I honestly cannot remember which day we went to Gozo but during our visit to Malta we took the trip over to Gozo. As we were staying at the Mellieha Bay Hotel the ferry terminal was only a short drive away so hubby’s dad (FIL) took us to catch the ferry. I can’t remember how much it was but I remember thinking it wasn’t too bad.

Me in my fab straw hat!

Brangelina Spotting?

It had been reported the week before we went there that Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie were having a working honeymoon in Gozo and that they had hired a private yacht out there. Of course we didn’t bump into them but if anyone asks we did get a wave from them ok? 😉

Pitt & Jolie's yacht (not really)


Mgarr Port

After arriving at Mgarr port we hopped into a taxi because the queue for the bus was so long! The taxi driver took us to Victoria (capital of Gozo) where he dropped us off at a Mothercare. It looked brand new and very swish. What was great was they had a changing room and air conditioning! After using their facilities we bought Little Miss a pink unicorn stuffed toy (which we still have) and headed off up the hill towards the Citadel.



After getting there we were quite impressed with the place. Unfortunately there were works going on so there’s a few machines in my photos but never mind. At the entrance I made a new friend – this little fella was standing with his owner and came over to me for attention. The owner said that the bird was a bit of a ladies man (although I think that could have been his chat up line you know?!).

We decided to have a walk around the Citadel which was a it of a chore with a pram! But it was worth it for the views. Here are some photos of the Citadel and area.

10001004_10154718339395447_418481371349658298_o  10317593_10154718338780447_5718405004517804868_o  10549170_10154718333635447_946835579197819940_o  10629437_10154718331930447_1384054746110002592_o  10636925_10154718330450447_4320859215939699177_o  10580874_10154718335410447_3709574076527335492_o  10659009_10154718328745447_4944839774843380481_o


We then headed back down to the town to find some food. We got a bit lost but there were some amazing backstreets there. I don’t know why but I was completely fascinated by these sorts of side streets and alleyways.

Gozo backstreet

We found our way to a little piazza where there was an impressive church which had all these fairy lights on it. Afterwards I googled it and the lights were on the church for some celebration they were having. It would have been nice to see the place lit up.

We eventually found our way back to the main street and came across a McDonalds. We had a quick meal and Little Miss got a balloon to play with (much to the hubby’s annoyance). I got chatting to a local woman who amazingly knew exactly where Snowdonia was! She has friends in Pwllheli! Such a small world!

Bus Trip Around Gozo

After food we walked back to the main bus stop and caught a bus back to the ferry. The bus was full because it was clearly the school run but fair play to the bus driver he made someone give up their seat for me to be able to sit with the pram – something I was quite glad of by the time we reached the ferry because the bus took us around all the small villages on the island! The scenic route shall we say! It was fascinating looking at these villages and seeing how other people live.

That’s all for today – I’ll be back with another Travel Tale soon!

What do you think of Gozo? 


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Yesterday I went to the Plas Heli Christmas Fair – first one of the year!

I had planned I taking lots and lots of photos for this post but unfortunately hubby was ill and didn’t come with us. Pretty impossible to take photos when chasing Little Miss and holding MissMostyn. Plas Heli - View (the view towards Porthmadog & Ardudwy) To be fair they were both good and everyone loved them! I would occasionally lose them as they would toddle off with my friends! When MissMostyn started to cry she’d magically find her way back to me! I was outside with Little Miss on the temporary soft play when she was brought back to me for the second time! Soft Play at Plas Heli (temporary soft play) There were a lot of stalls there including Tiffany of Stella & Dot (whom I met at the Liverpool Blogger event). Other stalls were Siop Eluned (one of my favourite shops ever!), Pwyth Pistyll, Farmer And His Wife, Pleser Pur, Cwrw Llyn and a few more I didn’t get a chance to see. There were children from local schools singing on the stage during the day including my friend’s little boy. They were all so cute bless them! Oh and at the door Santa and his reindeer (and one of my bosses!) were there greeting all the kiddiwinks. And I got a hug from Santa (because Santa used to work with me!). I’m so gutted that I didn’t get a photo of Santa and his reindeer helper. Plas Heli (looks like a storm was brewing behind Plas Heli!) It’s a pretty impressive building and as one of my best friends works there I got a guided tour of the facility. There are some spectacular views from the upper balcony. I managed to get this photo before Little Miss ran off! The place is really nice and I believe it opened June 2015. There have been a couple of sailing events there but as I’m not a sailor I couldn’t tell you anything about them!

Some goodies from the Christmas Fair @plasheli #plasheli #christmas #nadolig

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It was a good day but it would’e been so much better if hubby had been there to help!

Have you been to a Christmas fair this year?


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I had booked my friend and I in for a two hour ski session i’n Manchester as a birthday present for her! We all travelled there this Saturday and a we dropped off hubby and the girls at Trafford Centre. We went over to Chill Factore where I spotted Peppa Pig! Such a shame Little Miss wasn’t with me because she loves Peppa!

Christmas & Peppa at Chill Factore

We got our lift passes, got changed and sorted our boots and skis and headed for the slope. We’ve not been skiing for four years! That makes sense because I’ve been pregnant or recovering from childbirth for the last 3 years!!

Me and my skis!

We went up to the half way point (or the baby slope point) and started off from there. That’s what we normally do – start on the baby slopes, build up confidence then hit the big slope. On my first run from the baby slope my left hip cramped up and I fell. The falling isn’t a problem – kinda comes with the territory. Got up, dusted myself off and carried on. My hip was a bit painful so I rested it out for a run – let my friend go and made a video of her coming down.


I rejoined her on the slope for her third (my second) run. Managed to get down without falling (yay!) but my hip was feeling worse. It was at the point (about 20mins in!) I decided I wasn’t going to risk it and so decided to sit it out and watch from the sidelines. I watched my friend go up and down the slope – she even managed the big slope! It is really scary at the top. I also took a walk over to the snow park to see some activities going on there. There was a bumboarding race going on and it looked like so much fun!

Snow Park Bumboarding race
She had a great time and I had a good time watching her and other people ski/snowboard. There are some great skiers there and there were also some spectacular tumbles – see, even the pros fall over! 😉 The best thing I saw though were the skiers who took the disabled kids down the slopes. It was amazing to watch how they did it and really fantastic to see the smiles on the kids faces. Oh and also the kiddie ski school put me to shame! They were so capable (and so cute!) coming down the slope.

Time to retire the skis?

Around 1.15pm my friend had decided she’d had enough so we headed off to get changed and then went to the Trafford Centre to have lunch with hubby, my girls and hubby’s best friend. We had lunch at Zizzi’s where I had the chicken & mushroom risotto again. Very yummy! After lunch we went for a quick walk around Trafford Centre – ended up in Skechers and bought Little Miss her first pair. She chose them… I was trying to get her to chose the ones with lights in them but nope, she wanted these fantastic blue ones!

Little Miss’ first pair of Skechers #skechers

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I’m sat in bed at around 10pm typing this and even though I didn’t get to ski, it was still a great day! I have decided to go and see a doctor about my hip though. It’s been playing up for a couple of weeks but I thought it wasn’t anything to worry about really.. but I need to get it sorted before I give up on skiing.

How was you Saturday?


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I don’t think I’ve shared this with you before but you may have heard me mention him previously. It’s also quite apt since it’s around this time of year he died. So here’s the story of my Jimmy….

Jimmy Jones

Growing up, we had a family dog – a black and tan Jack Russell Terrier called Jimmy Jones.

He was a Christmas present from my uncle – hands down the best Christmas present ever! I don’t rember what age I was but I was a toddler. Mam had warned my uncle not to get me a dog but of course he didn’t listen. He came over on Christmas Eve and in his coat pocket he has this teeny tiny puppy. The moment he took him out of his pocket I fell in love. Mam said that the look on my face was enough for her not to send him back. And thank god she didn’t because he was my best friend.

Jimmy Jones at CwmorthinI remember sitting on the edge if the kitchen sink trying to decide on a name. I don’t know where Jimmy came from but he was given the Jones surname as it suited him better than mine!

Jimmy Jones
He was very much part of the family and my best friend growing up. The bond between us is something I’ll never experience with Megs. Jimmy and I were as thick as thieves and wherever I went he went. I even remember one playtime at primary school one of the boys shouted to the teacher saying there was a dog on the yard – yup sure enough it was my Jimmy!

Jimmy Jones
I have so many great memories of him. A couple of anecdotes for you:


We went on a caravan trip to Chester and went for a day out to Crewe to see Thomas the Tank. Jimmy came with us. Whilst walking through town he decided he needed to do his business… right in the middle of a zebra crossing!! I have a vivid memory of me and my cousins standing waiting on Dad and crying from laughter. Dad obviously wasn’t pleased and I can say that was the last time Jimmy came with us in the caravan!

Llyn Adar Camping

Oh boy this was an experience! Dad drove the Land Rover up to the highest point he could and then we had to walk a fair way before reaching the lake. Dad setup the tent whilst me & Jimmy went for a walk around the lake. Dad was going to do some late night fishing so Jimmy & I went to sleep in the tent. He just wouldn’t settle because of all the smells and sounds! He was up ALL night barking and trying to dig his way out of the tent…. and that was the last time he went camping!

All Dogs Go To Heaven

He died October 2001 at the ripe old age of 16. He had gotten old and started having fits. He couldn’t control his bladder which meant he was no longer able to sleep in my bed. It was heartbreaking but we decided to put him out of his misery. I went in with Dad and so was with him when he passed away. To this day I clearly remember the look in his eyes – it wasn’t fear, it was relief. And to this day, it still brings me to tears.

Jimmy Jones

He was my whole world and whenever I look back I smile a bittersweet smile – happy because of all the great times we had but sad because he can’t still be with us. So here’s to you, my gorgeous boy!



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