’s possibly time to get them don’t you?

5) A new peeler

Yes I know, I would like a new veg peeler. Not an electronic fancy schmancy one either just a plain standard hand held one.

6) A new purse

My current one has started falling to pieces. I’ve not had it that long. I bought it at Keswick market back in April.

7) Macbook Case

Late night MacBook-ing

I’ve yet to get a cover/case for my MacBook and I think it’s about time I did before I destroy it! You may notice  from the above picture that there seems to be a couple of scratch marks – in fact they’re crayon courtesy of Little Miss!

8) iPhone Cover

And whilst we’re at it I could do with a cover for my phone! I’ve already dropped it once so it has a scuff on it but I’d be pretty buggered if I smash it! I came across this super cool Lola Bunny one recently.

9) New Bed Covers

Because the ones I have are annoying! The material is the type of material that just sticks to you and you feel like you get tangled in it. I’m undecided what to go for though. Currently we have a lime green & brown decor but I’d be willing to swap colours (so long as it can cope with magnolia walls because I ain’t painting them again!!)

10) Impractical Jokers T-Shirt

Facebook keeps advertising Impractical Jokers t-shirts to me and I’m very tempted!! Especially since I got tickets to go see them next year!!

Have you got a Christmas wishlist?

A Cornish Mum

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I have (FINALLY) had time to sit down and go through the fabulous goodie bag received st the #LplBlogEvent. Here’d what was inside the bright red CEX bag (which got my hubby so excited because he thought I’d bought him a present!):

Lush Spa Liverpool

Lush Spa Liverpool

There was a lovely little bag of Lush products which included a “9-5” cleanser, “Ultrabland” cleanser and a bright pink bar of soap. Being Lush products they’re all hand made with all natural products.


Bee Good

The little envelope contained a creme cleanser and a muslin cloth. I’ve come across BeeGood before (remember those cute chocolate buttons at the #PartyAtTheAngel?) and they use honey, wax etc from British bees in their products.

Taking Shape

Taking Shape

There was a catalogue and some flyers and a nice nail file. Such a shame I’ve started chewing my fingernails again! I had a browse through the catalogue and there’s some nice stuff in there.


Derma V10

There was a box of goodies from DermaV10 which included
– make off mitt
– strawberry body butter
– revitalising eye roll on (to combat the dark circles)
– night creme
– moisturiser

I’m going to give the revitalising eye roll on a go because I’m constantly tired I look like I’ve been done 5 rounds against Tyson! I’ll let you know how it goes.



There was a little tube of skin care creme and moisturising oil. The skin care creme says it’s suitable for babies so I might just use it on Little Miss because she has a bit of dry skin on her cheeks at the moment.

Pop Chips

Pop Chips

Included in the goodie bag was a bag of salted Pop Chips which were very nice I must admit! They’re crisps but they’re not baked or fried or whatever but instead are heated under pressure until they pop. I will definitely buy some of these.



Also included was some flyers and discounts from Hannah at Motives Cosmetics, Cheerz (photo printing service), Beau XOXO (hair accessories) & HoobyNoo World (cute jewellery!). Also there was a little tube of hand creme from Crabtree and Evelyn which should come in handy over the next few weeks.

What do you think of all the goodies?!


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