As it’s the last #TenThings of the year I thought it’d be nice to look back over the year that was so here’s 10 awesome things that happened in 2015.

1) Baby Girl

Birth announcement

Of course this was the main event of 2015! The arrival of Miss Mostyn made our family complete. I’m so lucky to have two beautiful girls! I look at them and think it’s amazing how we’ve been able to create something so beautiful!

2) Little Miss’ First Birthday

Little Miss Birthday

It’s so long ago now (she’ll be 2 on Janiary 10th!) but we celebrated Little Miss’ first birthday back in January with a tea party for friends and family. We bought a special cake with Mr Bwns on it!

3) Mark Webber

Mark Webber

Yup I met Mark Webber for the third time this year! He was awesome! Now I have a signed book! 😘

4) A Day Out With Thomas


We took the girls to see Thomas at Llangollen Tailway – possibly I wanted to go more than them! Was a great day though!

5) Blogging Events

PartyAtTheAngel Cake

I attended two blogger events this year. My first being #PartyAtTheAngel and then #LplBloggerEvent in November. Had a great time at both!

6) Blogging Oppertunities

I was given my first blogging opportunity reviewing a pair of Jules wellibobs! Then I had more opportunities working with some other fab brands.

7) Grand Designs Live

We went to Grand Designs live again this year. We hadn’t been for two years so it was about time to go back. We spent the weekend going around window merchants.

8) Winning!

Hubby was selected to go on a Welsh quiz show called “Celwydd Noeth” and he won some money! Was a nice little bonus I must admit…. even though the week did start off rather badly!

9) A Long Weekend


We had a long weekend in the Lake District back in April. Hubby was at a Warhammer tournament on the Saturday and Sunday so I had two days with my Little Miss. We went to Windermere and Keswick.

10) Sunny Days Out

Sunny Days Out

During my last week of maternity leave I managed to take my girls out on a couple of sunny day walks including Llanberis and Beaumaris. It was lovely to spend quality time with them.

A Cornish Mum

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I’ve finally managed to find a little bit of time to post about our Christmas!

Hubby got up at 6am to start getting the turkey ready. He was back in bed by 7.30am at which point MissMostyn decided she would wake up. I looked after her and had some cuddles. Baby cuddles are the best! Little Miss got up 8am and she came through to our room to open her Santa prezzies.

Christmas morning
We then watched some Peppa Pig in bed. We hadn’t managed to open the Christmas Eve box so we opened that in bed as well.

We eventually got up and went to have some cereal – I kept finding bits of Cheerios all day! Hubby and I opened one present each at the kitchen table – I gave him a Sheffield Wednesday hoodie and he gave me this fab mug! Love it!!

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At 11.30am the in laws (parents and brother) and BIL’s partner arrived. The partner could stay long as he was travelling home to his parents.

Whilst the girls were having cuddles and playing with Nain & Taid and their Uncle H, I went to help hubby prepare food. We had prepared the veg the night before so just needed to cook them all. We had less veg & side dishes than last year (17 last year!) this year we had

  • Stuffing
  • Cauliflower cheese (homemade)
  • Sausagemeat
  • Yorkshire puds
  • Croquettes
  • Carrot and swede mash (homemade)
  • Sprouts
  • Broccoli & cauliflower florets
  • Mashed potatoes (homemade)
  • Red cabbage
  • Roast potatoes (homemade)
  • Turkey
  • Gravy, cranberry sauce and bread sauce

Christmas Food

After lunch hubby went to have a lie down on the sofa with the girls whilst in laws and I tidied up – to be fair he did deserve a break!

Hubby and his wonderful food

Afterwards we opened presents. I want to thank everyone for being so generous! The girls he way too much! The eldest loved all the Thomas stuff she got but also pv ed playing with a pair of maracas that my friend gave her (must remember to thank her for that!).

Toys Galore!
Here’s some items I got from hubby – the Little Miss Blogger mug, Impractical Jokers t-shirt, Smash DVDs and The Birdcage on blu ray, Nashville season 3 soundtrack and finally the Red Dwarf hoodie*.

(* I bought the hoodie and a matching one for hubby as gifts from the girls to us)


We were supposed to go over to the in laws house for supper but the weather was awful and we didn’t want to take the girls out in it. So instead we had a lazy evening and both settled to bed easily – excitement of the day caught up with them!

How was your Christmas?

A Cornish Mum


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Last week we went to see Santa at Llechwedd Slate Caverns or as its now called Bounce Below.

It’s something I used to love doing as a kid – visit Santa in an underground cave in an old slate mine. I have so many fond memories of taking the little train in, being dropped off with Santa. Kiddies went to see Santa whilst the parents had mulled wine and mince pie. Ahhh so lovely!

Walking in to Bounce Below

Now of course I want to recreate those memories with my girls. Leeched has changed as it’s now Bounce Below (underground trampolines). We took Little Miss there last year and we got to take the train in to see Santa.

Nadolig Llawen from Bounce Below

This year imagine my disappointment to find that the train isn’t there anymore!! Now you walk into the caves and I was gutted! I even told the staff member that was with us. He explained that it had been removed fir health & safety reasons. Whilst I can (in part) appreciate that, I was just so miffed! Especially since now (if you’re tall like hubby) you have to duck when you walk in – I’m sorry but I’d say the risk of concussion is higher than a health & safety risk of the train!

Walking Around Bounce Below

Anyway, after going in we saw that they’ve now installed nets in Santa’s grotto – it’s the Junior Bounce bit. However you have to be over 3 years old to go on it so of course Little Miss wasn’t allowed on. Oh and I should add that there was no discount to compensate for the fact that she wasn’t allowed to participate in the full experience.

With #Santa at @BounceBelowUK today! #25daysofchristmas #christmas

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If you’re still reading, you may have gathered that I’m disappointed with the whole experience. It just doesn’t live up to my childhood memories but still it was a nice morning out. When the girls are old enough to go on the nets I think it’s be great! And I also think that the adult nets are a fantastic idea! Honestly, it’s a great day out if your kids are old enough. They will love bouncing around an underground cave – I mean who wouldn’t!!

You can find Bounce Below at Llechwedd Slate Caverns, Blaenau Ffestiniog.



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Nadolig Llawen 2015
Well tomorrow is Christmas Day so this is a quick post to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!

I hope today isn’t a mad rush getting some last minute shopping done! Today our plans are to bake a Christmas cake (a la Cakey Dreamer!) and prepping the veg ready for tomorrow.

This evening we then have th excitement of Santa coming to visit! I’ve also got a Christmas Eve box for the girls to open – new pyjamas and chocolate buttons!

Best sign off now so have a good one!!


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I’m not going to lie, having kids has changed the relationship we have with our dogs.

Gemma Beagle
Before babies, they were our babies and would be allowed to come into the front room to sit and snuggle with us. Sure the place was covered in dog hair but hey ho that’s life with a dog.

Post babies they’re not allowed through to the front room. Main reason for this is because of the dog hair issue. Our babies are rolling around in the floor and we don’t want them to be permanently inhaling dog hair.

Megs JRT
Unfortunately this means the dogs don’t spend as much time with us as previously. As soon as Miss Mostyn starts settling upstairs they can start coming back through again in the evenings but that’s not going to be for another month at least.

We still love the dogs as much as ever and maybe we’re being too cautious with separating them and the girls. But like I say, it’s only because Miss Mostyn is still so small.

If I could go back, would I change anything? No I don’t think I would. The dogs are safe and warm and have plenty of food at least. Even though they don’t get the attention they deserve, it’s a temporary setback.

What do you think? Any tips?



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