Happy Birthday Miss MostynWell the littlest is 2 years old this week. Time is flying by and I can’t believe she’s now a little girl as opposed to a little baby. She’ll always be my baby though!

So on Saturday we had a birthday party for friends and family. We had a get together in our house and it was really lovely. Most of our family and friends made it and it was really lovely getting everyone together. It doesn’t happen often enough.


Happy Birthday Miss Mostyn

We opted for a buffet so we had mixture of ham and chicken, cheeses, savoury rice, sausage rolls, bread rolls, lettuce, coleslaw, pickled onions, pizzas, garlic bread, and hot dogs for the kiddies. It was a decent spread and everyone seems to enjoy it even though we completely forgot the crisps!

For pudding we had lots of homemade fairy cakes, homemade flapjacks homemade jelly and ice cream and we had a Peppa Pig cake for the “main event” as it were. The homemade cakes etc were made by Nain and Little Miss – they’d been busy on Friday!

Oh and the best thing is that the food survived as the doggies had already gone to Aunty Jane at Glyddyn Kennels. We didn’t want a repeat of what happened last year!


Happy Birthday Miss Mostyn

The weather was good –  a bit windy, not too hot but sunny! So the kiddies were all outside on the bouncy castle. IT was the one I bought ages ago from B&M Bargains for £16.99. It’s done well but didn’t survive yesterday! It wasn’t warm enough for the paddling pool though. (We didn’t get the hot tub this year although it would’ve been better weather for it!).


Happy Birthday Miss Mostyn

Ah everyone was so kind with presents for Miss Mostyn. She had great fun opening them and was “helped” by Little Miss. I must remember to get her some presents as she doesn’t understand why Miss Mostyn was getting presents and she wasn’t. One of the most favourite things of the day was the My Little Pony racing tower. Although to be fair, she didn’t have much time to play with anything yet.

It was a great day all in all! Thanks to everyone who came to the birthday party!

What’s the best birthday party you remember?


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Liked and Loved June 2017

Well that’s it we’re half way through 2017 already! Can’t believe it! June has been a good month of doing random stuff! So here’s what I liked and loved in June!

Williams40 Celebrations

Williams40 at Silverstone

Williams Racing Team celebrated their 40 years in Formula 1! We managed to get tickets so on June 2nd Mam, her partner and I took a trip down to Silverstone. I loved it!

On The Radio

I was on the radio not once, but twice this month! I was on BBC Radio Cymru talking about electric cars. Also I was on Heart’s Music Minute this week with Rachael! Didn’t do too bad with 4 out of 6 correct. Actually it was pretty good since I was top of the leaderboard at the end of the week which means I’ve won tickets to the Electric Wave Festival! Such a shame I can’t go though! But thanks Heart Radio!

Breakfast With Princesses

Breakfast with Princesses

Hickory’s Smokehouse in Rhos on Sea had a breakfast with Cinderella and Ariel. We managed to book a table (missed the last one as they were fully booked) and then had pancakes for breakfast. Little Miss was a bit star struck when she initially met the princesses but she soon got over her shyness and gave them lots of hugs. She was over the moon!

Arriva Ride & Seek

Arriva Buses

At the beginning of the month Little Miss and I had a trip on the buses with Arriva’s Ride & Seek campaign. It was such a great day!

Gardening & Father’s Day

June is Father’s Day month in the UK and naturally this means out for Sunday lunch! We went to Fron Goch Garden Centre (always a good choice). Whilst there we picked up some flowers and vegetables which are now planted in the garden.



Did some networking this month which was good and even managed to nab myself a BAFTA!

What have you Liked and Loved in June?

A Cornish Mum

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Tom Hanks Films

On Friday, Inferno premiered on Sky Cinema. It’s a good film as Tom Hanks films always are. He is an amazing actor and seems like such good fun as well. So today I’m giving you my top 5 Tom Hanks films as voted for by me! These are not in order.

Apollo 13

This is my absolute favourite Tom Hanks film ever! In case you don’t know it’s based on the real life events of the NASA Apollo 13 mission. Various catastrophes hit the Apollo 13 spacecraft which sees 3 astronauts stranded in space. The film follows the attempts of NASA to bring them home. The film also stars Kevin Bacon and the late Bill Paxton.

It’s a film I can watch over and over. I’m not sure why I love it but I do!


An oldie but a good-ie! Tom Hanks teams up with Dan Ackroyd for a remake of the movie version of the police TV series Dragnet. The two of them play a young hippie radical thinking cop (Hanks) and an old school by-the-book cop (Ackroyd) who try to solve the Pagan case.

The Terminal

This is such an underrated film! I hadn’t actually seen it until the husband made me watch to – I had written it off as a crappy film. How wrong was I? The film sees Victor Navosrky (Tom Hanks) become stuck in a NYC airport after his country becomes “ineligible” during his flight. By the time he reaches New York, the USA no longer recognise his home country and as such won’t allow him entry in to the US as he doesn’t have a valid passport.

There are some big names in this film including Stanley Tucci, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Zoe Saldana and Diego Luna (Cassian in the Rogue One film).


Turner and Hooch

Another classic! This is Tom Hanks playing another cop but this time he plays the by-the-book type. However, when a friend is shot, he assumes ownership of hie friend’s dog being the only witness to the shooting. The dog (Hooch) is a slobbery mongrel which you (and Hanks!) can’t help but love!

You’ve Got Mail

This one is a very predictable but for me very enjoyable. A love story over internet chatting! It’s another rom-com with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan – sorta like a modern day Sleepless in Seattle. Predictable as hell but enjoyable. Our Tom Hanks charm!

Other Tom Hanks Films

Now yes there are some MAJOR films missing from this list including one of his best – Forrest Gump. It is a good film but not one I’d watch over and over. It’s a bit sad isn’t it? My husband’s list includes Saving Private Ryan and Angels and Demons – again good films but really, name me a Tom Hanks film that isn’t good?

What’s your favourite Tom Hanks film?


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Williams40 at Silverstone

It’s been over a month since  I attended the Williams40 celebrations at Silverstone! My Mam actually managed to get tickets and we travelled the miles and miles from North Wales to Silverstone… lots of twisty turning roads!

Past and Present Williams Drivers

Williams40 at Silverstone

After landing at the epic Silverstone we headed towards the International Pits Straight grandstand. From there we watched all the goings on. David Croft (or Crofty) was commentating but you couldn’t hear him too well over all the noise. First up there were interviews with past and present Williams drivers including Nico Rosberg and Keke Rosberg. They all lined up with two of the Williams cars and it made for an awesome photo. Mark Webber was also there but I didn’t see him *cries*!

Fast Cars

Williams40 at Silverstone

After the driver line up the cars went out on track. There were some beauties there including Nigel Mansell’s 1992 Championship winning car. There was some noise from that beast I can tell you! Also there was Damon Hill’s car, and Pastor Maldonado’s car from 2012 – the last Williams car to win a Grand Prix (Barcelona 2012).

Iconic Setting

Williams40 at Silverstone

(can you see the dent in the podium wall? Anca and I reckoned it was the champagne corks!)

After listening to these cars race around the track – incredible noise – we had tickets for the evening Pit Walk. I’ll be honest and say I was hoping to see some of the F1 celebrities but they had all disappeared by then. Even so it was still exciting to be in such an iconic setting that is Silverstone. As you can see from the following photo I was a bit excited!

Williams40 at Silverstone

Also Anca and her husband was also at the celebrations and we met up for the pit walk. Anca’s lovely husband took a photo of us…. you can read all about Anca’s experience here.

Have you ever been to Silverstone?


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Breakfast with Princesses

It’s been over a week since our Breakfast with Princesses at Hickory’s Smokehouse. Time really does fly by! So yes on Sunday 25th June we went for breakfast with princesses – Cinderella and Ariel to be precise. My eldest loves her princesses and Cinderella is her absolute favourite!

Hickory’s Smokehouse

Hickory’s Smokehouse is an American style steakhouse in Rhos-On-Sea (there are others but this is our closest).On walking in the first thing you notice is that it’s all very American Country. Then you notice the sign saying it’s an “authentic American steakhouse” – clearly not quite a 100% authentic since we’re in Wales but you get the picture! The decor is all bulls horns, red and wood panelled walls with photos of old style American scenes. Very nice and yes very American steakhouse – a comment I’m allowed to make since I have been to a real steakhouse in America.

Pancake Breakfast

Breakfast with Princesses


We were seated at a table which had some balloons and a happy birthday sign – they put it up as we’d mentioned Miss Mostyn’s birthday was coming up. Such a nice touch! We’ve been there before but this is the first time we attended a breakfast. It was an all you can eat pancake buffet – oh my heaven!

The pancakes were the thin kind – my favourite! Husband was a bit disappointed that they weren’t the thick American style that he likes. Due to the high demand, you had to queue for your pancakes. But that was ok as the princesses were milling around.

Beautiful Princesses

Breakfast with Princesses

It didn’t come as a surprise, but Little Miss was a bit overwhelmed when she saw Cinderella. I completely understand – she met her idol! She wouldn’t go to her and hid behind my legs. She soon got over her fear and gave them plenty of cuddles! The princesses were lovely! So perfect!

There was face painting and films in the children’s playroom. Both the girls got their faces painted. They were so cute! It was a wonderful morning out – I really enjoyed it and I think the girls loved it as well.

Have you ever had breakfast with princesses?


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