It’s almost 2017 so I think it’s time to look back over the past twelve months. Today I’m looking back over my Instagram photos so I give you my top 12 photos from 2016 (as chosen by me!). I’ve chosen my favourite photo from each month. They may not be the best photo but they represent a memory or something special.


Dadi and birthday girl playing 10 pin bowling X #birthday #10pinbowling

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This one was taken at Little Miss‘ birthday party. We went to Glasfryn Parc which has a soft play centre. She was more interested in the bowling!


Today we delivered pink roses to my Nain (her great-Nain) #pinkroses #nain #littlemiss #ffestiniog #snowdonia

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This might be my favourite photo from 2016! It’s hubby and Little Miss going to see Nain. She’s delivering some pink roses to cheer her up.


(Technically this photo was taken and posted in February but it was on the 29th so in my book that counts as March!)

We went to see Impractical Jokers at Manchester Academy. The tickets were highly s after so I was over the moon to get some. But this at the stage door was AMAZING! Well worth freezing my arse off for!


This is a really nice photo of the hubby and I. First time for us to use an external electric charging point to charge the car! Momentous occasions like this have to be remembered.


Watching the fishes with Miss Mostyn

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We had a family holiday to Lanzarote to celebrate mother in law’s birthday. Here is my littlest watching the fishes on the Glass Bottom Boat trip.


No finer place in the world than Snowdonia and this photo serves to remind m le of how lucky I am to live here.


A Paw Patrol birthday cake! #pawpatrol #pawpatrolparty #birthday #pawpatrolcake

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Littlest turned one back in July! A party was had and this was the cake (post doggie-disaster)


Yes! I got to see the musical slate installation at @amgueddfalechi #welshslate

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Thanks to an afternoon off to go to the dentist I managed to catch the musical slate installation at the slate museum.


We met a fire breathing dragon at Harlech Castle!


Our annual Day Out With Thomas. We’re all Thomas fans so this was great! Especially now MissMostyn is old enough to understand it all.


Fireworks above the @rnli #Beaumaris

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Fireworks display on Beaumaris Pier. It was out first time taking the girls to a display. Suffice to say it was a success!


Rhosod melyn i Taid #rhosod #yellowroses #babitaid #taid

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Four years on and he still gets yellow roses. <3

Best Of Nine


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I did the Best of Nine and it brought up these photos as being the best ones based on number of likes. Interesting that none were mine other than the Little Miss one!

How was your Instagram year?


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Tips on Staying Warm This Winter

Oh my word has the temperature taken a dip this week or is it me? I woke up this morning and my feet were freezing! I realised quite quickly that the central heating was off! Epic fail on the Hive front there! * After getting to work and being the only one complaining that I’m having trouble staying warm this Winter, I decided to have a think about how I can keep snug as a bug (in a rug) this Winter!

* please note that it was probably me fiddling about with settings and not Hive’s fault!

So from the cold Snowdonia mountains I give you my….

Top Tips for Staying Warm This Winter

Hat, scarf and coat 
Invest in a decent coat. Don’t keep wearing your husband’s thin waterproof coat. Yes it’ll keep you dry but won’t keep you warm.

Warm food
Ditch the salad box for a nice warm soup. My favourite is a leek and potato soup. Or alternatively nothing can beat a lobscows. Especially with some buttered bread. I’ve yet to make a decent home cooked lobscows so that’s on my 2017 goal list. If anyone has any tips then please share!

Having a good central heating system is a must. We have one of those remote control systems now which means we can control our heating on the go. It’s supposed to save me on gas costs because I can turn it on/off as and when. I can also setup a minimum temperature and apparently I should keep the overnight temperature to be at least 18.

For more tips on how to save energy over winter then head on over to this handy page – Keep Your Energy Bills Down This Winter.

Hot Drinks
Keep hydrated and drink a couple of hot drinks throughout the day. My personal favourite is a cup of tea. I’m not overly fussed about the brand so long as it’s a decent brew. I am jealous of people who can drink hot chocolate with all the trimmings though – as much as I like chocolate and cream, I can’t bring myself to drink it!

Staying Active

OK I’m not going to start preaching for you to go running because well I don’t do it! But what I have found is that running around after two little ones does get me sweating! I think it’s probably more of a sign that I’m unfit than anything else! But it does prove that keeping active does keep you warm!

Have you got some handy tips on staying warm this winter?

(This is a collaborative post with Premier Bathrooms)


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The Christmas Tag

I’ve been tagged in the Christmas Tag by Katie of Living Life Our Way.

What’s your favourite festive movie?

Die Hard! Without a doubt Die Hard! Alan Rickman as Hans Gruber is just heaven! Whilst it might not be too Christmassy it IS a Christmas movie! Otherwise I do love a bit of Elf and Home Alone. Oh and Muppets Christmas Carol.

Have you ever had a white Christmas?

Yes a number of times. I grew up in the mountains of Snowdonia so we used to get snow quite often. There’s one specific Christmas I remember when we had lots of snow. It was great!

Where do you usually spend your holiday?

At home. This year we’re going to my in-laws for lunch. They only live over the road so I don’t really class it as going out. It’ll be great not to have to cook. Not that I did much cooking – hubby is in charge of the food!

What is your favourite Christmas song?

Can’t decide between Pogues – Fairytale of New York or Slade – Merry Christmas Everybody.

Do you open any presents on Christmas Eve?

No. I have started a Christmas Eve box for the girls. So they get a new Christmas jumper/pyjamas, chocolates and a toy on Christmas Eve.

Can you name all of Santa’s reindeer?

No! Let me try… Rudolph, Dasher, Prancer, Cupid… no I can’t!

Which holiday traditions are you looking forward to this year?

We haven’t got any traditions yet. As I said above, the Christmas Eve box is one I’m starting. That and picking a new  bauble every year.

Is your tree real or fake?

Fake and it’s black with silver glitter on the ends.

What is your all time favourite holiday treat/food/sweet?

Can’t beat pigs in blankets!

Be honest, do you like giving or receiving gifts better?

Giving! I like thinking of what to get people. But I do like receiving as well.

What is the best Christmas present you ever received?

My dog Jimmy Jones.

What would be your dream place to visit for the holiday season?

New York! Ahhh I picture Home Alone 2! Or Lapland.

Are you a pro present wrapper or do you fail miserably?

I can do a decent job when I try but my hubby would disagree!!

Most memorable festive moment?

Receiving the little puppy and naming him. I can clearly remember sitting on the kitchen sink choosing his name.

What made you realise the truth about Santa?

When I noticed that Santa’s writing was the same as Nain’s!!

What makes the holidays special for you?

Being home with the family, eating too much and watching festive telly!

As today is Christmas Eve I doubt whether anyone is up for doing the Christmas Tag but if you haven’t done it and want to answer please feel free to do so! Let me know if you do it so I can read your answer.

So this is me signing off for a bit of a break. I hope you all have a wonderful time full of laughter and joy.

!!! *** NADOLIG LLAWEN *** !!! / !!! *** Merry Christmas *** !!!


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Do you know of a Middle Earth film fanatic? Then this EPIC Middle Earth Box Set would make the ideal Christmas present for them.

Middle Earth extended edition box set

An email has just popped into my inbox informing me that this was “suggested” for me. I may not have mentioned my love for Middle-Earth previously on the blog but oh my word these films are EPIC! What I’ve just realised is that we don’t currently own the extended versions of the three Hobbit films. However we do own the three extended editions of the Lord of the Rings films.

A Middle Earth Marathon

My dream is to one day weekend is to have a Middle Earth marathon! Each film is approx 3 hours long so I would need at least 18 hours to watch them. Add in pit stops for tea and snacks (and ultimately a visit to the loo) and you’re looking at a 24 hour Middle Earth session! Not sure if I could manage it without a nap (or two!).

The Hobbit Trilogy

The first part of the Middle Earth box set is The Hobbit trilogy. The films follow the story of the dwarves who are trying to reclaim their homeland in the Lonely Mountain from Smaug the fire breathing dragon. The dwarves have an unlikely companion in a hobbit named Bilbo Baggins and Gandalf the Grey. The films follow their journey back to Lonely Mountain and includes some amazing battle scenes.

I have read The Hobbit and I must admit that I am impressed that they managed to stretch that story over three films. It does mean that there are extra storylines in the films that weren’t in the book. I’m pretty sure that Legolas didn’t make an appearance in the book and Tauriel is certainly a new addition.

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

This trilogy continues on from where The Hobbit left off. It follows the story of Frodo Baggins and the Fellowship of the Ring who are trying to take the “One Ring” back to Mount Doom. Sauron (the baddie!) is trying to get the Ring back so he can have is power back. There’s hobbits, trolls, wizards, orcs, goblins, elves and one huge spider in the films so there’s plenty to keep you entertained

I have also read the Lord of The Rings books and I’m amazed they managed to fit this story into three films! There’s so much more in the books that wasn’t in the films (Tom Bombadil anyone?).

Top Moments from the Middle Earth series

My friend and I went to the cinema to see all of these films! Good time was had by all!

But my top moments from the films are:

1) Sean Bean dying (again)

It was an amazing battle scene at the end of The Fellowship of the Ring and it took a number of arrows to make Boromir fall. But you know, it was Sean Bean so death was inevitable!

2) Dwarves make their escape

I find this scene to be a really powerful scene. It makes my hair stand on ends!

3) Thranduil entering Dale City

Oh Lee Pace was such a badass as Thranduil and his entrance into Dale City is just great. Come in riding a moose – now that’s making an appearance!

4) Ice Fight Between White Orc and Thorin Oakenshield

This is a great one on one battle. One of the best!

6) You Shall Not Pass!

This scene was one of my favourites from the Fellowship as well. Gandalf was fantastic.

Have you seen all of the Middle Earth films?

(I have been compensated for this post but my opinions of the films are my own)


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I can’t believe it’s been 4 years since we lost him. It’s not something I’ll ever forget. 

But I worry that I’m starting to forget him as the person he was – that invincible man that was always my biggest fan. 

So much happens everyday that I sometimes I may not think about him. Then there’s a beautiful sunrise and it makes me think of him and how he’s looking out for me still. 

And then these two girls. I so wish he could meet them. They would absolutely have loved him as much as I did. And he would’ve loved them too. It’s a shame that he had to leave us before they came along. 

Taid, I’m sorry I may not think about you daily but you’re always here with me x


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