Mother's Day

It was Mother’s Day in the UK or otherwise known as Sul Y Mamau in Welsh. We went out for a carver lunch at The Bull in Pentraeth and it was yummy as usual.

Cake baking a la Bake Off

Afterwards we came home and made some cake! I think it was due to watching Bake Off for Sports Relief that did it! Anyway, Little Miss had fun helping Dadi to make the mix and to clean the bowl…. her little face was covered in chocolate!

Eating cake mix

I can’t show you a photo of the finished product as we’ve yet to put icing on them but all you need to know is that we will never win bake off!!

Did you have a nice Mother’s Day?


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… with a car! Yes Siree! The BMW Z4 is just beautiful! I mean look at the arse it had in it!

New BMW Z4

This beautiful blue one was the on display model I the showroom. Whilst hubby was moidering to the sales rep about electric cars which are out of our league (trust me if I could afford a BMW i8 then I wouldn’t even be thinking about a Z4!)… I had a sit down in the car but unfortunately hubby didn’t take a photo.

On the way out I spotted this gorgeous burnt orange second hand version on the forecourt. Lovely!

Second Hand BMW Z4

This is the car I’m aiming for. One day I’ll have one…. one day my pretty, one day.

What’s your dream car?


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Where's Larry? Tour

On Sunday the 28th Feb we went to see The Tenderloins Where’s Larry? Tour at the Manchester Academy. If you don’t fancy reading the whole post (but please do!) then one word summary – AWESOME! Read on for further info and photos!


Excited hubby and I pre-show after finding out we were 2nd row!


We headed off to Manchester much later than we had thought because I decided to go to work on Sunday morning. Going along the M56 we were getting very worried for time. We parked up at the hotel, dumped our bags and got a taxi to the Manchester Academy. When the taxi pulled up there was a queue at the front of the building… which snaked backwards, and backwards, and backwards! We eventually joined the back of the queue and thought “Ahh jesus we’re going to be right at the back”. We got to the door and the usher told us that our seats were anywhere in the front 5 rows….. so we got 2nd row seats! We couldn’t believe how close we were to the stage!

The guys came out on stage and Joe was in front of us – which I was quite pleased with because I think I’m a Joe fan! You always have a favourite member of any group…. I alternate between Joe and Murr! There were some girls in front of us who kept catching Joe’s eye and he gave them a wink and thumbs up every so often! Shout out to The Banterloins! 😉

The Tenderloins

Sal, Joe, Murr, Q

People keep asking me how did the live show work because if you’ve seen Impractical Jokers, they go out and prank strangers on the streets of NYC. Of course that concept wouldn’t work on stage so what happened? Well the guys are actually a comedy troupe and are funny stand up comedians so it was a stand up show with some sketch videos thrown into the mix. Well worth going and I would recommend it to anyone!

The Tenderloins

It’s a bit blurry but it’s the zoom on the iPhone

They also explained that they play a game where they randomly select a person from someone’s contact list and text that person “I’ve tested positive”. They asked someone from the audience for a phone and did it. The message went from a girl to some random boy on her phone. There was no response so Joe got his arse out and they sent a photo of Joe’s arse to the lad! Needless to say that got a response! It was absolutely hilarious!!

After the show, we went around to the stage door and there were a few people stood there waiting. We waited for a while but then gave up because we were cold and hungry and it was unlikely they’d come out between the two shows (there was another show at 9pm). So we went for food at the Red Chilli restaurant. It was nice enough but as always with a Chinese I feel a bit sick after.

At 9.30pm we left the restaurant and headed to the stage door. The second show wasn’t finishing until 10.30pm so we knew we had a long wait. As the show ended a taxi pulled up and had it’s door open ready. Q and Sal basically dashed off stage and straight into the taxi without stopping for photos or anything. They did shout “We love you guys but we gotta go!” and to be fair, for all I know they could have been rushing off to catch a flight.

Q & Sal Impractical Jokers

Q & Sal making a quick getaway – blurry and dark but the best we could get

We carried on waiting because a lady next to me (“ADAM!”) said that Murr had tweeted her saying they’d be out after the final show. So we knew we were on to a good thing! Joe and Murr came out and they were awesome! There was quite a crowd but fair play to them they took a selfie with everyone! They were so nice! Absolutely great!!

Jokers Selfie

Murr, Joe, me, hubby – a bit blurry but hey it’s the Jokers!

Murr took this video of the fans that were outside which includes me and the hubby although it moves way too fast to spot us!

We love our Manchester fans!

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Did you manage to catch the show? What did you think? And how awesome is that selfie!?

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