Latest Stationery Purchases

A little later than planned but it’s time for another PCG post with a round up of my latest stationery purchases! Yesterday I had the afternoon off work to do nothing! Ended up going out to get supplies to see me through #InCoWriMo! Ahh happy days!

The Works

First stop for me was The Works since they sell some wonderfully (cheap!) stationery. Stationery purchases include:

  • £3.00 – “Hand Lettering Handbook” – a random purchase but I want to try and do some fancypants lettering!
  • £3.00 – Watercolour felt pens – I’m fascinated by the pens that Kara of Boho Berry uses to colour in her Bullet Journal so I tried these. Yeah cheap pens don’t work as they bleed! But kids will love them so not an absolute waste of money.
  • £6.00 – 6 packs of notecards – perfect for #InCoWriMo!

Stationery purchases

Craft Centre Cymru

Who knew that postcards were difficult to find? Ended up in here as a last resort really but found that there’s some really great stuff in there! Purchases include:

  • £5.00 – 2 x “Ewe” fridge magnets made from real wool
  • £2.00 – 4 x local scenes postcards

Stermat Hardware

OK I know this may not be a stationery purchase but I needed somewhere to keep all of my bits and bobs. Purchases include:

  • £9.99 – 4 drawer storage tower

All in all not a bad little “haul”! I may have already filled the storage tower so I may have to invest in another. As it turns out you can add to it as you want which is really handy. However I can’t keep buying stationery or I’ll get addicted! Just thinking back to my gel pen addiction when I was a teen…. more money than sense!

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What are your latest stationery purchases?


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February Bucket List

Before I get into what’s on my February bucket list let’s recap on January’s list….

January Recap

– Put child locks on the drawers and cupboards in kitchen
– Sort out the cutlery drawer
– Sort out our chocolate/cake cupboard
– Install a spice rack as we have so many jars of spices around
Clear out the cupboard under the stairs
Twinkly lights on the mantelpiece
– Buy and put up a mirror above the fireplace – partly done insofar as we know what we’re looking for now.
– Sort out the kids’ toys – pretty much done, all toys now sorted into new boxes
– Clear out all the shoes and coats from Red Room
– Sort out the rubbish on the DVD cabinets
– Tidy up the cables around the computer
– Start taking the dogs for a walk every other day (EPIC FAIL!!)
– Sort out my stationery and find storage for said stationery
– Read a book. Specifically “The Chocolate Lovers’ Wedding” by Carole Mathews.
– Have a wonderful birthday for Little Miss! Can’t believe she’s 3 already!

Considering how busy January was at work I’m pretty pleased with getting at least some of this done!

February List

Now on to February’s list! I’m not breaking these down this list between different areas. Also there’s some items on this list I am guaranteed to complete!

– Buy a compost bin
– Finish reading that book! (The Chocolate Lovers’ Wedding)
– Take dogs for a walk at least twice a week
– Research rollerblading
– Start rollerblading
– Go car shopping (again!)
– Research cameras/phones
– Put child locks on the drawers and cupboards
– Sort out the cutlery drawer
– Actually buy and put up a mirror above the fireplace
– Clear out all the shoes and coats that have been dumped there
– Sort out the rubbish on the DVD cabinets
– Tidy up the cables around the computer
– Sort out my stationery and find storage for said stationery

Phew I think I need to get started on this list ASAP! Although February should be easier as work won’t be half as busy.

What’s on your February Bucket List?


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Liked and Loved In all honesty, I am glad to see the back of January this year. It was so hectic at work and I only managed two days off in the whole month! But that’s not to say that there weren’t things I Liked and Loved this month. So here’s some of the best bits….

Little Miss’ Birthday Party

Rhyl Seaquarium Ok let me tell you, a kid’s birthday party is not necessarily my idea of a good time but Little Miss was celebrating her third birthday and she LOVED her party! It was at Rhyl Seaquarium and we had around 10 of her school friends attending. She loved running around the place with her friends. We had a guided tour and the poor tour guide was so patient with this bunch of 3-4 year olds where just did not pay any sort of attention! We also got to see the seal show and the seal (Zulu I believe?) waved happy birthday to my girl! Not sure if she heard/understood but me & hubby loved it!

Santiago Sent Us Tour

My swag! @thetenderloins #santiagosentustour @trutvjokers #thetenderloins

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Way back in early 2016 I managed to grab tickets for The Tenderloins/Impractical Jokers Santiago Sent Us Tour. The date was not the best date considering it was slap bang mid January but as I said at work, I don’t care if the Queen phones needing her tax return done I AM GOING! So on January 12th we headed up to Manchester to see the wonderfully hilarious show by the fab four! We had a great time and you can read all about it here!

Date Night

Date night!! #cineworld #assassinscreed #popcorn #tangoiceblast

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Mam offered to babysit one Saturday evening. We ended up at the cinema to see Assassin’s Creed. I never played the game but the film looked good. I’ll be honest, it wasn’t as good as I had expected but to be fair, I did fall asleep in the fight scene at the end… well I had been working all day and didn’t have a baby to attend to so sleep just naturally creeps in.


I know it isn’t happening until May/September but I’m so pleased I managed to get tickets for both events. They sold out really quickly!


Chinese Takeaway January is also my birthday month (and also the Beagle’s birthday month). Nothing special but I did manage to not go in to work for a day. The only thing I had really wanted to do on my birthday was go into town to look for a mirror (see my January Bucket List) but on the way in Miss Mostyn threw up all over the car! Oh the joy of baby sick! We did manage to make it back into town afterwards and we found a mirror we liked but didn’t buy it yet. At least we now have a style in mind.

Uh oh! Have to actually go rollerblading now!

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Received some lovely cards and hubby bought me a pair of rollerblades (or inline skates)! This means I am actually going to have to go skating huh?! It is on my list of things to do this year so now I have no excuse! But the best thing about my birthday…. Chinese takeaway! First one for 2017! I am genuinely shocked that I managed 4 whole weeks without takeaway!

How was your January? What did have you liked and loved during January?

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A Cornish Mum

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Couple of weeks ago Vicky from Being Tilly’s Mummy tagged me in the #RockingMotherhood tag and finally I’m getting a chance to post about it!

I’m #rockingmotherhood because

1) I’m bringing them up to be bi-lingual – they will be native Welsh speakers.

2) I allow Little Miss to wear her princess dress whenever she likes because life should always be a fairytale.

3) I read bedtime stories to my babies. I read the same Peppa book over and over to MissMostyn but that’s ok.

4) I watch hours (and hours) of Peppa Pig (despite the fact that I really want to turn her into bacon sandwiches) because the girls love it.

5) I won’t go to bed without looking in on them. I stand there for a moment and think how beautiful they are.

6) I love all the cuddles – “cuddles dynn dynn”!

7) I work full time so I can give them all they ever want or need.

8) I’m educating my girls in the ways of classic Thomas The Tank Engine…. thank you You Tube!

9) I lie on the floor with my Little Miss when she’s going to bed. My hips might hurt like hell but it’s worth it for those sleepy cuddles.

10) I have managed to produce two beautiful happy healthy girls.

(Please don’t read this thinking that I’m taking credit for doing this all on my own because I’m not. I have a fantastic support network that’s helping me and so here’s a big THANK YOU to everyone who’s helping me #rockingmotherhood as I couldn’t do this without you.)

Are you #RockingMotherhood?


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As a Mami I now read a lot of children’s books. Some of them are classics from my childhood including the books from the Sali Mali series. These books were ones I read as a child, and possibly my Mam read as a child. They are simple timeless Welsh classic designed to help children to start reading. I’ll take you through the ones I’m currently reading to my girls.

Sali Mali

Sali Mali & Jac Do

The story of Sali Mali is really quite simple. Sali Mali hears a “Cnoc cnoc cnoc” on the window in her house. She goes out to meet whatever it is that’s making the racket. It’s a Jac Do (a little crow). He’s cold and hungry so she brings him food and a bed. Very good example of being kind.

Pry Bach Tew

Y Pry Bach New

This is the story of y Pry Bach Tew (little fat fly) who holds a dinner party for his three friends Pry Hir, Pry Sidan and Siani Flewog. They have a great time partying before going for a spin in the car – I assume there was no alcoholic beverages consumed at that party.

Annwyd Y Pry Bach Tew

Annwyd Y Pry Bach New

Following on from his party shenanigans Pry Bach Tew develops a nasty cold and his friends order that he goes to bed with a lemon drink. They visit him three times a day to give him his lemon drink but by the time evening comes, he goes to hide in the garage. I really don’t blame him!



Siencyn buys himself a new pair of socks and when he’s out on his walk the wind blows him over and he ruins his lovely new socks. He then washes them and puts them on the line to dry out. The wind steals one of his socks and a little bunny manages to get himself tangled in it. For some reason I always thought Siencyn was a giant but turns out he isn’t! This was never one of my favourite books but Little Miss loves it!

What were your favourite books as a child? Or what are your favourite books to read to your kids?


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