Picnic at Beaumaris Castle

It was a beautiful day on Saturday so we decided to go to Beaumaris Castle – make the most of the weather and of our Cadw membership. I had never been to Beaumaris Castle before. Well not inside at least – I’ve been outside plenty of times.

Picnic by the Walls

Picnic at Beaumaris Castle

We took a picnic with us and after crossing the moat we settled in between the outer and inner walls to eat.

There was a couple of stalls and people dressed in period costumes on the lawn. There was also people getting involved with some archery.

Picnic at Beaumaris Castle

Also on the lawn was some soft play castle pieces that you were supposed to put together to build a castle. Needless to say they were not used for that purpose. Nope they were used as climbing frame and obstacle course!

What a View!

Picnic at Beaumaris Castle

For some daft reason we climbed to the top of the castle walls. The view from there is quite spectacular to say the least. But I was too preoccupied ensuring my girls didn’t try to climb over the barriers and fall off to fully appreciate it!

In one of the turrets there’s some games where you can try to build an archway, a spiral staircase and spiral scaffolding. It also gave the history of why the spiral staircase always winds clockwise.

Picnic at Beaumaris Castle

Finest Castle Never Built

In another turret is a film about the castles history. It’s the finest castle that was ever not built. Briefly, Edward commissioned the castle to be built but when costs sky rocketed, he had turned his attention to conquering Scotland and all monies were diverted. The castle was taken by Owain Glyndwr during the Welsh rebellion.

The castle fell into ruin during the 1600s. The Bulkeley family had a long history with the castle. In 1920s the family gave up stewardship of the castle and the restoration works were started. The castle was awarded UNESCO heritage status in 1986.

Today the castle is managed by Cadw. It’s one of a number of castles managed by them here in Wales.

Cadw: website /Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Pinterest

Have you ever been to Beaumaris Castle?


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Body Positivity

I’m going to admit it to you now, I struggle with body positivity. I always have done in some extent. As a teenager I was thin and hadn’t understood that you were meant to shave under your armpits. I remember being teased about that. What can I say, I wasn’t a fashionable teenager and I think possibly I’ve carried the name calling with me all these years.

The “In Between Sizes” Problem

Anyway, I didn’t intend on bringing up old incidents. Instead I wanted to share how I feel nowadays. On Saturday the 8th April I found myself in Nottingham without much to do. I needed a new coat so went to Outfit. The first thing I noticed whilst there is that I couldn’t find much size 14 clothes. I’m currently between size 14 and 16 but I couldn’t find much of either size to be honest. I never considered size 14 and 16 to be plus sizes but maybe they are now?

After having a look around Outfit and deciding against buying the new coat. It was a size 14 and it was snug so I gave it a miss. Next stop was Next (see what I did there). I looked at the professional wear range and decided to try on a trouser suit. It was a lovely style. It did fit me but I just felt frumpy. The stretch marks on my belly didn’t bother me but the flabbiness of my belly bothered me.

Not Happy

All the clothes stayed in Next – what was the point in me spending a fortune on clothes I’m either not going to wear or feel uncomfortable in? I feel like I’m letting down all the body positivity coaches if I say that I’m not happy with my own skin at the moment. Feeling like a frump and losing your hair will do that to a girl.

I Like Food!

A change is needed to get out of this rut. The rollerblading is partly to do with this – try and get me a bit more active. Trouble is I enjoy food and starving me won’t work out well for anyone. I’ll be hangry!! And that won’t be any good for anyone! Also, there’ll be an abundance of chocolate in this house this weekend. Seriously, how many Easter eggs do these girls need?

So what is the answer? Do I accept my body as it is or do I change? 


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April Bucket List

Another month which means it’s time for another Bucket List! I’ll tell you now, March was a FAIL!! I had a lot of things going on at work (being made partner!) which meant that the blog fell by the wayside. Not only that my bucket list was also kicked to the side a bit. But let’s take a list what’s on my April bucket list!

March Completed Items

– Start rollerblading
– Sort out the girls’ old clothes
– Continue rollerblading
– Sort out the categories of this blog

April Bucket List

– Take dogs for a walk at least twice a week
– Sort out the cutlery drawer
– Actually buy and put up a mirror above the fireplace
– Clear out all the shoes and coats from the red room *
– Sort out the rubbish on the DVD cabinets
– Tidy up the cables around the computer
– Sort out my clothes – I’m going to be ruthless and apply my friend’s method of sorting clothes. If not worn in the last two years then it’s being thrown out!
– Get back into a blogging schedule – I’ll admit it, it’s been a bit lax recently hasn’t it?
– Start tidying the garden ready for Summer!

* I had no idea that this was funny until Rachel said it made her giggle! I can promise you that our red room is nothing like the 50 Shades version!

You may have noticed that I’ve dropped the “reading a book” task. Inevitably one hobby has to be dropped and unfortunately that’s the one. If I traveled on the bus or train to work then it’d be easy. Travelling by car means I’m wasting around 1.5 hours a day.

What have you got on your April bucket list?


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#LivBloggersIgnite at Roja Pinchos

There aren’t many blogging events in North Wales so Liverpool and Manchester is the closest. When Ruth mentioned it on Twitter that she was organising an event in Liverpool I jumped at the chance! So last weekend I went to Liverpool to a blogging event – #LivBloggersIgnite.

Roja Pinchos

#LivBloggersIgnite at Roja Pinchos

It was at a lovely little tapas Bar called Roja Pinchos which is owned by Edward Riddling (who was speaking at the vent as well). Unfortunately I didn’t bring much cash with me to really indulge in the amazing tapas that was on offer. I went for some garlic mushrooms as I didn’t want to eat too much either (celebration Chinese was on offer that evening). Cheryl ended up sharing some Patatas Bravas (spicy potato thing) with me (thank you so much!) and it was yummy! I think I need to try more tapas!


At the event there were four speakers

Edward Ridding

As mentioned, he’s the owner of Roja Pinchos and he’s also a website/SEO guru. A very informative session about blogging with WordPress. Lots of top tips about which apps to use, wether Yoast is a valuable tool or not…

Jurga Skeiryte

Started Inspo Magazine and explained how her print mag is now becoming a digital magazine. She explained the importance of being able to adapt to industry trends

#LivBloggersIgnite at Roja Pinchos

Jayne Croft

Jayne is a corporate lawyer at Brabners Solicitors and spoke about the importance of networking. This was perfect timing for me as I’ve just been made partner in the firm I work and just booked myself onto my first networking event. I’m nervous about attending but after listening to Jayne I’ve decided that I’m going to go for it. What have I got to lose right?

(I spoke to Jayne after as well and found out that she used to come down our end with a caravan/chalet. Seriously, can’t go anywhere! What’s the saying, you’re only 7 people away from Kevin Bacon?)

Jenny Mugridge

First thing – she has AMAZING TURQUOISE HAIR! And I’m well jealous! She is a fellow blogger and part of Liverpool Girl Geeks. She gave us tips about working with brands and setting barriers, being clear of what you can/will do and can’t/won’t do.

All in all it was a good day! Some very informative sessions! The WordPress one was ace I will admit!

#LivBloggersIgnite at Roja Pinchos

Ruth has mentioned that this was such a success that she might organise another event for the summer. I hope so! I want to go to more events this year if possible.

What blogging events have you been to recently? Have you got any events coming up?


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Peppa Pig at Llangollen Railway

Last Saturday Peppa Pig was in attendance at Llangollen Railway. It turned out to be a really lovely sunny day so picnic was made bought and off we went. After getting the final parking space at the Church we headed over for Peppa Pig at Llangollen Railway!

Picnic Lunch

Peppa Pig was making an appearance in the reception room at 1pm ish and so we went to the platform to have our picnic lunch. We got to watch the steam train come back in from a trip to Corwen Station. I’ll admit it – it’s an impressive machine! I love steam trains!

Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig at Llangollen Railway

After our picnic lunch we went to see Peppa. We had to queue to see her but it was worth it! Personally I don’t care much for the bratty pig but my girls love her! Especially my littlest. They LOVED seeing her! I wish I could share a photo of their faces but alas I can’t.

Steam Train Ride

Peppa Pig at Llangollen Railway

Once Peppa was over we decided to go on the train to Corwen. I really wanted to go on the steam train but unfortunately the steamie was the later train and would’ve meant we were back too late. From Llangollen we were headed to Bala to have a chippy supper with my friend.

Peppa Pig at Llangollen Railway

So instead we went on the railcar. At Carrog Station there was a mini fairground and a mini train ride. However I had never been to the end of the line (Corwen) before so we decided to carry on. Also littlest was asleep as we got to Carrog. It was a brilliant trip! Always loved train rides.

Llangollen Railway Station

Peppa Pig at Llangollen Railway

Back at Llangollen Station there was face painting and glitter tattoos. Unfortunately it was only suitable for over 2s so littlest wasn’t allowed any. My eldest loved it though! Face painting, trains, Peppa… what more could a girl want!

It was such a great family day out! It was £44 for the four of us.

Llangollen Railway: website / Facebook / Twitter

Have you ever been to Llangollen Railway? Have you ever met Peppa Pig?


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