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I should be in Britain’s Got Talent considering the disappearing act I’ve just done! No blog post in almost two weeks. Oh the shame!!!

MacBook Problems

It wasn’t an intentional break. After getting my going replaced due to a smashed scree, disaster struck! My MacBook died during a software update and I’m still struggling to get it fixed.

We’ve had two online chats with Apple and two phone calls with Apple Tech. No one know what to do to fix it. I now need to take it in to be repaired. Trouble is my local Apple Store is in Liverpool which is just under 2 hours away. So I can’t just turn up and instead I’m trying to book an appointment. This is a struggle as they’re fully booked and can’t book in advance further than a week ahead. Why is it so difficult to get an appointment with the the Apple Store? I may defect to a Windows laptop due to this shit.

PC World to the Rescue

As it happens we went to PC World and asked their guys if they could help. They said they would have to send it off but it would invalidate any warranty as they’re not an authorised repair centre. Warranty has run out and by now I just want it fixed! So the husband took it in for me today whilst I took my eldest to a birthday party. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Buy a New MacBook?

If it can’t be saved do I buy a new MacBook? Browsing Amazon one Friday (hoping for Black Friday deals but alas they were rubbish!). Then Wowcher emailed and they had one on sale for £499. But it sounds too good to be true?

I might just defect to Windows and be done with it.

What sort of laptop do you have? Are you an Apple person? Have you ever used Wowcher?

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Colorado Adventures header image with 6 photos of Colorado including mountains, rivers, Union Station, Denver, railway, rafters and hiking

I’ve been lucky enough to visit a few places in the USA but there’s one place* I would love to visit and that’s Colorado. Seriously, the landscape looks AMAZING! I mean I visited Yosemite National Park a few years back but Colorado looks even more spectacular.

(* who am I kidding? There’s plenty of places I want to visit in the USA!)

Places to Stay

A photo of Byers Court mansion for rental in Colorado

First thing to plan is where to stay. There are plenty of stay options available including hotels, camping and private rentals. If camping under the stars is not your thing (creepy crawlies are a big no no here as well so don’t worry you’re in good company) then how about trying some of the Colorado vacation rentals? The listed properties are just as amazing as the Colorado scenery. I might have lost a couple of hours browsing that website.

One my favourites has got to be Byers Court – wowzers that’s an impressive property! House goals right there! Or a cheaper option would be Alpine Majesty in Breckenridge. This property to me screams authentic ski chalet. In all honesty, you’d have a hard time getting rid of me if I went to stay in one of these rentals. They seriously look so amazing!

Now that we’ve got somewhere to stay let me give you some of my ideas about what I’d love to do whilst out there…


My number one adventure would be skiing! Yes there are a number of ski resorts in Colorado. I’m ashamed to say that I never realised that the infamous Aspen ski resort is in the Colorado Rockies. Of course there are a number of other ski resorts in Colorado and I have been browsing the family friendly resorts – that’s the type of holidays I’ll be having for the foreseeable future.

From what I read, resorts in Aspen include Buttermilk (how cute is that name?) where 35% of the slopes are easy tracks and not only that there’s kids lessons there. Also Aspen Snowmass offer great kids facilities including childcare for kids from as young as 8 weeks! I’m thinking it’d be a fab place to take the kids skiing. Now to convince the family that’s where we need to go next Winter!


Photo of a hikers track set in the Colorado mountains

If you miss the Winter season then there are plenty of hiking trails in the Rocky Mountains. Oh it’d be blissful – I can just picture myself in walking boots taking in the views. Just imagine it, hiking through those snowcapped hills mountains, expansive prairies, amazing wildlife including the wonderful deers and stags. But before I go hiking in Colorado I need to get myself in shape.

Hot Springs

After a long day hiking or skiing, what better way to relax than dipping into one of the many hot springs in the area. There are a number of hot springs in Colorado and they all look blooming’ wonderful. Beautiful hot pools set in majestic snow covered mountains – ah bliss! Even for me who doesn’t like water that much, it’s very inviting. And I know that the husband would absolutely love taking a dip in these pools. He’s such a water baby!


Image of people white water rafting down a river in Colorado

Now I’ll admit, I’m not really a water person but I do like the idea of going rafting. I’ve been rafting in the US before (on the Colorado river near Las Vegas as it happens!) but it was more of leisurely cruise rather than white water rafting. But if you’re more adventurous than I am, then there’s plenty of white water rafting adventures to be had in Colorado.

I’ve been told that the white water rafting tours out there are suitable for all ages and abilities. So maybe I could go for a leisurely cruise after all. It’d be brilliant to cruise down the Arkansas River and take in the view. Ah that’d be the life eh?


Steam train and carriages traveling along a river in a gorge in the Colorado Mountains

If you’ve been a long time reader then you might know that I love a bit of steam trains. It’s the smell! There are a number of heritage railways over in Colorado. Some of them travel through the wondrous valleys of the Rocky Mountains. Think Ffestiniog Railway but on a much much grander scale! One of the routes I’d love to travel on is the Royal Gorge Route. The views are just spectacular!

There’s also a railway museum in Colorado which preserves the great railroad history of Colorado. From browsing the internet I see that they have Doc Brown’s last time machine. (OK maybe not the actual time machine but similar ones.) Magnificent machines!

Gold Digging

During the Gold Rush people flocked to the Rockies looking to cash in on the gold in them thar hills. Legacy of the Gold Rush still remains to this date. You can follow the Gold Trail which takes you through many of the rush towns including Boulder . You know I love my slate mines but over there you can visit the old gold mines which include digging and panning for gold. So, you might come away with your weight in gold!


The updated Union Station in Denver - photo shows the old and new signage

You can’t visit Colorado without visiting it’s capital – Denver. History and modern mix in this city with buildings dating back to the Old West as well some more contemporary structures. No matter what sort of traveller you, are you are guaranteed to find something for you in this city – restaurants, museums, parks, theatre – you name it, they’ve got it!

For more ideas about Colorado then visit Colorado Tourism

Who’s up for an epic Colorado adventure with me?


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"Little Loves" header image with the words "little loves" together with photos of a book, my husband, my girls in costume and my pumpkin doodle

I’ve not done a Little Loves post in quite a while but this week I really wanted to look at the good stuff….


Photo of the cover of the Amanda Brown Omnibus book with a "The Works" £1.99 sticker on it

I’ve started reading an actual book! Not a children’s book but a book for me! It’s “Family Trust” by Amanda Brown – the same author that wrote Legally Blonde. I’ve not read Legally Blonde but have seen the film. Who am I kidding? I LOVE the film! So I’m hoping this Family Trust book is of similar ilk.


We’ve started watching Taskmaster and it’s fantastic! But then we stumbled over Greg Davies’ “Throwing Cheeseballs at a Dog” show on Dave. Bloody hell that man is hilarious! We just missed his shows in Manchester! 🙁


I’m not listening to anything new of late. I’m currently listening to the Nashville soundtracks in the car. I really need to get Charles Esten’s album. I adore his Nashville tracks. Plus he’s a handsome fella.. am I allowed to comment on people’s looks these days? Or is it frowned upon and un-PC?


Drawing of pumpkin, gravestone, bat and spiderwebs with the word "Hydref" (October in Welsh) in calligraphy. My hello October page in the bullet journal.

Well I’ve not been very crafty of late but I have made use of my bullet journal. I have finally found my vibe for it which I will share soon. It took me until November to actually do my “Hello October” spread (pictured above).


I didn’t go out trick or treating so there’s no Halloween costume here! The eldest went to the houses on our little estate dressed as a pirate. The littlest decided she wasn’t going out at all nor was she wearing a costume to the nursery Halloween party. I did manage to convince her to wear here skeleton hoodie though.

And Lastly…

A photo of my husband wearing fun birthday glasses in front of a very blue sky

I want to wish the husband a happy birthday!! I’ll post again about what we got up to soon.

What were your Little Loves this week?


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Liked and Loved - October 2017

Well that’s another month done and dusted… so here’s what I liked and loved during October!

Date Night

Mam offered to look after the girls so we could go to the cinema. We went to see Thor Ragnarok and it was a good film. As DadvWorld said it’s a cross between Guardians of the Galaxy and the previous Thor.. The music is cool and colourful and there’s some adult jokes in it. It isn’t as good as Guardians but much better than Thor 2!

Impractical Jokers

YAAAAAASSSSS!!! It’s @joe_gatto y’all!!!! #thetenderloins #whereslarry #impracticaljokers

A post shared by Rebecca (@becsterdotcom) on

We went to see The Tenderloins (aka Impractical Jokers) for the third time! We were around 6 rows back so at the end we stormed the stage which resulted in the above photo! I really love it! We waited outside but the guys didn’t come out. But we got a message on Twitter from Murr….

New Job

I mentioned in a previous post that husband had been offered a new job. Well on the 3rd he started said job and he’s enjoying it – phew! It’s in the same town we live in so there’s no travelling and he can take girls to school!


Wales Rally GB

On the 28th I went to the Wales Rally GB with Mam, her partner and his daughter. We went to the Dyfi stage which is not where we had intended on going. It was still a great experience. A cold and damp experience but still enjoyable. I can see us getting into this now!

Yellow Roses

Yellow Roses

If you follow me on Instagram then you’ll know about my little yellow rose bush. The roses have now bloomed and I have two beautiful yellow roses. There are others budding as well and I’m super pleased as the rose bush came from Taid’s house.

So that’s it! What have you liked and loved this month?

A Cornish Mum

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