Last month I joined in with Laura’s #BlogBetter campaign. The result for January are in!

I’m not sharing my detailed stats but I’ve seen an increase in

– Twitter followers
– Page views
– Unique Visitor numbers

My visiotrs in January were 200% higher than December and this was partly due to the Cariad At Wallt post I did. It was shared on their Facebook page and then their customers then also reshared it as well. It was great!

I don’t think I can repeat the success of that this month but I did host a giveaway which didn’t have the same level of sharing.

This month I want to work on the following areas:

1) Blog posts

I need to get some ACTUAL blog posts done because I’ve been slacking this month! I have a number in my draft but I’ve yet to finish them off.

2) Instagram

I’ve already started on growing my Instagram likes and following. I joined an Instagram group on Facebook and it’s been great!

3) Sharing The Love

I’ve also been slacking on visiting other people this month and I need to catch up on a number of things now. And reply to comments I’ve received.

How’s your #BlogBetter campaign going?


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Stationery Haul

I see a lot of bloggers do these “haul” type posts so I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon! Now I know that everyone seems to love the beauty hauls, or the clothes hauls, or even the Lush hauls but you know, that’s not me. Nope I’ve gone for a Stationery Haul! Oh yes I’m a proper geek and adore pretty stationery – always have done, always will.

I was looking for some nice writing paper and after trawling Amazon and EBay I ended up going to The Works in town. It’s a great little shop and has all sorts of things like crafts stuff, stationery, books, cards etc. Here’s what I ended up with:

1. Pastel Union Jack Writing Set (£1)

Union Jack Writing Paper

This was partly the reason I went to The Works in the first place. I was looking for some writing paper to write a letter to my friend and I’m pretty sure she’ll love this! 🙂

2. Pastel Union Jack Organiser (£3)

Union Jack Weekly PlannerUnion Jack Weekly Planner

Well it matches the writing paper set and it’s so pretty! If you follow my Instagram you may have already seen this baby in action as my weekly meal planner and shopping list.

3.  Doggies Sticky Notes (£5)

Doggy stickies

I’m still not sure why I bought these – oh I remember! Because they’re just so ADORABLE!! The Works describe them as Scotty dogs but I see sausage dogs – how about you?

4. Owl Print Sticky Notebook (£2)

Owl Stickies

These I bought for hubby really… no honestly I did! Kinda… He said he needed some sticky notes to put in the Slimming World cookbook and since he’s a big Sheffield Wednesday fan (nickname: The Owls) I thought he’d like these. He *may* not have seen them yet!

So that was my stationery haul from The Works. If ever you need some cute stuff you really ought to visit The Works. All of this was £11 which I thought was ace!

Are you a stationery fan?


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Fitness Friday


I went for an asthma checkup last month and the kind nurse checked me over. She took my peak flow measurement (450 which is higher than the national average!), weighed (76kg and measured (5’2.5″) me. It was quite funny she said I had grown since the last measurement by 0.5″ but of course I was probably slouching last time! She suggested that I increase my inhaler intake for a bit and maybe wait until it warms up again before trying running again.

Hubby is going well with the running though. He’s now into Week 4 of the Couch to 5K and is enjoying it.

If I’m being honest, I feel like I’ve completely lost momentum on the running front. The fact that I’ve not been able to and hubby’s ran off ahead has knocked my enthusiasm. But I will try again soon – especially now the days are getting longer. The trouble I have at the moment is that I work until 5pm, don’t get home until 6pm. If I go for a run straight away then I don’t get anytime with the girls. So I may have to confine myself to running at weekends. Later in the year then I can go running after they’ve gone to bed.



The food front has fared slightly better. I’ve stopped eating sandwiches for lunch and have swapped them for either fruit and yogurt or a salad box. Occasionally I have leftovers for example today I have chicken stir fry leftovers.

But I will admit that the last week of January was a bit of a write off – it was so hectic at work and then travelled to the recording of Red Dwarf so munched on so much junk food!

I’m still keeping track of my eating by using a spreadsheet. I keep it on OneDrive so I can update it from anywhere.

So that’s my latest Fitness Update! Unfortunately not as good progress as I’d hoped!


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It was my birthday on Friday and it should’ve been an epic day! First up was the fact that I actually had the day off. Yes the last Friday of January OFF WORK! That’s unheard of!

Secondly this popped up in my Gmail Inbox! How awesome?!!

In case you don’t know that’s Alan Fletcher who plays Dr Karl Kennedy in Neighbours!

After a shower and breakfast we dropped off the girls at Nain  & Taid’s house and we were off to Pinewood Studios to see a recording of Red Dwarf! We picked up hubby’s friends on the way and after a pit stop we got to the hotel (Ethorpe Hotel at Gerrards Cross). The room was nice enough but the bed wasn’t very comfy. The mattress was too hard for my liking.

Ethorpe Hotel

We didn’t have chance to have food because we had to be at the studio by 6pm. Hubby drove us following the sat nav instructions and honestly there has to be a better road to a major studio! We ended up going through a flood – water was over a metre high! Eventually we got to the studio but it was too dark for me to take a photo. It was too dark to see it really if I’m honest. We parked up and were directed to a tent. We were given wristbands with numbers on and told to wait.

At 6pm someone came to get us all and warned everyone not to take photos of anything! I wasn’t allowed to take ANY PHOTOS!!! Do you know how hard it is to be a blogger and be told not to take photos?! We were directed to the studio Red Dwarf was being filmed in. As we walked in we passed a JMC buggy … my fingers were itching to get to my camera! ARGH! We were sat at the very back of the audience seating but it wasn’t a big area. There were curtains hiding the set.

There was a “compare” (spelling?!) called Ray who was there to try and gee is up for the recording. He was good to start with but got annoying by the end. Although he did plan on storming the next studio as Star Wars was being filmed there!

We had Doug Naylor come greet us and tell us not to reveal any plot spoilers so unfortunately I can’t say ANYTHING about the show itself. All you need to know is that it’s going to be great!

Red Dwarf Birthday Selfies

The set was revealed and it was very interesting! We got to see the sleeping quarters and a corridor of Red Dwarf. We got to see Chris Barrie fluff his lines! To be fair he had been ill so that didn’t help! We also got see a lot of Kryten gurning thanks to Robert Llewelyn. Of course Craig Charles and Danny John Jules were there as well but we didn’t get to see much of them as they were filming on the other side of the set which we couldn’t see very well from where we were sat. But it was Robert that was the most engaging – he came over to wave at us a fair few times.

I’ll admit it was a very odd experience. I came out of the studio a bit “meh” and if you asked me if I wanted to do it again, I’d probably say no if I’m honest. Not that I regret going! It was worth going just to say we’ve been at a recording of Red Dwarf!

Have you ever been to a show recording?


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