Travel Tales Lanzarote 2016

This is my next post in my Lanzarote 2016 series! I have a very brief video of it but skip past for more detail. 

As I mentioned in my previous post, we’ve just been on holiday to Lanzarote for a week. I had never been there before so wasn’t fully prepared for just how windy it was there! Anyhow, we were staying in the H10 Lanzarote Princess hotel in Playa Blanca. 

We didn’t do much exploring but it’s a pretty normal seaside resort. There’s a beach and a lot of shops selling the usual seaside “tat”. Nain decided to buy Little Miss some Play Doh (thanks for that Nain!!) and she wouldn’t let it go!

We also found an electric car parking spot. There was no charging point but a local informed us it was being installed. Not sure if I believe that but it was still nice to see the space. 

Walking along the seafront I spotted these love locks. There were loads of them! Some of them had been there a while and had started eroding. 

Further along there was a ferry port taking passengers and cars back and forth to FuerteVentura. 

Unfortunately I didn’t get a photo of the beach there but it was golden sand which surprised me. I thought it would’ve been black sand like Tenerife.

It’s a decent enough place if you’re looking for some activity. There’s a water park there as well so plenty of things to do with kids. There’s also plenty of bars and we spotted that they were all showing the play off semi final between Brighton and Sheffield Wednesday. So hubby got to see the match. 

Have you ever been to Playa Blanca?


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Father's Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is coming up here in the UK next month (June 19th) and I’ve been browsing through UncommonGoods for some ideas of what to get the hubby from the girls. First question, do I get one gift from each of them or one gift from the both of them?

I had heard some buzz about UncommonGoods on Facebook so when I was contacted by them I was pleased to hear that they now ship to the UK! Fab news for UK customers like myself.

After reading up some more about them I was also pleased to hear that they’re an eco-friendly company and by working with suppliers they make sure that products are made in a more sociably and environmentally responsible manner. And they’ve never sold fur nor leather which is a definite plus. I’m not normally too fussed about sources of products but the older I get the more concerned I am about things. If you want to read more about their mission statement then see here, it makes an interesting read.

Anyhow! Moving on to some fab finds on their site….

Uncommon Goods

(From top left – Lawn Dice / Owl Touch Lamp / Deep Sea Sand Art / Foodie Dice)

I had to choose the dice because hubby is a Warhammer geek and dice are the thing to have when you play that. And the the Owl touch lamp because he’s a Sheffield Wednesday fan (and their nickname is “The Owls”). The Deep Sea Sand Art would be for me really because I had one as a kid and loved it so much!

For more ideas on gifts for him have a look here or here (yes I know it’s anniversary/birthday gifts but some still work for Father’s Day). Whilst you’re at it why not have a little look for a little treat for yourself eh? (I suggest here and I especially love Recycled Glass Tree Globes.)

So what items do you like?

(This was a collaborative post with


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Travel Tales Lanzarote 2016

Hi everyone! I’m back in the UK after a week in Lanzarote – thanks to the MIL. I had hoped to share my experiences whilst I was out there but the wi-fi was just rubbish! I did take plenty of photos and I even did some vlogging and I’m so excited to share my first vlog with you guys! If vlogging isn’t your thing then scroll past it and I’ll share all about our first day with you!

We were up at around 3.30 am thanks to Miss Mostyn. She’s teething and been pretty miserable at night. We needed to leave at 5am so it wasn’t all bad I guess. We had around 2 hours to drive to Manchester Airport and it seemed such a shame leaving North Wales behind especially in the beautiful weather we had.

The North Wales coast at sunrise #northwales #nofilter #beautiful

A photo posted by Rebecca (@becsterdotcom) on

We got to Manchester early enough and after going through security and passport control headed off to one of the lounges to wait. We had bacon baps for breakfast and watched the airplanes. Little Miss was so excited watching the planes and shouting “awyren!!”

Our airplane to Lanzarote

Miss Mostyn slept for pretty much most of the flight – she was teething and just needed to sleep through it. Little Miss was sat watching Chuggington on the iPad in between eating her sausage and mash and sitting with Nain & Taid.

The ground floor of the Lanzarote Princess

We were staying at the H10 Lanzarote Princess and got a bus transfer to the hotel from the airport. The hotel was pretty posh looking and we were given a glass of champagne or orange on arrival. I was quite thirsty and downed it in one! Miss Mostyn really fancied it as well but I had to keep little hands at bay.

Food at the Lanzarote Princee\ss

The food there was great! Such a great selection every night and on Friday we had entertainment whilst we ate. Five of the chefs sang some pretty amazing classical songs. Oh and yes Charlie Chaplin was also there. Please don’t ask me why!

Have you ever been to Lanzarote?


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Just a very quick update. I’m currently in Lanzarote on holiday! I’ve been here since late Saturday so we’re pretty much half way through our holiday now. We’re staying in Playa Blanca and the choice of food at the buffet is just too yummy! Honestly, there are shorts that no longer fit me thanks to eating too much!

Now I know I said I wasn’t a vlogger but watching people’s Blog On ones has inspired me to make my own. So far I’ve made one for each day of our trip which I’m trying to upload to YouTube but the wi-fi here is so painfully slow that I’ll probably have to do it when I’m back.

In the meantime I leave you with a couple of photos – if they’ll upload!


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Blog On MSI

In this penultimate post about Blog On I’m sharing you all the food that was devoured at the conference!

Real Handful

Blog On MSI Real Handful

This was the first stand I came across and I admitted that I’m not a big fan of dried fruit but the ones I tried here were actually very nice! I took a couple of bags as samples and they were a hit with the toddler – and the baby!

Swizzels Matlow

Blog On MSI

I saw this stand the instant I walked in and honestly I was in heaven! I LOVE Swizzles sweeties! Love Hearts got me through two lots of pregnancy heartburn – total lifesaver! Not only did we have access to all the sweets on the stand and in the goodie bags but there was also a big ball pit in there!


Blog On MSI

Oh the cake! It was sponsored by Pom Pom Wow and made by New Adventures in Cake. It was so delicious!


Blog On MSI

Now I think these have to be my favourite find from the conference. They’re crisps made from rice and they’re so yummy! I’ve even found some at our local Tesco and bought some.

Echo Falls

Blog On MSI Echo Falls

Just before the close of the conference Echo Falls dished out glasses of wine for everyone. I’ve never seen so much wine! There was also a bottle in the goodie bag. I’m not a wine drinker but I’ve been told that it was a good bottle!

Saucy Fish Co

Unfortunately I didn’t get to this stand early enough to try the fish nor did I take a photo (blogger fail!). But I did get talking to the lady there saying that I’m not overly keen on fish and she said I was their perfect audience.


Blog On MSI

There was also some marshmallows served at some point during the day. They were wonderful!

Well what can I say other than yum! Anything tempting you here?


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