2019 Bullet Journal Setup (with free printable)

My Bullet Journal Setup

I’m going to try and get back to my bullet journal this year. To do this I’ve bought a brand new notebook to do it. Over the last few days I’ve been busy getting my 2019 bullet journal setup!


My Lemome notebook and my January cover page

So for 2019, I’m going with quite a lovely dotted Lemome A5 notebook. The teal and pink version is the prettiest and the one I own. It came with a lovely black ink pen which I’m complimenting with some other pens I already own:

  • Lemome A5 Dotted Notebook in teal and pink
  • WH Smith dual tip brush pens
  • Staedtler Triplus Color pens
  • Staedtler Triplus Fineliners

Calendar (including free printable)

A photo of my bullet journal open on the calendar page which you can download.

I started putting my calendar in but managed to mess it up straight away as I looked at 2018 dates instead of 2019! Oops! So to cover it up, I have created my own calendar on Excel in matching teal and pink.

Just in case you guys are also looking for a similar calendar (or simply like the look of mine) then I’ve uploaded the pdf versions for you to download and print.

(Welsh Version / English Version)

Important Dates

As the calendar fits one page I haven’t got room to write out all the dates. Instead I have used 4 pages and split it into columns

1) important dates / appointments
2) birthdays (“penblwyddi”)

January 2019 Setup

My bullet journal open on January's monthly calendar and memories page together with my pink pens

Not gone overboard with January. I’ve done a really basic/simple lettering of “Ionawr” (being January in Welsh). I might add more detail as the month goes by. So my January setup looks like this:

  • January cover
  • January calendar
  • Memories Page (“Atgofion”)
  • Habits Tracker
  • Single Page Weekly for 1-6th
  • 4 x Double Page Weekly spreads
    • Left hand is the week’s appointments etc
    • Right hand is my meal planner (written in pencil) which converts to a meal tracker (written in pen)
    • Right hand I also have a Workout Tracker (!) as I’m trying to include some very small exercises. I don’t plan on doing any of them daily!
  • 5 x Double Pages for journal type entries*

* I’ve not done any layouts for these pages and I’ve left it open ended so if I start an essay entry then I have plenty of room to finish it. I intend to document more of what’s going on in my life rather than just have an appointments book. One day after I die, I hope my girls will find them and have a giggle!

Goals for 2019

My bullet journal showing my weekly spread of appointments on the left and my meal tracker and workout tracker on the right

My weekly spread of week’s appointments and food and workout tracker. The “blurry” bits is me blanking out sensitive information not actual smudges!

My bullet journal goals for this year is to keep track of appointments so I don’t miss anything – it’s amazing how many different things we have going on now that the girls are in school. But my main focus though is to document memories. I aim to be using it more as a journal. For example, after the monthly spreads (as noted above) I’m going to start writing about my days and keeping little keepsakes such as ticket stubs and photos. Although I may use a scrapbook for that. Currently undecided – what do you think? I’m tempted with both!

Have you done your 2019 Bullet Journal Setup? Also, should I use a scrapbook rather than a bullet Journal to keep all my little keepsakes?

My 2019 Bullet Journal setup including a free printable calendar.

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