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I mentioned in my previous post I mentioned that I went to Blog On MSI on the 1st May. I blogged about the seminars in my last post and today I’m bringing you the fun and games at Blog On MSI!

Swizzels Matlow Ball Pool

First up was the Swizzels Matlow Ball Pool! Oh yes people a full sized ball pool. There was a competition for taking a selfie in the pool. I didn’t win but I did enter…. (oh and I need to apologise to Swizzels for my damned autocorrect changing their name to Swizzlers!)

Swizzels ball pit! #lifeisbon #blogonmsi

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Toys Galore

There was an abundance of toys there thanks to various PR firms. There were some Peppa Pig prototypes which looked very interesting. I also spotted some Paw Patrol stuff which are a firm favourite in our house.

Also spotted the Timeline game by Esdevium Games. You get a handful of cards and you and your opponent(s) have to take turns in putting the cards in chronological order. There’s numerous versions of the game including Movies, Historical Events and Star Wars.

Blog On MSI

Hotter Shoes and Dream Genii Maternity Pillow

I didn’t get much of a chance to stop by these two stalls but I did spot them. I will be honest and say that I hadn’t really heard of them before but since being to the conference I have spotted one of their shops and had a browse. And then the maternity pillow looked great but unfortunately my pregnancy days are over with! (Yay and nay!)

Canvas Holidays

There was a great challenge put on by Canvas Holidays – you had 60 seconds to pack as many items into a suitcase/backpack. I managed 58 items which was pretty decent… it’s all the practice I’ve had in doing a quick chucking of toys into the toy box at the end of the day! They also had a fab prize to win a £1500 holiday! I wasn’t the winner but how fab was that?!

Blog On MSI

Raffle and Tombola

There was also a raffle and tombola raising money for Kids Cancer Charity and raised around £1200! I completely missed the tombola but I did win at the raffle – a lovely wine glass holder made by Alice.

Craft Den

I mentioned this in my previous post – there was a Craft Den hosted by Black Sheep Wool Co where you could learn to sew/knit/crochet.

There was so much going on so I wouldn’t be surprised if I’ve missed things and I apologise sincerely to those I have mentioned.

Check back on Friday for the next post – all about the food!!



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Blog On MSI

On May 1st I attended my first ever Blog On conference at Manchester’s Museum of Science and Industry. If you’re looking for the one word synopsis then that’d be totallyamazingandwellworththedrive!

Yes it was a long drive to Manchester and I was going on my own which meant navigating my way into the city centre on my tod. After finally parking in the (correct) carpark I walked over to the Museum. Met some lovely fellow bloggers in the Cafe and I apologise now if I seemed weird I’m just not great at social situtations!

After buying myself a bottle of water I went in to the museum and it’s such a shame I didn’t have time to go around for a nosey because it looks amazing! (Another trip back to Manchester is needed I think!) Upstairs and found Anca at the registration queue. Got my tag and away we went! Passed the tombola and raffler stalls – I did buy a ticket for the raffle and I won a nice wine/glass holder made by Alice. After that we headed over to the introduction and key note speech about what blogging means to you.

I’m not going to talk about the stalls as yet because I have a separate post coming up about that so instead I’m focussing on the seminars.

First Session

Thank you to @sophiesscran for this very informative seminar #blogonmsi

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It was a choice between “Photography Technical” with John Arnold or “How to make your blog attractive to brands” with I opted for the Working With Brands seminar hosted by Sophie of

It was a very informative session and explained the difference expectations of SEOs vs PRs vs Brands. The main point I took away from this was the fact that if I receive an email from a brand/PR/SEO is to assess the wider opportunity (i.e. is it sometimes better to work for the exposure if it establishes a longer term relationship? <- not a popular opinion but I can see the sense in it).

Second Session

There were three choices for the second session – Photography Creative with Charly Dove, SEO 101 to beginners with RMS PR and Earning beyond the blog with Emily Leary.

I opted for the Earning Beyond The Blog session. Again very informative session and delivered in such an easy going manner by Emily. Very inspiring and has given me a boost in how to approach brands to work with (ahem Tesco watch out I’ll be coming for you!!)

Third Session

Pinterest seminar with @rosalilium #blogonmsi

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Again a choice between Pinterest 101 with Pinterest, Monetisation with Type The Hype or Design and branding with Conker Communications.

Both Anca and I decided to go for the Pinterest 101 session and I must admit, this was the best session of the day for me. I learnt so much from it! The major thing I learnt was that there’s an analytics feature on Pinterest which I have now switched on! Amazing stuff!

Fourth Session

Choice between Pinterest Advanced, Content Ideas that Inspire (I-Com) or Hosting competitions (Di Coke). I went to the Content Ideas that Inspire since I’m having a bit of a blogging slump and thought I’d find some inspiration. The session was a bit disappointing as it discussed using Analytics for content ideas based on what has brought you traffic previously. Good idea but just not for me I think. I really should’ve stayed for the Pinterest Advanced. Oh well there’s always next year!

Fifth Session

Blog On MSI

There was two options for the fifth session Youtube (Channel Mum) or Photo Walkabout (Charly Dove and John Arnold). I’m not a vlogger and have* had no interest in vlogging at the time so we opted to forgo the 5th session and went to the Craft Den instead where Black Sheep Wool Co were teaching people to knit, sew and crochet. We sat down at the patchwork table and were tought how to do this! Brought back so many memories – my Mam did patchwork and I used to do some with her on occasions.

Black Sheep Wool Blog ON MSI

My little patchwork squares

* I’ve been watching everyone’s vlogs of the conference and I’m feeling inspired to join this bandwagon! 


To end the day we had Scummy Mummies as keynote speakers. I haven’t laughed so much in ages! I especially loved their version of Bonnie Tyler’s Hero song. Not to be missed!

All in all it was a fab day and even getting lost on the way out of Manchester hasn’t put me off going again next year.

Have you been to Blog On? If not, have I persuaded you? *

*There’s going to be a few more Blog On MSI related posts coming up soon so don’t decide no just yet!


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I say update but I actually don’t think I’ve posted much about our garden at all! But I’m now getting a bit excited about finally getting out garden sorted! We moved to this house about 5 years ago and one of the main attractions was the garden – it’s big! And perfect for two dogs and two kids.


(The “after” photo is now the “middle” and please forgive the blurriness of the photos)

Since we’ve been here we’ve taken down all the leylandis and got a builder in to extend a patio area and put in raised beds in. We also had a vegetable patch put in and finally we’ve planted some veg in it!

Garden Veg

We went to our local garden centre (Fron Goch) for a talk about growing veggies which was very interesting. I spent a while afterwards looking though their selection of veg for ideas of what to plant.


What I also would like is a composter so I can put our food waste to good use. I also would like a greenhouse. There’s a greenhouse at the other house which we possibly could salvage and repair using this plastic greenhouse glass*. Plastic would be ideal because it would be safer with two young children.


(A panoramic view of our garden – the shed is not wonky it’s just the photo! Click on it to see a bigger version)

I think there’s a big improvement from where we started but there’s still a lot to do yet. I want to put in some cherry blossom trees in the far corner and extend the veggie patch.

What do you think?

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