National Popcorn Day

Well apparently it’s National Popcorn Day!

I love popcorn! There is nothing better than popcorn to watch a fab film be that at home or at the cinema.

I’m a sweet popcorn girl and my favourite (other than cinema popcorn) is Tesco’s own brand popcorn. It’s about £1 for a packet but mmmm it’s so yummy!

Whilst I like sweet popcorn I don’t like toffee popcorn. That’s just too much sweetness!


Hubby is a salted popcorn guy so going to the cinema is slightly problematic. We won’t but two different popcorn a (too expensive) we go for a mix of sweet and salted. Doesn’t always work because usually it’s the salted on top and sweet at the bottom. If it’s mixed then it’s good but in layers not so much!

How do you like your popcorn?

(Who knew I could say so much about popcorn!?!)


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Happinss Tag

The lovely Sian of Cakey Dreamer tagged me to do the Happiness Tag post….. so here goes!

Ahh well I have an eclectic taste in music but the songs that I’m currently loving are Blank Space by Taylor Swift and Everything Louder Than Everything Else by Meatloaf. Trust me, turn it up loud!

I don’t read much anymore.. when I have any free time I end up blogging! But I used to love reading and one of my favourite books is a Welsh book called Cysgod Y Cryman. I also love Wendy Holden books.

Oh I love my films! I have way too many but at the moment I’m (still) loving Guardians of the Galaxy! I’m also loving Jurassic Park! And just for Sian, I’ll throw in Tangled as my current Disney fave!

Easy peasy lemon squeezy answer to this… Chinese takeaway! It’s either chicken fried rice with chips, curry sauce and a side of chop sue roll! Or alternatively chicken curry with mushrooms and fried rice and some crispy wontons! Mmmm… I’m hungry now!

Oh I always hate this question! I can never think of words that make me happy. I could tell you plenty that annoy me (because I always struggle to spell them!)… but if I’m pushed, at the moment I’m loving “naughty dog” when my girl says it!! Too cute for words!

My go to perfume is Britney Spears’ Fantasy. It’s just yum! And it always reminds me of Word Disney World. The smell of it takes me back to our honeymoon!

For a different one though I do like the smell you get when you light a match. 🙂

Random Things:
Well the main thing that makes me happy is my girls. They are just too beautiful! It amazes me that we were able to create something so cute! Can’t forget hubby who without him none of it would be possible!

And snow! I love some snow! Don’t get enough of it here.

And childhood memories of happy times with Taid, Dad and Jimmy. 

Well Sian of course! And Anca, Stevie, Sassy and shout outs to my #Blogpower Family – Linda, Rebecca, Amanda, Umber, Lyndsay and Louise!

Now I tag whoever wants a bit of a lift for this dreary Sunday! Let me know if you do the tag! 🙂


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Fitness Friday

Exercise – Running

I thought I’d give you a bit of an update with my fitness challenge. As you know, I’ve decided to try and take up running. I’ve bought the shoes!! Fila running shoes – cheap at half the price!

Fila running shoes for £20 bought! #running #newyearnewme #resolutions

A photo posted by Rebecca (@becsterdotcom) on

I’ve also downloaded the Couch to 5k app. I haven’t done much of it yet. We started it on Saturday but it was an EPIC FAIL!! We tried to do it with the girls and the dogs. It is not possible to do it with two dogs and a double pram! When I was running with the dogs, Megs decided to run under my feet and Gemma decided to run the other way, I nearly went tit over arse into some steel railings!!

Needless to say I will not be trying that again anytime soon! I mean, running with the dogs. I will try the running again definitely. Wasn’t too bad! We got back and was a bit drenched. I really wanted to go back out to give it another go but unfortunately couldn’t.

On Sunday morning I got up early and went out to try again. After the first 60s run I want panting and couldn’t catch my breath. When the app told me to do the second run I was still panting so I didn’t do it. Instead I did every other run.

Oh wow this Couch to 5K has taught me one thing so far / I am SO UNFIT!! I couldn’t even do the first run! I’m not…

Posted by on Sunday, 10 January 2016

I’ve realised that I’m not going to be able to do the app as expected and it’s going to take me twice as long but I’m not defeated! Even if I do take twice as long then it’s still better than nothing! This meme came to mind!

Still Lapping Everyone Still on the Couch

Healthy Eating

What I have managed to do though is change what I eat at lunch. For the last week I’ve had salad boxes for lunch everyday (other than on the birthday party on Sunday). I used to have a sandwich or a chicken tikka and cheese panini for lunch. I’ve swapped them for ham salad boxes. So last week I had a takeaway ham salad box on Monday and Tuesday but then realised I was paying £4.50 each time! So I started making my own…
Ham Salad

I’ve actually really enjoyed the salad boxes – much to my surprise! I’ve been quite surprised that I’ve been able to eat it without any sort of salad cream! So I’ve been cutting up lettuce, red onion, sliced egg and some ham for my box. Delicious!

I’ve also been trying to keep track of what I eat but writing it down in a daily diary – well actually I’ve been writing it on post it notes during the day and transferring it over to my diary later on.


One thing I haven’t done is weigh & measure myself at the start. In all honesty, I’m not doing this to change the scales I’m doing it to try and instil new healthier things into my life before I end up a fat middle aged woman!!

What do you think to my progress so far?


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(This photo is from 1984 and is as old as me!)

I wasn’t planning to post today but I couldn’t let today pass without me saying something…. but in all honesty there are

When the news broke at lunch I was sitting by my computer casually browsing Facebook when it popped up. My mouth dropped wide open and I just sat there going “What?! Wow hang on! What?!!” I think my actual Facebook status was “Sorry but hang on WTF?!!?!?!?!”

I’m speechless! Cannot believe this!! #RIPAlanRickman

Posted by on Thursday, 14 January 2016


I honestly cannot believe we’ve lost the great actor that was Alan Rickman! He was one of my favourite actors. Definitely my fave British actor.

I had a look back through and looked through the films he’s been in. There are a number I’ve not seen. But then I was also reminded of some I hadn’t seen in ages such as Dogma. Oh I loved that film! He was just so deadpan in it! I love this scene (beware there’s some foul language):

Hours later I’m still in disbelief. He was truly a great actor. There’s a generation of fans out there who will remember him as Professor Snape but to me he will always be Hans Gruber.

#RIP Alan Rickman


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2015/2016Firstly I want to thank Mar of To & Fro for posting this “questionnaire list” on her blog. So here’s some looking back and looking forward….

Looking back…

1) Describe your 2015 in 5 words.
Another baby, no sleep = knackered!

2) What were your 3 happiest moments?
Arrival of Miss Mostyn (our family is now complete!), family time during sunny maternity days, meeting Mark Webber.

3) What one event, big or small, are you going to tell your future grandchildren about.
Well of course Miss Mostyn’s birth has to be at the top but meeting Mark Webber was pretty awesome too!!

4) List 3 new things that you discovered about yourself.
I am much more resiliant than I think. My body doesn’t like being fiddled with and I’m not perfect.

5) What new things did you try?
I don’t think I tried new things to be honest. Didn’t really have much time between having a baby, chasing a toddler and going back to work!

6) What new opportunities were you given?
From a blogging perspective I had some nice opportunities to work with some great brands.

7) What was the most important lesson your learned?
That I know my body better than the medical professionals! I said from the beginning that my second baby would also end up coming out via the “sunroof” and she did!

8) What advice would you share about what you learned this year?
I’m saying it to myself now, listen to your body!!

9) What achievements are your most proud of?
Birth of Miss Mostyn.

10) What was the best news you received?
Miss Mostyn was a healthy baby!

2015 highlight

11) What are you most thankful for?
Safe arrival of my second baby girl!

12) Who are you most thankful for?
My husband. To be fair, he puts up with a lot of crap from me and honestly I need to take better care of him in 2016.

13) What challenges did you overcome, and how?
Hmm I can’t really think of any challenges that came up during 2015.

14) What healthy habits did you put in place?
None whatsoever! My aim is to do this in 2016!

15)How did you take risks and push yourself out of your comfort zone? I
didn’t take any risks nor put myself out of my comfort zone during 2015. The closest thing I suppose is that I went to two blogging events on my own which considering I’m quite a shy person was pretty impressive!

16) How did your relationships with your friends and family evolve?
Having a second baby has meant a lot of change in relationships. My Mam moved out after Miss Mostyn arrived, parents in law have moved to live closer to us so we see them more often as they help out with the girls a lot.

17) Who, or what, had the most positive impact on your life?
My little girls and my husband. Looking at the beautiful faces of my girls made me realise that I do have it good.

18) How did you handle negative energy and tough times?
Had a rant, had a cry and carried on.

19) What was your most comment mental state this year?
Is exhausted a mental state?

20) What personal qualities, or habits, did you develop?
I developed a bad habit of over using my snooze button on my alarm clock! It’s just way too tempting!

21) How did you enjoy the little things?
Just tried to savour the little moments with my cuties!

22) If asked, how would others describe you?
I honestly don’t know! I would hope that they think I’m honest, fun and reliable!

22) If given the chance, what experience would you do all over again?
I’d meet Mark Webber all over again! 🙂 But no, given the chance I would re-do my maternity leave and try to enjoy it/make the most of it more than I did.

23) What advice would you give you early-2015 self if you could?
Make the most of your maternity leave. It will be over in a flash and you will never get that time back.

24) If you could go back in time, what would you have done differently?
I think I would have tried to make more of my maternity leave. Not sure if I used my time to the best potential.

Looking forward…

1) What are you most excited for this year?
Ooo well quite a number of things… Little Miss’ second (!!) birthday, watching Red Dwarf being filmed at Pinewood Studios (yes my friends this is happening!), seeing The Tenderloins (Impractical Jokers) at Manchester Academy, family holiday to Lanzarote in May, Miss Mostyn’s first birthday, running my first 5k (assuming I train up)… 2016 is going to be a busy year!

2) How will this year be different than the last?
This year will not be spent being pregnant! Felt like I’ve pregnant for the last 3 years! And this year I will be fitter and get

3) What is your theme song for 2016, and why?
Now that’s an interesting question! Never thought about my life in theme songs.

4) What/where do you want to see, discover and/or explore?
As money is lacking I think this year we’re going to try and explore a bit more of Wales. We especially would like to visit local castles.

2016 Beaumaris Castle

5) How will you continue to push yourself?
This year I’m going to sort out my fitness and health. Now that I’m done having babies, I can get back into shape (not that I ever was in shape but you know!).

6) What new things will you try?
Running! I WILL become a runner this year!

7) What item is on the top of your bucket list for 2016?
Oh the Red Dwarf thing without a doubt. You have no idea how excited we are for this!

8) Who do you want to spend more time with?
My girls and my husband.

9) What do you want to achieve career-wise?
Hmm… if I’m honest I wouldn’t mind doing some more training to become an expert in inhertiance tax and trusts. But unfortunately unless I can wangle work to pay for it, it’s not something I can afford this year.

10) List 3 new skills you would like to learn or improve on.
Running, cooking and gardening

11) What type of energy do you want to give off this year?
Positive vibes… not started off very well due to the lack of sleep so I’ve been rather snappy with hubby. Sorry honey!

12) List 3 things you would like to learn.
Well as question 10 – running and gardening. I’d also like to learn how to make cauliflower rice!

13) How do you want people to describe you?
Honest, friendly and good

14) What habits do you want to change or get rid of?
Unhealthy eating. I eat too many takeaways and too many sweets.

15) List 3 personal qualities you would like to develop or strengthen.
I didn’t know the answer to this one so I asked the hubby and he said I need to work on my patience! Which is probably true – I have no patience what so ever!!

16) What is one thing you want to completely rid your life of this year?
Negative people. I’m just not going to give them the energy.

17) How do you want to remember the year when you look back on it 10/20/50 years from now?
I want this year to be remembered for me being an active person, enjoying the simple life and getting the house finished!

18) What is your #1 goal for 2016?
Running a 5k!

19) How do you plan on achieving your #1 goal?
Start running would help! I’ve bought some running shoes so that’s a start!

20) If you could chose one word to live by in 2016, what would it be?

So there we have it my look back at 2015 and looking forward to 2016. I’m actually pretty excited about 2016 but I’m not sure why?! Maybe it’s simply because I won’t be pregnant this year for the first time in what feels like 3 years!!

What are you looking forward to in 2016?


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