Header image for the design a t-shirt competition with river island with two t-shirts crafted by my girls.

Now let’s be honest, I love the idea of crafts. But crafts with kids? Hmmm…. But when I was asked to be involved with River Island’s design a t-shirt competition I thought I would embrace the chaos and glitter!!

On a lazy Sunday afternoon Little Miss and I took over the front room and laid out our white t-shirts from the River Island girls section and discussed what we were going to do.

Craft supplies for the River Island design a t shirt competition. Includes stickers, pva glue, glitter... Lots of glitter

We browsed through the crafts stuff we had on offer – pva glue, pipe cleaners, Pom poms and of course GLITTER! What do you think Little Miss was most excited to use? Yes the GLITTER!

My eldest busy applying of glue to the White t shirts ready for glitter

First of all I gave her the pva glue pot to splatter all over the white t-shirt. She loved making all the splats and went – in her words – crazy!  (She’s been watching too many YouTube videos).

After she’s finished with the glue she took hold of the glitter and proceeded to dribble it over the glue. To be fair she was very tidy with it.

Lots of lots of glitter!!!

Whilst she did that I took some of sequins and made my own little mini design…. can you guess who it is? Ok it’s meant to be Dizzy the egg from the gaming series.

My favourite pieces - sequins arranged to look like Dizzy from the computer game. And a fox animal sticker next to the River Island tag

I then made their initials out of pipe cleaners to decorate the shirts. Then Little Miss proceeded to use the animal stickers all over the shirts.

So here’s the end results. It’s safe to say we won’t win the competition but we had great fun designing them. Our style is chaotic glitter!

Final designs of the two t-shirts

What do you think to our designs? Have we got a future in design?

(This is being entered into the River Island competition. The t-shirts and craft supplies were given to us for the purpose of this competition)


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Pass the Pigs header image for the Christmas giveaway

Are you looking for a new family game this Christmas? Well how about checking out Pass the Pigs. It’s not a game I’ve played yet, but it sure looks like fun! There are two versions of the game – Pass The Pigs (travel edition) and Pass The Pigs party!

Pass The Pigs (travel edition)

Images of the Pass the Pigs travel edition

So the aim of the game is to earn points and the first to 100 points wins. Ah but how do I earn those points? You throw your pigs of course! Each pig acts like a dice and each turn you get to throw your piggies to see how they land. Points depend on how your piggies land so once they’ve landed, compare their positions to the scorecard and note your score accordingly. First player to reach 100 points wins the ultimate prize – being crowned Pass The Pigs champion!

Pass the Pigs scorecard

This edition come in a handy travel case which includes 2 pigs, 2 pencils and a scorecard. It is perfect for a family trip. I can see this being part of our in flight entertainment for our next holiday!

It’s suitable for ages 3+ and the RRP is £9.99 – and available directly via the Pass The Pigs website and from all good retailers

Pass the Pigs Party

Image of the Passé thePigs Party boxset

This version is for all you party piggies out there and perfect Christmas! In this one, there are 8 pigs to play with. You have to roll piggies and be first to match the positions on your card. You get bonus points if you do it on the first go! As with the travel edition, first to reach 100 points wins!

This pack contains:

  • 8 small plastic piggies (four pairs)
  • Deck of 30 cards
  • Carry case

The recommended retail price is £14.99 and is available directly via the Pass The Pigs website and from all good retailers.


Now for the best bit – I have some Pass The Pigs packs to giveaway! Enter below and of course, please read the following terms and conditions.

1) Enter using the Rafflecopter options below
2) Giveaway is open until 11.59pm on Friday December 8th.
3) Winner will be contacted via email and Twitter (where applicable)
4) Prizes will be sent out directly to you from the supplier (and should arrive before Christmas unless there’s unavoidable circumstances such as a snowstorm or postal strike!)
5) No cash alternative

a Rafflecopter giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck everyone!


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