Impractical Jokers - The Santiago Sent Us Tour

I can’t even start to tell you how excited I was to manage to nab tickets to see the Impractical Jokers’ second tour in the UK. And on Thursday we took a trip though the snow(*) to Manchester Arena to see the Santiago Sent Us tour.

* the snowstorm that was expected did not hit as hard as we imagined but we did get snow as we were leaving Manchester

Owen Benjamin

The opening act was Owen Benjamin – never heard of him before but he was hilarious! American comedian/songwriter.  He was such fun! Actually pretty talented with the piano hence his website address Huge Penis Pianist

Impractical Jokers / The Tenderloins

Manchester with the @impracticaljokersofficial

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( This was the group photo from Manchester. You can’t see us I don’t think but we were there – top left somewhere! Please note this is NOT my photo – taken by the awesome Joe Papeo so go send him some love)

Then the fellas came on stage and the whole place erupts! We weren’t at the front as we were last time but we had a great view in any case. I couldn’t get amazing photos but meh who cares? We got tickets to one of the most sought after shows of the year!

During the show, the guys showed some unseen footage from Impractical Jokers and oh my god we were crying with laughter! I hope they show it on TV someday because I want to see it again! They closed the show on the same clip as the last one but it was actually amazing to hear approx 15,000 people all go “uuuuurrrrghhhhh” at the same time! Haha!

They’ll Be Back! 

My swag! @thetenderloins #santiagosentustour @trutvjokers #thetenderloins

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I want to see the whole tour again! And the good news is that they’re coming back to the UK in October! Next time I am forking out for the meet and greet tickets!! I don’t care how much they cost WE WILL BE MEETING THEM!

Meet and Greet

(This was from last year but I LOVE it!)

If we had stayed by the stage door  we would’ve met Murr and Joe again. Unfortunately we couldn’t stay because a) the snow had arrived and it was closing in, b) we had to get home ASAP as we were both working the following day. But I was browsing Instagram on Friday and got well jealous of some of the photos! I got chatting with some lovely people on Instagram and they said that Joe & Murr came out within an hour of the show but Q and Sal didn’t. Mucho props to them for coming to greet the fans.

Did you manage to see the show? Are you as excited as me that they’ll be back in October?!


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Meal Plan Week 1 & 2

One of my goals for this year is to waste less food and to do that I intend on making a weekly meal plan. Hopefully this will mean I waste less food, and save more money by buying only what I need for those meals.


Meal Plan – SW creamy beef with broccoli
Actual – SW creamy beef with broccoli (first picture top row)

Day one of meal planning went well! I stuck to the plan and it was delicious! I would highly recommend this recipe – it can be found in the Slimming World 30 Minute Recipes book.


Meal Plan – steak with SW sauteeed mushrooms
Actual – SW leek and chive carbonara (second picture top row)

Day two of meal planning did not go well. I forgot to take the steak out of the freezer! Doh! So instead I swapped Thursday’s planned meal to today instead. Again another recipe from Slimming World 30 Minute Recipes.


Meal Plan – SW grilled pork chops
Actual – Mam’s chicken dinner

Day three of meal planning was a fail! Mainly because Mam offered to make us chicken dinner and who am I to refuse? She makes the best chicken dinner in the world! The pork chops can wait another day (or two!).


Meal Plan – leek and chive carbonara
Actual – steak with SW sautéed mushrooms and red onion served with ready made mash and green beans (last picture top row)

Day four was going to fail because I swapped Thursday’s meal for Tuesday. But I did make Tuesday’s meal and it was really nice. I bought in the root vegetable mash as I haven’t got time to make my own at the moment. When I master how to make it I’m hoping to be able to freeze portions.


Meal Plan – SW tarragon chicken
Actual – Mam’s cottage pie (middle picture bottom row)

Mam was looking after Little Miss again so she made us a cottage pie. Again, I’m not going to refuse free food! It was delicious!


Meal Plan – Bacon, scrambled eggs, spaghetti hoops and toast
Actual – Rosemary pork chops with root vegetable mash with spaghetti hoops and green beans (last picture bottom row)

Told you I’d do the pork chops eventually! Again, the root vegetable mash was bought in. But the rosemary pork chops was another one from Slimming World 30 Minute Recipes.


Meal Plan – Nothing
Actual – SW Tarragon Chicken Fricassee (first picture bottom row)

Friday’s meal was delayed until Sunday. It was really nice and tasted good but for the life of me I can’t get the sauce ot be creamy. The recipe said to remove from the heat before adding the fromage frais. I did this but even so the fromage frais still split! If anyone has any tips for me I’d be so grateful!

Bonus Points

I’m giving myself bonus points because I also managed to take lunch in to work everyday this week! For the first three days I had a ham salad box which included ham, vegetable couscous (interesting!), mixed beans, lettuce, pineapple and two spoonfuls of honey and mustard dressing.

I enjoyed it mostly but not overly keen on the veggie couscous. Might just stick to normal couscous next week.

For Friday I took made some more of the creamy beef with carrots with excess ingredients. There was too much for Friday so I’ve stuck the rest in the freezer as some go-to meals for the month. And as for leftovers, I have SW tarragon chicken leftovers for lunch on Monday.

Week 2 Meal Plan

So here is the meal plan for week two. Mostly they are Slimming World recipes.

Monday – SW Pasta Funghi
Tuesday – out for Little Miss’ birthday (McDonald’s at her request)
Wednesday – SW Chicken Tikka
Thursday – out (we’re going to see Impractical Jokers in Manchester!)
Friday – SW Risotto Verde
Saturday – SW Egg, chip and pepper bake
Sunday – SW fillet steak salad

Do you do meal plans?


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Bullet Journal - an excuse to doodle

During 2016 I came across the idea of a Bullet Journal. If you haven’t heard about it let me tell you it’s basically a simple planner system which is aimed to keep you organised. It’d be worth watching the video over at the Bullet Journal website.

After reading about it I came across Kara Benz’ site Boho Berry who introduced me to the whole wonderful world of planners and the like and I joined the Boho Berry Tribe on Facebook. There are amazing people over on that group that inspired me to start my own Bullet Journal.

First Bullet Journal – The Works Bicycle Notebook

Old Bullet Journal

During 2016 I started a Bullet Journal as a way to help me keep track of things I needed to do, things that were happening and basically where the hell everyone was! Especially since Little Miss has now started school and has invites to birthday parties every week!

As with any new porject it started off well but by around October it had fallen by the wayside. Probably the main reason is because my notebook fell apart!

Second Bullet Journal – A6 Moleskine

New Bullet Journal

Around November I thought I’m going to give this another! So I invested in a mini Moleskine dotted notebook. I actually thought I had bought an A5 version but alas I had bought an A6 version. Not ideal but it’s good enough. The best thing about it being A6 is that it fits in my coat pocket.

One mistake I made with the old one is that I setup my spreads for the whole month. With this one I am not doing that. I am setting them one week at a time. And I only setup this week’s today!

Some Resources and Supplies

So if you fancy setting up your own Bullet Journal then you’re going to need supplies! Here’s my list of supplies:

PCG – Planner Girls Collective

I’m linking up with fellow planner addicts – please of check them out!

Project Life / zzz0eee / The Stationery Geekette / Life With My Planners / An Ocean Glimmer / Kerry May Makes / A Beautiful Plan / Ugly Bug Plans / A Life Lived In Words / The Vintage Planner / A Ska Loving Geek / My Chaotically Eclectic Life / Pennygate Crafts / The Royal Planner Blog / Plan With Hannah

Are you a Bullet Journal-ist?


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House Repairs

If you’re a regular reader you will know that we have a buy to let house. There’s been a lot of house repairs going on since we bought it but by now there are people living in it. It’s still not quite finished but it’s been repaired. So let me take you through the works…

Replacement Kitchen


We took out the old kitchen and put a new one in. Hubby and I tiled the walls. For amateurs we did a pretty good job!

Replacement Bathroom

The old suite was removed (it had seen its day!) and replaced with a new one. Nothing fancy but it does the job.

Tiles for the bathroom #homeimprovement #slate

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The whole room was re-tiled so it’s now a pristine white. There is a hint of grey in there with the slate look tiles I put in behind the shower. I wish I had money to put in real slate but for now it’s going to have to be slate look tiles.

Stairs and Landing

The walls replastered to repair the holes and dents. Before that I found this drawing I made of Taid on the original wall! It’s still there under the wallpaper!

Bedroom Repair

This simple photo almost had me in tears. #homeimprovement

A photo posted by Rebecca (@becsterdotcom) on

The original house was a two bedroom house but when I came along in the 80s the larger room upstairs was divided in two by way of a partition wall.

This was removed to make it a large bedroom again. The skirting boards didn’t match so we replaced them with something similar to these skirting boards. We painted them white but then the tenants stripped them back and waxed them instead.

Taid’s Bedroom

Taid's Bedroom

No matter how long it’ll have been since he was there, this room will always be Taid’s bedroom. At the back was an old wardrobe which has now been blocked up.

So that’s the latest happenings in the house! What do you reckon to our house repairs?

(This post is in collaboration with MDF Skirting World)


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January Bucket List

I haven’t done a bucket list in such a long time! But as January is the month of resolutions and goal setting then let’s get started! There’s a handful of things I aim to do this month and they are mostly to do with organising the home. So in no particular order here is my January Bucket List…


One of my lifetime bucket list items is to re-do the kitchen. But as I don’t have money to completely re-do the kitchen at the moment, there are a few things I do need to sort such as:

– Put child locks on the drawers and cupboards
– Sort out the cutlery drawer
– Sort out our chocolate/cake cupboard
– Install a spice rack as we have so many jars of spices around
– Clear out the cupboard under the stairs

Front Room

I’m determined to make our front room a bit more homely this year. We will have been in this house come 6 years in April and we still haven’t got any photos/decor in the front room! So some homely touches I want to add:

– Twinkly lights on the mantelpiece
– Buy and put up a mirror above the fireplace
– Sort out the kids’ toys

Red Room

This room is our dumping ground as it’s the first room as you come in the house. So as you can imagine it has all sorts of bags and stuff just thrown in there. So this month I aim to:

– Clear out all the shoes and coats that have been dumped there
– Sort out the rubbish on the DVD cabinets
– Tidy up the cables around the computer

Non-Home Stuff

These are a few things I want to do this month that isn’t to do with sorting out the house:

– Start taking the dogs for a walk every other day.
– Sort out my stationery and find storage for said stationery.
– Read a book. Specifically “The Chocolate Lovers’ Wedding” by Carole Mathews.
– Have a wonderful birthday for Little Miss! Can’t believe she’s 3 already!

What’s on your January bucket list?


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