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Little men checking tyre treads

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It’s that time of year now where everyone is driving to visit friends and family for Christmas. I know I certainly am – today for example, I am on my way to my home town to see my Nain (grandmother) and to take Little Miss to see Santa at Bounce Below.

My Nain is such a worrier and hates it when I drive around with two little ones in the car. To be fair she does have a point, driving is such a dangerous thing that we all take too lightly if truth be told. With that in mind car safety and more specifically tyre safety is something I need to look into.

I’ll hold my hands up and say, I don’t check my tyres regularly and I really really should. In fact I will check them before I get started this morning. The amount of driving I do – approx 50mile round trip daily – I need to take tyre safety way more seriously than I currently do.

As for a tyre brand, I normally go for the middle range option whereas my Mam would go for Michelin tyres every time – she does think she’s a rally driver though so she does need good tyres. Last time we had to get tyres we went to a national tyre centre (who I will not name) but pretty much got ripped off so this time I think I’ll give Point S a try. You order the tyres* via their website, find your nearest centre (I have two close to me – yay!) and book your appointment. Seems pretty simple!

* (I love the fact that if you don’t know your tyre details that you can put in your registration number and it’ll find the right tyre for you! This is the best feature I’ve ever come across because if you asked me what size tyre I needed I wouldn’t have a clue!)

Point S website also has some handy guides on Looking after your tyresRunning in your new tyresHow to check your tyre tread & How to check your tyre pressure – articles I definitely need to read up on!

Whatever you do over the Christmas holidays, check your tyres and be safe on the roads! 

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Taid 2015 (This is sitting on my bedside table. Not the best photo of Taid but only passport size one I had! And the teddy is a farting haggis Taid brought back from a trip to Scotland) 

It’s been three years since Taid died and this day doesn’t get any easier. I know life goes on and I now have two beautiful little girls who’ve been named after him (honestly it’s not as silly as it sounds!) I wish they could’ve met him. I wish I could see him hold them even for just one hug.

If truth be told, I could really do with a Taid bear hug right now. I miss him more than ever this year.


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I may end up regretting this but I’ve signed up to do Race For Life next year with my boss!

Currently I’m not a runner. In actual fact I hardly ever never exercise and I do realise this is very, very bad! I decided i needed to start exercising and the only way to guarantee that I do it is to sign up to something.

I happened to be discussing health stuff with my boss and she said that she was going to sign us up to do Race for Life next year. My initial reaction was “Shit! How do I get out of this?!” because a) I’m lazy, b) so unfit it’s unbelievable ad I don’t want to look like a twat in front of my boss. After explaining to her that I look like such a twat running (think Phoebe in Friends), I had a think about it and decided to give it a go!

(This would be me running!!)

My boss advised me to download the Couch to 5K app to get me started. From what she explained, it seems to build up your running gradually which is good. She also advised me to get decent running shoes… not sure if my Skechers Shape Ups will do the job. Might have to get myself some lycra pants as well?!

What do you think? Reckon I can do it?

A Cornish Mum

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First up let me apologise for the sporadic posting this month. After #BEDN it was hard to keep up with my regular posting schedule. So let me fill you in with some happenings with a Life Lately post!

Life Lately

1) Flu

Yes folks that’s another reason why I’ve not been around much this past week – I’ve had the flu! It came quite suddenly last Friday afternoon. Started feeling really hot but had goosebumps and was very achey. Same for the next couple of days and by Tuesday evening my neck was aching so badly I decided I had to go see a doctor. Cue Wednesday morning I was at the doctors at 7.30am (in my pyjamas!) making an appointment. Managed to get an appointment for 9.15am for both me & Little Miss. Doctor confirmed I had the flu but that I had been lucky because normally people are off for two weeks with it. He said I needed a couple of days bedrest which is pretty impossible. I don’t have any time to be off sick at the moment! I have taken two days off – Wednesday and Thursday but went in for Friday morning.

2) Busy at Work

It’s that time of year, it’s busy busy busy and I have a lot to do. Which is why I can’t be off sick! Normally I would do overtime but I can’t at the moment because there’s something booked for every weekend before Christmas.

3) Girls

Well they’re growing! Today MissMostyn is officially 5 months old and is such a cutie pie! She can manage to roll over now. I’ve also been watching her try to move – she pulls her bum up in the air and then slides herself forward – like a worm wriggle!

And Little Miss is 23 months old! And is a proper little diva! Her latest thing is the advent calendar. She knows that she gets chocolate from it and when she sees it she’ll shout “chocolate cake”!

4) Christmas

The radio announced its exactly 2 weeks until Christmas! I won’t tell you what my four letter word response was but you can guess it wasn’t too polite! I have no idea where I’m up to with gifts etc. I think I’ve sorted the food order put though. Tesco for the turkey and trimmings and then a local vegetable seller for the veg (same as last year).

5) Christmas Party

It was works Christmas do today at Plas Heli. I didn’t go because originally hubby planned on going to the Lakes this evening but ended up going tomorrow. My friend did offer to babysit the girls for me but to be honest, I don’t feel in the party spirit at the moment. I’ve never been big on parties anyhow.

How has life been treating you lately? Getting into the Christmas festivities?


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There’s been a lot of talk about Christmas presents recently and got me thinking about some of my best Christmas presents.

Of course my best ever Christmas present was my beautiful boy Jimmy Jones. I’ve blogged about it before but briefly he was my precious Jack Russell that my Uncle gave me. He pulled this little black and tan JRT out of his coat pocket and I fell in love. This is one of my favourite photos – this is me with Taid and Jimmy. Happy Days!

I asked the hubby what his best ever Christmas gift was and he couldn’t give me an answer! He said that he never gets surprise gifts and always has to choose his own Christmas presents (cue violins!). Well this year he’s getting a surprise gift which has come all the way from America! I can’t share in case he reads this.

The girls of course are too young to even understand Christmas but I hope that the best Christmas gift I can give them is happiness. I really do hope that we can give them a magical Christmas this year! Things are looking good so far – we’ve put the tree up and when she saw it yesterday morning with the twinkly lights she just stood in front of it and said “waaaaaaw”*

* for you non Welsh speakers that is Welsh for “wow” 😉

But you know, whatever gifts we give each other this year, I can guarantee that they’re not half as extravagant as the gifts on this list! Whilst I’m not averse to a bit of bling, I think an $8m necklace is a bit much right?! Although a white elephant would be pretty awesome – but where would you keep it?

What have been you best ever Christmas presents?

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