Heart Breakfast Presenters Spence and Rachael

A couple of years back it was announced that Heart Radio were taking over Real Radio. So all of a sudden Heart Breakfast took over Jagger and Woody by switching over the South Wales coverage to North Wales coverage. I was rather gutted as I am a big fan of Jason Harold on DriveTime.

After a couple of months (possibly years) of protest (or not tuning in) I caved and switched on Heart Breakfast. I was missing Jagger and Woody but I thought I’d give these two randoms a chance. What can I say, I was hooked! The chemistry between Spence and Rachael is just amazing! They bounce off each other and are just a real good laugh!


Spence is a bit of a misery guts when it comes to spending money and by now it’s a running theme that he’s a bit of a tight git (but in the nicest possible way!).

He’s a dog person and has two pups Lola and Daisy who are rescue dogs. I believe Lola was a rescue pup from Spain. Much admiration for that! He’s into his tech and recently bought one of those VR headsets and made poor Rach test it out….


Rachael is awesome! Such a character and a right laugh! She has the patience of a Saint having to put up with Spence! The running gag with Rach is that she’s desperate for the perfect man to enter her life. And Spence does nothing but tease her about it!

They are fantastic and are always discussing something interesting. Recently they are discussing what new things you’re going to try for 2017 and when I mentioned that I hoped to start rollerblading this year they phoned me up to discuss on the radio!

Spence and Rachael’s Big Town Showdown

One of my favourite things though is “Spence and Rachael’s Big Town Showdown”! It’s a daily quiz that they do around 8.20am where they ask 10 questions and you have to answer them in the quickest time possible. I’ve been on it (twice!) and first time round I managed to get second place!! Second time on it I didn’t do as good.

Heart Breakfast

If you want to tune in to Spence and Rachael then you can catch them on 107.2-107.7FM in the North or alternatively you can download the app or listen online. I highly recommend that you tune in in the morning from 6am as I can guarantee you will start your day with a smile on your face!! You’ll be laughing before you get to work that’s for sure!

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What do you listen to in the morning?

(I’m not affiliated with Heart Radio I just really enjoy the show!)


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Favourite Stationery Shops

This week’s prompt for the Planner Girls Collective is “your favourite stationery shops”. I used to sure a stationery addict back in my teens. My favourite shop was W H Smith. Oh all the pretty gel pens!

I’ll be honest and say I don’t buy much stationery these days as I have a lot leftover from my teenage years. Ok not the gel pens but a lot of stationery sets.

These days I tend to pick up some stationery from the supermarket but if I’m looking for anything specific or special I head on over to Amazon or The Works. Occasionally I’ll go for a browse to Staples.


Pretty much Amazon is my go-to for anything! At the moment I’m busy making “money” via Swagbacks which I’m converting into Amazon vouchers. I aim to have a bit of a spree in February! My Moleskine and Staedtler Pens have all come from Amazon.

The Works

I regularly visit The Works to see if there are any goodies that take my fancy. There is a plethorea of suplpies in that shop – stationery, craft stuff, books and toys. Honestly, this place will be the death of my bank account!

I’m easily tempted by pretty stationery and you can see the evidence in my previous haul post.

Anglesey Paper Company

Found this little shop whilst browsing online and it’s on my to-visit list for February. From looking at the website I can easily see it being somewhere to spend all my money! There are some absolutely gorgeous stationery in that shop!

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Planner Girls Collective

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What are your favourite stationery shops?


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You might have noticed that I didn’t do a recap/plan last week. The reason for that is becuase despite planning week 2, week 2 was a disaster! Ok I’ll breiefly recap….

Week 2

  • Monday – Plan – SW Pasta Funghi / Actual – SW Pasta Funghi
  • Tuesday – Plan – McDonalds / Actual – McDonalds
  • Wednesday – Plan – SW Chicken Tikka / Actual – don’t even remember!
  • Thursday – Plan – no plan / Actual – hot dog at Manchester Arena whilst waiting for Impractical Jokers
  • Friday – Plan – SW Risotto Verde / Actual – don’t remember!
  • Saturday – Meal Plan – SW Egg, chip and pepper bake/ Actual – don’t remember!
  • Sunday – Meal Plan – SW fillet steak salad / Actual – don’t remember

Thankfully, I didn’t waste much food as I stuck it all in the freezer which is why…..

Week 3 

I didn’t plan at all for week 3 other than “let’s eat what we have in the freezer” plan! The reason for that is because our freezer is full of food and also work is hectic so I ain’t got time for that!

Week 4

Next week is Week 4 and I have planned the following:

  • Monday – Plan – Steak, veg and root veg mash
  • Tuesday – Plan – Bacon and veg risotto 
  • Wednesday – Gammon and veg
  • Thursday – SW chicken stir fry
  • Friday – chicken tikka
  • Saturday – SW cheesy pasta bake
  • Sunday – Chinese because it’s my birthday!!

However as next week/this week is utter chaos again so I might just leave this meal plan malarkey until February!

Do you do meal plans?


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It’s my birthday next week! There’s a couple of thing on my birthday wishlist – some serious, some not so serious, some you can buy and others you can’t buy and some that are just plain outrageous!

Funko Pops

I have a love/hate relationship with these things! I LOVE them but I HATE they cost so much! And you can’t have just one, you have to have the whole set. My current obsession is Zootropolis and Guardians Of The Galaxy ones. You can have a nosey at my current Funko Pop wishlist here.


I’m struggling for time at the moment. So if someone can send me some more time I’d be ever so grateful. Just an extra week would be much appreciated!

Nashville OST

I love this show! I’m almost finished watching Series 4 – I have 10 minutes left to watch! And of course now Series 5 has started on CMT in America. I really want to see it but I can’t find it here!

Shower Cap

I’m starting to sound like my Nain saying I need a shower cap but I do! I don’t wash my hair daily (every other day though) and so need a cap to keep it dry on the “off” days. I’ve had the same one for ages and the elastic has now gone which means I need a new one. But rather than go for one of the disposable ones like what my Nain has I’d rather have a funky one like above! Isn’t he cute?!


Another thing I would like at the moment is sleep. Our littlest has a nasty night time cough at the moment which means she’s waking up almost every hour during the night. Which means both hubby and I are knackered at the moment! So yes please send some sleep our way – for Miss Mostyn as well as us!


I currently take photos on an iPhone and I will admit, they are not the best quality. So I’m undecided of whether to go for a new different phone with a better camera or invest in a snazzy DSLR camera. I’m not sure I’d get enough use out of it to warrant the cost of it though. I’ve not actually researched into cameras so not sure which one to get even if I did decide to invest. Everyone seems to be talking about the Nikon and the Olumpus Pen though.

All Expenses Paid Trip to the Australian Grand Prix

A girl can dream right?! This is on my lifetime bucket list for sure but unfortunately I don’t see me being able to do it for a few years yet… unless some nice soul wants to sponsor me to go cover the Australian Grand Prix???? (Or just go stalk Mark Webber!!)

What is on your birthday wishlist?

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Inspirational Quotes

Inspirational Quotes are a go-to for a Bullet Journal-ist. Blank space? Stick a quote in there! I’ll be honest though, I haven’t done many quotes in this new bullet journal as it’s too small to run out of space somehow! But even so I’ve been on Pinterest having a look for some quotes just in case. Here are some of my favourite quotes (which may or may not be inspirational).

Dream A Little Dream

Now the above is a verse from “Dream A Little Dream Of Me” song who I thought was by The Beautiful South. I have since found out that it’s a cover version. But who cares, it’s a lovely phrase and I would love to have this painted onto the girls’ bedroom wall.

Red Dwarf

Hubby and I are big Red Dwarf fans and we can quote it almost line by line. The one above is possibly one of my favourites!


When thinking of inspirational quotes my mind always takes me back to Disney’s “When You Wish Upon A Star”. That would be a likely choice but whilst browsing Pinterest I found the above and you know what, I love it! At this moment in time, I know I’m exactly where I’m meant to be. I can’t even begin to imagine being anywhere else.

Impractical Jokers

Ok so my current obsession is The Tenderloins / Impractical Jokers! Oh yes I love them fellas! There’s a few amazing phrases in there from “Shut Your Face Grandma” and of course “LAAAAAAAARRRRRYYYYY” but my favourite is Scoopski Potatoes!



Then there’s this one. I was having a whinge at work when my boss shared this one with me. Yes it is time for change!

A Welsh Family Quote

Sathru dy draed na sathru dy galon

Now this one is something that my Nain says to me often. It translates to “it is better for them to trample on your feet than trample your heart”. Basically she’s telling me that they are only little for a small amount of time and I should make the most of it.

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Are you a fan of inspirational quotes? What is your favourite?


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