F1 Wednesday

It was a wet weekend but what else do you expect for the British GP – typical British summer isn’t it?! But even so it was deserving of this…

Were there surprises in qualifying? Not particularly. Not sure if Verstappen qualifying in third is a surprise these days! That lad is the next big thing in F1 – Mark my words!

Race day was another wet one. So wet in fact that the race had to start behind the safety car. But the reactions on Twitter to that choice was pretty obvious…. not a good move in the fans’ opinion.


After the Safety Car pitted (lap 5 I believe) there was chaos in the pits with everyone pitting for tyre changes. Some releases were very close calls but no-one was penalised. Later on in the race, Renault managed to release Palmer with only 3 wheels on and was subsequently given a 10s stop/go penalty.

There were a couple of spins during the race including Alonso and Vettel. Pesky rain! Both recovered and managed to carry on. Retirements included both Haas cars, both Renaults, and a Sauber.

It was a simple win for Hamilton and despite some gearbox problems Rosberg still crossed the line in second and Verstappen finished third. Post-race Rosberg was given a penalty and demoted to third but even so was still on the second place step on the podium.

But the BEST bit for me was that Mark Webber was doing the podium interviews!! Lewis Hamilton spoke very well and tried to pre-empt the booing by praising Nico but even so, the crowd still boo-ed Nico. I thought that was very unfair of the crowd. And good ol’ Mark as always tried to brush over it.

I know it’s not a long post but I didn’t have a lot of time to get the post done! But I hope you enjoyed my brief synopsis!

Did you watch the race? What did you think?


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Penblwydd Miss Mostyn

I can’t believe a whole year has been and gone since our baby girl was born. She’s no longer a baby and has grown into what I would call a mini-toddler. She’s not quite old enough to be a toddler because she can’t walk yet but she’s not young enough to be a little baby!

On Saturday we had a little party for her. We invited all our friends and family to come over for a BBQ/hot tub party which of course was looking like a disaster since it was chucking it down! But it wasn’t actually a disaster – we MIL/FIL cooked all the meat in the cooker and we had an indoor picnic.

Paw Patrol Picnic

What was nearly a disaster was the cake! We had someone make us a double layer Paw Patrol cake and hubby had bought two of the toys to place on top. On Friday, hubby brought the cake home and we left it to one side. Later that evening we caught the dog taking a bite out of the cake!!!

Birthday Cake Disaster

But we managed to save it by simply getting rid of the bottom layer and turned it into a single layer cake. It looked good!

A Paw Patrol birthday cake! #pawpatrol #pawpatrolparty #birthday #pawpatrolcake

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I didn’t take too many photos of the day because we were too busy having a good time! The only photos I took were of the food and of my girls (which I’m not sharing here – sorry!). It did stop raining for a bit in the afternoon so hubby and his friends went into the hot tub for a while. They seemed to enjoy it! (I’ll be doing another post about the tub soon).

Hot Tub Birthday

Now it’s a shame I can’t share the video of us singing happy birthday to MissMostyn because she loved it! Little Miss had a cry though! I don’t think she likes it when we sing en masse! But like I said, we all had a great time and I want to thank everyone who came to celebrate our little girl’s first birthday.

Penblwydd hapus fy nghariad bach del i.


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10 Things

It’s been a while since I’ve participated in Stevie’s linky *hangs head in shame* but I’m back with a 10 Highlights for June.

1) Father’s Day – it was Father’s Day at some point in June and despite the rain we went out for a meal to The Mulberry.

2) Gecko – such a small thing but I finally put our gecko up in the downstairs loo! We bought it whilst in Malta. Little Miss chose it and it was the only souvenir we bought.

Finally put the gecko up! #geckosofinstagram #lanzarote #snowdonia

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3) Bloda Eluned – a new flower shop opened on Pwllheli high street. I spend a fortune at the sister shop (selling all sorts of goodies!) so of course I was there at the grand opening and wrote a little post about it.

4) Wales’ Euro Dream – I’m not into football but I did get behind the Welsh team at the Euros. They did so well and June saw them win the group stages and reach the quarter final. OK so July saw us lose at a semi final but even so we’re so proud of the boys!!

5) Work – super busy at work and I was off out promoting our payroll bureau.

6) Garden – the garden is coming along nicely. We’ve finally planted some veggies in the veggie patch and we even have some flowers in the flower beds. Oh and an oak tree!

7) House – there’s been huge progress at the house. Someone has been busy stripping paint off the skirting boards and the wooden panels and waxed them. There’s now wallpaper on the walls and even carpet in two of the bedrooms and lino in the bathroom!

Home improvements

8) Bullet Journal – I’ve been doing this for a couple of months now but it’s only during June that I started to be a bit creative with it. I now doodle in it as well and have created some “nice” doodles.

Some F1 doodles #f1 #formula1 #motorsport

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9) Dimension Jump – we booked tickets for next year’s Red Dwarf convention! Oh yes people we’re going to DJ2017!!! Last time we went

10) Happy Mail – I joined a Bullet Journal Penpal Facebook group and have started sending and receiving happy mail!!

#happymail from @d_a_p_h_n_e_l_e_i_g_h – thanks so much!! X

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What were your June highlights?

A Cornish Mum

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F1 Wednesday

This is going to be a long post so I’ll just give you my highlights.

Qualifying – I didn’t watch qualifying but I heard that Jenson qualified in 5th but due to grid penalties he was starting 3rd! THIRD!!!! How on earth did he manage that in that crappy McLaren? Heard people say on Facebook “Did no-one else turn up?!” because no-one could believe he’d managed to get that car into 3rd!

Race – I didn’t get to watch the race other than the last two or three laps. So I got to watch THE crash that everyone’s been talking about. From what I saw it did look like Nico deliberately went into Hamilton which seems to be the thought of the stewards hence the 10 second post race penalty.

Then the surprising result (other than Jenson’s 5th place finish) was Verstappen’s 2nd place finish! I think that boy is going to be the next big thing.

I told you it wasn’t a long post!!


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