Blog On MSI 2017

Blog On MSI 2017! What can I say other than, well done Laura and the team for another fab conference! I must admit, I was looking forward to this one so I could meet some amazing people!


Blog On MSI 2017 - Sessions

There was a great lineup of sessions. Admittedly I hadn’t looked in too much detail what was going on as the only thing I had decided on was to attend Luke’s YouTube session – Blended Parent Network solidarity!

In the morning I attended Tim’s session which was pretty much Facebook and Twitter advertising. The Facebook advertising bit was great.. some top tips from Tim! Twitter information was good too but I don’t see me doing much with it to be honest.

In the afternoon I attended Sian’s YouTube editing session. She didn’t go into much detail of how to use different editing programmes (I mean there’s too many programmes isn’t there?). Instead, she focused on how to edit a vlog with different transitions, different camera angles etc. She did mention two new-to-me editing software that I’m interested in trying though.

Then of course I attended Luke’s YouTube session. It was fab! He threw in enough swear words to make it relaxed. Luke certainly tells it how it is which is refreshing. Always love hearing it as it is. This fella knows his stuff! One of his top tips was to upload your video to Facebook as well as YouTube and my Facebook video is getting more views for sure! Oh and the video…..

I had intended on hitting the Accounting for Bloggers session but found sanctuary in the games room with David and Luke. It was incredibly hot at the museum and the games room had air conditioning! Also some fab games!


Blog On MSI 2017 - Brands

Oh there were so many brands in attendance that I’m really sorry if I don’t name al of them. I got chatting to a few including Stag Bakeries who had some delicious snacks on offer. The seaweed crackers/oatcakes were surprisingly good!

Blog On MSI 2017 - Food

Of course no BlogOn conference is complete without a cake and this year’s cake was a big massive Drumstick shaped cake to celebrate Swizzles Matlow‘s Drumstick reaching 60 years old! Who’d have thought that the simple lollipop was so old?! The cake even tasted like the lollipop! There was also plenty of free Drumsticks as well… might have eaten too many!


Blog On MSI 2017 - #BPNSquad

(Thanks to Nige for the photo on the right)

The absolute best part of Blog On MSI 2017 was finally getting to meet some fellow Blended Parent Network folk… or the #BPNSquad as I call us! It was so great to meet David (DadVWorld), Luke (The Woodhouse Life) and Nigel (DIY Daddy).

Blog On MSI 2017 - Photo Booth fun

Also it was great to see Anca again! We had lots of fun with the EventsBooth photo booth. We seem to like large sunglasses and pink wigs! 😀

Goody Bags

Blog On MSI 2017 - Goody bag

Not one, not two but THREE goody bags were given out at this year’s conference. I’ve not had a chance to look through it in detail yet so will be posting about that again.

And I made a little video….

Did you go to Blog On MSI 2017? Are you going to the next one?


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Help! I Need a New Coat

Ok, ok the title might be a bit over-dramatic but honestly, I need HELP! I desperately need a new coat and I can’t find one. I’m looking for two different coats/jackets – I think. I’m thinking, I need a winter coat and a summer jacket. I recently posted about my experience of going clothes shopping and I still haven’t managed to go out again since that experience. Yes I still feel frumpy and no I’ve not stopped eating chocolate. Anyway I digress…

Winter Coat

Winter Coat

It’s a bit late for me to be looking for a winter coat now considering we are well and truly into Spring. So I may not be looking for a full blown winter coat but something that will keep me dry should the heavens open. I suppose I don’t want anything too heavy but yet I would like something long so it covers my trousers. There is nothing worse than getting to work in damp trousers! I’m thinking maybe a trench coat like the ones over at Aquascutum would be a good fit. They’re pretty stylish! (Men’s trench coats are also available at Aquascutum so maybe I ought to get one for the husbands…. a his and hers sort of deal?!)

Summer Jacket

Summer Coat

Summer is on the way and I’m thinking a trench coat might not be the best thing to wear during those hot days so I’m also looking for a lightweight summer jacket as well. But I’m stumped. I honestly don’t know where to look and really, don’t know what style I’m looking for either. I think a Summer jacket also needs to be waterproof because inevitably it will rain here in Snowdonia.

As I said in that previous post, I do struggle a bit with body positivity so finding outerwear that is comfortable and stylish has always been a problem for me. Which is probably why I’ve been wearing my Mam’s oversized fleece for so long! It hides all the bumps and lumps!

So if anyone has any tips for me of how to find a coat to suit me, please share below.

(This post is a collaborative post)


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So as you know, I have taken up rollerblading this year in the hope it will get me active. My girls have watched me go but I’m not ready for them to try rollerblading yet! They lack the co-ordination and I fear they would break their little legs!


Instead we’ve compromised and bought the eldest a scooter. It’s somewhat similar to the scooters found at Skate Hut but not quite as fancy! She LOVES it! She absolutely loves going scootering! I can’t wait to get my littlest a scooter but I think we have to wait a few months still. Although she does like trying out her sister’s scooter around the house.

Safety First

Scooter Safety

(This is Little Miss trying on all my safety gear – please ignore the mess in the background!)

Being a toddler she’s a bit of a handful so she needs her the safety equipment. She has a little flowery purple helmet. Unfortunately she’s not too keen on it but that is mostly to do with the fact that Dadi managed to pinch her little chin on the straps! Idiot! So she’s now a bit scared of putting the helmet on. However, we are telling her that it is a must if she’s going scootering. I also wear a helmet which I bought from Skate Hut and would recommend. They sell specialist gear for skaters and scooter-ers alike!

The good news is that she’s seen me wear the protective padding as well and really wants to wear some. She was fascinated with the wrist/hand pads that I had.

It’s so cute to watch her go… and her balance is actually pretty good for a 3 year old. Here’s a recent clip of her… the video should start at her going for it but if not, then skip forward to around 13 seconds in.

Scooter-ing Routes

Scootering on Lon Eifion

We’re lucky enough to live close to some cycle paths which means we can go scooter-ing in safety. Our most recent trek was along Lôn Las Menai (see the above video) which went well up until the point Little Miss decided she’d had enough of scooter-ing! I’m hoping to have a go along Lôn Las Ogwen soon.

Have you ever been scooter-ing?

(This is a collaborative post)


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Last night I was trying to write a post about the fantastic time I had at this year’s Blog On at the Manchester’s Museum of Science and Industry. I was struggling to keep focused so I gave up and went to bed. This morning I’m waking up to the news of the dreadful attack at the Manchester Arena.

I just cannot believe it. I will be honest, I’ve been sat at home listening about previous attacks in different places and none of them have hit home quite as badly as this one. The thought that someone targeted a concert where children were in attendance is just beyond belief. There are sick and evil b*****ds in this world.

This attack is the closest to home it’s happened. Even more so, because Manchester Arena is where I have seen many a concert and where I would choose to go see concerts, shows etc. In fact it is still the place I choose to see shows (The Tenderloins happening in October y’all! And currently thinking about the Charles Esten gig next month).

Whilst it is absolutely horrifying and heartbreaking, it will not stop us! We MUST carry on and live life to the full…. life is short and we never know when things like this will happen.

Manchester we love you and we stand with you.

(My Blog On post will come later in the week.)


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Funko Pop Wishlist

I curse whoever introduced me to Funko Pop bobbleheads! They are the easiest way for me to drain my purse. If you don’t know what they are, then let me give you a brief introduction.

Funko Pop!

Funko is an American company that make licensed pop culture figurines. They produce every sort of  popular franchise imaginable. They produce plush toys, bobbleheads, figurines… everything! My personal favourites are the bobbleheads.

(The following links are Amazon affiliate links only because it’s the easiest way for me to show you which ones I’m lusting after!)

Current Collection

We have amassed a few Funko Pops over the last couple of years. Our collection is not extensive but it includes mostly Star Wars, Guardians and Disney Pops. My favourites are any of the Guardians. Although I do love my Judy Hopps one too. Oh and one of our best finds is Ruby Rhod from The Fifth Element.

My Ultimate Wishlist

I have a very large Wishlist at the moment as I love all the Guardians stuff and of course as there is now a new film, there are new Funko Pop figures! I also love most of the Disney stuff.

My absolute favourite items are the Disney Robin Hood series, – Robin Hood, Sir Hiss and Prince John. But yikes they’re expensive!

I already own the Judy Hopps Pop but I really want Nick Wilde as well! I may have mentioned before I love the Disney foxes hence my love for Robin Hood and Nick Wilde.

Also on my wishlist is the Roger Rabbit Funko Pop figures! It was one of my favourite films growing up! Even in Funko Pop form Judge Doom is creepy!

Whilst browsing we stumbled over an Ace Ventura Pop which was being sold on eBay for over £100!

Are you a fan of Funko Pop bobbleheads? Which one are you after?

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