Top 3 Winter Sun Destinations

The cold weather of late has made me start thinking of sunnier climates. It’s an inevitable side effect that I start looking at holiday websites like Holiday Gems. There are some amazing little holidays on there. I’ve been on a bit of a nostalgia trip of late so my top choices for winter sun are places I’ve visited before.


Rebecca on board the catamaran at Tenerife

I’ve only been to Tenerife once and that was 9 years ago! It was November 2008 when we visited but it was the first holiday for the husband and I to go on. It was great! We stayed at the Barcelo Santiago hotel. The food was great, there was a pool, a little walk to the beach…. what else could you want?

We also took a trip to Siam Park – the water park a little way down the coast at Costa Adeje. Also went on a day trip out to sea to look for dolphins. And another trip to Loro Parque – a really lovely zoo in Puerto de la Cruz.

It is definitely somewhere I would visit again… unfortunately we can’t go this Winter but have just booked for next July!


Playa Mujeres Lanzarote

Another Canary Island in my Top 3 – Lanzarote! It’s another place I’ve only been once but I would go back. We stayed at Playa Blanca and took a few trips out including Rancho Texas, Glass Bottom Boat and Timon Faya.

The kids loved Rancho Texas which is a great zoo with a Wild West theme. Plus there’s a fab water park area there. Speaking of water parks, there’s another waterpark in Yaiza (nearer to Playa Blanca) which we saw but didn’t get a chance to try.

If you like the volcanoes then I would suggest a trip to the Timon Faya National Park. The visitor centre there has a great experience and information about the volcanoes. We took a bus trip around the volcano and it was a pretty hairy experience! If you’re scared of heights, close your eyes!

As part of that trip, we also had a ride on the camels. The camels have been doing it for years! My Nain remember going on the camel trek over 15 years ago!


Malta - Mellieha Bay

Another winter sun destination I would choose is Malta. Again I’ve only been there once but we enjoyed it. We stayed at the Mellieha Bay Hotel up in the North of the island. The food was good, there was a swimming pool and a private beach. We were only a short walk from the main beach as well so plenty of sea and sand around.

We were also close to the ferry port to the island of Gozo. We took a trip over and from what I remember it was a cheap to cross over to Gozo. Both islands are seeped in history and whilst over on Gozo we visited the Citadel.

We were also a short drive from Anchor Bay where they filmed the movie Popeye. The place is fab! See my mini review over on TripAdvisor!

Oooo I’m now dreaming of winter sun again!!

Where are your top winter sun destinations?

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Hair Today Gone Tomorrow Hair Loss Worries

I remember years ago a woman came in to the cafe I was working at. She was in her 60s but what I remember most about her is the fact that she had very little hair. It was patchy and whispy. I remember the staff discussing this woman and the staff, being mostly young teens, weren’t all that complimentary. I remember talking to the woman and she was lovely.

Anyhow, years later I find myself thinking about her again. The woman had alopecia or hair loss. It’s common in both men and women but of course, it’s more generally associated with men.

My Experience of Hair Loss

I have personal experience of hair loss. A couple of years back I found a small bald patch just above my forehead. It wasn’t visible to others as I had a lot of hair which covered it. But I knew it was there. Looking back, it was a period of stress. The husband was going through a bad time at work and was desperately unhappy. Anyhow, it eventually grew back.

Back in January of this year, I found another patch. This time it’s at the back of my head. It might sound funny but I only found it because I felt a cold breeze! I put the initial hair loss down to stress again as this January was one of the worst I’ve had at work. It’s now 9 months on and the patch is still there. It doesn’t seem to be getting any better unfortunately.

What Causes Hair Loss?

There are many causes of hair loss as detailed on the NHS Choices website. The reason for my hair loss is mostly stress… it’s definitely the trigger at least. I’ve recently been to the doctor who thought I might be anaemic. Blood tests have been done and I’m not anaemic. I have had to increase my thyroxin intake as both the doctor and the consultant at the hospital said that if my thyroxin levels where out of balance then that would cause further hair loss.

What Are My Options?

Well if the hair loss continues then I will have to seriously consider my options. I have briefly looked at what could be done…

  • sort the root (ha!) of the problem
  • steroid injections or creams to stimulate hair growth
  • wigs – there are some really stylish ones out there but also, I could totally rock the rainbow hair look!
  • hair transplants – I’ve been looking at FUE hair transplant cost details but I’m not at that stage… yet!

Currently, I’m looking at sorting the cause of my problem – the stress – and sorting out my medication levels. And I’m hopeful that I will recover from this recent bout of hair loss.

Have you ever suffered from hair loss?

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At BlogOn Xmas I stumbled over University Games and got caught up in a game of Staccups! I enjoyed it so much that the lovely people of University Games sent me a copy to play with the family. They also sent me a copy of the 5 Second Rule game – look out for the post coming soon.



The games sees you race against your opponent to stack your colour co-ordinated cups! Each cup has a base colour and a top colour. The simple premise is that you have to stack your cups by matching the base colour of your cup to the top colour of the previously stacked cup. Whoever gets rid of their cups first wins!

We’ve played it with the girls but they don’t quite get the concept – they’re only 3.5 and 2 so a bit young. The game is designed for ages 8+. I’m not sure if that’s right, it might work with younger kids as it’s an easy enough concept to understand.


But if you’re playing it with little ones, then you may have to slow the pace down. It’s such a fast-paced game! I find myself getting into a flurry so easily! But it’s super fun and highly competitive!

It’s certainly going to be a winner for family gaming and ideal for Christmas. The game retails at around £19.99. If you want to get your hands on this game then it can be found at all good retailers including Amazon(*), Argos and Smyths Toys.

Have you ever played Staccups?

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Flight Delays - header image with six photos of airplanes, airport and suitcase

Unless you’ve been living under a rock recently, you will undoubtedly heard about the collapse of Monarch Airways. The news broke one morning around two weeks ago and it was just horrid! The reports were basically they didn’t renew their licence and didn’t announce it until that licence had expired. Which meant it left hundreds or thousands of people stranded at airports all around the world.

I watched the clips on the news and thought those poor people! Just imagine being stranded at an airport with your baby/child/children. Everyone would be grumpy because a) they’re on their way home from a holiday and b) lack of access to comfort – those airport chairs are awfully uncomfortable.

Stuck on the Airplane

Flight Delays - British Airways flight taking off form Manchester airport

Or worse still, being stuck on an actual airplane because of delays?! We’ve been lucky enough to never experience flight delays but my mother in law did. I hope she doesn’t mind me mentioning it! They were on a flight to Lanzarote but had flight delays. I forget what caused the delay but she said she was stuck on the plane for a few hours. They weren’t even offered any food or drink during the delay. Thankfully, we weren’t with them… ugh I can’t imagine what my two girls would’ve done!

Flight Delays – What To Do

Flight Delays - photo of suitcase and British passport

From what I’ve read if you’re flight is delayed by 2 hours, the airlines are legally obliged to provide you with food and drink, access to calls and emails and in the case of overnight delays, a hotel. If your flight is delayed by 3 hours or more then you’re also entitled to compensation under EU laws. There are different rates of compensation depending on criteria. There are a number of companies out there who specialise in compensation claims such as Flight Delay Claims 4 U. From a quick read of their website, they also deal with cancelled flights and overbooked flights. I hate the overbooked flight stories. The one about the 15 year old boy being taken off the EasyJet flight.….

Have you ever experienced any flight delays on your travels?

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Where's Larry? Tour

As you know, I’m a big fan of Impractical Jokers /The Tenderloins and on Thursday we had tickets to see them at Manchester Arena. Now I’ll be honest, it was pretty scary going there after what happened but they had ramped up security and once in, I felt safe enough.

Where’s Larry?

Where's Larry? Tour

Anyhow, I digress. We had previously seen the Where’s Larry? show back in 2016 at the Manchester Academy (where we got the selfie with Joe & Murr). The show on Thursday was the exact same show but I enjoyed it all the same! The guys are hilarious!

Fab Photos

Where's Larry? Tour

Our seats were Block A row F – it was 6 rows form the front! And we were on the aisle as well – primely placed for a quick dash towards the front once the show was finished. As I sat down, the girl to my right warned me that she was dashing to the front and I said we were too! Hell, I was making the most of it! Lucky we did as we got some FAB pics! Murr took hubby’s phone and took a crowd selfie. Unfortunately you can’t see us – someone has their hands in front of his face, and he has his hands in front of mine! D’OH!

Stage Door

Afterwards, we went out to the stage door as Joe and Murr normally come out for selfies with the fans. We saw Sal leave – found out after he had a gig at some comedy show or something. We also then saw a bus leave but none of us were convinced the guys were on it. In the end my husband tweets Murr and we get this response….

(I’m not sure if it opens properly – if not click the link)

So we admitted defeat and headed for home. It was so good to see the guys live on stage again! I’m super pleased about the photos though. If you want to see more of the photos then take a peek at the Facebook page.

Have you got tickets to see them?


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