Please Tell Me it Gets Easier

Please tell me it gets easier! I don’t care if you have to lie, just reassure me and please tell me it gets easier! PLEASE!

As I lie here under the toddlers bed waiting for her to sleep I thought to myself – what the hell am I doing?

I can hear the littlest whinge whilst Dadi tries to put her to bed – it was my turn this evening but we swapped halfway.

Don’t get me wrong, I love them to bits but fucking hell it’s been a difficult couple of days.

Little Miss

Little Miss is becoming a right madam! She is now in the “Dim licio” (no likey) phase. You ask her what she wants to eat and she’ll say something like Weetabix. By the time I’ve poured out the Weetabix and milk she has changed her mind and decreed “DIM LICIO” to me.

But this annoyance pales into comparison of the littlest…

Miss Mostyn

I think Miss Mostyn is teething again so she’s been clingy and it’s driving me insane! She’s such a lovely thing but she is constantly wanting me. I can’t even go to the shower without her banging at the bathroom door – Dadi was with her but nope he wasn’t good enough!

I went to see my Nain last Saturday because it was her birthday. To explain, Nain has a long room living room/ dining room and the sofa is the divider. All I did was get up off the sofa and walk to the dining table and MELTDOWN! I didn’t even leave her line of sight!

In fact she was so clingy and miserable that it got me all worked up because she wouldn’t settle. So rather than having a cheery happy birthday meal with Nain I just had to leave! And Nain is a worrier so naturally she worried herself silly thinking Miss Mostyn doesn’t like her!

Another reason I think she’s teething is the biting! Oh my god she’s vicious!! She comes up to me on the pretence that she wants a cuddle and sneakily takes a chunk out of my shoulder! And she bit Little Miss last week!!

All in all it’s been a shitty week with them! But, they’re my gorgeous baby girls and I love them so much! I just want to squish them!

But I don’t care if you have to lie to me….

please tell me it gets easier!


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GroCycle Mushroom Growing Kit Review

I was recently contacted by GroCycle to review their mushroom growing kit. It seemed perfect for me since after the success of the veggie patch I’d decided I wanted to grow mushrooms that I could eat! I’ve found mushrooms growing in the garden but I have no idea if they’re edible or not!

GroCycle Mushroom Growing Kit

GroCycle Mushroom Growing Kit

The mushroom growing kit comes in a nice sized box. The kit contains:

  • Instructions
  • GroKids information and colouring pages
  • Dried oyster mushrooms (for cooking)
  • Box with recycled coffee grounds

Per the instructions you need to soak the bag in water overnight. My TOP TIP – the bag will float so be sure to weigh it down in order to get maximum water retention.

Whilst the bag is soaking, cut out a square in the front of the cardboard box – it’s been perforated so should be quite easy!

GroCycle Mushroom Growing Kit

After the overnight soak, place the bag back in the box and leave in a room away from direct sunlight.

You need to spray the mushrooms twice daily and soon little mushrooms will start sprouting.

GroCycle Mushroom Growing Kit

Ones the mushrooms have flattened out, harvest and enjoy a yummy meal with them! I used them in

GroCycle Mushroom Growing Kit

My Thoughts

The results are pretty instantaneous which is awesome because we could see the mushrooms grow on a daily basis. My toddler found it fascinating! It’s a fantastic kit to do with the kids. To be honest, I found it great fun myself!

The information pack is good as well and it taught me lots about mushrooms and the toddler loved the colouring pages. The only problem I found is that the sheets were too glossy for her pens.

I also love the fact that the mushrooms grow from used coffee grounds. I’m all for recycling!

The kit can be used over and over – the instructions say to leave the kit for two weeks before restarting the process. Unfortunately I didn’t get to test this as my husband thought it was a one-time thing and threw it out! Gah!

More Information

Their website has lots of detailed information about growing mushrooms. You can buy your own GroCycle Mushroom Growing Kit direct from their website. They retail for £16.00 but there are multi-buy discounts available.

Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Pinterest

Have you ever grown mushrooms?

I was given the mushroom growing kit for free by Gro Cycle but all opinions are my own. 


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It has been rumoured that a dragon has been roaming the Welsh countryside. He’s been travelling the length and breadth of this country and you can see from this video what he’s been up to.

Dragon Spotted

He’s been spotted at Caernarfon Castle and at Beaumaris Castle but he has declared Harlech Castle to be his permanent residence. Fairplay to him, he will allow you to visit his home. Just beware of the talons!

The dragon has landed
The dragon has landed at Harlech Castle
Dragon claws
Dragon wings
Dragon eyes
Selfie with a dragon
Little Miss eyeing up the dragon
Smoking dragon

And here’s a little video of the smoking dragon.

If you can get a chance to visit him then please do so because he is AWESOME! So lifelike! The one small thing that would make him absolutely real is blinking eyes. But oh my word I could sit there all day with him. It’s such a shame he’s not at Caernarfon otherwise I would be visiting him regularly.

You can find the dragon at Harlech Castle – website / Facebook / Twitter

Are you brave enough to face the dragon?

Keep Calm and Carry On Linking Sunday

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Recently I’ve noticed that my size 14 jeans are getting a tad too tight for my liking. So I’ve been looking at why this might be the case. I’ve narrowed it down to 5 things. So here are…

5 Reasons Why I’m Fat!

1) St Pierre’s Vanilla Brioche

St Pierre Brioche - cc

These things are LETHAL! They are loaded with sugar but are just SO.DAMN.NICE!! I cleared out Morrisons the other day by bulk buying the whole shelf! At least I can admit that I may have a problem… in fact I emailed my boss to tell her I had a problem. That’s the first two steps to recovery right? Admitting a problem and seeking help?

2) Chinese Takeaway


I love love LOVE Chinese takeaway! Unfortunately it’s full of fattening goodness! The above images are actually not takeaway but a sit down meal at Jade Village for our 4th wedding anniversary.

3) Love of Sausage Roll

Sausage Roll

I’ve recently rediscovered my love for sausage roll. It’s all because my normal sandwich shop had closed for some repair work so I had to walk further afield and went to the other shop. THEY HAVE SAUSAGE ROLLS!!! So I may have to visit again.

4) Untouched Running Shoes

Running Shoes

Remember how I said I was going to take up running? Yeah that didn’t happen! These beautiful funky pink and black Fila shoes are sitting collecting dust. I really want to give it a go but given the recent bouts of illness I’m worried about my asthma.

5) Sucker for a Lollipop


Another thing I love is the traffic light lollipop. They’re 20p a pop and mmmm delicious! No bloody wonder I have to visit the dentist and have fillings done! Boo! Will it stop me eating them? NOT AT ALL! I can always get false teeth!

I hope you enjoyed this post! It’s a bit of a laugh at myself post but really, I am getting fatter and not fitter so I am going to have to do *something* but that’d be after my next Chinese takeaway!!

Any tips of how to get me fit and slim again?

Keep Calm and Carry On Linking Sunday

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OfficeYoga - Combat That Bad Posture

Working in an office for 35 hours a week can wreak havoc on your posture. I know because I suffer from having bad posture. The trouble is I really should know better and I cannot blame my employer as they have provided me with all the necessary equipment – adjustable office chairs, footrest, monitor shelf etc.

Care Bears

What has Care Bears go to do with bad posture I hear you ask? Well I slouch even when I’m not at work. So much so that my Mam has said that I resemble one of the creatures from CareBears…. (click play and it should show you the Green Creature Slave)

….yes my Mam is lovely huh?!


Anyway moving on! I really need to work on my posture and to increase my movement whilst I’m at work. My boss has joked (I hope so!) about having a gym installed in our basement but I have found these awesome #officeyoga positions that I could do by sitting at my desk. Thanks to Furniture at Work for sharing.

Furniture at Work - #OfficeYoga Infographic

Seems pretty simple that even I could do this! I’m determined to give it a go and I’ll report back and let you know if my posture improves.

Tell me, have you got bad posture? Do you work in an office? 

(in collaboration with Furniture@Work)


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