The lovely people at Toad Diaries recently sent me a Blogger Journal to review. I’ve been using it for the past month or so and here are my thoughts.

(First up let me apologise as I had originally planned a YouTube video but unfortunately my video app let me down big time!)

Toad Diaries - The Blogger Journal

As you can see from the above the version I received is the black marble effect with the personalised wording of “I Blog Therefore I Am”.

You have room for your contacts at the front of the journal. Also at the front is two pages for you to note down your statistics and space for vital information.

There’s enough space for approximately month and a half of daily writing. On the other hand you could do it on a weekly basis and stretch the journal out to last longer. This is probably what I should’ve done as I’m not a full time blogger.

Toad Diaries

Toad Diaries offer customisable diaries and planners. Prices vary depending on what you choose. I believe this version would cost approximately £15 or so.

I would recommend that you visit their webpage to have a browse as there is just so much choice on offer! When this book runs out I may have to invest in another one.

Toad Diaries: website / Facebook

I was give this diary in return for a review. All opinions are my honest opinions of the product. 

Do you use diaries and journals?


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5 Songs with Random Memories

listen to a lot of music on the way to and from work. There’s some old school stuff on there which reminds of some of the random stuff! So here are my

5 Songs With Random Memories

Boyzone – It’s Time

This song reminds me so much of being in Niagra Falls. I was on a school skiing trip to Canada and I had bought the Boyzone – A Different Beat album to listen on the trip. Actually the whole album reminds me of that trip. But this song in particular reminds me of sitting on a bus near Niagra Falls.

Natasha Bedingfield – Silent Movie

For some reason, whenever I hear this one I get the urge to play Sims! Although it’s Sims 2 I should play because I used to listen to this album a lot when Sims 2 University was out.

Will Smith – Men In Black

I know for hubby the Men In Black song by Will Smith remind him of Warhammer’s Lizardmen because he listened to that song whilst painting them.

Cher – Believe

For some reason this reminds me of a trip to France when I was doing my GCSEs. I think someone on the trip was obsessed with it and I heard it over and over.

Ricky Martin – Livin La Vida Loca

For some weird reason this song reminds me of Saturday mornings watching Live and Kicking. And randomly, it reminds me of watching the phone in computer games that they played. More specifically the runaway train one? Does anyone else remember that?

How about you? Have you got random memories attached to certain songs?


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A Day Out With Thomas at Llangollen Railway

A Day Out With Thomas Details

A Day Out With Thomas is a weekend event held at various railways around the country. Our nearest is at Llangollen Railway. It happens at least every October. You can normally pre-book tickets for the event or alternatively buy them at the station.

As our girls are under 3 they get to go for free so we had to pay £18 each for me and the hubby. This gives you access to all the activities during the day. You can ride on the trains as may times as you want for that price.

Thomas The Tank at Llangollen Railway

If you’re attending A Day Out With Thomas at Llangollen Railway I would advise that you arrive early as it is difficult to find car parking in Llangollen. If the town car parks are full up then there is a larger car park on the A542 leaving Llangollen. However it’s a bit of a walk along a busy road so not the best if you have small children.

A Day Out With Thomas: Website / Facebook / Llangollen Railway: Website / Facebook 

Thomas at Llangollen Railway Station

It was our annual trip to see Thomas at Llangollen Railway on Saturday – we went last year as well. The girls love Thomas so it was only right we took them to see him. Seeing Thomas at Llangollen Railway was something I enjoyed as a child and it’s something I wanted the girls to enjoy too.

Meeting Thomas at Llangollen Railway

As always, Thomas was waiting for us at the station. We took a ride with him, Clarabel, Rickety and Toad. We sat in Rickety and had a great time travelling up and down the length of Llangollen Station.

Toad at Llangollen Station

Eyeing up Diesel

The activities such as face painting, playing, drawing and watching Thomas episodes were also at the station but we didn’t get to visit them this year. Or I should say, MissMostyn and I didn’t as she fell asleep on me as we were heading there. Little Miss did have Thomas painted on her cheek and she was pleased as punch!

Thomas at Llangollen Railway

We also met The Fat Controller again this year! The girls were given a certificate each for attending A Day Out With Thomas at Llangollen Railway. I will frame them and put them up in their bedrooms.

A Trip To Carrog Station

Daisy The Diesel Engine

As always the trains will take you on a trip to Carrog Station. Last year we traveled on Donald the steamie but this year we headed to Carrog on Daisy the diesel engine.


Selfie at Glyndyfrdwy

On the way there you travel through Glyndyfrdwy where you have to wait to pass the other engine. Have a look at my YouTube video for the engine passing…

At Carrog Station

Puppet Show at Carrog

At Carrog Station there was a puppet show which was rather enjoyable. There was also a magician who did some tricks. We bought the girls a Take N Play toy each to add to our collection.


On the way back I caught some lovely photos of the girls. It was a very chilled journey I must admit.

Hubby looking out the window

Have you ever been on A Day Out With Thomas? Or have you ever been on the Llangollen Railway?


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Autumn My Favourite Season

Last year I posted my 10 Reasons to Love Autumn so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that my favourite season is the Autumn.

Hold Up! What about winter?

Ok ok, I do love the winter as well. Main reason for that is because of the snow. But we don’t get enough snow in the UK to warrant the winter being my favourite season.

No the UK specialises in the Autumn if you ask me.

Autumn in the UK

Autumn Trees and Sun

Here in the UK it starts feeling like Autumn around mid October when the weather cools down. Don’t be fooled by that sun, it’s shining brightly but likelihood is that it’s cold outside.

At the end of October the clocks change back which means the nights draw in and it’s dark almost before I leave the office. At the moment, I drive home and see beautiful sunsets. I only wish I could capture it on camera.

Good Hearty Food


We also do some good hearty food here in Autumn. The UK as now started with the whole pumpkin craze – a couple of years behind the USA but it’s arrived. I’ve never tried much pumpkin but the pumpkin soup I had at the Slate Museum a couple of years back was really nice.

Yes soup! Ahh one of my favourite foods for these dark days. Or stew! Stews are good. I have fond memories of eating Irish stew with Taid. And of course, we can’t forget good old lobscows.



Remember, remember the 5th of November. Always something we look forward to here is Guy Fawkes Night. It’s unique to the UK as it commemorates the capture of Guy Fawkes during the Gunpowder Plot of 1605. On the 5th of November every year UK skies are filled with fireworks and smell of bonfires burning.

I haven’t been to a fireworks display in ages! We didn’t go last year as MissMostyn was too small and it was too cold. If everything is ok this year, we might just make it to the display at Beaumaris Castle.

As a child I used to go to the bonfire held by our neighbours. Happy memories of jacket potatoes in silver foil being cooked on the bonfire. Ahh good times!

What is your favourite season? Have you got any happy memories of Autumn?


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Today’s prompt was the question, what is my greatest accomplishment. The answer is pretty simple, my girls. 

My Greatest Accomplishment

In case you don’t know, I have two beautiful girls. I don’t show their faces or share their names on here or my social media. Hubby and I decided to keep some element of their lives private. 

Little Miss

My eldest is referred to as Little Miss. Of course by now it should be updated because we have a younger little miss but hey ho, sometimes you don’t think things through. 

She’s not far off being 3 years old (January) – where the hell did all that time go? I swear she was only starting to toddle around yesterday. 

She’s started pre-school and is learning new things everyday. It’s amazing! 

Her interests are Paw Patrol, My Little Pony and cake – a girl after my own heart!

She can count to ten in both Welsh and English. Not sure if I should throw French into the mix!


My youngest is referred to as MissMostyn and she’s a proper little madam!

She’s 18months and a day younger than her sister. Also a toddler! She started walking a couple of months ago as there’s no stopping her! Angen llygaid yn fy nhin as they say!

Her interests are Thomas the Tank, chewing crayons and changing the TV channel with the remote. 

They’re both very happy little girls so we must be doing something right!

What is your greatest accomplishment?


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