Well it’s the end of National Stationery Week 2017! I didn’t get involved half as much as I had hoped as it was incredibly busy at work. 

Write A Letter Day

Today is Write A Letter Day so I think it’d be a good chance for me to give you an update on my “penpal” status. 

Back In The Olden Days…

A while ago I shared a post about how back in my teens I was massively into Letter writing. At one point I believe I had around 30 penpals. Most I “met” via Boyzone Fanzine or those little friendship chain books. I’m still in touch with a couple on Facebook. 

More Recent

More recently I’ve gotten back into letter writing or penpalling. However due to it being so busy I’m sooo behind on letters. Pretty sure I’ve not written to a few for months! 


So I need help! Has anyone got any tips of to keep a track of my penpals? I need some sort of tracker of who’s sent a letter and who’s had a reply etc. I did try to set one up in my bullet Journal but that isn’t working. 


Another question – how do you keep letters you’ve received? Currently mine are all put in a box but in no sort of order – which is why I’ve lost track of who needs a reply!

Can you help me please?! Any tips are much appreciated!


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It’s the era of equality and therefore it’s only fair that women have their very own she cave. Gone are the days where women sought refuge in the kitchen*. In today’s society women retreat into their very own she cave.

(* Did women ever seek refuge in a kitchen?!)

She cave? What?

OK so you’ve heard the phrase “man cave” right? Well this is simply the female equivalent! Makes sense right? Or alternatively it’s the new hip word for a garden room! I mentioned the term to my husband and his response was “is nothing sacred anymore!?” Haha no love, nothing’s sacred anymore. But at least I’m not proposing to move in and take over his man cave am I?!

So let me give you my 3 reasons why every mami needs a she cave.

1) Refuge from kids

She cave - refuge

Image courtesy of stockimages at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Top of the list has to be ESCAPE! After a day with kids constantly demanding – Mami, Mami, Mami, MAMI!!!! Escape into your own little she cave is bliss! In my mind it would be light and airy with a range of pastel colours. Lots of comfy coushins and twinkly lights. And no kids toys! Sorry little people, you have your own playroom – my she cave is for Mami only!

2) TV Without Interruption 

She cave remote

Image courtesy of Ambro at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Somewhere to watch your telly in peace. I don’t know about you but my idea of relaxing is sitting down in front of the telly and catch up with all my favourite shows. My current favourite shows are Alaskan Bush People and I’ve just been told that Nashville series 5 is back on!

3) Stash Your Secret Sins

She cave chocolate box

Image courtesy of Simon Howden at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Somewhere to stash your secret sins be that prosecco or chocolate – there’s something getting us through those sorts of days isn’t there?! For me it’s chocolate… Dairy Milk Caramel is my sin of choice. That and ice buns (with sprinkles) from Gwalia Cafe, Pwllheli! Mmm yes please!

Where Can I Get One?

Ok I’m convinced so where can I get a she cave from? I hear you ask! Well there are some lovely she caves from Crystal Living. They’ve been in business for over 25 years and are based in Poynton. They serve homes accross Cheshire as well as Manchester and Stockport.

Do you have your very own she cave? Are you tempted?

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National Stationery Week 2017

I can’t believe that there’s an actual National Stationery Week in the UK! Sounds like my Mecca.

If you don’t know me, or if I’ve not said it before, I’m a bit of a stationery addict. The only reason I don’t spend all my money on pen and paper is because I have actual bills to pay now – mortgage, food etc. you know, the important stuff.

But back in the days of being a geeky teenager I had the perfect excuse to spend all my Dad’s money on pens. My favourite were gel pens especially if they were scented!

National Stationery Week 2017

So what can we expect from National Stationery Week 2017? It’s seven days of  stationery madness (as detailed below)!

National Stationery Week 2017

  • Monday 24th April: #PenandPencilDay
  • Tuesday 25th April: #Get Crafty
  • Wednesday 26th April: World Stationery Day
  • Thursday 27th April: Thank You Thursday
  • Friday 28th April: Fountain Pen Friday
  • Saturday 29th April: Signature Saturday
  • Sunday 30th April: Write A Letter Day

How Can You Get Involved?

You can be involved with National Stationery Week 2017 in numerous ways. Share your love for stationery on social media by checking out the National Stationery Week Facebook page. (Go check out the official website for more details). Get involved on Twitter using any of the hashtags below:

#natstatweek #writingmatters #writeit #getbritainwriting  #keepwriting #keepkidswriting  #lovestationery #stationeryaddict

There are some great brands involved this year including two main sponsors – Sheaffer and NU:. Also partnering with National Stationery Week 2017 are Manuscript, Write Size, Helix, Maped, Edding, Mustard, Stabilo and VOW. Visit the website for a full list of retailers involved.


Stationery Crawl

If you’re in London then why not do the Stationery Crawl? It’s like a pub crawl but instead of alcohol intake it’ll be stationery! The Stationery Crawl will see you through London’s West End stationery shops… all the way from Goodge Street right through to Knightsbridge. If I was anywhere near London then I would be doing this! This is my sort of crawl! Mind you, the plastic fantastic (credit card) would get some use!

Are you stationery addict? What’s your go to pen and pencil?


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Inspirational Lyrics by Meatloaf

I love a spot of Meatloaf. Not the yummy tasty kind but the hard rock kind. Some of my favourite ever song lyrics are Meatloaf lyrics. So today I give you some inspirational lyrics by Meatloaf.

Bat Out Of Hell 2 – Back Into Hell Album

I think I was introduced to his Bat Out Of Hell 2 album by an old family friend. Now that I think of it, I was given a copy of the album years back and I still listen to it. I was once old that this is considered heavy rock which to me is surprising because I never thought of myself as a rock person. Nice to know I could be “in” with the rock scene though!

Out Of The Frying Pan (And Into The Fire)


You were only killing time and it will kill you right back, so come on come on, its time to burn up the fuse, you’ve got nothing to do and even less to lose

Meatloaf – Out of the Frying Pan (And Into The Fire)

Honestly, this is one of my favourite lines from a song ever! I’ve probably mentioned this song before, it’s certainly on my “wake up it’s a new day” playlist!

In fact I loved this lyric so much that it did end up in my old Bullet Journal. I hadn’t long started with the journal at the time so the lettering wasn’t the best!

To be fair, I love the whole “Back Into Hell” album and another favourite inspirational quotes comes from “Everything Louder Than Everything Else”

And I ain’t in it for the power,
and I ain’t in it for my health
I ain’t in it for the glory of anything at all,
and I sure ain’t in it for the wealth

But I’m in it ’till it’s over and I just can’t stop
If you wanna get it done, you gotta do it yourself,

Meatloaf – Everything Louder Than Everything Else

Both these songs are on my Monday morning playlist (when I’m not listening to Spence and Rach on Heart that is!). If I need something to wake me up and give me a kick in the butt type of boost then I stick this album on, crank up the volume and sing along as loudly as I can! Try it, can’t be beaten!

Are there any song lyrics that inspire you?


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Rigio Pwllheli

Pwllheli, a town on the Llŷn Peninsula, is busy becoming the place to be for shopping. And on April 8th a new shop opened in town – Rigio – a stylish new clothes shop.


Rigio Pwllheli

The name comes from a Welsh term for “getting dolled up/dressed up”. It’s not a term everyone knows but I’ve heard my Nain use it. A lot of work has been done on the shop and its been beautifully decorated with some great items. There’s a display stand made from an old Singer sewing machine table.


Rigio Pwllheli

(click on the photo to see more detail)

The shop sells women’s clothing, handbags, scarves and jewellery. I would class the clothes as smart casual and very stylish. I would describe them as being soft and loose fit. To be honest, I’m no fashion expert but I like what I see.

Rigio, Pwllheli

(click on the photo to see more detail)

There are some lovely handbags for sale as well. I do love the black one with silver handles above. I may need to invest in a new handbag soon!


Rigio Pwllheli

(click on the photo to see in more detail)

The jewellery on sale is a mix of silver (my favourite!) and handmade quirky items made by the owners’ daughter. They are wonderful pieces and I will admit that I am very tempted by the heart necklace shown above. Also on display on this cool wooden hand are chunky rings made from spoons.

Rigio Pwllheli

(click on the photo to see in more detail)

As yet the shop isn’t online but I’m working on the owners to get onto social media! But you can find the shop at 5 Gaol Street, Pwllheli. Well worth a visit.

What do you think? Nice yeah?


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