It’s my birthday today! And I’m on my way to Pinewood Studios to see Red Dwarf being filmed! But I’m not leaving you without a little celebration……

I often visit Siop Eluned in Pwllheli to buy some little knick knacks, gifts and sweeties. It’s a lovely little shop and if you’re ever in Pwllheli I would highly recommend a visit – but be warned, you will be tempted with so many lovely goodies!!

I went in on Monday and after browsing at length I decided on these lovely handmade soaps from the Celtic Herbal range – another local business. They make handmade soaps, home spa products (bath salts/oils/melts etc) as well as natural skincare products (facial oils & balms etc).

I was undecided over the Glamorous Lavender Soap or these two bars of handmade soap (Rose, Geranium & Grapefruit and Cinnamon & Orange). Unfortunately there was no Honey & Oatmeal soaps in stock because I buy them all for my Mam! She suffers from sensitive skin and using Celtic Herbal’s Honey & Oatmeal soap works wonders for her skin – she swears by them!

Oh and you may have spotted the Welsh Dragon ceramic hanging decoration…. I’m throwing that in just because I love it! (Yes also from Siop Eluned).

So without further ado…. enter the giveaway here!!

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Good luck my lovelies!


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Would You Rather...
I saw this on BuzzFeed and thought I’d answer the questions in a blog post.

1) Would you rather..

  • Have £1,000 a day for the rest of your life?
  • Have £1million in the bank today?

This one is a difficult one…. having £1m today would be lovely. I would clear my debts, have a nice holiday, buy a nice car etc. But £1000 everyday for the rest of my life would mean more money and by having it drip fed to me would mean I wouldn’t blow it…. so I think £1,000 everyday would be my choice.

2) Would you rather..
  • Be rich and ugly?
  • Be poor but gorgeous?
I’m not sure if I’d rather be known as vain or materialistic but I think I’d rather be rich and ugly!
3) Would you rather…
  • Walk away with £1,000?
  • Flip a coin to see if you could win £5,000?
I’m going to sound so awful saying it but £1,000 wouldn’t get very far for me so I think I’d rather flip a coin!
4) Would you rather…
  • Lose all of your money and valuables?
  • Lose one of your senses?

Depending on which sense but possibly lose one of my senses. The main reason for that choice is that I have two girls to look after and so valuables to me includes our house which I would need to

5) Would you rather…
  • Own a private island?
  • Have a talking dog?
Own a private island and live there away from people. Ahhh solitude!! Although I think a talking dog would be pretty cool! I’d go for the dog… so long t wasn’t as annoying as Doug from Up!
6) Would you rather…
  • Live the rest of your life financially comfortable?
  • Live 20 years like a millionaire, but then be poor afterwards?

Live life financially comfortable so I know my girls would be safe. I’d definitely give up the dream of owning a BMW i8 (I’ve upgraded my dream car from the Z4!) so my girls would have a roof over their heads.

7) Would you rather…
  • Be poor but everyone thinks that you’re rich?
  • Be rich but everyone thinks that you’re poor?

I find this to be such a weird question!! I don’t care what people think but I suppose I’d say be rich but everyone think I’m poor? Yes I’m materialistic!

8) Would you rather…
  • Shoot coins out of your mouth whenever you talk?
  • Just be normal, thanks?

Just be normal thanks! I mean making money easy would be great but just think of the mess!!

9) Would you rather…
  • Spend £200 on someone’s Christmas present and they only spend £20 on you?
  • Spend £20 on someone’s Christmas present and they spend £200 on you?

In all honesty, I wouldn’t care! If it’s a thoughtful gift then it can be £2 for all I care! I wouldn’t want anyone to spend £200 on me!! (And at the moment I couldn’t afford to spend £200 on anyone either!).

10) Would you rather…
  • Sell your pet for £1million?
  • Keep your pet?

Sell, sell, sell!!! And that’s my answer this evening after the lovely little “deposit” Megs left in the kitchen for me!! Bloody naughty dog! But I know I’d miss them after a bit… I do miss their snuggly cuddles!

So how about it, which would you rather?

A Cornish Mum

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My morning consists of getting up at 6.40am, have a shower, get the girls up, have breakfast and run out the door by 8am! So I really don’t have time to wake up really!

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it but my morning commute is about 40mins in the morning. So I listen to a fair bit of music in the car. There are certain songs that are guaranteed to wake me up. These 5 songs are my go to songs if I need to get myself going….

Meatloaf – I’d Do Anything For Love (album version)

Oh my word I LOVE this song! It’s just so powerful! My favourite bit is at 4.53 minutes where the song instead of goes back down to a slow-er ballad-ish it turns up and becomes all rock-God on you! Oh and I should note that the album version of this song is over 10 minutes long!!

The Runways – Cherry Bomb

This one was on the soundtrack to Guardians of the Galaxy (a fabulous soundtrack!). It is definitely a turn it up loud song!

Taylor Swift – Shake It Off

I’m a little late into the whole Taylor Swift movement but I’m here now! I bought her 1989 album recently and can’t switch it off. There are a number of great songs on there but of course the main one to get you going is this one!

Oh and I just had to share this video….

Meatloaf – Out Of The Frying Pan (**)

Yes another Meatloaf song!

I absolutely love the lines:

“You were only killing time and it’ll kill you right back!”
“You’ve got nothing to do and even less to lose”

A very good motto to live by in my opinion. If Im feeling down then this song is a sure thing to lift my mood.

Lady GaGa – Scheibe

I absolutely LOVE this song! Which is a bit odd since I was never into the techno scene. Weirdly my friend who was into dance music isn’t keen on this one… Whilst the lyrics don’t make any sense at all – it’s meant to be German but she’s actually talking random German sounding words – it’s another song I crank up in the car!

Crank these up to full volume(*) and sing your heart out! Give it a go!

(* please do not put it on full volume as I don’t want to be blamed if you deafen yourself. Be sensible yeah?!)

(** I could have listed a 3rd Meatloaf song but I thought it’d be too much! I would just recommend you listen to the whole Bat Out Of Hell 2 album – it is fab!)


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Megs & Gemma
I recently read Oh so Beckah‘s blog and saw this furry friends tag….

1) What is your pet’s name?
I have two – Megs & Gemma.

2) What kind of pet is it and what breed?
Both are female dogs. Megs is a Jack Russell Terrier and Gemma is a Beagle.

3) How long have you had your pet friend?
It’ll be six years come March.

4) How did you get your pet?
We did think of going for a rescue dog but instead we found both of them via PetsForHomes website. Gemma came from a breeder in Cardigan and Megs came from a family in Prestatyn

5) How old is your pet?
Both will be 6 this year – Gemma on 28 Jan and Megs on 1 Feb.

6) What’s some quirky things about your pet?
Ok it’s not quirky but Gemma has an extremely annoying habit of eating EVERYTHING! And I mean everything! Megs is annoying in that she will constantly whinge or bark unless she’s in the same room as you!

7) What does your relationship with your pet mean to you?
I love my pups but at the moment they’re getting on my nerves! I think they might need re-training. I have found that the relationship with the dogs have changed since having kiddiwinks. But also I think the relationship I have with these two are is completely different to the one I had with Jimmy my childhood dog.

8) What are some of your favourite past times with your pet?
Walking especially in Llanberis. Such a beautiful place.

9) What are some nicknames you call your pet?
Gemma-pants, Megsy-poo, Stinkies, Pupsgies

Have you got any furry friends? If so I tag you!! 


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Well it’s about a week and a half after the event but it was Little Miss’ 2nd birthday! We went to Glasfryn Parc with friends and family. There were more adults than children!!

Little Miss had a play in the soft play area and then decided she’d rather go 10 pin bowling instead!

Little Miss & Daddy 10 Pin Bowling

After a game we all had food and Little Miss blew out the candles on her Peppa Pig cake. Her birthday was definitely a Peppa themed one – she had lots of Peppa weebles as presents. There were also a number of Thomas items. Hubby did well to hand out a gift list to people!

Little Miss 2nd Birthday

I can’t believe she’s 2 years old now! The last two years have just flown by. I love the age she’s at now – exploring everything and talking and babbling. I don’t necessarily understand everything she says but most things I do. And it’s so weird how she’s talking Welsh and English all in one go!

And on top of that our Miss Mostyn is now 6 months old! She’s such a happy baby! Of course she cries a bit and has her off days but mostly she’s very jolly. She’s babbling and loves to say “dadadadadada”! She can also move… she’s not crawling and she’s not sitting up on her own, but she can roll around on the floor and get from one side of the room to the other pretty fast!

Can time just stop for a bit…. I don’t want them to grow up too quickly!!


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