F1 Wednesday

I couldn’t let today pass without an F1 Wednesday post! Over he weekend it was the season finale in Abu Dhabi.

Hamilton v Rosberg

Going into the race, both Hamilton and Rosberg were able to win the championship. Safe money was on Rosberg as he was ahead in the table and for him not to win it meant he needed to finish way below Hamilton. Considering it’s been mostly 1-2s to Mercedes this year, it would’ve been unlikely. To be honest I didn’t really care which one of them won it. Part of me wanted Hamilton to win as he’s a Brit but then again I thought it’d be nice for Rosberg to have his first championship.

Hamilton was leading and if he had wanted he could’ve made a clear run to the finish. Rosberg was chasing him in second place. Hamilton knew that this wouldn’t be enough to seal his championship so he slowed down so that the rest of the pack could catch up with Rosberg. This tactic did not go down well with the team – Hamilton ignored team orders to. Now there’s talk that Hamilton could be suspended or even dropped from Mercedes becasue of this. Bloody farce! I have no problem with what Hamilton did. It was the last race of the season, he was in with a shot to win so naturally he would do everything he could to win. If Rosberg was in the same position then surely he would have been doing the same. Any competitor would’ve done the same.

This is why Formula 1 doesn’t work as a team sport.

Jensen Button

The whole Hamilton/Rosberg thing wasn’t the only big news. Jensen Button had come out prior to the race to say that in all likelihood this would be his last race in Formula 1. It’s a shame he’s leaving the sport as he comes over as such a nice bloke. And such a laugh! It was so sad to see him having a DNF in his last ever F1 race! Almost as sad as Massa crashing out of his last home race. Post race Jensen was so humble and lovely about the whole incident and even managed to do a cheeky version of Ted’s Notebook for the Sky F1 viewers.

I’m not sure what will happen next for Jensen but I’m pretty sure he’s going to pop up in WEC soon. Shame Webber retired from WEC now!

Felipe Massa

Last but not least, it was also Massa’s last race. Another driver retiring from F1. I’ve mentioned it before, but I really really would’ve loved to seen Massa get a championship but it wasn’t meant to be. I will miss Massa as I’ve always liked him. For me, he was my era’s version of Barichello i.e. Ferrari’s number two driver.

Final Thoughts on 2016 Season

I will say this, 2016 was a bit of a disappointment all round. There wasn’t much that excited me this year – the exception of Verstappen. He’s a man to watch in my opinion. 2016 was a one team battle with the Mercedes pretty much dominating. Red Bull and Ferrari popped up every so often but it was really all about the Mercs.

Apparently there’s rule changes coming for 2017 so here’s hoping for some excitement next year… PLEASE!

Did you watch the race? What were your thoughts on Hamilton’s tactics? Will you miss Jensen and Massa? 


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Anglesey Sea Zoo

On Sunday we were at a bit of a loose end so we went to Anglesey Sea Zoo for a couple of hours. It was a lovely sunny day but very cold so I wrapped the girls up in their bobble hats and scarves and headed over the bridge to Anglesey.

Anglesey Sea Zoo

Anglesey Sea Zoo is an aquarium which displays British marine wildlife – all the fantastic creatures you can find around the UK coast.

The aquarium have some conservation programmes including a Lobster Hatchery, Seahorse Breeding Programme and Crawfish Research Programme. Additionally they have beach cleaning programmes. They have three daily talks and you can watch the fish being fed.

Anglesey Sea Zoo

Crawfish (not lobster!) and the election predicting octopus

Our Experience

Anglesey Sea Zoo

I haven’t been to Anglesey Sea Zoo in such a long time! We spent an hour or so going around the aquarium. We would have mooched around for longer it wasn’t for the fact that my Mam was so cold. It wasn’t overly cold in there but she was complaining. Also, we didn’t get to catch any of the talks but I would like to go back to have a listen to them.

Anglesey Sea Zoo

We had lunch in the cafe – after buying some gifts at the gift shop. After food we went out to the kids play area. The girls had lots of fun running around and Little Miss loved being a captain on the pirate ship.

Further Info

Anglesey Sea Zoo

We paid £7.75 each for the adults. The girls were free since they are under 3. They also do family tickets if you have kids over 3 years of age. The aquarium is pram and wheelchair friendly. There is only one area which isn’t accessible which is a very brief walkway over one of the tanks.

Dogs are not allowed into the aquarium but there is an outdoor dog playpen. Padlocks are available from reception for a £5 deposit.

The aquarium is now closed over the Winter but will be re-opening next Spring. In the meantime you could have a look at the website and social media. Especially if you’re interested in learning more about Menai The Sea Turtle the tropical sea turtle found in the Menai Strait.

Anglesey Sea Zoo: website / Facebook / Twitter / You Tube

Have you ever been to Anglesey Sea Zoo?


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Breaking Barriers

In today’s eclectic mix of Society it seems that the older generation are Breaking Barriers. According to statistics, by 2050 15.6% of the global population will be those 65 and up. I’ll be honest, I don’t see 65 as being old. In fact I see it as being young! I mean, I won’t be able to retire until I’m at least 67 years old! (That’s a depressing thought!)

Currently, I’m trying to convince my Nain (who is 83) to get online! I keep sharing photos of my girls on Facebook and my Nain keeps hearing about it via my aunt. It’s a bit unnerving really! The other reason I’m trying to hook my Nain up with Facebook is because I want her to stop feeling lonely. I phone her everyday to have a chat but if she was online, she could see what all the other grandchildren are up to.

She seems to think she’s too old to learn but I don’t see her as old. People her age are going online and doing some amazing things! Expanding skills and breaking barriers! There’s some inspirational people out there including Iris Apfel who in her 90s is still an amazing fashion icon! Have a look at some of the people who are Breaking Barriers. Some stories are pretty amazing!

Photo by: Jenna Marie Wakani

A photo posted by Iris Apfel Official 👓💄 (@iris.apfel) on

Because she’s not online, I can’t show Nain these amazing things. I would just like her to break out of her comfort zone and give something new a go. Something to keep her mind active. Something that would get her out of the house for a bit (say a computer course) and then something that she could connect with – Facebook for example.

Having said that though, the years are catching up with my Nain. She’s having trouble getting in and out of the bath so I’m trying to convince her to get a walk in bath installed. I know she won’t do it because she thinks that would mean she’s accepting that she’s old. But I don’t see her as being old and frail. I see her as an amazing woman who, due to the unkindness of time, requires some extra help. That doesn’t mean she couldn’t be a kick ass Facebook-er if she gave it a go!

So do you have any tips for me on how I can convince my Nain to get online? Do you have stories of amazing older people who are Breaking Barriers? 

(This is a collaborative post)


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Treasure Trails Giveaway

Today is the first day of my 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways!! Over the next 12 days I’ll be hosting giveaways to win various different things – from jewellery to confectionery, hopefully there’ll be something for everyone!

First giveaway is an exciting one! I’m giving away two free Treasure Trails (digital download version) courtesy of Treasure Trails! No idea what I’m on about? Well let me fill you in!

Treasure Trails

Who better to explain Treasure Trails than the folks themselves…..

Treasure Trails provide self-guided themed Treasure Hunts around different villages, towns and cities across the UK. The Trails take, on average, around 2 hours to complete, and are themed as a Murder Mystery, Spy Mission or Treasure Hunt. By solving the clues we have written, you will either be discovering whodunit, cracking the code, or finding the location of the long lost treasure.

The Treasure Trail packs come in three different forms

  1. Print At Home (£6.99)
  2. Printed by Treasure Trail (£6.99 + £1.49 p&p)
  3. Personalised and printed by Treasure Trails (£9.99 + £1.49)

I chose the Print At Home version because I needed the trail by the following day. The printed versions are dispatched within 2-3 days. Alternatively, Treasure Trails can also be found in some local retailers as well.

What I like is the fact that each trail has a guide of how long it’ll take and has details of whether it’s wheelchair and pram accessible.

Ruthin Treasure Trails

Treasure Trails Ruthin

There are plenty of choice of Treasure Trails and there’s some all around the UK. To try it out, we chose to do the Ruthin Trail and chose the Print at Home version. It was such an easy transaction – order it, download it, print it!

The trail itself was great! Due to time constraints, we couldn’t complete the trail (we had a birthday party to attend) but we did the first handful of clues and it was great!


OK! You’re convinced you want to give it a go yeah? Here’s how you enter the giveaway and some terms and conditions:

1) Enter using the Rafflecopter options below
2) Giveaway is open until 11.59pm on December 1st.
3) Two digital downloads will be provided by way of voucher codes provided by Treasure Trails
4) Winner will be contacted via email and Twitter (where applicable)
5) Winner will have 4 weeks to respond to my email or a new winner will be chosen.
6) No cash alternative
7) Open to worldwide residents (but please note that Treasure Trails are only available in the UK – so ideal if you’re coming on holiday here!)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!! Tell me, have you been on a Treasure Trail before?


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The Perfect Garden

Two years on, we’re still working on our perfect garden. I tell a lie, two years on and the work on our perfect garden has come to a standstill. After getting a builder in to divide the garden for us we have yet to turn the garden into a rainbow garden (despite planting a couple of trees)

The Perfect Garden

Ideally my perfect garden will have the following areas:

Area for the dogs to be in without causing too much mess
We have already sectioned off the garden to be a dog zone and dog-free zone.

Grassy area for having summer tea parties
summer tea parties

By summer tea parties I’m thinking dolls tea parties with the girls kind not the alcohol fuelled adult kind!

A patio area with a table and possibly a barbecue
I’ve always liked the idea of eating outside but never actually managed it.

A play area for the girls
I have a vision of a lovely wooden play area with a slide and swing with bark bases. None of the plastic rubbish here please!

Flowery area with all the beautiful flowers
Rainbow garden

In the raised beds that we have surrounding the garden I would love to have a rainbow themed garden with sections dedicated to each colour. And in each section there would be flowers of that colour. The fencing would be painted to match as well. Would be quite spectacular.

Expert Advice

I think I need to take some of Phil Spencer’s advice! This little video gives simple steps on how to plan your perfect garden.

Are you a keen gardener? Any tips for creating the perfect garden?

(This is a collaborative post)


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