My Dream Kitchen

The main room in our house that I want to change is the kitchen. The kitchen we have is not ideal but it does the job. It’s the original kitchen that was installed when the house was built and it hasn’t changed. It’s big and the possibilities are endless. So here’s a list of what I want to do to our kitchen.



Part of my dream is to build an extension to the kitchen. One of those conservatory things that don’t need planning permission! The kitchen would double in size which means I could have an island and a breakfast bar. In the diner area I would have bi-fold doors opening up onto our garden. Something like the above.

New Wall Tiles

The wall tiles are small and look old-fashioned. I want something that is a blend of modern and traditional. I would love to have an open brick type wall in the kitchen – those stylish ones you keep seeing on Pinterest. Ones like the brick slips at UK Feature Walls would be just right. This would be the modern to my traditional.

New Floor

The current floor tiles are small red and yellow tiles and are horrible to clean. We have two dogs who are mucky and cleaning said tiles is a nightmare. They never look sparkling clean no matter how much bleach I put on them. I would opt for smooth tiles (for easy cleaning) but can’t decide between cream or a wood effect. Possibly I would choose a wood effect – but it does depend on the style of the new worktops.

New units and worktops


Of course with a new extension I need new worktops and kitchen units. I like the idea of a French country look which to me is white units and a light wooden worktop. This would be the traditional to go with my modern brick slips.

However being a fan of Welsh slate I could go all out and get a slate worktop to go with glossy white worktops and then tie it in with a darker version of the brick slips. Ah decisions decisions!

What is your dream kitchen like?

(This post is in collaboration with UK Feature Walls)


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I Left My Heart In Tokyo

A recent chatting with a friend on Facebook got me thinking about a holiday to Japan and it got me thinking that it’s somewhere I’d like to visit. Let me take you through my trip…


Shibuya Crossing

A visit to the capital is a must. Tokyo strikes me as being a metropolis of neon lights and interspersed with gardens full of cherry blossom trees. I imagine lots of Japanese people dressed in kimonos or in more alternative wear – see Harajuku fashion on Google – AMAZING style!


Japan Ski

Whilst browsing the Kuoni Ski catalogue (*) I noticed they had holidays to Japan. Japan has never been on my radar for skiing but it looks wonderful!

(* I browse the ski catalogues EVERY year in the full knowledge that I won’t be going for a while. Hubby is on board for a ski holiday but argh we have no money!)

Nintendo World

My husband happened to share an article about the upcoming Nintendo World at Universal Studios in Japan! I’ll be honest and say I’m a Sega girl (still love Sonic the Hedgehog!) but I would LOVE to visit Nintendo World! How fun is that idea?


If I’m going all that way then I’m going to the Japanese Grand Prix in Suzuka. It’s a great circuit and the atmosphere looks amazing. The Japanese fans are crazy! The merchandise they make is just awesome! Who remembers the Bernie Ecclestone masks?

Have you ever been to Japan?


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Liked and Loved November

I can’t believe that November is over already! So here’s a quick list of things I liked and loved this month.

Birthday Meal at Sopna

For hubby’s birthday we visited Sopna in Menai Bridge. As always we had a lovely warm welcome from the owner Sid. He made us a selection of meals to share – two of the options were on the menu and one was something he cooked up off the menu. I think it was a mango chicken of some sorts. Whatever it was it was bloody lovely! We really should go back more often.

Fireworks at Biwmares

Fireworks above the @rnli #Beaumaris

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This year was the first time we took the girls to see the fireworks at Beaumaris. I thought it would’ve been over the Castle but it was at the Pier instead. Was a great night despite the cold. Both girls LOVED it! I did as well. Haven’t been to a fireworks display in years!

Guest blogger at Blended Parent Network

As mentioned previously there’s a fab new parent network out there which is designed for parents from all walks of life. In case you missed it, I have two published posts over there – Growing Up in a Blended Family and Why I Chose a Private Pre-School.

Cuddles with Little Miss

After the fireworks we had a late night and ended up with Little Miss in our bed. We had cuddles and it was lovely! She’s always on the go these days that having sleepy cuddles with her is something I miss.

New blog layout

Just in case you hadn’t noticed, I managed to buy and install a new layout! I’m actually so proud that I managed to install it without much bother!

Anglesey Sea Zoo

Saw these little guys at @angleseyseazoo today! Great little day out with the girls. #snowdonia

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I was at a loose end one Sunday when the hubby was away. Mam came over and we ended up at Anglesey Sea Zoo. Haven’t been in years! Was a good couple of hours out with the girls and my Mam.

What have you liked and loved this month?

A Cornish Mum

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Stories of Hope

It is a sad world we live in. Whilst I am lucky to be living where I am, I cannot avoid how much conflict there is in the world. We’ve all heard of the plight of the refugees from war torn Syria and it saddens me. I’ll admit, that sometimes as I put my babies to bed and watch them sleeping peacefully that I cry at the thought that some people are living in desperate conditions. That’s why I’m so pleased to hear about Oxfam’s Stories of Hope campaign.

Stories of Hope eBook

We all love a “rags to riches” story. Hollywood is filled with these sorts of stories but Oxfam’s recent ebook called Stories of Hope focuses on the small success stories of people fighting poverty. One of my favourite stories in this ebook is Qassim and his barbershop.

Qassim’s Story


It’s a remarkable story of small business success. Qassim is a barber in Husseini village in Iraq. It’s amazing that despite the situation in his country he’s been able to use his skills and transform his passion into a future for himself.

In 2014 he was arrested and after returning to his village, he found that his shop had been trashed and his equipment stolen. Naturally he was devastated but he didn’t let the situation get the better of him. He rented a different property and with the help of Oxfam he has rebuilt his business and is back transforming his life for the better.

Donating to Oxfam

I love hearing that there’s good in the world! I love hearing that donations to Oxfam are actually reaching people in need. That it’s making a difference to someone’s life. If you wish to donate online to Oxfam then you can do so via their website. If you’re a UK taxpayer remember to Gift Aid it! (By doing so Oxfam will get an extra 25% on top of your donation by virtue of the Government’s Gift Aid scheme).

Do you do your bit for charity?

(This is a collaborative post with Oxfam)


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At the beginning of November a fab new parenting network was launched called the Blended Parent Network. It’s the brainchild of Luke and David and it’s main purpose is to unite all sorts of parents. Whether your biological, adoptive, step or even grandparents then this is the network for you.

Bloggers Unite

The website has lots on it including some fantastic giveaways including some to win cake! (Who doesn’t love cake?). There’s some great blogs published on there (including two from yours truly). Luke and David have managed to round up some fantastic bloggers to create posts for them – they have some charm I can tell you!

Topics include parenting, lifestyle, education and blogging. Some of my favourites have been What A Trashy Parent and A Vision For The Future – Why I Home Educate. Oh and if you did want to read mine then they’re titled Growing Up In a Blended Family and Why I Chose a Private Pre-School. Head on over to the website to check out some more amazing blogs by some amazing bloggers. There’s daily blogs being published during the week.

Vloggers Unite

Not only are there fantastic bloggers involved but there’s also fantastic vloggers involved too!The YouTube channel is full of amazing product reviews. My favourite has to be the Moozels Light Up Tutus – where I can I find the adult sizes?

Facebook Community

You don’t need to be a blogger to be a part of the community. You can join in with the fun over on the Facebook group. It’s somewhere you can feel free to ask any questions – the community will answer be it a silly or serious question. Current group discussions includes a debate over where to put your Christmas tree lights (window or mantlepiece) and on a more serious note, a discussion about not giving children attention in school. A thoroughly interesting topic.

So if you’re a parent why not go have a nosey at this community? I promise we won’t bite!


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