10 Things

Oh my word how is it the end of July already? So you know what that means, it’s time for another 10 highlights from July and linking up with Stevie again.

1) Miss Mostyn’s birthday

Paw Patrol Picnic

I can’t believe that my littlest girl is one! Time is flying by way too quick. She’s growing up too fast! She’s such an inquistitve little thing and loves her big sister so much. Trouble is that she tries to steal everything Little Miss has which inevitably causes a meltdown by someone. But she’s perfect, absolutely perfect.

2) Swimming

A month of firsts! We took Miss Mostyn swimming for the first time. She loved it! We also had a bit of a breakthrough with Little Miss. She’s not overly keen on water but she came into the pool and seemed to enjoy it.

3) Illness

We’ve all been ill over the past week. Miss Mostyn started off with a cough and was wheezy and we ended up taking her to the doctor. Doctor said that despite a nasty sounding cough that her chest is clear and she’s ok. She has passed it on to me and hubby though and because we’re asthmatic it’s been a bit of a bitch. Breathing is difficult! I just hope it doesn’t develop into a chest infection like I had at Christmas.

4) Hot Tub

Hot Tubs North Wales Showroom

We rented a hot tub for Miss Mostyn’s birthday weekend. It was such a shame the weather was rubbish otherwise we would’ve had great fun in it.

5) Sky Q

We got Sky Q installed yesterday! As it turns out, it’s cheaper than our current contract so honestly, what did we have to lose? The picture quality is AMAZING and finally I can record more than two things at once!

6) Minions

First thing we watched after getting Sky Q was Minions! Why am I so behind the times and only seeing this now? It’s hilarious!

7) Pokemon Go

Hubby is really into it but me not so much. It did however get us out of the house and for a long walk around town to find Pokestops.

8) Doodling

I’ve been doodling a lot recently thanks to some inspiration from Pic Candle videos. I created the above doodle after watching some videos.

9) Sleeping Success

We may have cracked the sleeping routine of Little Miss. We used to have to “sleep” on the floor in Little Miss’ room until she fell asleep before we could move. Last week we’ve changed things up and after bath, we read her a story or two (or three) and then leave her to it. We had some grumbling but she seems to have settled in to this routine. Which is yay for us! Now all we need to do is crack Miss Mostyn!

10) Work

I’ve been busy this month and I’ve also had to move offices at work. My room is being knocked through to the next one to make a bigger one. I’m moving to a different room but whilst the work is being done I have to share again. Not shared a room with someone for alms 4 years so it feels very weird!

So that’s it for my July. How was July for you?

A Cornish Mum
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Homestyling Lofty Dreams

I can’t believe that we’ve been at this house we call our home for over 5 years now. We’ve not done any major works* but we have plans to eventually put a new kitchen and new bathroom in. But today I’m talking about our ultimate goal – a loft conversion!

(*We’ve done some redecorating which included painting our bedroom from a nasty lilac into the boring but clean magnolia and replacing carpets in said bedroom and the living room. We’ve also redone the downstairs loo and the toddler’s bedroom.)

Our attic is actually HUGE!! Not that I know because I can’t get in it but to go be you and idea, my 6’2″ hubby can stand upright and stretch his arms upwards and still not reach the top of the roof. That in my mind is huge!

We’ve had someone come out to give us a quote of how much it would cost to do a loft conversion but it ended up being around £22k so that plan has been shelved for now. But I can still dream!!

Loft Conversions

(Image courtesy of GL Builders)

In my dream I would convert our loft into a master bedroom for hubby and I. It would have room for our bed, a walk in wardrobe and an ensuite with shower.

I’d love to have some windows by Velux along the roof at the back of the house because we could then see Snowdon. Unfortunately there’s an industrial estate right behind our house so we would also need to have some lovely blinds so to block out observers. I saw these lovely Velux blinds by RoofBlinds.co.uk – I do love lime green. Would be lovely!

Velux Roller Blind in Green from RoofBlinds.co.uk

When I was younger, one of my friends had an attic bedroom and I thought it was so cool! Oh if only I had the money! It’d be so awesome!

What do you think about loft conversions and attic rooms?


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Inigo Jones Slate Works

This post is all about our recent trip to Inigo Jones Slate Works. Let’s start off with…

My Love Of Slate

If you know me at all then you’ll know I’m from a slate mining town and so I love my Welsh slate. I have mentioned Llechwedd Slate Caverns before and I share pictures of slate mining remnants on my Instagram…. this one is my favourites and was actually my second photo ever on Instagram.

Vivian Quarry Llanberis

A photo posted by Rebecca (@becsterdotcom) on

Inigo Jones Slate Works

I was therefore naturally attracted to the Inigo Jones Slate Works in Penygroes. It’s been there for years and I’m ashamed to say that it took me until this year to finally visit! Before I mention our visit I’ll give you some background about the slate works, well actually I will let John Lloyd the managing director of Inigo Jones give you some background…

We decided to visit one sunny afternoon in June because I had said to hubby that I NEEDED to visit to show him some fabulous products – or in other words to possibly give him some Christmas/Birthday gift ideas. The Jigsaw Coasters I shared above are just one product that I think I need in my life!

Anyway I digress…..

Inigo Jones Slateworks


We headed in and paid for two adult tickets for the self-guided tour (kiddos were free!), got given the headsets and instruction and were pointed towards the opening video presentation. The short presentation needs a bit of an update I think because it talks about the quarrying at Aberllefenni but that quarry has closed since 2003. But even so, it was still a good video showing how the slate was extracted from the mines.

Inigo Jones Slateworks

After the video you are instructed to put the headphones on and follow the instructions given on the recording. The first exhibits are contained in this shed and has numerous times of interest including old tools used in mining, various slate from around the world detailing the different colours. There’s also details of how slate is formed.

Inigo Jones Slateworks

Old Railway Siding

Next stop was the old railway siding which is near Lon Eifion. There’s a lot of excess slate everywhere and an old crane. The tour explained that no piece of slate is ever thrown away as something can be made even from the smallest piece – hence all the slate bits everywhere!

Inigo Jones Slateworks

Moving on from the Lon Eifion stop you are taken into the old workshops where there’s a plethora of old machines. The tour also explained how there used to be an old water wheel in there generating electricity and how it was replaced by a generator when a local double decker bus crashed into the pipes carrying the water over the road.

Inigo Jones Slateworks

After the workshops you’re directed towards the next building where there’s a beautiful slate fireplace. What’s quite gutting to me is that I’ve found out after putting in new stud walling that there’s a slate fireplace in our house!

Inigo Jones Slateworks

Upstairs in this building is the old style classroom – this is the only bit we couldn’t take a pram to. Along the walls and in the display boxes you have the history of communication. Fascinating little display. Oh and also you have the chance to try some engraving. Safety glasses are provided!!

Facilities and Contact Details

Inigo Jones Slateworks

Inigo Jones Slate Works – website / Facebook / Twitter

It was a lovely little day out and I would highly recommend it. As mentioned, you can take the pram around everywhere other than upstairs to the classroom. There’s plenty of parking space and a cafe on location. There’s also a shop selling all manner of slate products including jewellery and this wonderful set of jigsaw coasters.

Have you ever visited Inigo Jones? If not, have I persuaded you to go yet?!

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This Little Big Life

Welcome to another edition of This Little Big Life. This my post for the weekly #ThisLittleBigLife linky hosted by Louise and Sarah. As always, skip the vlog for a more detailed post.


Hubby had arranged to meetup with a friend from work to take the kids swimming. His friend has a little boy the same age as our MissMostyn. We packed all the swimming costumes etc and headed to Llandudno. Now we weren’t too sure if Little Miss would go into the water because she’s not overly keen. Hubby used to take her to swimming lessons but she would just scream the place down. We asked her before we got her changed if she wanted to go swimming and she said “Ia piiis. Nofio Mami” (Yes please. Swimming Mami). So we all got changed in a family cubicle and headed to the pool.

Miserable weather in Llandudno. But we had a good morning swim

A photo posted by Rebecca (@becsterdotcom) on

Hubby and MissMostyn went straight in but Little Miss decided she didn’t want to go in. We sat around the side of the pool for a while until I asked her again and she was still a bit unsure. So I went in first and then she decided to join me! She had armbands on and we had one of those waist tubes for her. She seemed to quite enjoy floating around the pool with me.

SUCCESS!!! I’m not a big swimmer and I’m not overly keen on water but I didn’t want her to be the same. I really hope this is a big step in the right direction to getting her swimming. I want her to be able to join her Dadi and little sister in the waterparks when we go to Disney in a few years time.

Lunch at Harvey's

After the swimming we decided to go to Wetherspoons to find some lunch. Unfortunately the weather was miserable and everyone had decided to head to Wetherspoons to get some grub! So we ended up going to Harvey’s New York Bar and Grill. There was a 15 minute wait so we went to The Works and HMV for a nosey. And for once we didn’t buy anything – OMG miracles happen!

We had a late lunch at Harvey’s – I went for my usual Quesidillas and hubby went for the usual burger.  Always very nice and I would recommend a visit – check out my other posts here and here.

Acme Games - Pop Collection

As always we stopped by Acme Games although it was my fault this time because I wanted to check out their latest Pop collection. This was a mistake because there’s just way too many that we want! Little Miss wouldn’t leave without getting an Elsa one. But to be fair, she has played with it non-stop since we got it. Including a lovely moment in the car when I caught her talking to Elsa.


The evening was pretty much the usual for us – food, bath and “beis”. The photo above is all the little toys that Little Miss takes with her to bed. Her Bwni was in bed with her but I found Elsa on the floor so I put her on the side table to look after her whilst she slept. Oh my gorgeous girl!


Sunday morning I went to work and around 45 mins after getting there I had a phonecall from hubby who said he couldn’t find his car keys. Well no he couldn’t find them because for some reason I had BOTH keys in my bag!! So he was stuck at home all morning waiting for me to come back! Oops!

Collecting Pokemon

After I got back we went out for a walk with the girls and the dogs… and yes I’m not ashamed to admit that it was because of Pokemon Go! Hubby was really into it back in the day and loved this new one. So we walked all around town looking for Pokemon and Pokestops!

Some Pokestops

It’s actually pretty amazing the stops that you find around town. I had never seen that pavement mosaic I must admit!

Some Pokestops

There are some impressive places around town and some spectacular views over the Menai Straits.

Menai Straot

It was such a beautiful day! And really warm so of course we deserved an ice cream. We stopped by Scoops where hubby had a marshmallow and waffle mania ice cream cone, Little Miss had a tub of chocolate ice cream and Miss Mostyn had a cone with no ice cream. I had a bit of a sore throat and had decided I wanted mint but they didn’t have any! 🙁 But Palace Cafe did so I had a sneaky cone of mint ice cream with a flake outside the castle.

(Yes I’m sorry I went elsewhere to find the min ice-cream! *hangs head in shame*)

Ice cream by the castle

After getting home we were so hot and sweaty that we couldn’t be bothered to cook and ended up having a Chinese (again!). ARGH!!!

How was your weekend?


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Hot Tubs North Wales Showroom

If you follow me on social media then you’ll know that last weekend it was our little girl’s first birthday party. To celebrate we hired a hot tub for the weekend. I mentioned in that post that I would mention more about it….

Hot Tubs North Wales Showroom

Hot Tubs North Wales Showroom

Way back in March we went to the Grand Opening of the Hot Tub North Wales showroom in Mochdre. We got to see the different hot tubs on offer. They have two different ranges – the River Range and the Elite Range.

Hot Tubs North Wales Showroom

The Elite Range is what some people would refer to as the “American” range in that they are bigger than the River Range. They had various tubs on show but the Obsession tub was up and running. The Obsession is the one featured in this video below.

The River Range are smaller tubs but still have a nice selection. The one that was up and running for the day was The Elwy. It’s big enough to hold 4 people and costs £3795 to buy. It’s also available for hire which is exactly what we did.

Hot Tubs North Wales Showroom

We hired it for the weekend and it cost us £195 + £20 delivery for three day hire. They delivered it on Friday morning and gave hubby a tutorial on how to test the chemical levels etc. Hubby was there to accept delivery and said it was so easy – the delivery guys set it all up with no hassle.

Over the weekend we used it – not as much as we hoped since the weather was too cold. Honestly, I did go in (and so did the girls) but there’s no photos of just me – all of the photos of me feature the girls so I won’t be sharing them here. But here’s one of hubby his lordship enjoying himself in the tub!

Hot Tubs North Wales Showroom

On Monday morning they came to pickup the tub. The delivery guys did everything – all I had to do was open the gate for them. Absolutely wonderful service!

Believe it or not, this was my first experience of a hot tub andI’ll be honest, I enjoyed it more than I imagined that I would! I can’t justify buying one because 1) we don’t have the money and 2) we wouldn’t get the use of it to justify the cost. But I would definitely recommend hiring one.

You can find out more about UK Lesiure Living: Website / Facebook / Twitter 

Are you a fan of hot tubs? Have you ever been in one?


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