Travel Tales Lanzarote 2016

This is the last one from my Lanzarote 2016 series. On the Thursday we went on a glass bottom boat trip.

It was a really clear day so the sun was rather hot. We had booked on the Glass Bottom Boat trip and it wasn’t what we had expected. We had a but of a journey around the Playa Blanca bay before we moored off the coast of Playa Mujeres.

Playa Mujeres Lanzarote

The trip offered some watersports such as kayaking and rides on the banana boat. Also you could go swimming in the sea. We watched others on the banana boat and it looked like a lot of fun! They also offered a trip over to the beach at Playa Mujeres but because of our pram we couldn’t easily do that.

Fuerteventura Lanzarote

Now of course since it was a glass bottom boat you could go under deck and view the fish in the beautiful blue sea. It was great but did get a bit boring after a while because there was pretty much only one type of fish out there – grey! But Miss Mostyn seemed to enjoy herself watching the fishes!

Glass Bottom Boat

During the trip there was food and drink provided as part of the excursion cost – if I remember correctly it was chicken drumsticks, chips, salad etc and drinks.

The staff on the boat were very friendly and helped us with the pram (including carrying it to the top deck). Also, I was sporting my trusted Mark Webber Red Bull baseball cap which the captain spotted so we had a great discussion about Formula 1.

Overall thoughts – wasn’t ideal for us with a toddler and baby but would’ve been perfect for adults and older children. Still was enjoyable enough.

Have you ever been on a glass bottom boat trip?


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This Little Big Life

Welcome to another edition of This Little Big Life. This my post for the weekly #ThisLittleBigLife linky hosted by Louise and Sarah. As always, skip the vlog for a more detailed post.


Bullet Journal and Happy Mail

The morning was spent at work discussing the EU Referendum result… I could bang on about it but I won’t. So my weekend started on Friday afternoon since I had an afternoon off work to take the dogs for their annual bath. I had planned a lovely afternoon of blogging, bullet journalling but that plan went a bit tits up when the plumber turned up to install our washing machine.

And since I was home early I went to pick up the girls and played around with the Selfie Phone Clip on my way.


Caernarfon Harbour

The weather was a bit doom and gloom but the morning was promising to be a bit better than the afternoon so hubby went to mow the lawn whilst I took the girls down to town. I needed to get to the Post Office since I hadn’t managed it the day before.

I went to Home Bargains and Asda as I’m trying to get inspiration for Miss Mostyn’s birthday present. What on earth do you get a one year old that already has everything because her older sister has everything? So the only thing I could think of was a slide for the garden? Although again this would be more for her older sister. Any ideas please comment!! Oh and I also managed to finally put our gecko up in our downstairs loo.

Finally put the gecko up! #geckosofinstagram #lanzarote #snowdonia

A photo posted by Rebecca (@becsterdotcom) on

In the afternoon my Mam came over to take away two old sofas. They’re surplus to requirements in our house since we have our main living room and then a smaller living room. These sofas were in the smaller room which we’re going to turn into our office/storage room. We should really change it to be a playroom but for now we just want to move things out of our main living room.

Slides and sofas

For dinner on Saturday I made some homemade pizza and whilst I was making pizza Little Miss was busy playing with Play Doh. And then the other piece of good news is that Wales beat Northern Ireland to go through to the Quarter Finals of the Euros. I’m not a big football fan but this is good! (Sorry Northern Ireland!).

Homemade pizza and play doh


Well what a washout Sunday was! It rained all day but that didn’t stop us from going to From Goch Garden Centre for lunch. They do a mean carvery!

Fron Goch Garden Centre

We ended up buying a tree and some plants for our garden. We had to buy a tree since hubby had taken out our doggy poop bing which left a rather large hole in the garden. In the end we decided to go for an oak tree so it can grow nice and big and become a feature at the end of our garden. We also bought some foxgloves and ferns to plant behind it since they’ll grow well in it’s (eventual) shadow.

Planted Tree and Flowers

So how was your weekend?


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Selfie Phone Clip

As a blogger there is one thing that we’re always doing and that’s taking photos. We’re permanently snapping away to make sure we have that perfect shot. I’ve only recently started taking selfies if I’m honest but what I have found is that I can’t ever get enough of the scene in so it’s pretty much just my face! And who on earth wants to see my face in close up?

Selfie Phone Clip

ANYHOW! I was sent this little selfie phone clip to help with my problem. It’s so cute and really simple to use. You simply unscrew the cap, clip it to your phone and voila away you go!

Selfie Phone Clip

Over the last three days I’ve been playing with it and here’s some shots. The top images are the ones without the clip, and the bottom images are the ones with the clip..

Selfie Phone Clip

Me totally rocking my Jurassic Park tee on the way to pick up the girls on Friday.

Selfie Phone Clip

Out and about in town on Saturday.

I don’t know about you but I actually really love it! It’s so easy to use. No more fiddling around with a selfie stick (and no more worrying whether the phone will fall out of it!!

The selfie phone clip is Designed by and the RRP is £6.99 and are available to purchase at IWOOT.

Do you take a lot of selfies?

(I was given this product for free in return for an honest review)


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This Little Big Life

Another weekend is over with and whilst that is a bit sad at least I enjoy my work. But before I go back to work tomorrow let me fill you in on our little weekend life. As ever skip the vlog if you prefer to read about it…


We ended up going out to Llandudno for the day. I think the main reason for this was because we had received £20 of Love2Shop vouchers and decided we HAD to buy Deadpool! Our closest HMV is Llandudno since they closed the Bangor store.


We had lunch in Debenhams where we all had cake and MissMostyn made a hell of a mess…. I always try to pick up what I can but unless I have a dustpan and brush then I can’t pick it all up.

On the way back from HMV I stopped in The Works (I do love this shop!) to have a browse and ended up buying some writing paper. Now if I had known that my Bullet Journal was going to fall apart later that day then I would have bought some wash tape to fix it with but alas hindsight is a great thing.

We stopped by Acme Games (hubby’s mecca at the moment) and I had a look through their impressive Pop Vinyls collection. I was tempted by Wall E and Dumbo but decided against it. In the retro games shop around the corner there was a Murloc Pop but we didn’t have cash to buy it.


After getting back to the car we went home via the scenic route of Betws Y Coed, Nant Gwynant and Beddgelert. The great thing with going this route is that you get to see Snowdon from every angle. It was a beautiful day and we got to pass Llyn Gwynant where they filmed some of the Tomb Raider film.

Bullet Journal Disaster

We decided to have a Chinese takeaway for supper because our fridge was rather empty so whilst waiting for it I decided to compile my shopping list in my Bullet Journal…. which then promptly fell apart!


Father's Day Cards

It was Father’s Day here in the UK (but I believe it’s the same day worldwide?). The girls had made Father’s Day cards at nursery – but apparently they don’t do this in schools? Don’t get me started on this subject!

The Mulberry

We went out for a meal with hubby’s parents. We went to The Mulberry in Conwy Marina. The food was nice enough but there wasn’t enough gravy for my liking. Also it could have done with more veg – in fact my husband had to actually ask for more potatoes since he only had 2 roasties on his and everyone else had a couple of new potatoes on their plates as well. I had the beef dinner and I must admit the beef was lovely.

The Mulberry

The rain caught up with us and so hubby’s plan to mow the lawn fell flat. After getting home we debated over staying in the car for a bit and having a snooze because both girls were asleep. But the rain was so heavy we decided to go in and have a snooze on the sofa.

We put the Formula 1 on – first race in Azerbaijan! Hubby slept through it and I slept for most of it – we were just so tired. I did see a couple of laps and it looks like an amazing track! Street circuit around the old castle in Baku. I had never considered Azerbaijan a country I’d like to visit but it’s now on my radar.

To finish the weekend I phoned my Dad because I couldn’t go to see him since he was working all weekend. Haven’t spoken to him in a while so it was good to catch up.

How was your weekend?

(Linking up with Louise and Sarah for #ThisLittleBigLife)


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Travel Tales Lanzarote 2016

Hi everyone! Sorry I’ve been a bit quiet on the blog recently but it’s been super busy at work. I’m back today with another vlog/blog of our Lanzarote trip! Today’s post is about our day out in the volcanoes which includes a camel ride. As usual, if you don’t fancy the vlog then skip ahead and read all about the day trip!

On the Wednesday we left the girls to have a day with Nain & Taid whilst hubby and I had a day to ourselves. We went on a coach trip to TimanFaya National Park to see all the volcanoes. We got off the coach at the Visitor Centre and found everyone else was wearing a cardigan or coat but we were just in t-shirts (hey we’re British and there was sun).

TimanFaya Lanzarote

At the Visitor Centre we got to see three “experiments” – one was holding hot stones heated by the heat from the volcanoes, the next was a geiser (see the video) and then the third one was seeing that the heat was so intense that it caused some hay to ignite. Inside the Visitor Centre there was a cafe and they were roasting chickens and baking potatoes over the heat coming from the volcanoes. It was real hot!!

After the Visitor Centre we went back on the bus and went on the tour of the volcanoes. It was really scary on a bus! Sheer drops on both sides! Our guide was very funny! He was very informative and explained all about the volcanoes, how they were formed, when etc but what kept me amused was the fact that he kept mentioning “Lava Ah Ah”! Oh just the way he said was funny! I’m easily entertained!

Camels at TimanFaya Lanzarote

On the way back from TimanFaya we stopped with the camels. I was a bit apprehensive about going on the camel ride because I’m allergic to horses but I though sod it I’m doing it! And I’m glad I did because it was actually a lot of fun. We were worried about the welfare of the camels though but the tour guide assured us that they were taken care of. They worked half days and when not working they lived in a near by sanctuary. Brian (our camel) did look content enough  and the camel that was behind us in the caravan was certainly happy to stick his nose in my armpit! I ha never considered camels to be so cute until I met Brian and his chum!

At a vineyard in Lanzarote

From there we travelled on to a vineyard. I had seen little half circular stone walls all over place but hadn’t realised they were windbreaks for the vineyards. We didn’t get to do the wine tasting because we had to go to the loo and when we got back out the others had been and were all coming out saying it tasted horrible! I did however sample the cactus mojo. Oh my word it was so nice! I’m really regretting not bringing some home with me.

El Golfo the Green Lagoon

After the vineyard visit we stopped in Yaiza for some food before heading off to El Golfo to see the Green Lagoon. Now unfortunately there had been some works done to the beach which meant the Green Lagoon is no longer as green as it used to be as the algae that created the colour had been diluted. It was very windy there!!

Los Hervideros Lanzarote

Last stop before heading back to the hotel was Los Hervideros where we got to see how the sea is busy eating the land. There were some impressive seacaves there. And the sound of the seas was very impressive. On the way back to the hotel we also stopped to have a look at the salt mines were I may or may not have picked up some volcanic rock to take home with me – it’s ok! I didn’t take it from within the National Park!

So that was Day 4! What did you think of Brian?!


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