I have an addiction*. Yes it’s sad to admit it but on the other hand, admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery. My addiction is to Blue Ribband chocolate bars. I just can’t get enough of them. Asda currently have a special offer that you get 16 bars for £2. I just cannot resist.

* Please note that I’m not making light of any sort pf addiction. I genuinely have no other way to explain my craving for these chocolate bars.

So when the DeChox challenge popped up on my Facebook feed I thought “YES! That’s a way to kick the habit!”The challenge is to not eat any chocolate for the month of March to help the British Heart Foundation fund its life saving heart research. That means absolutely no chocolate bars, no chocolate cake, and most importantly no Blue Ribbands! And that’s why I need your help.

As little as £3 (the price of a large chocolate bar), could pay for three disposable flasks that are used daily by the BHF’s scientists in their pioneering research. Or £10 (the cost of a fancy cake) could help pay for a story pack to help a child grieve for the loss of a loved one.

I’d be very grateful if you would consider donating to my DECHOX via my JustGiving page. Giving through JustGiving is quick, easy and secure; you can also Gift Aid your donation at the click of a button making it worth 25% more. Alternatively, you can buy me a treat pass here!

I’ll keep you posted on how I get on but in the meantime, I am going to eat the last couple of Blue Ribbands today! Wish me luck!!

Are you joining in with the DeChox challenge?


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Ten Things

Ok let’s make it 10 so I can link up with Stevie!!…… so what’s been happening this month? Let me have a think.

1) Cars

I don’t know what it is with my husband but he seems to be forever part exchanging my car! In fairness he hasn’t – yet – but we have been thinking about buying an electric car. We’re seeing a dealer on Monday so I’ll let you know next week how that turns out.

2) Impractical Jokers

Impractical Jokers Gallery 2015

Impractical Jokers Gallery 2015 – image courtesy of The Tenderloins


You may have guessed by now, that I love these guys! They are so awesome! And what’s even better is that we’re going to see them this coming Sunday!!

3) Sickness

Don’t worry there’s no photo of this one! We had the sickness bug hit our house last weekend which caught Little Miss, hubby & myself. Luckily (and thankfully) Miss Mostyn has been fine

4) Little Miss’ Bedroom

We’ve transferred Little Miss into her “big girl” room since last weekend. She’s not been overly keen but I think we’re getting there. Wednesday night it was a nightmare to put her to bed. It was at least 10.15pm when I got back downstairs.

5) New Books

Welsh Children's Books

As mentioned above, we’re putting Little Miss to bed in her new room which now involves storytime. We read her some Welsh children’s books from the Sali Mali series. After reading the same one 5 times over in one evening they get kind of boring! So I’m now in search of some new books for her! If anyone knows where I can get some Welsh Disney books I’d be grateful!

6) #CherishEveryMoment

I’ve stolen the hashtag from Al at The Dad’s Network! But I’m trying to just be happy and #cherisheverymoment with my girls. For example last night it was bathtime and I found myself looking at hubby and the girls and just smiling to myself. My whole world right there in that one little room.

7) Movie Time!

Movies Cineworld Pizza Hut

Last week we went to the movies and saw three films in one day. I had booked the day off so we could see them all! Read about it here! Oh and the above photo was of me taking my snacks (popcorn!) and pillow with me! 🙂

8) Blogging

I’ve been a bit behind with the blogging recently which means my stats for this month are sure to take a nosedive! But I have signed up for first ad spot over on Mar’s blog! It’s exciting seeing my badge pop up on her sidebar everytime I visit! 🙂 But I’ve had a few sponsored ops come through which is always good! And been featured as part of Chins On Tour’s Behind The Blog series!

9) Fitness

Ah yes now this is the one that has proper fallen by the wayside. I’ve stopped filling in the spreadsheet – not because I’m hiding all the junk I eat but because I keep forgetting what we’ve had for food! On the food front we’ve been sticking quite well to the Slimming World meals but the running still hasn’t happened! Hubby has done the Couch to 5K though and I’m so proud! 🙂

10) Little Miss

Yes another one about my beautiful girl! She’s growing up and has now started talking. She’s saying sentences now and learning new words everyday. Her latest word is “panad” (being cuppa in Welsh). I’m trying to get her to ask “Wyt ti isio panad?” (Would you like a cuppa) but we haven’t quite got there yet!

So there you have it! Some random things that have happened/going to happen (“will have going to have happened hactually” <- if you get that quote then I like you!). 

What’s going on with you at the moment?

A Cornish Mum

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After a lovely day out at my Nain’s we spent Valentine’s evening with these lovely stuff! However I fell asleep before the film finished which wasn’t good!

So to make it up to the hubby I have booked last Tuesday off and booked us in to see 3 films at our local Cineworld!

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

First up was Star Wars. We had been to see it before and I wasn’t fussed but hubby wanted to see it again. I didn’t mind – it’s not a bad film I just not a huge fan of the franchise! Although I will admit I do like Rey and Finn… which are the main characters so enjoyable enough.

After that it was around 2.15pm when we came out so we headed to Pizza Hut to catch the buffet. Never been to the buffet because I’m always at work. It was nice!

Dad’s Army

Next film was Dad’s Army. If you’ve never seen/heard of Dad’s Army then it was a British sitcom in the 1970s about the Home Guard during the war. The film was an adaptation of the British sitcom and so we had new actors portraying classic characters. They had a difficult job I must admit because no-one can ever beat the originals. Toby Jones as Mainwaring was great but Michael Gambon as Godfrey was spot on. I wasn’t watching Michael Gambon as Godfrey I was watching Godfrey! Like I say, spot on!

(Something I’ve found out since is that the original Godfrey (Arnold Ridley) was Daisy Ridley’s great-uncle! What a coincidence!)


This was the main event! Everyone who had seen it had told me it was fantastic and well worth seeing… and I’m not going to argue with them! It is one of the best films I’ve seen in a long time… best one since Guardians of the Galaxy perhaps.

Ryan Reynolds reprises his role as Wade Wilson/Deadpool but thankfully not the same one as in X Men Origins: Wolverine where he had his mouth shown shut. And honestly if his mouth had been sown shut then this film wouldn’t have been half as entertaining!

I knew this film was going to be violent after reading about someone who wanted to take their kids to see it but complained about the violence…. erm yeah it is most definitely not a kids film! There is definitely adult themes going on in this film.

I’m not going to do a synopsis or anything because I don’t want to give out any spoilers but all I’ll say is… go see it! If you’re not convinced then honestly, just go see it for Ryan Reynolds’ humour (and buff body – never noticed it before but mm yes!).

Have you seen these films? Do they appeal to you? What was the last film you saw at the cinema?

Keep Calm and Carry On Linking Sunday

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Thursday nights are one of the best nights for TV* as 4 of my fave shows are on! I can’t wait for the girls to go to bed so I can snuggle up on the sofa with a cup of tea, some choccies and watch the great lineup that is Thursday evenings. If only I had the Panasonic Viera 4K TV – have you seen it? It looks pretty amazing!

(*with possibly the exception of Monday because Mondays is Impractical Jokers night!). 

Anyhow! Lifetime has 3 fab shows on Thursday. It kicks off with Australia’s Next Top Model followed by Britains Next Top Model and finished off with a good dollop of Project Runway! (I know, I know – considering the scruff I am it’s weird I love these shows!)

Australia’s Next Top Model (Thurs 8pm)

In case you’ve been living under a rock I’ll briefly explain the premise:

15 beautiful girls are chosen to compete to become Australia’s Next Top Model. Each week the girls perform tasks such as a runway walk, go see and each week they have a photoshoot. The judges then decide who leaves and who stays until in the last episode three girls compete in a show stopping finale to be crowned winner!

So this year there are a number of girls who I have my money on. I like Ducky (love the name!) and Shanali but I think my money is in Taylor.

Britain’s Next Top Model (Thurs 9pm)

Next up is Britains Next Top Model. Of course it’s the same format as Australia’s next top model expect the girls are from the UK.

My favourite episode has to be the makeover episode. Some girls have amazing transformations!

My money is on Angel to win. Ok so she has no hair but her photos are spectacular!!

Project Runway (Thurs 10pm)

To finish the evening off we have Project runway which is a shiw where fashion designers compete to be crowned winner. It’s hosted by Heidi Klum and the fabulous Tim Gunn!

After the first episode I was shocked to see Han Mao stay as I really liked the other dress. But I think Candace will be crowned the winner. If not her then I’m rooting for Ashley.

Celwydd Noeth (Thurs 8.25pm)

If you have access to S4C then you really need to catch this quiz show!

The contestants are given a number of facts of which 1 is a lie (celwydd) and they need to identify the lie. It’s addictive viewing!

And as it happens hubby has been on it – his episode isn’t in until November though! (Remember the passport fiasco – well this was the show he was filming!).

So if your Thursday night viewing hasn’t been sorted then I would thoroughly recommend the above!

Have you got any other recommendations?

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In this day of digital photos does anyone still print photos? I remember the era of not knowing what you’ve photographed until you took your film to somewhere like Jessops and getting it developed! I remember the excitinment of then picking up those photos and browsing through them! Ahh happy days!

When Taid died I took all his photos with me with the intention of scanning them in so we’d always have a record of them. It’s amazing the photos I’ve seen in his collection. This is one of my favourites – me with Taid & Jimmy. (And as it happens it would have been Taid’s birthday today – Penblwydd Hapus Taid!)

Taid, Becca & Jimmy

What I’m currently doing is printing 95 photos out each month for free! How? Well I’ll tell you how! I’ve downloaded two apps – the Snapfish app and the Freeprints app to my phone and you get 50 and 45 free prints respectively. Here’s a brief rundown of both apps…

Snapfish & FreePrints

Snapfish App

~ 50 free prints per month
~ £2.99 postage
~ Can order more than one copy of each photo

Freeprints App

~ 45 free prints per month
~ £3.99 postage
~ The photos from this app are slightly better quality than the Snapfish app but there isn’t much in it.
~ Higher postage than Snapfish app
~ Can only order 1 copy of each photo

So what on earth do I do with all these photos? Well I’m trying to do as Taid did and mark on the back of each photo what the photos are before putting them into albums. Hubby bought me two gorgeous albums for my birthday but I haven’t started filling them yet.

I want to buy a red photo album to put all the Christmas photos in. I also want an album for our Malta holiday snaps and some for the girls’ first birthdays. But I can’t decide which ones I would like! I have setup an Amazon wishlist so I can just keep adding ones I like to it! Here’s some of my favourites.

Aren’t they gorgeous! As you can see, I can’t resist the baby photo albums!

Well I best get back to sorting my photos out since I’ll have another 95 of them land through my letterbox this month!

Do you print out photos or do you just keep digital copies?

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